5 Killer Ways To Select A Perfect Niche For Blogging!

Finding a suitable niche to blog is the hardest part of blogging. If we look over “Blogging”, it seems easy but it’s not. Due to the highly competitive environment, blogging has become difficult. In the present era of blogging, you’ve to take care of almost everything to succeed!

I have seen some bloggers failing in blogosphere just for the reason they don’t choose the right niche to blog. Before you start a blog, research is necessary, and that research is not simple. In this research, you need to find the treasure that seems to be hidden inside your soul. Once you find that, you can easily find what to blog about and so on.

No matter you’ve been blogging earlier or newly introduced to it, this guide is going to change the way you blog. Let’s learn the simplest way to select the perfect topic to blog:

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1. Find Your Interest

Find the topic you care about. Find the topic you love to research on, find the topic that matches your passion. Rather than writing on randomly selected niche, select the one that matches your interest. Once you find the topic you’re interested in, don’t look behind. Just have a straight plan and create a blog regarding that topic.

2. Watch Out Your Competitors

Suppose, you’re passionate about ‘Health’ and you’ve selected it as the niche to blog. You’re following your interest, that’s great!

Now, you don’t need to create a blog and start writing on random topics (regarding your niche) blindly! Rather, observe your competitors (having high authority) keenly and find what topics are trending in the selected niche.

Quick TIP on “Finding authority competitors”

That’s simple, just search the main keywords via Google (recommended) and head on to all the web pages appearing there. These are your REAL competitors, defeat them one by one! 😉


Move on to next step:

3. Steal Ideas From Your Competitors

Found your competitors?


Now, here comes a great section. The section involves the way how to steal ideas for content generation from competitors. That’s a bit tricky and it involves social media also!

Once you start analyzing your competitors, you can steal the VIRAL ideas for blog’s content. Here’s a SIMPLE procedure:

  • Select the top authoritative competitor.
  • Move on to BuzzSumo and put the main URL there
  • Head on to the posts that have got the maximum social shares.
  • Those posts can help you find what’s trending in the market!

It’s time to follow the rule:

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In this way, you can steal content generation ideas for your blog.

4. Don’t Stop Following The Top Authoritative Blogs

That’s important!

You’ve learned most of the part. You selected the right niche, learned what’s trending and now, its time to keep your knowledge up-to-date. A simple way to do it is to follow the authority blogs regularly. Making it a habit not only helps to find out what’s trending, but also it helps to turn you a better writer in the market.


5. That’s It, Start Writing Now.

You’re now on the way to make your blog successful. Follow the trend, don’t ignore the importance of social media, research and write, repeat research and write and that’s all!

Final Words On Selecting Perfect Niche – Must Read

Many of the bloggers quit blogging just because they’re unable to achieve their dreams. Blogging is now a competitive field to step in! Here, the winner is the one who plays smarter. Don’t stop learning, don’t stop researching! Again, research and write – that’s my favorite rule for blogging. Have a great journey ahead!

P.S. It was my first contribution to BORN BLOGGER [dot] NET, applause me as it is going to motivate me to write more! 🙂

23 thoughts on “5 Killer Ways To Select A Perfect Niche For Blogging!”

  1. Hi ahmad,
    thanks for writing an amazing content for us all!
    Really, choosing the right niche for your blog can either break or make your blogging campaign literally.
    I’ve created this site techstant dot com, and the mistake i’ve done is i’ve go with very head niche (blogging, technology, news, trends etc). Even I had knowledge that going with very specific niche is always great, don’t know why i started writing on so many multi topics.
    and now i am also suffering from it. my blog has been FEATURED on the sites like gobloggingtips, allbloggingtips, huffingtonpost, top10bestpro dot com, but i am getting not a great result.
    By the way, thanks for writing this content for your readers.

    1. Hi Shakir,
      no problem if you’ve made a wrong decision. I know you’ve got great writing skills and now, you’ve to learn the “Time Management” only. Try to manage time properly and write after following the trend. You’ll start getting results soon.
      Wish you best of luck for the journey lying ahead!
      ~ Ahmad

  2. Hey Muhammad,
    great post!
    Indeed, blogging is more competitive than ever, and needs creativity to stand out from the crowd.

    One should also add value to the niche, and I believe that what will make your blog a special space for your reader.

    Thanks for the nice post, Muhammad!
    Keep posting!


  3. hI Ahmad,

    You cover the most IMPORTANT topic in this post according to my OPINION, BECAUSE it is very confusing when you buy a new domain and could not SATISFIED with the domain name after many tries and searches.

    if we blogger follow these rules and simple guide, its very easy to find the good domain name in easy way.

    Keep posting the great content for our learning. Thanks

  4. Hey Ahmad,

    Someone picks a niche they love to write about and don’t realise that there’s no money to be made.I truly believe that passion is a key factor for success.

    Passion keeps us motivated, passion stops us from giving up and passion helps us to keep us interested in learning and developing our skills within a particular niche. If you are passionate about something and you have the profitability factor then there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Great informative information regarding Niche.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  5. Hey Abdul,

    You got it right.:)

    Finding the right niche for your blog important. You need to analyze the market and your competitors.

    It’s a good idea to have an idea from your competitors. BuzzSumo is one of the best place for that.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Hey Ahmad,

    Finding the right niche is one of the first most step in making a blog profitable.

    Stealing ideas from competitors’ most shared posts is surely a great technique. Also, following those authoritative blogs is indeed very important to keep up with what’s happening and where you should put your next efforts.

    Thank you for sharing these simple yet effective niche selection tips. Have a great day, everyday 🙂

  7. Hey Abdul,

    Really good tips for people who want to build a Niche blog. I am actually new to this blogging world and was quite quite confused about choosing the right niche for myself in this competitive world. This is useful article for those who wants to work on Niche Blog. After this post surely, I will start work on niche blogs.

    I have been blogging about how to improve a blogs traffic, to much compitition need to find a better niche.

    Thanks a lot Good Post 🙂 Happy Blogging..!

  8. hai … thanks for a good tips how to find Niche of a blog, its really help me … and on the last word you said “Many of the bloggers quit blogging just because they’re unable to achieve their dreams. Blogging is now a competitive field to step in! Here, the winner is the one who plays smarter. Don’t stop learning, don’t stop researching! Again, research and write – that’s my favorite rule for blogging. Have a great journey ahead!” its really give me more spirit.. thanks..

  9. Hey Ahmad,
    Great Post.
    If we can’t find the perfect niche then it is almost impossible to be successful.
    If we can find niche of our own interest then it is easy to do something good.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Have a nice day.

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