Interview With Rafay Baloch – World’s Best Ethical Hacker!

Today, I have bought an awesome interview with the World’s best Ethical Hacker “Rafay Baloch”. 

I know you don’t need his introduction as he’s now featuring in News Channels like BBC etc.

I told him to give Interview by calling him through Mohammad Mustafa’s help and he just told me that just send me your questions and I’m ready to give you interview, no issue.

I really feel appreciated that a person who is World’s best ethical hacker is agreed giving me interview.

When I called him no doubt, he was so polite and humble!

I’m really lucky that I got Interview of him.

For your kind information, He has worked with Google“,”Paypal” and many big companies like these. 

He is a Blogger too, writing his ethical hacking stuff here at his blog “Rafay Hacking Articles“.

Not taking your time, let’s start :

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Interview With Rafay Baloch

Abdul Samad: Please explain what is ethical hacking?

Rafay Baloch: Back in 90’s hackers were used to be referred as individuals with great programming skills; however with time media made up this perception that hackers are individuals in various Cyber Crimes such as hacking bank accounts, conducting financial frauds etc, therefore in order to differentiate individuals doing hacking with prior permission, our community came up with names such as Ethical Hackers, White-Hats and Penetration Testers. The difference between Hacking and Ethical Hacking is the integrity, a bullet can be used to kill a person and it can be used to protect someone, what it comes down is the integrity part.

Abdul Samad: Why you chose to become an ethical hacker rather than a black hat one?

Rafay Baloch: Because, my personal integrity is to bring positive change in this world.

Abdul Samad: Do you know black hat hacking too?

Rafay Baloch: To be a good Ethical hacker and Pen tester, you should have knowledge about both sides of the coin.

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Abdul Samad: How and why you took interest in hacking?

Rafay Baloch: It all started 8 years ago, when I received a message in my scrapbook which described of a software that would increase my scrapbook number, I installed that software however nothing initially happened. However, later I noticed weird activities on my computer as in my screensaver; Desktop background got changed, unusual mouse movement and several other weird indicators which eventually led me to conclude that my system has been compromised. Later on, after searching on the internet for days and applying different techniques I figured out that my computer is connected and being controlled by an IP address based in Russia, this made me curious on how someone based in another part of this world capable of controlling my computer remotely, but later on I realized that it is how internet works, this basic purpose behind the internet was that everyone should connect with each other.

Abdul Samad: Why you chose Information Security as a profession?

Rafay Baloch: I am passionate about it and passion and profession when combined leads to incredible results.

Abdul Samad: Will new comers in this field can be successful like you?

Rafay Baloch: IT Security is expanding dynamically and currently there is a huge shortage of skilled Ethical hackers in the market, and this is
set to grow further as IOT (Internet of things) start to get more popular. We as humans are not perfect, therefore we will always make mistakes, which means that bugs and vulnerabilities would always exist in the code. Which leaves us with plenty of opportunities for newbies who have skill.

Abdul Samad: Can you share your per month earnings with us?

Rafay Baloch: I am sorry, i cannot share exact figures, it’s enough to cover my expenses.

Abdul Samad: How many big companies you’ve worked with?

Rafay Baloch: Many, During past years I have tested many banks, Telecom companies, eCommerce stores etc. It’s part of my day to day work.

Abdul Samad: Have you ever thought to just quit hacking and do something else?

Rafay Baloch: No, It took me almost a decade to get where I am, it makes no sense in quitting it. My only wish is to use my skills for betterment of this country by establishing a Cyber Security Unit. Which would help Pakistan defend Cyber Attacks coming from foreign countries.

Abdul Samad: What punishment should be given to a black hat hacker?

Rafay Baloch: Depends upon the offense he/she has committed.

Abdul Samad: In the beginning, what was your family’s remarks about your field?

Rafay Baloch: They were not supportive, however after I was given international coverage their perception changed.

Abdul Samad: What you’ll do if your own computer will be hacked?

Rafay Baloch: I myself is not immune to hacking, Everything can be hacked, all we can do is to minimize the risk.

Abdul Samad: Which tools you’re using in ethical hacking?

Rafay Baloch: For hacking, Tools don’t really matter, methodology does. Proper reconnaissance and foot-printing would defeat all security controls sooner or later.

Abdul Samad: If anyone want to become ethical hacker then what should be his/her first step?

Rafay Baloch: I would suggest them to learn the technology which they wish to hack.

Abdul Samad: If still it’s possible to hack Facebook accounts then what is the method which is still being used? (Just for educational purpose).

Rafay Baloch: Almost all Facebook accounts are hacked due to mistake of the user instead of Facebook itself. I would say phishing, malware are still the most common methods in 2016.

Abdul Samad: Which OS is safe; Windows or Macintosh? Which one do you use mostly of them?

Rafay Baloch: I would personally prefer Macintosh, as most of the malware is made for windows.

Abdul Samad: The most effective tip to secure our websites and computers?

Rafay Baloch: Validate all the inputs.

Abdul Samad: Why you left Karachi?

Rafay Baloch: Security Reasons.

Abdul Samad: Can a blogger become a hacker?

Rafay Baloch: Everyone can become everything, what matters is the will, dedication and determination.

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I personally loved the way he gave his interview with honesty.

He is just passionate about hacking and he is doing many things to made Pakistan Proud.

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