Motivational Workshop At SSUET By Syed Faizan Ali

On September 20, SSUET Computer Society and Templateism organized a Motivational Workshop for newbies. I was invited by Syed Faizan Ali who was the Speaker there and owner of Templateism. It was full of information and enjoyable Workshop ever.

I messaged one of my best friend and partner Mohammad Abid for going there as we was free on that day so we decided to go there just for meeting Faizan who is my inspiration and motivation.

Before this I attended Eureka’s Seminar and NED Entrepreneurship Society’s Event of DICE Virtual Innovation Competition too.

I never knew that I’ll gonna give speech to students of SSUET about “SEO”. I wasn’t prepared for that as I’m SEO Consultant and wrote a lengthy article on SEO so I decided to go and give speech. I was so nervous but full of confidence, It was my first time to speak among 200 students.

Workshop Venue and Timings

Venue and Timings of Workshop
A banner in entrance of hall.
Certificates of Wokshop
Certificates given to the attendees of Workshop.

Some Highlights Of Workshop

The Workshop was conducted in Auditorium and it was attended by a large crowd of 200 students. It was meant for students to create a blog on Blogger and make a living online from blogs.

I was very excited to meet Syed Faizan Ali who is awesome Blogger and Web Entrepreneur, besides this he was the 2nd who teach me how to do blogging.

Syed Faizan Ali shared his story along with his 20% earning screenshot of MyBloggerLab and Templateism from BuySellAds. It was so motivating that a small boy who belongs to middle class family is now making Thousands of dollars online.

First he explained what is Entrepreneurship and how to become an Entrepreneur later he told us that how to make a Blog using and make a living online from that.

Some of the things Syed Faizan Ali speak at Workshop in Nutshell:

  • He introduced himself.
  • He started to give speech about “Transforming Students Into Entrepreneurs”.
  • He shared his inspirational story “The Failure or a Genius”.
  • He shared his Earnings of MBL and Templateism from BuySellAds which was the 20% of his all earnings per month.
  • He explained about “Type A people” and “Type B people”.
  • He started conducting Workshop “How to get started and make a living online?”
  • He gave a Blogging Plan for teens and part timers.
  • He told from where to find Topics for articles?
  • After he explain that “How it’ll work?”
  • He explained what is “Optimization” and what is “Monetization”?
  • He told the ways to “Make A Living Online”.
  • He explained how to “Learn Blogging”?
  • He told that “The more skills you’ll develop, the more you’ll get dollars”.
  • He motivated and told “It’s your turn, Go and setup your business”.
  • After all his speech he gave gifts to attendees who gave correct answers.

Slideshow of The Workshop:

After this he invited me to explain about “SEO”. I was really nervous to give speech among Hundreds of University Students but thanks to Allah who gave me so much confidence I go to the stage and explained what is SEO and how you can make your site SEO friendly.

Abdul Samad Essani While Giving Speech About SEO At Workshop
Abdul Samad Essani While Giving Speech About SEO At Workshop

After that, I got a T-Shirt from him as an appreciation later he told me and Abid that if you wanna work with me on my projects you’re most welcome.

Getting Gift For The Speech
I was getting a T-Shirt for the speech. (The weird look of mine 😛 )

I and Abid did a small decision and agreed to work with him. I decided to write contents on My Blogger Lab and Abid decided to make Templates for Templateism.

A person who met few hours ago and made us his employ, just WOW! It means he is so humble personality who want to help someone to make a living online.

Let’s take an example a person who is very successful will gonna tell you the things he is doing? I must say NO! but he was the one who told Abid to come to his own home for learning how to make Blogger Templates, as Abid is very new to this field.

After all, me and Abid told Syed Faizan Ali for the Picture along with us.

Abdul Samad Essani With Syed Faizan Ali At Workshop
Abdul Samad Essani With Syed Faizan Ali

Some Of The Pictures At Workshop

Here are the pictures which was captured by Photographer at Workshop!

The whole view of auditorium where Workshop held
The whole view of auditorium where Workshop held.
The whole Crowd from the backside.
The whole Crowd from the backside.
Crowd from the stage at Workshop
Crowd from the stage.
At the last, we was giving suggestions to SSUET workshop.
At the last, we was giving suggestions to SSUET workshop.
Syed Faizan Ali at Workshop
At last he Thanks all of the crowd for coming there!
Syed Faizan Ali's Team at the Workshop!
Syed Faizan Ali’s Team at the Workshop!

Last Words From My Side!

No doubt, it was great Workshop organized by IEEE SSUET – Computer Society and Templateism.

I must say thanks to them as they did very hard efforts for organizing that without charging single penny from students.

Syed Faizan is so honest and humble guy who is doing hard work for helping others.

Lastly, I want you guys to share your experience below in the comments if you were also there.

If you were not there you’re always welcome to comment below for motivating them to do more and more and motivating to me to do blogging more and more!

Insha’Allah I’ll gonna do Event in the upcoming days for sure for you all!

Don’t forget to share it along with your friends on Social Media!

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  1. Hi, Dude!
    Awesome, It’s very awesome!

    Even if you feel like NERVOUS, I knew you did welcome.

    It’s a great opportunity join that kind of workshop and share your stories and experience. You know, bro? You’re going to be rock soon.

    Thanks for sharing…

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