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NordVPN Review: Top Rated Secure VPN Service Provider

Having a great advantageous package of network is a thing that really will compel you to give jaw dropping reactions, but exactly opposite happens when your network is not safe from the malicious threats to your network. So it’s the priority of NordVPN to give a perfect blend of the both qualities to be needed over here.

Why NordVPN is No. 1 VPN Provider ?

NordVPN safeguards the network of yours from the intruders for false means. And even if you move to different continent, it will keep its promise of guarding the network. It not only provides full proof protection from the unwanted material but will give you a lot of other options to be worth to term as the number one VPN in the technical world. It takes the whole responsibility of to secure your information and blocks the fake website.

NordVPN have servers all over the world that are extremely offering you the personalised protection policy for promising you better security. In addition to this, this leading to use VPN service also gives you another proof of its excellence that is window client that is quite loaded with style and even is user friendly.

As, the PCMag Editor’s Choice winner it is also renowned for adding another feather to hat by having one more quality that it creates a kind of passage between the users PC and the server and this tunnel create here is fully encrypted to protect the information from malicious substances that enters to your network through bogus Websites to intrude in the information.

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Most eye catching feature of the NordVPN is that it has feature called smart play  that helps you to watch US Netflix. Here our VPN have a very impressive technology that will manipulate the Netflix to assume that you are in US and are totally authenticated user to use the facility. Isn’t it amazing ? To get benefits without spending too much money. Furthermore, it does allow you to use BitTorrent but for this you must be connected with the accepted territory or even the country.

Now, many people think about the difficulties in connectivity. But NordVPN also have solution for this as connectivity over here is very easy what you have to do is follow up a simple procedure.

Firstly, open the interface that will open a list of 51 regions and from there you can simply select the desired location and there is a better option for those too who are from technical background as you can select the server according to your particular need, means any specific server that is dedicated for one work and on the second option you can simply select that option from the list of servers detail.

And with this for the technical users, you can fetch the details from connected server list that will display you the servers from the list of connected servers that will give you the detail about the servers that are busy long and also tell you about the response time of the servers, so on that basis you can easily have the best option to choose if you are looking for best speed.

Another outstanding and life saving feature in it is Anti – DDoS Servers

They are life savers elements of the VPN as they even work when the network is halted or damaged by any external intruder. It will help you to finish your work, on the other hand if you want an alternate way to figure this problem out you can even choose the dual VPN connection that provides you two encrypted tunnels. And as many of you know that two encrypted tunnels will results into double guarding of your data and information. With this it would be harder to break in.

NordVPN Mobile App

As these days the only gadget closest to us is our mobile phone, that really helps in every situation and same with the app associated with this VPN. When you open this app a world map will be displayed on your screen and you will be shown different exit nodes over the whole world. Now the question rises how to connect through our desired location?

The answer is as straight as an arrow, simply tap the option and you will get the connection. Neither you have to worry about connection, nor you have to do any extra work. As we are dealing with technology so it could be possible that there are some flaws in the connectivity but don’t lost your patience as it would take some hits and trails and will be done in few moments.

The app has one more benefit that it is very user friendly and even it also is easy to install. With respect to this, after opening the app it would be directly connected to preferred network. As mentioned from the very beginning NordVPN provides the best security so it provides you an option yo choose TCP over UDP, that again results into better security. Smart – play feature that is added in it can be triggered with single click.

Features in NordVPN Are As Follow

It is very versatile, as it supports various platforms such as Linux, windows, MacOS with this only few routers are required to be installed to connect through the NordVPN.

It is most user friendly and do not need any specialisation to be operated and its installation also doesn’t take too much of time.
Security that NordVPN offers is also quite impressive than the others. It focuses on each and every part of the network that may halt the network and then repair that part of the VPN.

There is a wide range of servers option that we can get in NordVPN to choose any country IP and then check your ip it will be changed and working is always very easy and comfortable when we are having a lot of options in front of us. This is the first point of customs oriented approach of the company. And this variation in servers ranges from ultra secure to ultra fast servers.

P2P networking is also offered by the NordVPN that really accelerates the working efficiency over here.
Its compatibility with almost all OS is also one of the stunning point o the NordVPN with this it also offers various platforms rather than mobile and computers.

It is not confined between two or one payment modes as it offers many payment modes too.
Many of the people get disappointed when they fail to sort something out in network that went wrong, for this also NordVPN provides the various care centres, so not to worry and suffer.

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NordVPN Plans & Pricing

There are three types of NordVPN Plans:.
A. Monthly
B. Half yearly
C. Annual

Charges for monthly connection is $ 11.95, for half yearly is $ 42.00 and for full yearly it is $ 69.00
Here a point to be noted is that if you go with the monthly package you are almost paying more than the annual one.

But many people have trust issues that how we can use annual one without experiencing the network, so to resolve this problem too NordVPN provides you 3 days free trail to think about the correct option to be used. Money back guarantee is also offered but only on case of your connection has not been established.

Payment Method: Various payment modes are accepted here, so no need to think about the lack of options and wasting time.
Various modes you can choose are PayPal, webmoney, credit card, bitcoin.

Conclusion For All This NordVPN Review

As it is most renowned for the best IT security and offers almost every aspect to deal with malfunction issue caused by the malicious sources. Its modern encryption methods make it more so unique to be at the top. And the top notch hardware that is compliment with it will make your journey with NordVPN more interesting and easy.

As its many tools are user friendly so no need to screw up your mind too long. Its option list for service providers is also too much for word sufficient. As we have too many options to select so it really help us out with betterment in results of our expectations.

Free tools are there to make your security the tight as much as possible and coupled with the fact that it is damn pocket friendly as compared to other networks in market. At last, if our customers are facing any issues customer support team will help you out with their experience and the patience.

Bring Life to Your PowerPoint Presentations with

If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations but find it lacking, it’s time to look beyond ordinary PowerPoint templates. SlideModel can turn your next presentation into something awesome.

SlideModel Powerpoint Templates and Slides is a subscription-based website offering one of the largest collections of visually stunning templates, diagrams, maps, shapes, charts, and tables. It’s everything you need to enhance your presentations. You will have access to high-quality professional templates and a quality support service.

There could be at least three reasons why your presentations don’t leave an everlasting impact on your audience.

  • They are utterly boring. You have added text in every slide and abused bullet points and clipart to create some sort of a template.
  • Instead of being helpful for your audience, your presentation has become a lump of overly crowded slides. This happens when you fail to organize your ideas.
  • It’s just ugly. Such presentations will force your audience to quit paying attention. People creating these lifeless presentations definitely need a lot of help.

If you think your presentations fall into one of the above, it’s time to make a change. The templates you can download from SlideModel can help. Here is how to make your presentations alive again.

Professional templates make everything easy has thousands of PowerPoint professional templates to suit your needs. A team of professional designers have created these templates to suit varying needs of customers. You can easily modify these templates since they are created using native PowerPoint elements.

Professional templates allow you to create an organized structure. From there, you have a consistent format to work with. You can add elements to these templates, and still they will retain their professional look.

Slidemodel Powerpoint templates

Data charts and tables make your presentations meaningful

Templates are just the start. Once you have found a suitable template, you need to add charts and tables to present your data in a visually appealing and meaningful ways. These tools allow you to organize data without overloading your audience with information.

Bonus, explore PowerPoint Maps HERE

Use diagrams and shapes to add visuals to your presentation

SlideModel is a great place to find awesome shapes and diagrams to enhance your presentation. You will find everything you need from creative cartoons to traffic signals and 3D shapes.

Slidemodel Powerpoint Designs

Diagrams and shapes help you to provide an illustrative backdrop for your idea. You add supportive content and present data in an organized way to help your audience understand the point you are trying to make.

What is really awesome about these diagrams is the editability capability. The diagrams and graphics are created with PowerPoint shapes so you can use PowerPoint editor to customize the shape properties and styles. It is very useful to use the diagrams as a base starting point and then using customizations you can create a final version that suits very well with your presentation content.

What’s the catch?

Spoiler: It’s not free.

The only catch is that you have to become a member of SlideModel to get access to the unlimited content. Choose a plan that suits your needs. If you want to get Unlimited Downloads, go straight to the Annual Unlimited plan.

Slidemodel Global Catch

SlideModel offers different plans available, starting from the basic ones that will let you download content from the site with terms that varies from 3-Months to 1-Year of service. For instance, the 3-Months plan membership offers you the opportunity to download 100 PowerPoint templates each month. You can download a maximum of 10 templates per day using this plan. It’s a perfect plan for professionals and students who use PowerPoint daily.

There is also an Annual Basic plan that increases the number of download credits each month and the length of the service. When you pay for a year, you get some rewards. For example, you can download up to 50 templates per day using this plan. Similarly, you can download 200 templates per month. You pay less per month in this plan compared to the Basic Plan.

Annual Unlimited membership: This plan is billed annually, it offers ‘unlimited’ downloads and 10 licenses including within the plan, so it is the perfect choice for businesses or teams that want to share the access to the site. Once you get this membership, you can download thousands of templates every day without ever reaching a limit. It’s truly unlimited and perfectly suitable for large organizations and agencies.

How does download limit (daily/monthly) work?

If you are not buying the unlimited plan, it’s important you take a closer look at how the download limit works. The download limit, both daily and monthly, is dependent on your subscription plan. If you change your plan, your limit will also change immediately.

You can always see your download limit and download balance in account preferences visiting My Account section.

The daily limit (effective on all plans except Annual Unlimited Plan) allows you to download content until your limit is reached. Once your limit is reached, you will get a notification. You might be able to download more items than your daily limit if you ask the company for a special extension.

The good news is that you can keep everything you downloaded from SlideModel even when your subscription has expired.

Wait, there is also a free option…

Yes, the sites offer the opportunity to join as a free user. By joining to the free membership, you can get access to the free PowerPoint templates and slide bundles available on the site. Every week, free slides are published and delivered to your email. Normally this happens on Tuesdays.

Conclusion is a life-saving library of PowerPoint templates for anyone who needs professional templates. It has flexible membership models and offers high-quality content. Next time you need to prepare a visually appealing presentation, you can go straight to

Movavi Screen Capture Review: One Click To Record, Convert Or Edit

Movavi Screen Capture software, is one of the advanced, lightweight and powerful video recording software that allows you to capture anything, especially to record high-quality videos that all happens on your screen.

Movavi Screen Capture  is the best way to record from your screen.

The size of this popular screen recorder software is approx. 47.1 MB and costs around $29.95 only and you can install this best PC software on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32-bit.

A great way to use this amazing software, as you can save the file in whatever format that you want. With this software, you’ll be able to record screenshots, record online videos, record sound, grab and edit screenshots and also capture webcam video. Movavi is an excellent, user-friendly and easy-to-use software that shows its compatibility with both Windows 7 and 8.

While you launch Movavi Screen Capture, simultaneously you will come to know that it appear on your desktop as a small options window and a larger transparent rectangle, like this as shown in the picture below:

movavi screen capture

Let’s now look for a very normal situation that you’ve to go out for an urgent work or meeting and on the other side you also don’t want to to skip your favourite match or movie, then you can simply record it & then watch later on, when you feel like.

Now Let’s have a key features of Movavi screen capture software:

Below or few of the many things that it can do:

  • Movavi Screen Capture software is the perfect screen recorder for PC that has very heavily built video processing tools.
  • This software allows you to save video from your webcam, hot key controls, grab online streaming video and music from websites, schedule recording, save Skype calls, applications and program activity, take desktop screenshots, software presentation or demonstration and much more- it does it all.
  • This capturing tool will meet all your needs as it is very useful for recording audio-only projects like podcasts/audio-books, for recording narrations and other voice work.
  • Movavi Screen Capture software has a very simple and straightforward installation process, and somehow that proves fruitful for a newbie.
  • You can easily set the audio source to record from your speakers, microphone or any other third party device.
  • Of course, this advanced software tool is having Live-Chat Service too, you can contact Movavi through their online contact form and they’ll get back to you via mail.
  • Presently, this program supports 13 interface languages that include the popular English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Dutch, etc.

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Interestingly, Some more Features:

  • Movavi Screen Capture shows its compatibility with 32 bit and 64 bit windows.
  • The software even records the screens of mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Movavi Screen Capture Software is having a very simple interface.
  • Also you’ll find it possible to download a free trial version of Movavi.
  • Using this application, one can set the capture screen area as well as desired frame rate and audio recording parameters. You can increase it for better quality (file bigger) or decrease it to conserve space.
  • The program can support older as well as the latest Windows 10, the Mac version are available too.
  • It is a very comprehensive application that allows you to export the recorded files to any desired formats like mp4, avi, mov, etc. The files also can support many mobile devices like  Samsung, Blackberry, Apple, Google, HTC, and other popular devices.

System Requirements For Movavi Screen Capture Software 

The recommended minimum system requirements, for Movavi Screen Capture Software are as following:-

  • Windows XP or newer but sound capture from multiple devices is not being supported under Windows XP.
  • Administrator permissions are required to carry on the Installation Process.
  • 512 MB of System Memory (RAM) is required for Windows XP & Windows Vista, 2 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • A screen of 1024×768 display resolution, 32-Bit Color
  • In general, you need around 810 MB of free hard disk space for installation and 2GB of disk space is required for ongoing operations.
  • Intel or AMD processor with at least 1.5 Giga Hz.

Movavi Screenshot

Movavi Screen Capture is developing constantly and it includes adding new features and fixing bugs.

Now, Let’s have a look at some Pro’s and Con’s of this Software


  • The software is easy-to-use user interface that is beginner friendly and has no learning curve.
  • You can apply some effects on the captured files and export the recorded file in any desired format.
  • You can record webinars at its best, online tutorials, & other educational videos
  • Also you can cut out unwanted parts from any video
  • Save recordings without any quality loss to watch on your PC or any mobile device
  • And last but not the least, one can also replay captured videos at any time


  • The company will facilitate you seven days free of cost trial period i.e, a bit shorter period of time (especially for a newbie).
  •  If you are new to this software and using the trial version of it,  the capture time (both audio and screen capture) will be limited to 2 minutes and “trial” watermark is added to all the output videos.


With this wonderful application in the market, you can capture:

  • Music & video from the web.
  • It allows to trim and cut video and audio files
  • Recording Webinars from various Web-sites in real-time.
  • Video calls &
  • Can take screenshots during video recording and edit them easily.


Movavi Screen Capture is a highly recommended professional tool for anyone, that will surely make you love this software, and much more…. try it today!!

If you want to do any of these things, it is certainly worth giving it a go. Movavi application is simply the best application in every manner.

Simply saying, You must go for this “Webinar Recording Software”……

Buy with confidence !!

SendPulse Review: Email Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to email marketers, no doubt there are few options in online services that promise the best result of your expectations, even they do but not in a pocket friendly way. To be a solution for this sendpulse has been introduced as a universal platform for all kind of notifications: SMS, web push and email.

As the platform is embedded with the “Artificial Intelligence” system which is truly helpful to launch campaigns via all of these channels at once. It gives the opportunity to not even increase your open rate too. This software totally deals with the flaws that you encounter whenever you deal with stuff like that.

Sendpulse Review

But we assure you to get abundant of benefits with the SendPulse and the expectations we have would be surely met that we have during any campaign. You can easily note down the changes that you will get in a genuine cost with this package.

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How SendPulse Works To Increase Email Open Rates

Artificial Intelligence system plays a vital role in increasing the email open rate. There is a neat increase in open rate of 30%. AI will work very swiftly to decide and the suitable time and channel for establishing the contact. As the AI will keenly watch the user behaviours and the time of email opening, on that basis it will set time.

As people many times have to send the mails in bulk like in a number of even 1000, many time it may happen that your email didn’t reach over the destination because of the bulk, so this technology helps the mails to increase the open rate.

The technology used in it helps you to create professional looking mails so its a great news for them too who are new for this, as this helps you to create professional email with its tools. The SendPulse have following functions.

Sendpulse Artificial Intelligence


Is sets the divider between the recipient according to the gender, location, interest, and other desired criteria. This is really as an icing on the cake as marketers can notice the hike in open rates, click- through rates and even more transactions.


It makes your mail an eye catcher as it helps to attach the subscribers’ information. The information in it could be any thing like name, age, city, date of birth, and others. It is the requirement of a well designed mail that it should be customer oriented and even your email campaign should be too. For this adding such kind of personal information really do good. It will be worth to add these in the mail.

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Convenient Drag & Drop Email Editor

Its mostly hard to create a colourful template, but now no longer is the same status regarding this as the SendPulse has made it an easy job to do. Furthermore, one more good news is that you do not need to be an expert to do so as it is a friendly work for new beginners. Here mail editor contains the set of blocks what you have to do is very easy.

You simply have to click on it and drag the selected block to the place you desire, with there we have 100 professionally designed free email templates with us. As today in the era of time, we know time is money so no need to waste time on designing you unique email template, you can easily find a thing you are looking for from here.

Sample’s are categorised here by the difference groups like business, health care, travel, holidays and many more. What you have to do by your own is to edit the main text associated with mail and text of header and buttons as well. And there you go with a mail to be sent in seconds.

Subscription Form Generator

It allows you to collect email addresses and for that you have to simply create newsletter signup forms to be placed on your site or blog. If you need to create a unique design with your corporate colors you can simply create subscription form by adding a name of your new email book to gather the subscribers’ addresses.

Sendpulse Features

Series Of Emails

With this software it is easy to send automated emails. If we talk about the revenue so what we need to do is to compact this feature in almost every email. As it will have 5times greater revenue than the promotional emails. Sendpulse will help you to send automated emails and will alter your hardwork. You can set automated mails according to different occasions or different memorable days or commemorations.

  1. Like subscribers birthday and anniversary
  2. Joining of new user
  3. User opens your previous email

Resending To Unopened Emails

Many times marketers deal with the ignorance of opening of emails and low open rates but SendPulse will help to increase the open rate by resending the mails to unopened one that will trigger the open rate and will speedup the rate from 30% to 70 % this percentage varies from company to company.

AB Testing

If you want your work to be full proof what you need is that you should do your work 10/10. You should check your work before forwarding it, so this feature is added to resolve your problem.

Integration With Google Analyst

This will help to check the subscribers time on your site and the details that you require too like amount of money you are getting from campaign and pages they view.

Mobile Friendly

You can simply download this app to your phone as it is mobile friendly and from there even you can simply invite the subscribers and even you can create the emails from the free galary box. Its an easy method to do.

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SMTP Account

SMTP account with the server helps to deliver the bulk mails fast as the SendPulse have two more benefits as it sets the communication via SMS and by web push notification. So it makes emailing more easy and fast. SMTP helps to improve the delivery speed because of SPF and DKIM.


SendPulse helps you to send SMS to 200 countries.

SendPulse SMS


  • Monthly subscription is for $ 29
  • And pay for every mail you send starting fro. $32 for 10,000 messages.
  • SMTP services
  • Stars from $ 8.85
  • Pay for only those messages you send starts from $ 15 per 1000 messages.

Free Plan

  • If subscribers are more than 25,000, send 15,000 newsletters per month free.
  • Test SMTP service with first 12,000 emails for free.

Just Go With SendPulse

To conclude only one thing is there that SendPulse not only allow you to speed up your mails sending but also helps to increase your open rate as well as will save your precious time by having the templates to make attractive emails campaigns ready to use.

You can easily use it and even have a look to the daily analysis with its integrated part with Google that will surely help you out. And this tool will help you to do get many benefits with a reasonable amount. So, no need to worry about the extra amount to be spend. This will surely help you to get an amazing experience with the simple work like sending emails even.


Contentmart – Boost Your Business With High Quality Contents!

One of the key secrets about quality content is, it can transform your business to a great level.

However, confiscating content which is best in every aspect is not a simple thing.

Although, there are many content writing companies you can find over the World Wide Web but not everyone can offer what exactly you need.

This article spotlights some of the key facts on content writing services which will probably assist you in hiring an individual writer or content writing agency with the best credentials.

It is quite true that the content that lacks quality can represent a very bad image of your business to your customers.

Therefore, it is a wise choice to take the content writing services of a prestigious writer for effective marketing and other business strategies.

It wasn’t a good experience for me when I began hiring a professional writer for my own web business and translation works until I found Contentmart.

Simply, the best website for content writing services!

So, here is my detailed review on Contentmart, read below!

Contentmart Homepage

Contentmart Homepage

Today, I would like to share something very important about this online platform.

It is one of the websites that can be trusted when it comes to avail error-free content without investing money beyond your limit.

You can hire content writers from all over the world with different specialization.

Contentmart is a website meant for both writers and clients.

As a client, you can search from over 62,000 profiles of content writers to make your pick.

The website also has more than 82,000 clients who often need services of those who believe in creative writing.




If you need to hire freelance writer who can create eye-catching content, this article introduces you with some vital guidelines and tips on using Contentmart.

It’s very lucid for one and all to register on this platform and post the needs anytime.

Before doing so, you need to register yourself as a client on Contentmart.

The registration is simple and needs only basic information.

You can even sign up through social media giant i.e. Facebook provided you have an active profile.

Once you sign up, simply click on the tab “New Order”.

Right after this, you need to assign a name to your job and ensure all the necessary details have been filled.

Before seeing your post published, you need to fill all the mandatory guidelines for a writer to stick to.

How Contentmart Works

How Contentmart Works For Clients?

You can publish your post, once you set the price that can be based on per order or per word.

Plus, you need to feed your Contentmart wallet too.

Simply click publish bar after setting the price and you can check your post available over the website once Contentmart team approves the same.

Soon you can see writers bidding on your post.

You can select anyone who you think is best for the job.

Once assigned, obviously its writer’s duty to accomplish it without violating the deadline.

You can ask for changes, editing, referrals or rewrite in case it doesn’t meet your expectation.


On the other side, as a writer, you need to register yourself on the Contentmart in a very similar manner as for clients.

However, the information you need to provide as a writer is a bit different.

You will be filling details related to your past projects, overall experience, a short biography, address, billing details and most importantly your contact details.

You will also have to go through some language and writing skills test which brings credibility to your profile.

How Contentmart Works - Writers

How Contentmart Works For Writers?

Why Choose Contentmart?

When it comes to getting economical yet quality content, Contentmart is a platform that is always faithful.

You need not worry about paying anything extra in the form of commission while posting your order.

As a client, one can ask writers to make changes or reject the work if it doesn’t meet once expectation.

What Contentmart Can Offer You

What Contentmart Can Offer You?

Contentmart Affiliate Program

Contentmart offers a popular affiliate program in which one can earn flat 10% commission per each completed order made by the referred client.

Remember, you are eligible for this program only if you refer client, not a copywriter.

The bottom line is, you have been provided very useful information about Contentmart.

This is the best site to hire professional writer.

Check out more by visiting the website.

Final Words

So, here is the review of Contentmart.

These are really great services which you should try right away.


Have you tried this?

Comment below your honest reviews so that we can add something more useful in this review.

If you’ve any further question, the comment box is always here to ask 🙂