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Interview With Rafay Baloch – World’s Best Ethical Hacker!

Today, I have bought an awesome interview with the World’s best Ethical Hacker “Rafay Baloch”. 

I know you don’t need his introduction as he’s now featuring in News Channels like BBC etc.

I told him to give Interview by calling him through Mohammad Mustafa’s help and he just told me that just send me your questions and I’m ready to give you interview, no issue.

I really feel appreciated that a person who is World’s best ethical hacker is agreed giving me interview.

When I called him no doubt, he was so polite and humble!

I’m really lucky that I got Interview of him.

For your kind information, He has worked with Google“,”Paypal” and many big companies like these. 

He is a Blogger too, writing his ethical hacking stuff here at his blog “Rafay Hacking Articles“.

Not taking your time, let’s start :

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Interview With Rafay Baloch

Abdul Samad: Please explain what is ethical hacking?

Rafay Baloch: Back in 90’s hackers were used to be referred as individuals with great programming skills; however with time media made up this perception that hackers are individuals in various Cyber Crimes such as hacking bank accounts, conducting financial frauds etc, therefore in order to differentiate individuals doing hacking with prior permission, our community came up with names such as Ethical Hackers, White-Hats and Penetration Testers. The difference between Hacking and Ethical Hacking is the integrity, a bullet can be used to kill a person and it can be used to protect someone, what it comes down is the integrity part.

Abdul Samad: Why you chose to become an ethical hacker rather than a black hat one?

Rafay Baloch: Because, my personal integrity is to bring positive change in this world.

Abdul Samad: Do you know black hat hacking too?

Rafay Baloch: To be a good Ethical hacker and Pen tester, you should have knowledge about both sides of the coin.

Abdul Samad: How and why you took interest in hacking?

Rafay Baloch: It all started 8 years ago, when I received a message in my scrapbook which described of a software that would increase my scrapbook number, I installed that software however nothing initially happened. However, later I noticed weird activities on my computer as in my screensaver; Desktop background got changed, unusual mouse movement and several other weird indicators which eventually led me to conclude that my system has been compromised. Later on, after searching on the internet for days and applying different techniques I figured out that my computer is connected and being controlled by an IP address based in Russia, this made me curious on how someone based in another part of this world capable of controlling my computer remotely, but later on I realized that it is how internet works, this basic purpose behind the internet was that everyone should connect with each other.

Abdul Samad: Why you chose Information Security as a profession?

Rafay Baloch: I am passionate about it and passion and profession when combined leads to incredible results.

Abdul Samad: Will new comers in this field can be successful like you?

Rafay Baloch: IT Security is expanding dynamically and currently there is a huge shortage of skilled Ethical hackers in the market, and this is
set to grow further as IOT (Internet of things) start to get more popular. We as humans are not perfect, therefore we will always make mistakes, which means that bugs and vulnerabilities would always exist in the code. Which leaves us with plenty of opportunities for newbies who have skill.

Abdul Samad: Can you share your per month earnings with us?

Rafay Baloch: I am sorry, i cannot share exact figures, it’s enough to cover my expenses.

Abdul Samad: How many big companies you’ve worked with?

Rafay Baloch: Many, During past years I have tested many banks, Telecom companies, eCommerce stores etc. It’s part of my day to day work.

Abdul Samad: Have you ever thought to just quit hacking and do something else?

Rafay Baloch: No, It took me almost a decade to get where I am, it makes no sense in quitting it. My only wish is to use my skills for betterment of this country by establishing a Cyber Security Unit. Which would help Pakistan defend Cyber Attacks coming from foreign countries.

Abdul Samad: What punishment should be given to a black hat hacker?

Rafay Baloch: Depends upon the offense he/she has committed.

Abdul Samad: In the beginning, what was your family’s remarks about your field?

Rafay Baloch: They were not supportive, however after I was given international coverage their perception changed.

Abdul Samad: What you’ll do if your own computer will be hacked?

Rafay Baloch: I myself is not immune to hacking, Everything can be hacked, all we can do is to minimize the risk.

Abdul Samad: Which tools you’re using in ethical hacking?

Rafay Baloch: For hacking, Tools don’t really matter, methodology does. Proper reconnaissance and foot-printing would defeat all security controls sooner or later.

Abdul Samad: If anyone want to become ethical hacker then what should be his/her first step?

Rafay Baloch: I would suggest them to learn the technology which they wish to hack.

Abdul Samad: If still it’s possible to hack Facebook accounts then what is the method which is still being used? (Just for educational purpose).

Rafay Baloch: Almost all Facebook accounts are hacked due to mistake of the user instead of Facebook itself. I would say phishing, malware are still the most common methods in 2016.

Abdul Samad: Which OS is safe; Windows or Macintosh? Which one do you use mostly of them?

Rafay Baloch: I would personally prefer Macintosh, as most of the malware is made for windows.

Abdul Samad: The most effective tip to secure our websites and computers?

Rafay Baloch: Validate all the inputs.

Abdul Samad: Why you left Karachi?

Rafay Baloch: Security Reasons.

Abdul Samad: Can a blogger become a hacker?

Rafay Baloch: Everyone can become everything, what matters is the will, dedication and determination.

From The Interview Taker

I personally loved the way he gave his interview with honesty.

He is just passionate about hacking and he is doing many things to made Pakistan Proud.

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Mohammad Mustafa Interview From MyBloggerTricks.Com

Finally I got what I want from couple of days, this was the reason I was not writing article because I wanna take Interview of the Gem Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai From I know you don’t need any introduction of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai because he is well known personality in online world infect every newbie know him very well. Lemme start from my story, when I was newbie he was my first mentor who teach me how to do blogging from A to Z because I started from Blogger Platform which is own by Google and his site got almost every tutorial about Blogger.

I know I’m lucky enough that I got interview of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai From 🙂 He is very humble and interesting personality in online field, I personally requested him and he didn’t neglect and gave me time from his tough schedule. I really thankful to him that he gave me his interview from his busy schedule. So let’s read 😉

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Mohammad Mustafa Interview From MyBloggerTricks

Question :- First of all thanks for giving Interview, We don’t need your introduction but as part of formality please tell us little bit about you.

Answer: Thank you Abdul Samad for considering me worth an interview. I was a plastic-bag-seller, belonging to a middle class family. My father used to sell shoes on a stall and would work day and night so that I could study well. During morning I would go school and after school I was back on work. Those little scars on my hands thought me the basic fundamentals to become self-dependent and responsible. This is my true introduction though 16 years old. I thank God daily for blessing me with such a start.

Today people know me by a different introduction. Some call me as the pioneer of blogging through Google Blogger in Pakistan while some know me as an entrepreneur living the dot come lifestyle. We run STCnetwork today which offers web services and solutions to clients across the globe. Its the first company of professional bloggers in Pakistan that has a permanent head office in Karachi and pays regular Income TAX.

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Question :- How you took interest in blogging? Who was your inspiration behind blogging?

Answer: My true mentors were Indian bloggers like Divya Sai of and Aneesh Jospeh of Although they don’t blog anymore but as long as I am alive these names will always stay alive. This is my respect for my mentors.
They were hard working bloggers who loved sharing what they knew best. My interest in web development is a gift by them.

Question :- Tell us about yourself from childhood.

Answer: I loved flying kites back in Quetta. It was my best hobby as far as I can remember. I also loved riding a bicycle. I used to call it as my first asset! 🙂
I loved looking at tall constructions and had great interest in architectural engineering but I never thought I will become a Computer system engineer. Today I construct web apps and mobile apps.
I also share what I love with my 100K+ subscribers through our network blogs. We cover everything from Blogging, SEO, SMO, Affiliate marketing, Startup business ideas to Solo freelancing.
All we aim at is educating students and the unemployed with basic tools and skills required to earn a lucrative income online.

Question :- From beginning, you’re with your parents?

Answer: Of Course! And forever will I stay with them as their backbone. Weak are those who leave their parents after marriage or when their parents grow old.

Question :- Will you teach blogging to your kids?

Answer: Blogging is the best education you can teach to your kids. Its not only about a method to make a living online but blogging in short means:- “Sharing your knowledge with a crazy crowd of 2.8 billion people online”. I strongly believe in spreading knowledge for free rather than reserving it for material gain. Blogging teaches you to become humble, disciplined, punctual and to excel in your field of education. It is the best way to exercise your communication and social interaction skills.

We have shared dozens of plugins, widgets, icons, templates and web goodies for free just to help the youth to kick start their online business with zero investment. Today if there is anything that gives me more pleasure is knowing the fact that we have Alhamdulillah transformed thousands of students into entrepreneurs today!

My baby princess IFZA who is just 9 months of age, loves crawling around my laptop when I type! I hope to see her following my footprints inshAllah. I will surely not train her to become a victim of PLAN A system of life. PLAN B helped me to become what I am today and I will preach the same to people I meet in life.

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Question :- How you manage time to do blogging? Like, Giving time to parents, to your wife, to Ifza (Your baby) and then Blogging ?

Answer: To be honest I spend more time with family then spending it online. What good is that online business if it is not automated? I work 4 days a week and enjoy the remaining 3 days with family and friends.
When I work, I work 16 hours a day and when I don’t, I rarely spend an hour online. It all depends on type of projects and its requirements.

Question :- Your blog is running on Blogger Platform, Why you haven’t migrated to WordPress? As many experts say that blogger is not good platform for professionals.

Answer: It is not what experts actually believe, they all live with an exaggerated myth. I have busted this myth comprehensively in this post:

Making a living online using paid platforms is easy but achieving it through a free platform gives a ray of hope to those who can’t afford. To set this example, I have never migrated. Today my blogger blogs make more revenue through advertisements compared to our WordPress blogs. In the end what matters more is your SEO skills and not the CMS platform.

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Question :- Would you like to tell that how much you’re earning from your blog on monthly basis? and what is your sources of income?

Answer: When I started blogging, I would often get demotivated by looking at the monthly income reports of some Pro bloggers, their exposed dot-come life style, their luxury cars and country-tours. I would often ask God “Why can’t I earn that much when I work as hard as they are?” This was in fact a complain and not a request/Dua. When you look at people above you, you often become less thankful to God and hopeless with your efforts but when you look at those who are inferior to you, you become thankful to God and you would work even further.

Therefore I don’t want to follow the footprints of those people who brag about how rich they have become. My assets should not inspire those who follow me but the respect I have gained should be given priority. Becoming rich is not a complex task but earning respect in the Eyes of God and people matters more.

Those interested in how much I earn can estimate it easily by the sports-like car I drive, office I work in and apartment I live in Alhamdulillah. Let your eyes see it for itself.
I am strongly against online public display of Assets/RIZQ, it makes you less humble and more egoistic. Both these qualities are enough to sabotage your character.
My sources of earnings are the following:

  • Web development Services
  • Android Application Development
  • Ecommerce Setup and Marketing
  • SEO and SMO services
  • Product Reviews
  • Banner and Contextual Advertisement
  • CPC Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Seminars and Conferences

Question :- How many blogs you owned from start till today? and how much you earned from that?

Answer: I personally own these blogs and sites:

  1. My Blogger Tricks
  2. Smart Earning Methods
  3. Rich Income Ways
  4. Blogger Help Forum
  6. – Under construction.

Technically speaking I manage around 50+ more sites on daily basis by offering 24/7 SEO consultancy and auditing services.
My business site is:

I earn by providing services I mentioned before.

Question :- I have heard that you taken course from Asif Iqbal of SEO when you started blogging. What was your experience? Can you call yourself SEO expert after taken his courses?

Answer: Indeed it is true that I took a 2 months SEO course there but I literally wasted my time. Most of the things I learnt their can easily be found online and I regret I wasted my $200 there in a hope to learn SEO. Mr Asif Iqbal rarely attended his classes after a month. What I learnt there was nothing but pure theory with no practical aspect. I had to struggle another 2 years online before I could develop the core basics of driving traffic from search engines.
I strongly recommend that you may not learn SEO, SMO or setting PPC campaigns from some institute and instead learn it online because almost everything you need is already available online.

Question :- You’re entrepreneur yourself, but I know you also read blogs, So share your most favourite blog list with us.

Answer: I read almost all SEO, social media and web development related blogs such as Moz, SEJ, SEL, Matt Cutts, labnol, techcrunch, Shoutmeloud, mashable smashing magazine, hongkiat and a lot more.

Question :- I have seen that you have attended loads of seminars as Speaker in NED Universty Karachi etc. So how you get prepared for it as it’s not easy job!

Answer: I love public speaking since childhood. I prepare my presentations just 3 hours before the event starts and rest everything goes naturally. It’s my hobby so it’s no more that tough now.

Question :- How STCnetwork started? How you get clients for it?

Answer: STCnetwork started after the success of my blog Most of our clients are our readers or visitors from organic traffic. Our major source of earning is the SEO and web development services that we offer.
STC stands for “Soon To Come” which refers to the Day Of Resurrection. An Idea I got after writing a poem during school entitled as “Death Was What I Met Last Night”

Question :- Why you started STCnetwork?

Answer: Every developer must setup a brand identity for himself by setting up a separate portfolio website. He must never keep all his eggs in a single basket. I needed to keep my blog content and business separate. Thus STCnetwork emerged. Today we communicate with clients and network employees on a common platform at STCnetwork head office.

Question :- How you promote your blog post after being published? and get huge number of traffic.

Answer: I promote the post on Facebook, Stumbleupon, Linkedin and Google+. Majority of the traffic comes from search engines.
I brainstorm for a day before writing an article. 50% of time is dedicated to keyword research and finding a trending topic.

Question :- How much visitors your site MBT getting monthly? Please mention sources.

Answer: MBT’s traffic is around 6000 pageviews daily. The traffic has declined a lot recently because I barely publish 5 articles a month due to business responsibilities and pending projects. We were receiving around 15000 pageviews on daily basis 2 years ago. Most of the traffic is effected due to people violating our copyrights and creating similar domains using our Prefix “MyBlogger****
Our major source of traffic is Google India, USA and UK.

Question :- What other hobbies you have apart from blogging?

Answer: I love swimming, riding, driving and going out for breakfast on weekends with family or friends. I can’t spend a day unless I have drunk a cup of tea at Quetta Hotel. =)

Question :- I’m 16 years old and doing blogging, whenever I tell any of my friend or relatives they don’t even know about blogging, and just start giving me lectures that focus on education rather than blogging, It’s a good profession but no one cares. It’s 2016 but you started it in 2008-9 how you manage to tell people that what is blogging? and what you’re doing?

Answer: My biggest source of demotivation were people close to me. Blogging requires a lot of patience. I would often tell this to my parents “A farmer waits for months after sowing the seed underground, a blogger is no different than a farmer. Let me bury my seed properly so that it could transform into a tall tree once it grows. This tree wont only feed me but it’s shadow will bring peace to everything around it”

Today my parents and friends are proud of what I do.

When you do something innovative in life, people will often mock you or tell you that you wont be able to do that but when you prove that you can, the same person would ask you how you did it? This is the bitter truth of our society. Focus on your work and let the end results prove it later to people around.

Question :- SEO is most important factor in blogging, So what tools you use to do SEO and tell one of the best tip for SEO.

Answer: Value nothing but your common sense. That is the best free tool you have. I have never used a paid SEO tool ever in my life. I rely on research through Google Keyword Planner, Search Console, free tools by WebTextTool and SEMRush.

Question :- Which lesson you like to share with us?

Answer: Keep a simple rule: “Never write unless your content offers something unique to the web
Never steal someone’s copyrights, you will benefit today but will end up pretty soon with no online reputation. 50% of people who earn through YouTube Partner program today are content thieves. Make sure you never sell your online reputation for few bucks.

Question :- What is you biggest mistake in the world of blogging and you don’t want anyone to do that.

Answer: I never used to do keyword research back in 2012 and would value quantity of articles over quality. Today I suggest that you must write less but rich quality content.
Publish your articles once you have properly optimized it and make sure you are not making those 11 common SEO mistakes that I discussed recently.

Question :- Which thing you like the most in the blogging field?

Answer: Blogging helps you to make new friends around the world every second! I love its social interaction factor.

Question :- How many Countries/Cities you visit? Which Countries/Cities you like the most? Which Countries/Cities you want to visit?

Answer: I have visited none. At present I will better invest on assets than on liabilities such as lonely world tours. I have a dream to visit Makkah and Madinah in near future. I love all countries because every country belongs to God.

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Question :- Which one is your favorite food and which food you don’t like?

Answer: I love “Brain Masala”, “Afghani Tikka” and “Punjabi Palao” 🙂

Question :- What you do when you’re not blogging?

Answer: I develop web apps or hang out with friends. I love coding a lot.

Question :- Share some tips for newbies to start their blogs properly and professionally.

Answer: Never start a blog if you have not studied SEO thoroughly. Spend a week reading different SEO articles and watching videos on content creation and niche selection. Once you have brainstormed yourself then start your blog with and read the following two free ebooks which we wrote back in 2012:

Interview mybloggertricks

Comprehensive Guide to Newbie Bloggers

Interview mybloggertrickscom

Pro-Blogger Secrets Revealed

Question :- In the last, message for me and for my lovely readers.

Answer: You have a great character Abdul Samad. This quality is enough to succeed you in life. As long as you spread love and knowledge, you will find many companions along the way. Your strong social interaction with people from your niche will not only help you to succeed in your endeavors but will also help your readers who follow you.

Never apply black hat SEO short-cuts, have a lot of patience when you work online, respect your mentors always, never forget them once you succeed online and remember to bow to none but God. If you are not loyal to God then you can never be loyal to yourself. Be steadfast with your prayers and offer them regularly. Poor is a man with all riches of life but no love of God in practice.

Thank you for honoring this small man with this in-depth interview. Peace and blessings be upon you and your readers always.