The Proven Guide On SEO Friendly Content Writing!

Making SEO Friendly Content is now an issue for beginners, why? because they have to give an awesome content to their visitors and Google bots too.

No doubt, SEO is complicated and one of the biggest problem for beginners is understanding the whole SEO.

According to Copy Blogger “SEO is the most misunderstood topic in Online Marketing.”

But nothing is impossible, If there’s a will; There’s a way!

That’s the reason I’ve decided to write the whole guide on SEO Friendly Content. 

It’s a proven guide on SEO Friendly Content, as this is what I’m doing here.

Let me go to the deep below:

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Content is always prefer as King because without content the blog is nothing. we all know this and read content importance daily on various blogs.

But, we know what makes it king? No we don’t know, the simple answer is Quality of content makes it King. 

If you’re writing content without proper knowledge and it has lot of grammatical mistakes then this type of content never called as “King”.

You have to write quality content in order to get better SERP.

Quality content can boost your rankings from zero to hero.

N.B: The very famous Algorithm of Google is Panda, which is especially created to remove every site with Low Quality content and bring High Quality contents in SERP.

Head over to my whole SEO Guide in order to learn whole and most updated SEO Techniques.

What Is A Quality Content?

A content which is not thin, copied, without grammatical mistakes and full of fruitful information is known as “Quality Content”.

Proper Keyword Research

Doing Proper Keyword Research

Doing Proper Keyword Research. [Image Credits]

If you’re writing content without Proper Keyword Research then I swear you’ll never get lots of Organic Traffic. 

Many of newbies think that doing Proper Keyword Research not impact SERP.

But you know what each and every person who knows SEO is doing Keyword Research before writing the content.

We have to take advantage of Keyword Research to get the loads of Organic Traffic.

If you are not aware of this then you don’t know that how to do Proper Keyword Research?

It’s a whole and big topic, So I prefer you to go MOZ’s guide on Keyword Research which contains each and every step, from beginners to advanced.

First learn Proper Keyword Research before doing anything. It’s a necessary thing for SEO Friendly Content.

Attractive Titles

Example Of Attractive Title

Example Of Attractive Title

Title plays a vital role in SEO Friendly Content. If you have attractive title then visitors more likely to click on your Article.

Here I’m going to give you the popular tips for attractive title:

  • Using numbers: Using numbers in Title make users to click on that as they got to know that you have the 5 or 10 strategies that is working already.
  • Use How-To’s: How to’s always works better, visitors like how to posts rather than others. These are also known as popular search queries.
  • Keep it catchy: A short and accurate title is know as “Catchy Title”. Visitors will get to know what they are searching for.
  • Use tools to make attractive title: There are many tools to get attractive titles, you only have to give them your keyword and they’ll make an attractive title for you. The most awesome tool that I’m using is Potent’s content idea generator. It’s highly user-friendly and easy to use. If you’re beginners you’ll surely understand how to use it and get attractive titles through it.
  • Recently I checked Twelveskip’s post on 100+ Blog Post Title Templates That Grab Attention. So make use of it, you’ll surely get how you can make catchy and attractive title for your next post.

Copied Content Works?

Copying Content Works

Copying Content Works?

Copying content never works, If you’re copying contents then believe me you can not call yourself a blogger.

Let me give you a simple example, You wrote an awesome content which contains every useful information and someone copied that on his/her site.

What will be your feelings then? I know you’ll like what the hell? my hard work got copied, same feelings will come to the person from where you copy the content.

Respect others hard work in order to get respected.

If above example not convinced you yet then let me tell you that Google is 100 times smarter than you.

They have Algorithms to check which content is copied.

If you’re doing this stop now and change your habit from copying to writing content.

Forget the past, think about the future!

Writing Less is Not Working Now!

Writing less in not going to help now!

Writing less in not going to help now!

Long gone a days when we say that 500 words content will work.

You all noticed that things are getting change from time to time. The thing which was of 100$ now it’s for 300$, same in the content.

Now you have to write at least 2000+ words to get better rankings in SERP.

It’s also a way to make visitors into subscribers.

When they see that your content is good and full of information they’re most likely to subscribe to your blog.

If they love that much then they’ll also share it! It’s really a good strategy to engage visitors.

In my previous days, I use to write 1000 words content but I was not getting that much traffic.

I researched on Google this problem and got to know I was doing all things awesome but the only reason was content length.

I was like Ohh! What I’ve did, I’ve just wasted my time! I sold the site and started this site.

From the first day, I promised myself that I’ll write atleast 2000 words content and Alhamdullilah I’m doing this!

You believe or not, it’s working and giving me huge much traffic.

Not getting? Let me give you a solid research by SERPIQ about content length, below I’m attaching the graph of Top 10 Search Results for 20,000+ keywords which is analyzed by SERPIQ in 2012 but it is still worth.

serpiq analyzed top 10 results

Top 10 Results Graph!

This is the best example that Google give importance to Content Length.

If you can write 500 words then why not 2500 words.

Like me, promise yourself and start writing at least 2000 words, I promise you’ll see changes in SERP!

Adding Images in Content:

Adding Images In Posts

Adding Images In Posts

Are you noticing? I’m adding images where necessary, why? It’s a way to stand out and getting readers attention.

It’s also beneficial for getting better SERP, how? Backlinko analyzed one million Google search results and got to know that “Content with at least one image significantly outperformed content without any images.”

Nowadays many people search Images on Google Image Search, If your image will be there you’ll getting some extra traffic too.

Images are too much beneficial in a reader’s eye as they get attracted by the attractive image, it’s human nature!

Don’t forget the great saying:

You have got that using Images is better but which Image Google loves? The simple answer is Google love images which is unique, SEO friendly and without Copyright.

I want you to check Ankit Singla’s article where he discussed each and every way to make your Images Google optimized.

Start using images where appropriate from now.

N.B: Don’t add too much Images in your content, over limiting of anything can become dangerous!

Adding Videos in Content:

Brian Dean's Backlinko Content Example For Adding Videos In Contents

Brian Dean’s Backlinko Content Example For Adding Videos In Contents

Adding videos in your article is too much beneficial.

Nowadays, people like videos rather than text.

Our new generation is too lazy in reading and they love to watch videos. Why not give them what they love.

They’ll love to share that content and they’ll become your subscriber for sure.

Making video and adding that in your content is beneficial in other sense too like you’re getting a free backlink from high authority Video sharing site, like Youtube, Dailymotion etc. and high authority websites are most likely to rank faster than yours.

Add your post link in the description section from which you’ll get a free backlink and extra traffic.

It’s also a great way to compete with your competitors if they’re not using Videos in their articles.

It’s like I revealed a secret tip for all of you, take benefit from it!

Check Some Other Articles:

Well Structured URL:

Well Structured URL Example

Well Structured URL Example

A short and exact keyword match URL is always beneficial for you. Always try to write only main keyword in URL and make it short as much as you can.

Let’s take an example of an Authority blog which is backlinko, I never saw a lengthy URL in their contents/pages, this example is great enough to make you realize that the creepy and lengthy URLs never works.

A short and good URL is not only beneficial for SEO but it’s also beneficial for users to remember URL for coming next time to your site’s content which they read before (when need arises).

Example of a well structured URL is like below:

In this post my title is: “The Proven Guide On SEO Friendly Content Writing!” and my URL is: “https://bornblogger.net/seo-friendly-content/”.

Only put a URL of a keyword you want to rank. This is what I’m using and other Pro Bloggers are using nowadays and getting benefit from it.

Internal Linking:

Internal Linking Example

Internal Linking Example

Internal linking is ranking factor nowadays.

The simple definition of Internal Linking is linking to your old contents on a new content from the same website. They mostly used in Menu/Navigation on a website/blog.

According to MOZ Internal linking is beneficial in three reasons:

  • Internal Linking allow users to navigate a website/blog easily.
  • Internal Linking help in establishing information for the given website.
  • Internal Linking help to spread link juice around websites/blogs.

It can be also reduce Bounce rate, how? The readers will more likely to visit the link you’ve gave to your new content. In this way a visitor will spend more time on your blog/website and your bounce rate will reduce.

It has one more advantage, When they click the link of your old article which you gave to your new article then your Page Views will increase.

As MOZ already said Internal Linking help to spread link juice, it also can be beneficial to get your content indexed from your new content which is not already indexed as Google Bots crawl the whole article along with the links.

You can see in this article I’m Linking to my old articles.

Take advantage of Internal Linking, you’ll surely get benefits and better SERP.

Linking To Other High Authority Website’s Articles:

Example Of Giving Backlinks To High Authority Websites

Example Of Giving Backlinks To High Authority Websites

Nowadays bloggers thinking only Backlinks are important, Backlinks are important I know but linking to other high authority websites is also very important.

Why? It has two major benefits the first is in terms of SEO and the second is you’ll gain trust in users eye about the information you gave is really fruitful.

N.B:  Only link to high authority websites like WikiPedia, Quick Sprout etc. if you link to low authority or spammy websites then Google will surely going to consider your Article as Spam. 

You can see infect in this article I’m linking to others many times because I love to link to other high authority sites.

One more thing, don’t link others if their contents are not related to your blog’s content.


This is all what I’m using to rank my contents in Search Engines. I think this guide will make your content a SEO Friendly Content.

I’m really doing all these things to make my content SEO Friendly Content except Making Video Tutorials.

But I’m gonna do that for sure after sometimes as it’s so helpful.

So what’s your thoughts on my SEO Friendly Content?

Comment below if you have an additional tip so I’ll add here on my SEO Friendly Content Guide.

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A good luck from my side. Start using it for now.

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Happy Blogging, Happy SEO Friendly Content Writing!


Motivational Workshop At SSUET By Syed Faizan Ali

On September 20, SSUET Computer Society and Templateism organized a Motivational Workshop for newbies. I was invited by Syed Faizan Ali who was the Speaker there and owner of Templateism. It was full of information and enjoyable Workshop ever.

I messaged one of my best friend and partner Mohammad Abid for going there as we was free on that day so we decided to go there just for meeting Faizan who is my inspiration and motivation.

Before this I attended Eureka’s Seminar and NED Entrepreneurship Society’s Event of DICE Virtual Innovation Competition too.

I never knew that I’ll gonna give speech to students of SSUET about “SEO”. I wasn’t prepared for that as I’m SEO Consultant and wrote a lengthy article on SEO so I decided to go and give speech. I was so nervous but full of confidence, It was my first time to speak among 200 students.

Workshop Venue and Timings

Venue and Timings of Workshop

A banner in entrance of hall.

Certificates of Wokshop

Certificates given to the attendees of Workshop.

Some Highlights Of Workshop

The Workshop was conducted in Auditorium and it was attended by a large crowd of 200 students. It was meant for students to create a blog on Blogger and make a living online from blogs.

I was very excited to meet Syed Faizan Ali who is awesome Blogger and Web Entrepreneur, besides this he was the 2nd who teach me how to do blogging.

Syed Faizan Ali shared his story along with his 20% earning screenshot of MyBloggerLab and Templateism from BuySellAds. It was so motivating that a small boy who belongs to middle class family is now making Thousands of dollars online.

First he explained what is Entrepreneurship and how to become an Entrepreneur later he told us that how to make a Blog using Blogger.com and make a living online from that.

Some of the things Syed Faizan Ali speak at Workshop in Nutshell:

  • He introduced himself.
  • He started to give speech about “Transforming Students Into Entrepreneurs”.
  • He shared his inspirational story “The Failure or a Genius”.
  • He shared his Earnings of MBL and Templateism from BuySellAds which was the 20% of his all earnings per month.
  • He explained about “Type A people” and “Type B people”.
  • He started conducting Workshop “How to get started and make a living online?”
  • He gave a Blogging Plan for teens and part timers.
  • He told from where to find Topics for articles?
  • After he explain that “How it’ll work?”
  • He explained what is “Optimization” and what is “Monetization”?
  • He told the ways to “Make A Living Online”.
  • He explained how to “Learn Blogging”?
  • He told that “The more skills you’ll develop, the more you’ll get dollars”.
  • He motivated and told “It’s your turn, Go and setup your business”.
  • After all his speech he gave gifts to attendees who gave correct answers.

Slideshow of The Workshop:

After this he invited me to explain about “SEO”. I was really nervous to give speech among Hundreds of University Students but thanks to Allah who gave me so much confidence I go to the stage and explained what is SEO and how you can make your site SEO friendly.

Abdul Samad Essani While Giving Speech About SEO At Workshop

Abdul Samad Essani While Giving Speech About SEO At Workshop

After that, I got a T-Shirt from him as an appreciation later he told me and Abid that if you wanna work with me on my projects you’re most welcome.

Getting Gift For The Speech

I was getting a T-Shirt for the speech. (The weird look of mine 😛 )

I and Abid did a small decision and agreed to work with him. I decided to write contents on My Blogger Lab and Abid decided to make Templates for Templateism.

A person who met few hours ago and made us his employ, just WOW! It means he is so humble personality who want to help someone to make a living online.

Let’s take an example a person who is very successful will gonna tell you the things he is doing? I must say NO! but he was the one who told Abid to come to his own home for learning how to make Blogger Templates, as Abid is very new to this field.

After all, me and Abid told Syed Faizan Ali for the Picture along with us.

Abdul Samad Essani With Syed Faizan Ali At Workshop

Abdul Samad Essani With Syed Faizan Ali

Some Of The Pictures At Workshop

Here are the pictures which was captured by Photographer at Workshop!

The whole view of auditorium where Workshop held

The whole view of auditorium where Workshop held.

The whole Crowd from the backside.

The whole Crowd from the backside.



Crowd from the stage at Workshop

Crowd from the stage.

At the last, we was giving suggestions to SSUET workshop.

At the last, we was giving suggestions to SSUET workshop.

Syed Faizan Ali at Workshop

At last he Thanks all of the crowd for coming there!

Syed Faizan Ali's Team at the Workshop!

Syed Faizan Ali’s Team at the Workshop!

Last Words From My Side!

No doubt, it was great Workshop organized by IEEE SSUET – Computer Society and Templateism.

I must say thanks to them as they did very hard efforts for organizing that without charging single penny from students.

Syed Faizan is so honest and humble guy who is doing hard work for helping others.

Lastly, I want you guys to share your experience below in the comments if you were also there.

If you were not there you’re always welcome to comment below for motivating them to do more and more and motivating to me to do blogging more and more!

Insha’Allah I’ll gonna do Event in the upcoming days for sure for you all!

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Interview With Rafay Baloch – World’s Best Ethical Hacker!

Today, I have bought an awesome interview with the World’s best Ethical Hacker “Rafay Baloch”. 

I know you don’t need his introduction as he’s now featuring in News Channels like BBC etc.

I told him to give Interview by calling him through Mohammad Mustafa’s help and he just told me that just send me your questions and I’m ready to give you interview, no issue.

I really feel appreciated that a person who is World’s best ethical hacker is agreed giving me interview.

When I called him no doubt, he was so polite and humble!

I’m really lucky that I got Interview of him.

For your kind information, He has worked with Google“,”Paypal” and many big companies like these. 

He is a Blogger too, writing his ethical hacking stuff here at his blog “Rafay Hacking Articles“.

Not taking your time, let’s start :

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Interview With Rafay Baloch

Abdul Samad: Please explain what is ethical hacking?

Rafay Baloch: Back in 90’s hackers were used to be referred as individuals with great programming skills; however with time media made up this perception that hackers are individuals in various Cyber Crimes such as hacking bank accounts, conducting financial frauds etc, therefore in order to differentiate individuals doing hacking with prior permission, our community came up with names such as Ethical Hackers, White-Hats and Penetration Testers. The difference between Hacking and Ethical Hacking is the integrity, a bullet can be used to kill a person and it can be used to protect someone, what it comes down is the integrity part.

Abdul Samad: Why you chose to become an ethical hacker rather than a black hat one?

Rafay Baloch: Because, my personal integrity is to bring positive change in this world.

Abdul Samad: Do you know black hat hacking too?

Rafay Baloch: To be a good Ethical hacker and Pen tester, you should have knowledge about both sides of the coin.

Abdul Samad: How and why you took interest in hacking?

Rafay Baloch: It all started 8 years ago, when I received a message in my scrapbook which described of a software that would increase my scrapbook number, I installed that software however nothing initially happened. However, later I noticed weird activities on my computer as in my screensaver; Desktop background got changed, unusual mouse movement and several other weird indicators which eventually led me to conclude that my system has been compromised. Later on, after searching on the internet for days and applying different techniques I figured out that my computer is connected and being controlled by an IP address based in Russia, this made me curious on how someone based in another part of this world capable of controlling my computer remotely, but later on I realized that it is how internet works, this basic purpose behind the internet was that everyone should connect with each other.

Abdul Samad: Why you chose Information Security as a profession?

Rafay Baloch: I am passionate about it and passion and profession when combined leads to incredible results.

Abdul Samad: Will new comers in this field can be successful like you?

Rafay Baloch: IT Security is expanding dynamically and currently there is a huge shortage of skilled Ethical hackers in the market, and this is
set to grow further as IOT (Internet of things) start to get more popular. We as humans are not perfect, therefore we will always make mistakes, which means that bugs and vulnerabilities would always exist in the code. Which leaves us with plenty of opportunities for newbies who have skill.

Abdul Samad: Can you share your per month earnings with us?

Rafay Baloch: I am sorry, i cannot share exact figures, it’s enough to cover my expenses.

Abdul Samad: How many big companies you’ve worked with?

Rafay Baloch: Many, During past years I have tested many banks, Telecom companies, eCommerce stores etc. It’s part of my day to day work.

Abdul Samad: Have you ever thought to just quit hacking and do something else?

Rafay Baloch: No, It took me almost a decade to get where I am, it makes no sense in quitting it. My only wish is to use my skills for betterment of this country by establishing a Cyber Security Unit. Which would help Pakistan defend Cyber Attacks coming from foreign countries.

Abdul Samad: What punishment should be given to a black hat hacker?

Rafay Baloch: Depends upon the offense he/she has committed.

Abdul Samad: In the beginning, what was your family’s remarks about your field?

Rafay Baloch: They were not supportive, however after I was given international coverage their perception changed.

Abdul Samad: What you’ll do if your own computer will be hacked?

Rafay Baloch: I myself is not immune to hacking, Everything can be hacked, all we can do is to minimize the risk.

Abdul Samad: Which tools you’re using in ethical hacking?

Rafay Baloch: For hacking, Tools don’t really matter, methodology does. Proper reconnaissance and foot-printing would defeat all security controls sooner or later.

Abdul Samad: If anyone want to become ethical hacker then what should be his/her first step?

Rafay Baloch: I would suggest them to learn the technology which they wish to hack.

Abdul Samad: If still it’s possible to hack Facebook accounts then what is the method which is still being used? (Just for educational purpose).

Rafay Baloch: Almost all Facebook accounts are hacked due to mistake of the user instead of Facebook itself. I would say phishing, malware are still the most common methods in 2016.

Abdul Samad: Which OS is safe; Windows or Macintosh? Which one do you use mostly of them?

Rafay Baloch: I would personally prefer Macintosh, as most of the malware is made for windows.

Abdul Samad: The most effective tip to secure our websites and computers?

Rafay Baloch: Validate all the inputs.

Abdul Samad: Why you left Karachi?

Rafay Baloch: Security Reasons.

Abdul Samad: Can a blogger become a hacker?

Rafay Baloch: Everyone can become everything, what matters is the will, dedication and determination.

From The Interview Taker

I personally loved the way he gave his interview with honesty.

He is just passionate about hacking and he is doing many things to made Pakistan Proud.

We all liked this interview? I mean yes we liked then why not give it a share on our Social Media Platforms to support this awesome Personality.

Do comment your views.

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5 Killer Ways To Select A Perfect Niche For Blogging!

Finding a suitable niche to blog is the hardest part of blogging. If we look over “Blogging”, it seems easy but it’s not. Due to the highly competitive environment, blogging has become difficult. In the present era of blogging, you’ve to take care of almost everything to succeed!

I have seen some bloggers failing in blogosphere just for the reason they don’t choose the right niche to blog. Before you start a blog, research is necessary, and that research is not simple. In this research, you need to find the treasure that seems to be hidden inside your soul. Once you find that, you can easily find what to blog about and so on.

No matter you’ve been blogging earlier or newly introduced to it, this guide is going to change the way you blog. Let’s learn the simplest way to select the perfect topic to blog:

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1. Find Your Interest

Find the topic you care about. Find the topic you love to research on, find the topic that matches your passion. Rather than writing on randomly selected niche, select the one that matches your interest. Once you find the topic you’re interested in, don’t look behind. Just have a straight plan and create a blog regarding that topic.

2. Watch Out Your Competitors

Suppose, you’re passionate about ‘Health’ and you’ve selected it as the niche to blog. You’re following your interest, that’s great!

Now, you don’t need to create a blog and start writing on random topics (regarding your niche) blindly! Rather, observe your competitors (having high authority) keenly and find what topics are trending in the selected niche.

Quick TIP on “Finding authority competitors”

That’s simple, just search the main keywords via Google (recommended) and head on to all the web pages appearing there. These are your REAL competitors, defeat them one by one! 😉


Move on to next step:

3. Steal Ideas From Your Competitors

Found your competitors?


Now, here comes a great section. The section involves the way how to steal ideas for content generation from competitors. That’s a bit tricky and it involves social media also!

Once you start analyzing your competitors, you can steal the VIRAL ideas for blog’s content. Here’s a SIMPLE procedure:

  • Select the top authoritative competitor.
  • Move on to BuzzSumo and put the main URL there
  • Head on to the posts that have got the maximum social shares.
  • Those posts can help you find what’s trending in the market!

It’s time to follow the rule:

In this way, you can steal content generation ideas for your blog.

4. Don’t Stop Following The Top Authoritative Blogs

That’s important!

You’ve learned most of the part. You selected the right niche, learned what’s trending and now, its time to keep your knowledge up-to-date. A simple way to do it is to follow the authority blogs regularly. Making it a habit not only helps to find out what’s trending, but also it helps to turn you a better writer in the market.


5. That’s It, Start Writing Now.

You’re now on the way to make your blog successful. Follow the trend, don’t ignore the importance of social media, research and write, repeat research and write and that’s all!

Final Words On Selecting Perfect Niche – Must Read

Many of the bloggers quit blogging just because they’re unable to achieve their dreams. Blogging is now a competitive field to step in! Here, the winner is the one who plays smarter. Don’t stop learning, don’t stop researching! Again, research and write – that’s my favorite rule for blogging. Have a great journey ahead!

P.S. It was my first contribution to BORN BLOGGER [dot] NET, applause me as it is going to motivate me to write more! 🙂


Reasons: Social Media Influencing Customer Experience?

Today customer and social Medias are sharing a strong bond between each others. Hence impact of one factor can be seen on the other factor. Social Media and customers are now teamed up together to provide value for the alike brands. Back before a decade the picture was different. There was no such social media which customer followed to check the reviews and give their comments on any product or service. But now in this year of present, each one go through a product review before buying it. Such changes scenario is making service providers afraid of customers posting negative reviews. A small group of ten people customers can also spoil your image by sharing their negative experience.

Organizations are now investing in customer experience. They want to get promoted through their customer reviews. Companies mitigate the negative experiences by the customers whereas they promote the good words from their customers to gain the market. Social media is now used as a platform to advocate a product or service. Organization aims at empowerment of their ‘Happy customers’. If we go through the researched count of people who Googled over the internet about customer experience, here is the growth chart. You can also get each month detail on Google Trends.

  • Date : January 2004
  • Customer Experience : 16
  • Date : January 2005
  • Customer Experience : 36
  • Date : January 2006
  • Customer Experience : 35
  • Date : January 2007
  • Customer Experience : 40
  • Date : January 2008
  • Customer Experience : 48
  • Date : January 2009
  • Customer Experience : 49
  • Date : January 2010
  • Customer Experience : 48
  • Date : January 2011
  • Customer Experience : 49
  • Date : January 2012
  • Customer Experience : 60
  • Date : January 2013
  • Customer Experience : 72
  • Date : January 2014
  • Customer Experience : 76
  • Date : January 2015
  • Customer Experience : 85
  • Date : January 2016
  • Customer Experience : 100

Now I want you to go through the customer experiences which got influenced by social Medias.

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How Social Media Is Influencing Customer Experience?

Your Organization’s Transparency

With the social Media’s popularity organization has to create a page where customers can directly interact with you. On the portal customers can ask questions and any detail they want. You have to answer them on the same portal. After purchasing the product customers share their experience of buying your product on the feedback portal. This feedback is then helps you to get more customers. Further purchase rate will directly depend on this feedback and your approach for the customers queries.

When someone place query on your portal, they expect a quick response and a better solution. According to research stats, it is found that on average customers expect response for their queries within an hour. This makes a clear picture that if you fail to answer feedback quickly; you are risking your present and future customers. The change which can be seen here is the conversion of private chats to public chat. Now you can’t privately chat with your customers and fool them. Whatever you respond is readable to the world and nothing is secret now. Other than your knowledge and hard work you also need to keep your systems working efficiently. If system fails and you could not make it, it can create a huge loss of customers. Quick and correct response can witness your aliveness. Those who kept on neglecting customers queries are not bound to answer them.

Must Read : “Grammarly Discount : 40% OFF On This Premium Grammar Checker

Reach Of Customers

Social media enlarged reach radius of the customers. Before social took charge, researchers found that a happy customer is likely to share experience with 3 to 4 people, whereas frustrated customer share their experience with 10 to 15 people. Let us recalculate this reach circle via social media. Now on an average a Facebook user has around 350 friends. A twitter user has about 60 followers on an average. While a LinkedIn profile has about 100 connections. If we sum up all such friends, followers and connections for an average profile, a person has reach to 510 with only these three social Medias. So now-a-day the customer reach has no bound of 10 to 15 people.

With the help of social Medias, customers are the most powerful in this era. If any single customer gets unsatisfied, he may complain about your product or your service on social media. Thus you lose 500 future customers with this single unhappy customer.

Customer Advocacy

Till now we discussed how social Medias influenced customer’s negative experience. But every coin has two sides. You can also use your customers to grow your business. If all your customers get the good service and quick acknowledgement for their queries, they will automatically refer to other people with their good experience after buying your product or service. If single happy customer shares his or her experience on social Media you can get large number of customers for your product.

Without social Media one could have told their positive views about your product to 10 to 15 people but now with a single share he can tell hundreds and thousands of people. One share can then be again shared by someone to grow your future customers exponentially. If you keep a good approach for your customers, you can use them as an advocate for marketing your content. If a person feel good about your product and find it interesting to share with their friends and connections, it could be a very good marketing strategy for you. Instead of telling to handful number of people, customers can now use social media to share experience with millions of people.

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After exploring all these factors about how social media is influencing the customer experience, we can now summarize that it is mandatory to embrace social media. The power of customers using social Media should not be underestimated. They can take you down in seconds. But on a flip side it is also true that this customer can advocate your product to minimum of 500 people with single share.

Social media influence customers in both ways good and bad. So it is your ability to turn customer on positive side or negative side. If you can maintain your customers effectively you will no longer need to advertise your product or service to increase your future customers. It will be the people who will drag crowd for your product. Harness your customers properly to grow advocates of your product.

A Guest Post By Preet Sandhu On Reasons: How Social Media Is Influencing Customer Experience?