WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” Released – What’s New?

WordPress released a new version few hours ago known as “WordPress 4.7 Vaughan“.

You can say that it’s the major update of 2016.

WordPress 4.7 brings some awesome new features.

These new features are quite exciting which you should try now.

Well, Here in this article, I’ll show you each and every new feature of this update.

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N.B: Kindly take the backup of your whole database before updating WordPress.

Twenty Seventeen (New Default Theme)

The major update in WordPr… [click to continue…]

Top 20 Most Weird Websites Of 2017 – Bookmark Right Now!

In 2017, It’s estimated that internet hosted more than 1,116,136,460 websites and still counting.

Where most of the websites are for information, technology, gadgets, games, musics, movies etc. exist on internet, same like other websites there are good number of weird websites are exist today on internet.

So, for checking all of them you need to live more than 2000 years, LOL! (I know you can’t, even no one can.)

And finding the weird websites, bizarre websites and creepy websites on the internet from all of these websites is an headache itself.

Well, I can surely say that no mo… [click to continue…]


Biggest SEO Mistakes To Avoid – Are You Doing Same?

You decided to do SEO of your websites? But wait… are you going in right direction? are you doing same Biggest SEO Mistakes that thousands of people did daily in SEO?

Well, these mistakes are not simple but uncommon which you must be doing with your SEO journey.

As far as I know, SEO is a whole world where you and SEO marketers are finding ways to compete with their competitors.

But we need to be one step advanced than our competitors to rank our articles in Google.

And if our competitors are not doing these mistakes (which I’m going to list below) and you’re doing these Biggest SEO M… [click to continue…]

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