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Fiverr Case Study: How I Got My First Order Within Hour?

This Fiverr Case Study is about how I got my first order within hour of publishing my first ever GIG?

I know you’re very much excited to know about it but what was the whole thing behind it?

How I really got my first order just by publishing my first ever GIG and not in an day, just in a hour.

There is any trick behind it?

No, I didn’t realized on any tricks.

Did I read any article about Fiverr?

To be honest, back in 2015 I read my first ever Fiverr case study even not the whole Fiverr case study just two or three paragraphs hardly.


How I got it?

Yes, here I’ll share the whole Fiverr case study that how I did that, any man behind it, any philosophy behind it, any rocket science behind it or anything else?

Read below as I’ll reveal that what yesterday happened to me that really changed my life and thinking completely?

You’re now in hurry to know that what it was, how it happened?

Let me start.

Learned Never Forgotten Lesson!

The day before this day, I learned a never forgetting lesson which can change your life completely and changed mine:

These days I don’t have much money to fulfill my expenses.

I was having 30$ only.

Yesterday, I was going on Gaming Zone to play game.

I go there usually in a day or two.

After playing one hour I was coming back towards home along with my friend.

He told me to come at Isha Prayer along with him.

I told Hmmm… Ok, I’ll.

He is my neighbor too.

I was praying Namaz 5 times in a day one or two months back (Don’t even remember the date, how unlucky I’m 🙁 ).

He didn’t went to prayer, I don’t know the reason.

His father was going to pray Isha.

He told his Dad that “Go to Abdul Samad’s home as he told me to come along with him at Isha’s prayer.”

His father came to my home and told me to come along with him.

I was thinking for 5 minutes but after that I told “Okay I’m coming.”

He was waiting outside of my home for 5 minutes as I was shutting down my laptop to go with him.

Finally, I came and we went to Mosque for praying Isha.

I prayed 4 Sunnah and sited on bayan.

After praying 4 farz, 2 sunnah and 3 vitar.

The bayan was started again….

I went there and sited to listen to it.

I was still praying to ALLAH that “I need money, I don’t have much, and you’re the one who will give me etc.”

After bayan, I went to home back.

What Happened Next?

To be honest, I hate Fiverr very much as people sell their services for 5$ or so.


Yesterday, I thought why not give it a try?

Don’t know from where it came to my mind and I created my first ever GIG on Fiverr.

Here’s how I created my first ever GIG:

It’s ALLAH who gave this in my mind:

I checked my GIGS related to my topic.

There was only thirty or less than thirty GIGS there.

I checked one of the popular GIG in my topic and two other (which are less popular).

I measured that one of the popular GIG have video and all other GIGS don’t even have video.

So I thought, I’ll also make a video just like him and it will give me more orders.

I’m not a video editor, even I don’t know to record screen.

I contacted my two friends who know video creating and very good to it.

One of them told me that it’s easy you can create yourself, he told me the ways that download Camtasia etc.

Thanks to him that he told me, but I’m so much lazy in these things so I didn’t created not even downloaded Camtasia 😛 .

I contacted one of my friend to create a video for me (He is one of the best friend of mine).

I told Okay.


I didn’t waited for video, and created my first GIG.

I thought once it will create I’ll add that too.

So, my GIG is now created.

I thought to share it on Facebook, I did that, shared it on Facebook but didn’t got even single order from Facebook.

I contacted my friend who is awesome Fiverr seller.

I told him that I created my first ever GIG, now how to get orders?

He told me that there are two ways,

  1. It’ll come to search results whenever anyone search for the topic.
  2. Send proposals to requests related to your GIG.

I told how it can give me orders in an hour?

I’ve to wait a lot……

I’m a person who is always in hurry, I hate waiting.

I told that buy my GIG from Fiverr and rate me five stars there

I talked to one of my friend earlier days of 2015 he told me that buying your orders on your own will slightly boost your rankings.

He told okay, but you know what…..

His Paypal got limited and he can’t even order my GIG.

I told myself I’m so unlucky.

Really these was my actual words.

But I don’t Give Up…………..I tried, tried and tried.

I thought, let’s send proposals, may be it can give me orders.

I sent proposals to 3-4 persons related to my GIG.

But I got order from proposals or from search results?

I didn’t closed the Fiverr tab, it was still there and I was working on other things.

After sometime I thought that Fiverr will not give me advantage and went to close it.


When I was closing that I saw a pink dots on notifications.

I was like…..

Can’t even describe my feelings. Really!

I checked message and it was (See the screenshot below):

Message On Fiverr Case Study

Message I Got In My Inbox

A person was just asking me that if it will deleted then?

I replied: No, It will not.

He is not one who gave me order.

Now it’s time for checking order.

I opened that and saw that I got premium package’s order which was of 50$. See the screenshot below:

Order Screenshot For Fiverr Case Study

Order Screenshot For Fiverr Case Study

This is what we call the real feelings.

I’ve delivered his order just after 1 hour.

Excited to get it completed! 🙂

I don’t know that proposals gave me order or search results as it’s just newly made GIG and how it can be come to search results.

I realized that:

There’s is only ALLAH who give you RIZQ.

A person is nothing, there’s ALLAH who give all the things to people as he promised in Holy Quran.

It proved to myself, and the only thing is left is tears in my eyes.

The lesson is learned “Never leave Namaz even if you’re rich or poor, happy or unhappy.”

You’ll surely get change in your life if you pray 5 times in a day.

Final Words On Fiverr Case Study:

This was my Fiverr Case Study.

It’s really an awesome lesson I learned, yesterday.

Never leave NAMAZ, it’s really a way to connect to Allah (Who is the creature of all man-kind).

I promise myself that from now onward I’ll pray 5 times in a day and Insha’Allah I’ll.

This Article will remind me to pray Namaz for sure.

If you want to earn money on Fiverr you should visit Umer’s post, which is just awesome, Earning money on fiverr.

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Insane Affiliates: #1 Secret to Get Sales! [Case Study]

Insane Affiliates – So, you’re into Affiliate Marketing and not getting sales, right? 🙂


That is the problem I’m here to solve today!

There is #1 leading secret that I’m going to share in this Insane Affiliates guide and there’s another one too!

A bonus tip that I’ll give to increase your sales and conversion rates in the end.

With that said, let’s start our Insane Affiliates Guide.

N.B: Before we go any further, please make sure that you read each and every single line in the guide. Because if you don’t, you are not serious about increasing your Affiliate Sales.

Do tweet this:

Insane Affiliates

Insane Affiliates - #1 Secret for Getting Sales in Affiliate Marketing

Insane Affiliates – #1 Secret for Getting Sales in Affiliate Marketing.

It is something everyone had in mind already but didn’t knew the importance of it before. I’m saying that because when I’ll disclose the #1 secret, or rather show it to you because it is in the form of a screenshot that I took from a famous Tech YouTuber’s recent video!

I heard about it before as well. But, I didn’t knew the importance as well. But now, after seeing a real-world example of it, I’m forced to share it with the rest of the community too!

So, here is the #1 Secret to Increase or Get Sales in Affiliate Marketing! 

#1 Secret for Getting Sales in Affiliate Marketing

#1 Secret for Getting Sales in Affiliate Marketing

I took this screenshot from one of Austin Evans’ recent videos! (Forgot the name) and as you can see in the screenshot, there are over 1500 comments on the video. And THIS, that is in the screenshot was on #1 when I was watching the video!

So, this is when I took the screenshot thinking that It’s gonna come in handy later on…

Well, here I am with a tip for you guys for Getting Affiliate Sales and Conversion Rates. All with the help of this screenshot!


You must be thinking that what is special in it? And what’s the #1 secret?

Well. The user said, “Thumbs up if you can’t buy anything from this video,” right?

So, this means, the product Austin is reviewing or showcasing in the video is WAY expensive for these people who liked the comment as well as who commented. They can’t afford the product he’s reviewing.

And there were replies too, and not just likes on this comment!

So, all that shows that people can’t and won’t buy stuff that is out of their range, even if your video quality is THE BEST ON YOU TUBE!

Now you’ll understand the #1 secret better! 🙂

So, the #1 secret is…

Make Affiliate Sites or YouTube Videos (whatever you are into, Sites or YouTube) that are promoting “BUDGET” products! Because, when you’re promoting things that are in Budget for almost every human being on the planet, you’re increasing your chances of getting affiliate sales from your sites and videos by I don’t know how many ridiculous percentage (%)!

If you still haven’t got the point of how this is going to work, lemme give you another example!

Suppose you have a budget of $100, you’re looking for a best microphone for PC for voice overs and podcasts.

You have done all the research and found two awesome microphones out there.

One is in your budget (Blue Snowball or ATR2100 from Audio Technica), and the 2nd one is out of budget (Blue Yeti Pro).

Both microphones are condenser microphones, Both support USB and XLR connections, Both of these have impressive sound quality.

But, the budget is $100!

Well, you’ll obviously go with Blue Snowball or ATR2100. Or, instead, you could go for Blue Yeti Pro in used and have that microphone for the same budget, but in used condition.

That is the reason why we don’t get sales when we make Affiliate Sites on big and expensive products.

Instead, building a website on products that are under $100 would be an amazing thing to do.

Because this way, everyone can at least think of buying these in-budget products.

Sales will increase, eventually and so will the profits and conversions.


That was the #1 secret of this guide for getting sales.

Insane Affiliates {Bonus Tip} for getting sales.

Now, let me share that BONUS tip with you guys too.

That is…

I said, always first buy the product you’re going to review, and then after using it for one week at least (max 1 month), then you should prepare a review on that product.

Because if you do so, you’ll be giving your experience as a review and not just buying and sales-y review that people instantly recognize when they start reading or watching your review video!

Final Words On Insane Affiliates:

I hope you got some Pure Golden Nuggets out of this read! and if you did, please make sure that you use them in your future or currently running projects! 🙂

And now, If you have any questions, please post them down below, and I’ll instantly reply and answer them for you!

Until next time.
Good day!

“A Guest Post by Umar Farooq, who is currently blogs at He recently has published: How to Earn from YouTube? ($800 p/ Month).”