Eureka’s Seminar – Finally Dream Comes True!

You all know that Eureka organized a seminar of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on 13 August 2016. I was very excited when I heard about seminar from one of my friend Mohammad Abid.

He told me to come there but my car was at mechanic’s shop and he was repairing that so I was not having any transportation to go there, I told Abid to come and pick me from my home. He and one of his friend came to my home and picked me from there. The all credits goes to Abid. I’m really thankful to him that he changed my dream into reality.

So now lemme back in 2012 when I started blogging. It was my really dream to meet Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai. He was the one I wanted to meet from my beginning but the reason was at that time I was too younger (12 years old) and my parents don’t allowed me to go on any seminar and meet him but I waited 4 years and finally I meet him on 13 August 2016. The seminar timings was of 12PM but I waked up on 7AM and I was fully ready on 9AM. (I was so excited to meet him). Abid picked me from my home on sharp 11:37AM. It was my first time I meet Abid and found him the most precious brother, best friend of mine on this earth. No one can take his place in my heart. 

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Eureka’s Seminar – Finally Dream Comes True!

The seminar was started at 12:50 or something. I waited a lot for Mohammad Mustafa to come and give speech to us. It was started late because the students came late :P. The seminar was having around 25-30+ students (It was not that big I know 🙁 ).

So the time came when I saw my mentor live at Eureka’s seminar, It was like baby got the moon! 😀 He came and started his speech on 1:20 or something. To be honest I loved the speech so much. He was too honest and shared his own inspirational story with all of us!

The Eureka’s seminar was having 2 Guest speakers:

  1. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai from
  2. Hussain Kango (Entrepreneur, Photographer, Short Film Maker)

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Note: I recorded the speech of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai live on my page, you can watch by going here. Don’t forget to like the page!

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Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai given his speech first. I’ve learned very much from him and happy that I’m blogger and I’m not a victim of Plan A.

Let me explain you the whole speech of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai, He started telling his own story I’m not gonna explain you his story because he already told this in one of my interview here on bornblogger, You can read by clicking here, after that he told about Entrepreneurship by giving such an awesome example of Bilal (A French Fries Seller), then he explained Plan A and Plan B and told that why he choose Plan B and became an Entrepreneur after finishing the Plan A and Plan B he told that come and show us the SEO mistakes from the very branded website of Eureka. He told who know SEO and can do this task, if you’ll do this you’ll get a gift hamper. I, Abid and one of the member of Seminar stand and told that we will. So I got the first turn every member had 5 minutes to find out 5 mistakes I found 4 mistakes in the very 5 minutes, Abid found 2 and one of the member of the Eureka’s seminar (I don’t know his name) found 0. So I got the gift hamper and really I can’t believe my eyes that Mustafa brother is giving me the gift and told that I didn’t expect this that you’ll find Schema Markup mistake too really it was a proud moment for me! 

I’m gonna post every image in the end of this article. 😉

He told that it is the first seminar he gave this quite lengthy speech. He started speech from 1:20PM and ended it on 5:00PM. I know it’s really great and lengthy but I enjoyed it every second, I swear!

It was really inspirational seminar of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai brother. I wish that I could go to every seminar of him in future with one of my best friend and the best buddy in the world Mohammad Abid.

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Hussain Kango

It was the first time I met this great personality and loved the way he gave speech to others. He is really a inspirational person on the earth. I don’t know the pretty much about him but liked him in the very first time. I just know that he is an Entrepreneur, Professional Photographer and awesome Short Film Maker.

So he started his speech right after Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on 5:05PM. He firstly told about himself means he gave introduction after that he gave task to fulfill dots in a row (it was all about common sense) after that he gave speech on Entrepreneurship for half an hour (because Mustafa bhai took all the time :P) I enjoyed it a lot. He ended his speech on 5:35PM+. I loved his personality, guidance and speech. I wish Hussain Kango brother a great luck and more power!

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Finally the Eureka’s seminar ended with loads of knowledge and with loads of new relations!

But for me it was not ended 😛 I’m really thankful that Mustafa and Hussain Kango brother who gave 1 hour+ extra for us means hardly 20% crowd of seminar. I took many selfies with them (Posting it in the end) and talk to Mustafa brother and got appreciated in every minute. I loved M.Mustafa’s way of talking a lot. To be honest he is really beautiful (Yes, he is) in reality than internet.  😀 More respect gained for him. I’ll respect him till my death. ♥

It was my first seminar I attended in the 4 years of journey in blogging and with the person I wish to meet from 4 years. I was really feeling lucky that I finally meet him!

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Finally the pictures that I got from Eureka’s Seminar 😀 I’m sharing which I got from my mobile and valuable for me. I loved them all!`

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Eureka Seminar (1)
Mustafa bro while explaining Bilal’s inspirational story.
Eureka Seminar (3)
Crowd along with me 🙂
Eureka Seminar (5)
Had some snacks 😉
Eureka Seminar (6)
I was making video, find me 😛 LOL!
Eureka Seminar (7)
Hussain Kango brother while giving speech!
Eureka Seminar (8)
Making video 😛
Eureka Seminar (9)
Abid was getting gift hamper because he gave the answer!
Eureka Seminar (10)
I got the gift hamper because I found the SEO mistakes from Eureka’s official website! 😀
Eureka Seminar (11)
Mohammad Mustafa brother was explaining Plan A and Plan B!
Eureka Seminar (12)
We we’re clapping for Mustafa brother’s speech!
Eureka Seminar (13)
Mustafa Brother got the certificate!
Eureka Seminar (14)
Me and Abid were giving suggestions to Eureka 😀
Eureka Seminar (15)
The whole view of Eureka’s seminar! 😀
Eureka Seminar (16)
Mustafa brother while hugging one of his class mate!
Eureka Seminar (20)
I got the priceless selfie with Mohammad Mustafa and Hussain Kango brother! 😀 🙂
Eureka Seminar (21)
The second selfie with my mentor and brothers!
Eureka Seminar (22)
The most precious gift I got that I’ve now 3 brothers 🙂
Eureka Seminar (23)
While leaving the Eureka!
Eureka Seminar (4)
Hussain Kango brother while getting certificate!
Eureka Seminar (2)
Thank You for reading this Article about the whole Seminar! 🙂 😀

You’ll find more pictures on the official page of Eureka. Click here for going to album.

Finally It’s Over!

This was the great Seminar and was my first seminar that I ever attended in my life. I’m again thankful to Abid (I mentioned him lot’s of time here 😛 He is now famous here I think. LOL! 😛 ) who picked me from my hope and dropped me too.

Lemme tell you one of funniest story I had on seminar, While we was coming to home and I was with Abid the tire got punctured 😛 after sometime we finally found the Puncture repairing shop and got puncture repaired.

We finally reached my home I took off my coat and went with Abid to do lunch, we decided (Me, Abid and One of Abid’s friend) to had biryani. We enjoyed it a lot with Cold Drinks. 😉

Last but not least; We’ll gonna meet till death with Mohammad Mustafa. Today I go to their office but it was closed 🙁 My bad luck! Insha’Allah will go another day with surprise to Mustafa brother!

Thank you all for reading, don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments!

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14 thoughts on “Eureka’s Seminar – Finally Dream Comes True!”

  1. Hello, Abdul Samad!

    It really is refreshing attending such events where the best of the personality is present; yes, I am talking about Mustafa bhai! 🙂

    And too good that you attended that event! I so wished I could be there. 🙂

    Definitely Mustafa bhai’s voice and expressions are so great and effective!

    Happy that you guys met with him! And good to see Abid attended it as well. 🙂

    Thanks for the write up! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  2. hahahaha Thank you so much buddy for mentioning my name 😀 (wowwyyy… I’m famous now :p LoL)
    and honestly buddy that was one of the best day of my life
    and yes We’ll gonna meet till death with Mustafa Bhai.
    and at last thanks for the free backlink 😛 :V

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