Reasons: Social Media Influencing Customer Experience?

Today customer and social Medias are sharing a strong bond between each others. Hence impact of one factor can be seen on the other factor. Social Media and customers are now teamed up together to provide value for the alike brands. Back before a decade the picture was different. There was no such social media which customer followed to check the reviews and give their comments on any product or service. But now in this year of present, each one go through a product review before buying it. Such changes scenario is making service providers afraid of customers posting negative reviews. A small group of ten people customers can also spoil your image by sharing their negative experience.

Organizations are now investing in customer experience. They want to get promoted through their customer reviews. Companies mitigate the negative experiences by the customers whereas they promote the good words from their customers to gain the market. Social media is now used as a platform to advocate a product or service. Organization aims at empowerment of their ‘Happy customers’. If we go through the researched count of people who Googled over the internet about customer experience, here is the growth chart. You can also get each month detail on Google Trends.

  • Date : January 2004
  • Customer Experience : 16
  • Date : January 2005
  • Customer Experience : 36
  • Date : January 2006
  • Customer Experience : 35
  • Date : January 2007
  • Customer Experience : 40
  • Date : January 2008
  • Customer Experience : 48
  • Date : January 2009
  • Customer Experience : 49
  • Date : January 2010
  • Customer Experience : 48
  • Date : January 2011
  • Customer Experience : 49
  • Date : January 2012
  • Customer Experience : 60
  • Date : January 2013
  • Customer Experience : 72
  • Date : January 2014
  • Customer Experience : 76
  • Date : January 2015
  • Customer Experience : 85
  • Date : January 2016
  • Customer Experience : 100

Now I want you to go through the customer experiences which got influenced by social Medias.

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How Social Media Is Influencing Customer Experience?

Your Organization’s Transparency

With the social Media’s popularity organization has to create a page where customers can directly interact with you. On the portal customers can ask questions and any detail they want. You have to answer them on the same portal. After purchasing the product customers share their experience of buying your product on the feedback portal. This feedback is then helps you to get more customers. Further purchase rate will directly depend on this feedback and your approach for the customers queries.

When someone place query on your portal, they expect a quick response and a better solution. According to research stats, it is found that on average customers expect response for their queries within an hour. This makes a clear picture that if you fail to answer feedback quickly; you are risking your present and future customers. The change which can be seen here is the conversion of private chats to public chat. Now you can’t privately chat with your customers and fool them. Whatever you respond is readable to the world and nothing is secret now. Other than your knowledge and hard work you also need to keep your systems working efficiently. If system fails and you could not make it, it can create a huge loss of customers. Quick and correct response can witness your aliveness. Those who kept on neglecting customers queries are not bound to answer them.

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Reach Of Customers

Social media enlarged reach radius of the customers. Before social took charge, researchers found that a happy customer is likely to share experience with 3 to 4 people, whereas frustrated customer share their experience with 10 to 15 people. Let us recalculate this reach circle via social media. Now on an average a Facebook user has around 350 friends. A twitter user has about 60 followers on an average. While a LinkedIn profile has about 100 connections. If we sum up all such friends, followers and connections for an average profile, a person has reach to 510 with only these three social Medias. So now-a-day the customer reach has no bound of 10 to 15 people.

With the help of social Medias, customers are the most powerful in this era. If any single customer gets unsatisfied, he may complain about your product or your service on social media. Thus you lose 500 future customers with this single unhappy customer.

Customer Advocacy

Till now we discussed how social Medias influenced customer’s negative experience. But every coin has two sides. You can also use your customers to grow your business. If all your customers get the good service and quick acknowledgement for their queries, they will automatically refer to other people with their good experience after buying your product or service. If single happy customer shares his or her experience on social Media you can get large number of customers for your product.

Without social Media one could have told their positive views about your product to 10 to 15 people but now with a single share he can tell hundreds and thousands of people. One share can then be again shared by someone to grow your future customers exponentially. If you keep a good approach for your customers, you can use them as an advocate for marketing your content. If a person feel good about your product and find it interesting to share with their friends and connections, it could be a very good marketing strategy for you. Instead of telling to handful number of people, customers can now use social media to share experience with millions of people.

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After exploring all these factors about how social media is influencing the customer experience, we can now summarize that it is mandatory to embrace social media. The power of customers using social Media should not be underestimated. They can take you down in seconds. But on a flip side it is also true that this customer can advocate your product to minimum of 500 people with single share.

Social media influence customers in both ways good and bad. So it is your ability to turn customer on positive side or negative side. If you can maintain your customers effectively you will no longer need to advertise your product or service to increase your future customers. It will be the people who will drag crowd for your product. Harness your customers properly to grow advocates of your product.

A Guest Post By Preet Sandhu On Reasons: How Social Media Is Influencing Customer Experience?

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    Seems like the design is totally changed and yes, thats great. I like the new design!
    Coming to the post, I agree that social media is influencing the customer experience. Social Media is continuously dominating the MARKET.
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  2. Thanks Preet Sandhu and Abdul Samad Essani FOR SHARING THIS

  3. Hi, Abdul.
    How are you doing today?

    Well, it’s a nice discussion about customer experience.

    For sure. The social media can affect the customer experience and your business performance.

    Lacking of customer response will increase negative REVIEWS and brand damage. The only way to avoid this is to engage CLOSELY with your customer. Deal with the complaints and solve their problem is a great solution to ease the bad image and build up reputation.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Abdul,

    Really you have said great, customer and social media are sharing a strong bond between each others. You have represented great stats about social networking sites. In social sites a person has large chain of friends and it makes any issue transparent, if a problem occurs to a single person it simply spread to mass in this way really today customer become powerful.
    I agree with you a single unsatisfied customer can hamper many customers. Today social media site become amazing platform to share thought of individuals. Great information about such topic.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

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