Seminar On Blogging: My First Seminar At Karachi!

On December 9, 2016, I was invited as a guest speaker at Karachi, Pakistan (Chainak) for giving seminar on blogging.

Yes that’s huge, I know, I was also thinking the same when I was invited as a Guest Speaker for giving Seminar on Blogging.

No doubt, 2016 was full of awesome year for me as I launched Born Blogger, met my mentor at eureka seminar whom I always wish to meet, met with many Professionals, Boosted my income, started one new site and got many regular clients.

I attended many seminars on Entrepreneurship, blogging etc. and whenever I see a guest speaker there, I always wish to be like them.

It’s not a wish anymore as it’s came true, Alhamdullilah!

The day before my seminar, I went to the same place (where my seminar held) where I met Rehan Allahwala.

He nicely told me to introduce myself, well I told him that I’m a Professional blogger and doing blogging since 5 years etc. and then he said in which class you’re studying? I immediately said that in “10th”, he was like somehow shocked :O after that he said what’s your age? and I replied I’m 17 years old.

That was the moment of proud when he said what’s you’re earning per month?

Many people asked me before about my earnings but my answer for all was only one that “I don’t share my earnings with anyone”.

But I don’t know what was happened to me at that day and I told him about my earnings (I’ll disclose later 🙂 ).

After listening to all that he said “Do you want to come here as a Motivational Guest Speaker and tell people about your story?”

I thought for some minutes as it was the really first experience of mine, but after some minutes I told him that “Yes, I will”.

He checked the schedule and said that can you come tomorrow?

I said “YES” why not? because of one famous quote came immediately at my mind at that time:

[Tweet “Tomorrow’s work do today, today’s work now. If the moment is lost, the work be done how?”]

He told me the time and said, you have to come tomorrow and tell your story to the people and I said “OKAY” I’ll be there tomorrow and after taking selfie with him (as he said to take one) I left from there.

I came home and the Selfie was posted on his timeline along with these lines:

“Meet Abdul Samad Essani 17 years old blogger who has been blogging since his age of 12 like Malala Yousafzai and makes 8000$us a year doing that at least ! He will tell his life’s story tomorrow at Chainak at 5:30pm, Friday. Come and learn from him and hear his story.”

These words were just WOW! I can’t tell you the happiness when I saw these incredible words, I really thanks to ALLAH for all these things.

I can’t tell you the happiness of mine when I was coming back from there as I was going to be the guest speaker tomorrow.

I know the night I spent at my home with lots of excitement about seminar and thinking just about that how I’ll start and what will be the criteria etc.

Well, after doing some practice I slept and woke up tomorrow morning.

Tips I Learned For Speech

As it was my first experience I started thinking of that what should be my first lines when I’ll start my session?

I started searching on YouTube about tips on “Motivational Speaking” and found some videos, that was interested.

I learned three things from YouTube and that was:

  • Reviewing the audience and reading their face that what they’re actually expecting from you.
  • Starting the speech with some interesting question.
  • Check the audience that whether the males or females are in majority and then make the speech interesting according to the gender.

These were the three tips that blow my mind and I thought to do the speech according to them.

Venue and Timings

  • Hosted by: Chainak
  • Date: Friday, December 9, 2016
  • Seminar Page: Meet Abdul Samad Essani 
  • Address: 302, 3rd Floor Shahnaz Arcade Main Shaheed e Millat Rd, Karachi.
  • Speakers: Abdul Samad Essani (Ofcourse me)

I went on “Seminar”

So, the moment came, I went there for the giving a speech.

When I went there, there was the person who was just waiting for me even before the time and the person was “Adeel Sami”  (A Professional Blogger Of Pakistan).

You can say a Proud Moment or what but I can say that was the really Proud Moment for me as the person who is successful is waiting for me. WOW!

Just because I was waiting for the video recorder for starting my seminar so it started half an hour late.

When I started the seminar, I took that three tips in my mind, I saw the audience and got that what they want from me? so I started the seminar with asking question and that was “How many of you have two legs, two hands, two ears and how many of you can see my Shirt’s color?”

They all said yes we can see your shirt and we’ve two legs, hands, ears too!

I said “Congratulations, you’re all are human beings”, and immediately I said “I’m also, so if I can do these things, why not, you?”.

They all was shocked because of this amazing question. :O and I read their minds.

After that, I told them that how it all starts with me?

What was the reason behind I became a blogger?


This seminar was not conducted in the large hall with thousands of people as it was my first experience, I can’t forget it.

It was not for many peoples who already an expert but for those who are struggling for their careers and want to start blogging and making them online earners.

The main aim of mine was to motivate people around me. I can remember it was attended by around 20 people and all were so much energetic and came for getting more and more knowledge from a small kid like me.

Let’s see that what I speak there (in nutshell).

  • As I said above that I started the seminar by asking the question and all were just shocked.
  • I started telling about how it all started, I said them that I was searching for Games at the age of 12.
  • So, I saw a subdomain which was on blogger, the thing “” clicked my mind.
  • I removed the whole domain name and wrote only and saw Blogger Platform.
  • I created a blog there and started learning the things like Making a blogger template with the help of CSS, HTML, XML etc.
  • I learned cloning in this period that gave me awesome impact on my blogging career.
  • After all, I started working on several blogs but unfortunately, I was copying the articles in start and got Google DMCA on my blogs.
  • I started searching things that why my blogs deleted and got to know that copying other contents is illegal.
  • I promised myself that not to copy others and then I started learning from many Professional Bloggers i.e: Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
  • Finally one of my client helped me to buy a domain and hosting and then I started Born Blogger.
  • The name “Born Blogger” was suggested by my mother. (Quite GOOD)!
  • But due to studies I sold it out.
  • In the meantime, I started many blogs, did worked with many clients.
  • After sometime, the Born Blogger was available for registration again. (I love it)!
  • You can say that it was my luck or anything else but I got it back.
  • And after getting Born Blogger I started professional blogging, and promised myself that never to sell it out, Insha’Allah!
  • After all that, as I promised to share my earnings, I shared that with all.
  • But I kept 80% secret and told people about my 20% earnings, which was “200-300$ USD”.
  • These earnings are just from my clients as I’m SEO Consultant too.

“Want to know more about me? Visit the about me page.”

Seminar Photos

Some random photos at the seminar.

I'm all alone, after the seminar!
I’m all alone, after the seminar!
The whole crowd at the seminar (Some are missing :P ).
The whole crowd at the seminar (Some are missing 😛 ).
I was explaining something after the seminar.
I was explaining something after the seminar.
I was talking to someone at the seminar.
I was talking to someone at the seminar.
People were asking the questions.
People were asking the questions.
People were asking the questions and I was answering them.
People were asking the questions and I was answering them.
Adeel Sami's Random Click.
Adeel Sami’s Random Click.
Abid and Basit
Abid and Basit
Random Click
Random Click.

Special Thanks

As I said above that the only person called “Rehan Allahwala” invited me as a guest speaker for the seminar.

So, all the credits and thanks goes to him.

I really enjoyed my first seminar and that held just because of him.

Your Experience?

First of all, I want to say thanks to all of the buddies who attended the seminar of Small Kid like me. Thanks again!

If you’ve attended my seminar then I would love to listen to your experience that what all was meant that seminar for you?

Have you enjoyed or it was not that good which you was expecting?

One more thing, if you ever invited as a guest speaker than what was your first experience there? I’ll also love to hear that from you guys.

If you have any kind of questions, just ask below in the comment section and I’ll love to read and answer them.

Don’t forget to share my first experience on your favorite social medium.

6 thoughts on “Seminar On Blogging: My First Seminar At Karachi!”

  1. Hello, Samad brother!

    JazakALLAH for the very pleasing words for me!

    I am totally nothing. Just a part of the industry and Alhumdulillah for everything! 🙂

    And I am so grateful to ALLAH that WHO had me to meet with you. 🙂

    It really was the great experience and truly enjoyed my stay in Karachi.

    Really great! 🙂

    And InshALLAH, will meet you again and soon. 🙂

    Good luck to your bright future, brother!

    Keep goin’!

    ~ Adeel

  2. I have been reading about you a-lot on facebook lately and one of my friend also discusses you with me.

    We have also started our website, hopefully will be one day at your level.

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