10 Proven Ways To Drive Massive Traffic Without SEO!

Do you want to get relevant traffic (Targeted Traffic) to your new blog without SEO?

Yes, we all know that SEO is a must to follow for everyone but to get traffic to a new blog only by SEO is not a good choice.

SEO does not work instantly; you’ve to wait for several days or weeks to get rank on the first page of search engines.

I’m not saying don’t do SEO but I only want to say that don’t stay only on it.

There are infinite ways to get traffic to a new blog without SEO.

Here I brought 10 proven ways to get massive traffic to a new blog without SEO. 🙂

Guest Blogging (Every Professional’s Choice)

Guest Blogging is the best weapon to generate traffic from other blogs, and it is a proven technique to grow your blog network with the readers in the same niche.

There are two main things to do before doing a guest post.

First one is finding the top trending blogs which accepts guest post in your niche.

You can find many best sites from the Google search engine.

The second thing is searching for the content idea which will never get rejected by the blog admin.

I’ll suggest you to use BuzzSumo to find popular topics that are being shared a lot on social media. 🙂

However, You have to work hard for that, because the standard of writing might be higher in the authority blogs. 🙂 So if you want to do guest blogging, then you need to work best compare of you’re doing on your own Blog.

Guest blogging does not only help you in getting massive traffic without SEO but also help you in making relationship with the professional bloggers as well.

Blog Commenting (Find & Pull Method)

Blog commenting is my favorite technique, and it helps me a lot.

Just like as guest blogging, Blog commenting is another good way to get traffic from other blogs without SEO.

But it depends on how you do commenting on other blogs.

There are some major things to do & know before leaving your feedback on other blogs.

First thing is finding blogs that are relevant to your niche because when I started this technique, that time I don’t know where to comment.

So I always left my comments on the blogs which are not related to my targeted niche, but after some time by seeing the traffic report of my blog, I realize that traffic comes 10 times more from related niche blogs compare of irrelevant.

The second thing is to consider your words.

When you comment on other blogs, then you’ve to write minimum 50 words in your comment but never try to spam.

If you write long comments, then it will be eye-catchy and help you in driving massive traffic to your blog without SEO.

In above paragraph, I’ve said write a long comment, but it does not mean that leave meaningless comments.

You’ve to share your thoughts and give a good feedback to the post so that comment will be approved instantly.

The third thing is, never forget to add a link whenever you make a comment on other blogs.

It’s just a reminder, I know you’ll never forget. lol 🙂

Social Media (Must Follow)

Social media is another best and most useful platform to get a good amount of traffic to yours new blog without SEO.

Every professional blogger advice us to use social media.

I know many blogs who are just popular in the Blogosphere because of Social Media.

But you’ll never get traffic if you don’t have unique and quality content on your blog.

You’ve to write meaningful content that visitors loves to read.

You can take an example of this post. 😉

Only quality content will not help you to get traffic.

You’ve to make good relations with your followers so that they will click on the links whenever you share.

I’ll recommend you to make good friends on the Facebook and daily grow your friend list. (But only make like-minded friends.)

The second option is Facebook Group sharing.

You can get a ton of traffic from the Facebook groups if the group is related to your blog niche.

You should join some good Facebook groups who have huge member list and related to your niche.

Don’t depend only on the Facebook.

There are also another options you have such as Twitter, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit, and Buffer from where you can drive massive traffic on a daily basis to your blog.

Pinterest and Stumbleupon are the sites which help you to get daily traffic by the single share because it is different from the Facebook and Twitter.

There you will not find a feed; You’ve to create boards (Folders) and Pin your post links there.

Round Up Posts (I love this type of Posts.)

This technique I’ve not follow, but I saw many of my friends are following it and getting massive traffic.

For example; Abdul Samad Essani. [BornBlogger.net] 🙂 A good mentor, brilliant Blogger, Superb friend, and a Humble person. 🙂

Nowadays he is publishing roundup posts on this blog and yeah I know it massively impacts the traffic for him.

Round Up posts attract the visitors, but it depends on who are in and what type of you’re creating.

Roundups are like as interviews, but the only difference is, you will ask one or two questions to many experts at a time who would be fit and perfectly to answer you.

What to create in a round up?

First, you’ve to make a list of some experts who are in your blog niche and would love to answer you.

Send them the question via email or using the social network and after that give him enough time to respond you. 🙂 (That’s quite simple 😛 )

If you get an answer from them within two days then it’s good otherwise send him/her a reminder message again.

If they do not respond you, then don’t be sad because they are not only the professional in this industry there are thousands out there. 😉

Ask the same question to other experts. 🙂

You’ll get enough answers from experts to publish in your blog post.

The First Round Up Post On This Blog: 10+ Bloggers Share Ideas On Becoming Pro Blogger

Do Interviews (Attraction)

Interviewing professionals is a proven technique to get massive traffic to a blog. 🙂

Interview Of Gem: Mohammad Mustafa Interview From MyBloggerTricks.Com

People always love to read the story of successful Bloggers because this type of posts gives him the opportunity to learn what he did in the past to achieve this and what mistakes he did so they will be aware of that errors.

You can ask inspirational bloggers who are in your niche or send an invitation to those whom you think people love to know about.

On these type of posts, you’ll get huge shares on the social networking sites and also a backlink from the blogger who will give you interview.

One post and three Benefits. (Traffic+Shares+Backlinks). Quite awesome nah! 😉

World’s Best Ethical Hacker’s Interview: Interview With Rafay Baloch

Be A Case-Study (Buildup Trust)

Exposing your case study with your audience is a way to build trust with your visitors and to tell them your content and guides are valuable.

It does not only help you to make faith but also help you to engage the new audience as well.

Here are some tips to write a post after case study; Tell the story from start to end (When you start, which type of benefits you get.)

Try to write easy to Readable post – Use bullet and number lists, Short paragraphs, images, Bold & Italic format as well.

With great and useful case studies you can attract a lot of traffic, and you’ll get success soon.

If readers find your case-study useful, then they will bookmark it and also share with their friends and followers.

Check Out This Case Study: Insane Affiliates: #1 Secret to Get Sales! [Case Study]

Questions & Answers Forums (Show Your Knowledge)

Participating in forums and solving problems of others by great and useful answers is a way to grab the attention of other members.

If you’re utilizing this technique, the other members might want to know about you, and they’ll check your information and also come to your blog by clicking on the link you’ve provided in the about badge.

Some of the forums are accepting links.

Also, You can attach links in your comment but don’t be like a spammer.

When I started my blogging career, I never thought about participating in the forums, but after few months I’ve realized that I’m making a terrible mistake.

I’ve seen many professional bloggers who have significant respect in the blogosphere and they still participating in the forums.

I’ll always recommend you never to make this mistake.

You have great and free opportunity to show your knowledge to others.

This technique will help you out of sure. 🙂

Cut Some Time For This: The Proven Guide On SEO Friendly Content Writing!

Giveaways & Quizzes (Encourage Readers To Stay Long On Your Site.)

Giveaways and quizzes are two great ways to generate traffic to any new blog.

If you’ll organize a good quiz, then it is best than all of your static content.

It helps you to engage visitors for a long time on your blog.

If the quiz is interesting, then people want to answer you and also share with their friends and invite them to participate in the quiz.

Just like as quizzes,

Giveaways is also interesting because it is a technique whose used by bloggers and companies to promote their services/products by providing some of the stuff free.

Just think about yourself, What you will do if you find an interesting and your favorite stuff for free. 😉

Just like as others,

You can also arrange a giveaway and share it on different places like; Facebook groups, Twitter and wherever you want.

By this way, people will love to visit your blog because nobody wants to lose a chance of free stuff. 😉

Giveaways not helps you in generating free traffic but also in building an email list as well.

To create the email list, you’ve to make a rule, first, subscribe and then get free stuff direct into their mailbox.

The Most Popular Post Of All Time: The Definitive SEO Guide – Never Seen Before!

Link To Other Blog Posts In Your Contents

One of hugest mistake you shouldn’t make is never linking to other blogs.

If you are linking out to external blogs, they will take notice of that and most of them will share it on social networking sites and also link you back to their next articles.

This is the easiest trick and free method to generate massive traffic.

Inputs are null, and Output is Huge. Is it not a good way? 🙂

But here are some conditions,

If you’re interested in getting traffic by this technique, then you’ve to link out to good authority blogs because they also have huge followers and readers.

In this post, I’ve not linked out to any other blog because this is a guest post and It depends on the blog admin (Abdul Samad Essani) what he wants to do.

But I’ve seen many of posts in this blog with having many out links.

This strategy will not only help you in generating massive traffic but also assist you in making good relations with the professional bloggers.

Is it not a good deal? Yeah, it is. 🙂

Let’s Select Perfect Niche For Our Blogs: 5 Killer Ways To Select A Perfect Niche For Blogging!

Email Signatures

Sending emails to clients and blog readers is a regular thing, and yeah this strategy will also help you in generating traffic.

Nowadays People are too lazy, Just like me 🙁 and they don’t like to take the time to find what your blog/Site’s URL and also they will not like typing URL in the browser address bar.

So you’ve to make it easy for all of those lazy ones. 😉

Make sure your site link is just after of your name in the email otherwise you’ll not get a good number of clicks from there.

If you’re a Gmail user, then I want to tell you, there are many excellent services in Gmail and you can convert it into the business machine. You’ve to consume your 10-15 minutes, and you’ll get massive traffic from the emails if you’ve added your Blog URL to the email signature. 🙂

In The Last: Beginners Guide To Blogging World

Conclusion On Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO:

So above I’ve shared some excellent and proven ways for generating massive traffic without SEO.

I know some of you’ll say these all are SEO strategies and yeah these are, but if you consider another side, then you can say anyone can generate massive traffic without search engines. 🙂

I hope you guys will like this article. Please share your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions using the comment box.

Thank You!

Stay Blessed & Stay Happy!

“This Post (10 Proven Ways To Drive Massive Traffic Without SEO) Is Written By Paramjot Singh who is the owner of My Blogger Guides. He is helping many by his useful contents day by day. He especially writes for Blogger Platform and he is gem in that platform.”

If you wanna write for this blog, then do contact me by using this link. 🙂


7 Amazing Steps To Developing Good Habits [Infographics]

Steps To Developing Good Habits, really? Let’s see that how we can develop good habits:

The level of productivity affects various areas of life.

If you are a highly productive person, you could achieve more, as this also means that you would be able to complete things that need to be done efficiently and promptly.

If this is something that you know you are having issues with, it’s never too late to start changing for the better.

You may have made the decision to become a more productive person and that’s a great start.

The question is, how could you make this happen?

There is one sure way on how this can be done. The process may take some time, but if you stick with it, you would be directed to the right path and eventually, your productivity level would improve.

The perfect and proven formula to become a productive individual is to practice positive habits.

Through this, you would not only attain your aim on improving your productivity, but this would also enhance other parts of your life that may be related to being productive.

This may sound so easy, but if you give a serious thought about it, you might realize that it’s actually not as simple as it seems.

As mentioned, the process of change could take a long time.

Plus, it would definitely be not an easy thing to do because all changes are tough.

The habits that you have right now are a result of actions and behaviors that you were continuously doing for a long time.

They were not made in a snap or overnight.

As you do these things day by day, they become part of your routine and they develop into habits over time.

Your habits, both good and bad, become naturally part of your character. You get used to doing them that you no longer even think about them.

Your brain, body and entire system automatically reacts or acts on situations based on these traits that you have developed.

You must keep the positive habits that you have, as they are good for your productivity and good for you in general.

However, as you may already know, the bad habits should be the ones that need to be eliminated, as they could be hindering you from achieving your full potential.

Breaking away from your bad routines could be hard. After all, they have already become part of your personality.

No matter how difficult this may seem, it’s something that you need to face if you are really serious about changing for the better. It would be rough and you may stumble along the way, but don’t let this stop you from continuously working hard to achieve your goal.

In time, your sacrifices and hard work would all be worth it.

Now that you have made the vital step of deciding to bring positive changes in your life, the next question would be how to eliminate the bad habits and start creating new ones that would become part of your routine.

One of the most important steps in starting the process of changing your habits for the better is to find out what exactly are the habits that need to be changed.

Take time to reflect on your behaviors and see which of them you think are pulling your productivity level down.

If you do not know the bad things that need changing, you would not have a clear path to take that would lead you to the right direction.

Once you have determined these bad habits, you could then start planning for ways on how to eliminate them and turn them into positive ones.

There would surely be obstacles that you would face along the way that could prevent you from changing your habits to become a better individual.

It’s also necessary that you learn about them so you could prepare on how to avoid them and you could focus on working to be a more productive person.

This is a step-by-step process so you should be realistic with your goals.

Do not expect to achieve the needed change in an instant, because veering away from your bad habits and developing new positive ones would take time and a lot of getting used to.

Setting achievable goals would prevent you from being discouraged, allowing you to stay right on track.

We commend you for finding the courage to admit that something needs to be changed for your life to become better and deciding to do something about it.

The infographic that we created would help you in achieving this aim.

It contains seven steps that you could do from day to day to develop good new habits.

7 Amazing Steps To Developing Good Habits [Infographics]

7 Amazing Steps To Developing Good Habits

7 Amazing Steps To Developing Good Habits

Share this Infographics On Your Site

“This post and infographics is by Sarah, who works at Start Blogging Online. If you’re looking to contribute your amazing post, write an email to me by using contact form here. I’ll be in touch with you in 1 or 2 business day(s).”


Experts Roundup: What Is Google Friendly Design?

Google Friendly Design, Google is the only Search Engine we wanna make them happy.

Many people in the industry spending time to make Google happy.

But wait.

You’re really doing it in a right way? Think about it once.

I’m sharing many posts about SEO with the experiments I’m doing.

I thought why not this time I invite some experts to contribute in telling us that which design is Google Friendly Design or you can say SEO Friendly Design.

Most of you already heard their names before but most of you don’t.

I invited some of the BIG names in the industry!

I sent them the question that:

Which design Google really loves?

Most of them politely answered with their expertise & experiments and some of them didn’t even replied, LOL! 😛

Let’s have a look below, what they answered me?

Don’t forget to tweet:

Experts Revealed: What Is Google Friendly Design?

Tor Refsland – Founder Of Time Management Chef


Tor Refsland

Tor is one of the famous personality in the online industry, who have been featured on 158 blogs in 14 months only, some of them are Inc. , Ahrefs etc. He is one of the guy who got award on Top Personal Development Blog. He helps people to manage their times and build productivity on his blog.

When I send him an invitation to my blog, he asked I’ll do that tomorrow and he did that!

So let’s have a look what he answered to the question:

“Google loves responsive website designs that are are clean and SEO friendly.

It is also important that your blog posts are easy for people to read.


Because it’s all about the user.

If you write a blog post the same way that you write an academic paper, people will will run for the hills.

It’s quite simple.

Google reward websites that people seem to like based on the users / readers behavior.

If your readers actually are clicking on your blog posts and pages, and are sticking around, then guess what?

It’s good for SEO.”

Ryan Biddulph – Founder Of Blogging From Paradise

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a talented blogger, who is traveling the world from 5 years. Ryan has been featured in 200 blogs like Neil Patel, Forbes and the list goes on. Besides this he is Amazon Ebooks seller and in Amazon he known as Best Selling Author. He is one of the most humble guy I know.

When I asked him this question, he immedietly replied:

“I think Google loves the Paradise Reloaded design 😉 OH OK, that’s mine LOL.

Really though, Google vibes with a clear, clean design because SEO factors in user experience these days.

If you use an easy to read, simple, orderly design you will gain more SEO juice.”

Want to boost traffic, check it out: SEO Friendly Copywriting

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ – Founder Of P.V Ariel

Philip Verghese Ariel

Philip is a multi lingual freelance writer, blogger and editor. Basically from Kerala now based at Hyderabad, Telengana State. He also translate articles from English to Malayalam. One of the talented blogger in the industry.

When I asked him, he replied:

“Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the best one Google likes, for that matter, no doubt other platforms like Yahoo, Bing etc, loves this design.
The reason may be RWD sites will give an optimal viewing experience to its various kinds of visitors. Not only that it allows one URL and a single content source to serve multiple devices like Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones etc. In a recent survey conducted by Google says, “More than 82% of the websites leverage this extremely useful method.”

Ali Raza – Founder Of AliRaza.Co

Ali Raza

Ali Raza is an Internet Entrepreneur who convert visitors into customers. Ali is Google and Microsoft advertising professional with many years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Blogging. He is working with many brands over the internet. Ali has been featured in many blogs like Matthew Woodward. He had an agency too which is Official Google Partner as well.

When I asked him to answer this question, he replied:

“Google loves User Experience, When You Talk about design, I will talk about User Experience, my advice will be to improve the user experience on your website.

Make things easier for your visitor to browse and navigate. Don’t over do any of the Call to Action because you will end up loosing more so don’t be greedy with it.

I also suggest to do deep inter linking of your articles with each other, a part from search engine love, this can also increase the amount of traffic.

I also feel that there should be a sitemap which gets updated automatically, there are ample of tools in market who can do the job for you.

Lastly I feel, when it comes to design, there’s no perfection, you should always be improving and testing new things. Good luck!

Lorraine Reguly Founder Of Wording Well

Lorraine Reguly

Lorraine is one of the successful expert copywriter in the industry. She do freelancing and writing both. She also help people to become author. She has been featured in many blogs like Problogger etc. Besides this, She is an English Teacher.

When I asked her the question, she replied:

“I actually have no idea which design Google loves, but I DO KNOW that websites should be responsive (be using a responsive theme)!

Having a “responsive” website means that your website is mobile-friendly and looks good on all devices. To test your site, you can use the tools mentioned in this post.”

Minuca Elena – Founder Of Minuca Elena

Minuca Elena

Minuca help people to build their income from zero to thousands. She is nice and humble who always help people around her in the online community. She has been featured in many blogs like Huffington Post etc. She also known as “Blogging Expert”.

When I asked her the question, she replied:

“Google loves blogs that are optimized for mobile. It is also very important to have a site that loads fast. You can check your website’s speed with Google page speed insights. Too many plugins can slow down your site so you should remove the ones that aren’t necessary.

Compress and resize all the images that you use on your blog. You can use a plugin such as Kraken or edit your images in Photoshop before uploading them to your posts.

Ultimately, you are creating the website for your audience. You should keep this in mind when choosing your website’s theme and customizing its design. It should be visually appealing and easy to navigate.”

Hussain Omar – Provide SEO Services At Cost Effective SEO

Hussain Omar

Hussain is experienced SEO Expert, Search Engine Marketer and Blogger. Hussain works with various companies over the years. He has been featured in many blogs like Huffington Post.

When I asked him question, he replied:

“Actually, there is no specific design that Google loves, all you have to do is to have a design that provides the best user experience for your visitors. The Page Load time of that design and Mobile friendliness must be highly considered as Google added them formally to the ranking factors.”

Boost your page load time: The Ultimate Guide On Speeding Up Page Load Time

Himanshu Gupta – Founder Of Blog Rags

Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu is the founder of Blog Rags, he is in industry from the past three years. He is helping many by his articles. He is currently doing Engineering along with his blogs.

Let’s see what he replied:

“A Simplistic One. A design that can be easily be read by the bots. I think a design which is both simple enough to read by both by the reader and Google is the best one.

You can’t totally make a blog’s design which only helpful for Google Bots because at the end readers will help you make money and not Google.

Hope it helps.


Heena Shah – Provide Services On Click N Join

Heena Shah

Heena is one of the female blogger from India. She is currently providing services regarding SEO, Website Designing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. She worked with lots of client most of them are from India.

When I asked her, she replied:

“Google has been cautious in giving ranking to the site which are:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy Navigation
  • Clean theme
  • Readable Fonts
  • Page loading is fast
  • Sitemap
  • Schema Markup
  • A good silo Structure.”

Umar Farooq – Founder of EasyAsFart

Umar Farooq

Umar is 21 year old College Dropout who love teaching people. He came to know about the online world in 2014 with passion. He is passionate blogger, freelancer on Fiverr who is level 2 seller. A great and humble guy I know him from his starting days and really he is hard working.

Interesting enough, yeah. Let’s have a look at his answer:


If you look at EasyAsFart’s design, you’ll see that it’s SUPER simple, it has nice looking fonts that are easy to read and are attractive to the eye. It has Custom Made Thumbnails.

In short, “simplicity” is the key to success.

Don’t overdo anything that’s GOOD. It will get boring or bad if you overdo it, eventually.

ProPakistani, TechJuice, and MangoBaaz are some of the Tech websites that I think have a GREAT looking design that Google appreciates as well.

And yeah, that’s it.

Want to make Google happy? Make your audience happy! 🙂 It’s all about Audience after all. (Bounce Rate = Audience’s Time Spent on Site, Engagement = Audience’s Activity on Your Site) See? It’s all about “Audience.” Make THEM happy, and you’ll make Google happy in the end.

Riyaz Alam – Founder Of Set My Destiny

Riyaz Alam

Riyaz is SEO expert, digital marketer, affiliate marketer and professional blogger.  Riyaz is currently living in India. Besides this, he is teacher who teach students about Digital Marketing etc.

So when I asked him the question, he replied:

Google prefer that websites/blog which are human friendly in design. By each passing day, Google is trying to offer more user friendly and personalized results. So the best design is what as an end user you would love to consume.
To serve better user experience, Google announces an update called “Mobilegaddon” last year in April 21, 2015. The sole purpose of this update was to help mobile user to explore websites more easily. Now, webmasters treat responsive layout as an important factor while planning a new design.
Here are few of the important factors one should consider while developing a website or blog.
1. Responsive Layout
2. User friendly interface
3. Friendly tone in content
4. Easily navigable
5. Fast loading time
6. Clutter free design
7. Easily readable and lovely fonts
Though there could be number of things to consider, I would suggest going natural. Think yourself as the audience while you are designing your website. If you were the actual visitor what would be your expectation.

Robin Khokhar – Founder Of Tricky Enough

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar was doing Job as an Internet Marketer (IM). Later, he decided to fulfill his dreams and he left the Job. He is passionate about Internet Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing etc.

So when I asked him the question, he answered something unique:

Well according to me design is not a matter for Google on the basis of SEO. What most matters is the user experience of the users of the website. Although we are going to cover the content with ads and some other inappropriate things then Google is not going to love your pages, we might get a penalty from Google.
But I don’t think that SEO friendly design has any concern with the actual SEO.

Ravinder Dande – Founder Of Blogail

Ravinder Dande

Ravinder is a passionate blogger and SEO Expert. He writes on many topics on his blog. He is currently living in Chandigarh, India. He is Graduated computer science student and he is too much interested in Robots 😛 . He is doing blogging from 2015 after reading so much articles over the internet. He know about blogging from 2013 actually.

When I asked the Gem about his answer, the reply was:

Design of any web page is the first thing that readers see on website. It’s structure or layout of site that you make for better user experience. We all try to make our blog look attractive but sometimes we forget about optimization of structure that google index as it is.

So if you are only trying to have cool look for blog and ignoring your readers even when Google take user experience into consideration while updating ranking of your website in SERP then you need to think about “what have you been doing ” again.


Now I think, you know the importance of ranking so having SEO friendly website is what you should think about before launching your website.

Lets come to the point 😉

From very first day of blogging I only choose clean and responsive blog design.

So once you got responsive design and fast loading design you will start getting good results in just few days.


Last but not least , Navigation is equally important in web page as it tells search engine or readers about your most common category and pages on your websites.

In blogosphere, there is so much crowd so you have few second to attract readers with best design and content.

So try to make your blog design very responsive and mobile friendly and let google fall for you :p .


Finally, we learned a lot about SEO Friendly Design by experts and got many good answers from them.

In my opinion, the most loved design by people is loved by Google.

The more you concentrate on User experience (UX), the more you’ll get juicy fruits (Traffic) from Google.

Let’s implement all the above suggestions by experts. 🙂

Stay blessed, Stay same and Happy Blogging!


The Ultimate Guide On Speeding Up Page Load Time!

Page load time becoming more and more important ranking factor nowadays.

Sites that loads slowly typically don’t rank high as sites that loads fast.

It’s so beneficial to have fast loading website because it also improve user experience.

If you’re new to SEO then you don’t know about user experience but if you heard this word then you already know that On-Page SEO is all about on better user experience.

First impression is the last impression, we all know that but what is the first impression you should give to your visitors?

The answer is damn simple, “A better load time, a Professional design etc.” the first is a load time, remember that!

A research says that a website that take 1 extra second to load can lose their 7% of conversions – Kissmetrics.

If your site takes time to load then you’re losing lots of traffic.

If your competitor’s blog loads fast than yours then this is what making him a winner.

It’s also one of the Google Ranking Factor, it really affects your Search Engine Rankings.

If your site’s speed is slow then you’ll never get better SERP.

We all know that our generation need everything quickly like, if we go to any shop and if the shopkeeper is busy with other things or other customers then we just shout there to give us now.

Why not speeding up Page Load Time? That’s the reason I brought the whole guide on Speeding Up Page Load Time which contains every aspect of making your site load under 1 second and this guide is tested by me!

N.B: Recently, I was researching on making my site speed under 1 second and found these ways that I’m gonna mention below.

Not taking so much time in introduction. Let me start it because I know by reading introduction you now in hurry to make your website to load under 1 second.

Here I’ll be explaining ways to get your Page load time under 1 second for sure.

If you follow each and every step which I’m going to mention below then you’ll be getting more visitors and you’ll get better SERP.

Note: It’s a very tough job to make your website loads under 1 second, you have to make your hands dirty for this task. You have to bear your sleep-less nights for only making your page load time under 1 second. As I have experienced this, I’m now passionate about making any site load under 1 second. If you don’t want to make your hands dirty and want to enjoy a better load time of your website then contact me by using this link. Let me send you a resonable quote for your site. Don’t worry it won’t bite you!

Tools To Check Your Page Load Time

Tools To Check Page Load Time

Tools To Check Page Load Time

I know you or I can’t fix my website’s load time issues by just using Inspect Element or Source Code.

Tools are necessary for checking page loading time and issues.

That’s the reason I brought some tools that always recommended by Professionals and I’m personally using them for my sites and client sites too.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights: When it comes to anything, the first recommendation all professionals give is using Google. Google Pagespeed Insights is one of the awesome tool for checking Page load time and get that fixed. It have a feature that will tell you different load time for both devices (Mobile and PCs).
  2. GTMetrix: When it comes to me, I always use this tool. This tool is one of the best tool in my opinion, many experts are using this tool nowadays. One of it’s best feature is you can compare your site from any site (It can be your competitor’s site).
  3. Pingdom: This tool is getting popular day by day. So if you need to get results from all three then you should use it.

A Better Web Hosting

A Better Web Hosting

A Better Web Hosting

Web Hosting plays a vital role in making your page’s load time fast.

Believe me or not, a better web hosting can alone make your website loads under 1 second.

Web Hosting is also known as “Backbone of a website”.

The problem is now what are the best web hosting you should choose?

I recommended you to use hosting that are good in support, good in loading and have their own CDN.

I recently asked one of famous SEO expert of Pakistan known as “Waqas Ahmed” that, Which CDN do you use? He said, a better web hosting can do all the things. We don’t need to care about CDN if we have a good hosting because a better hosting itself contains CDN.

Then I asked which hosting is best in your opinion? He told me about these two:

  1. Cloud Ways: It’s one of the best managed hosting I got to know ever, I’m also thinking to use it on my blog means migrating from my Old host to a new one.
  2. Site Ground: I researched about it and got many good reviews but never used it myself.

However, if you don’t have good budget for your site, you can also use Hostgator for web hosting, their plans are incredibly awesome and worth buying.

If you need to get a web hosting only in 0.1$ then use my referral link below: 

Start your website today using Hostgator for just 10.95$ 0.1$/first month (Special discount for Born Blogger readers).

Use one of the best web hosting if you want to speed up your website/page load time. Believe me, you’ll see changes just after changing the web hosting.

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

For me, CDN is just awesome and the best way for improving Page Load Time. CDN do tasks simpler and faster.

CDN basically is the thing that loads your site according to the Visitor’s Location means if someone request to visit your site from any country the person who is requested to see your site will download the server files from the nearest location of his place.

I love to use CDN in my own sites and client sites too. You should use it to make your site load under 1 second at any country.

The best free CDN is CloudFlare using CloudFlare on so many sites till now, and getting best results. However, there is paid version too of this CDN, if you have great traffic you should go with paid version.

Keep WordPress Up-To-Date

Keep WordPress Updated

Keep WordPress Updated

You must be thinking what? Keeping the WordPress updated will help you in loading your site faster. I know!

But you know what? Content Management System A.K.A CMS play a vital role in making the page load time faster.

It’s not just updating the WordPress, it’s also about to install updates of your themes and plugins.

Keeping yourself up-to-date not only helps you to improve page load but it also helps you to get more secure.

Forget the old saying “old is gold“, the things are changing from time to time.

Choosing Fast Loading Theme

Fast Loading Theme

Fast Loading Theme

There are many themes with the support of customizing it from top to bottom, it’s really good for beginner who don’t know how to do that customization using style sheet file but this type of theme not called as Fast Loading Theme as these themes are full of codes.

In order to make your blog loads fast you have to use theme that is fast loading and smoothly designed.

I recommended you to use MyThemeShop themes.

They know how to make your blog load fast along with the awesome designs they have.

If you want to make your blog more and more fast, I recommended you to use MTS Schema Theme.

This is the theme I’m using on my many projects and using it on many of Client Sites too.

This theme will surely make your blog blazing fast.

Removing Unwanted Plugins and Themes

Removing Unwanted Plugins and Themes

Removing Unwanted Plugins and Themes

Removing old files means old unused plugins and themes are most important.

Let’s take an example, In your home, you have 2 Fridges and the 1 is unused. You’ll surely gonna remove it from your house, why you add the thing which is just taking a lot of space in your home and you’re not using it.

Same with the blogs whenever we change the theme, WordPress not delete the old one, you have to delete it manually. If you’re having even one unused theme then remove it now, the theme is just taking space nothing else.

Same with the plugins, we mostly deactivate the plugins but not delete it properly.

It’s still stored on WordPress. Don’t forget to delete them.

Also don’t forget to delete plugins that you’re not using like WPCurve did and got really impressive improve in page load time.

If you’re also having any unwanted plugins and themes then remove them now. You’ll surely get good results as this is proven way to improve page load time.

Compressing Images

Compressing Images

Compressing Images

Images are the problems for bloggers, as they have to add the proper and attractive image for getting well-crafted article.

But you never know that images can be dangerous if you don’t optimize/compress them properly.

I recommend you to use Pic Resize before uploading any image on your site compress them by editing them using it.

The recommended  size of an Image is 100Kb.

If you don’t want to do it manually let the best plugin do it for you which is known as “WP Smushit“.

Currently I’m using it’s paid version in this site and it’s just awesome.

This plugin will compress your images without loosing the quality.

This is one of the trusted plugins by many of experts.

Check The Awesome Post Which Is Liked By Many: The Proven Guide On SEO Friendly Content Writing!

Optimizing Homepage

Optimizing Homepage

Optimizing Homepage

Whenever you check your Google Analytics most traffic getting pages, you’ll get homepage on the top.

No doubt, our homepage is one of the most traffic getting page among all.

Why not optimize it properly, you can optimize it by following ways:

  • Using excerpts: The old technique but yet effective technique is using excerpts of posts instead of full posts on homepage.
  • Don’t use sliders on the homepage as it loads very slow and never gives better UX.
  • Don’t make your homepage a fish market by adding lots of popups and widgets in the sidebar.

These are the three effective tips that I want to give you for making your homepage load faster.

Don’t forget, homepage is the first impression you’re giving to your readers and first impression is the last!

Use Caching Plugins

There are so many plugins which can improve your load time to under second alone.

I have experienced this, I’m currently using WP Rocket for my blog and saw a huge difference before adding and after adding.

Below I’m attaching the screenshot of the both results (Before adding WP Rocket and After adding WP Rocket).

WPRocket - Best Caching Plugin For WordPress

WPRocket – Before and After

Basically, Caching plugins allows browser to save cache of the visitors so whenever a the same visitor come to your blog then the load time will mind-blowing for him!

But WP rocket have many features in it that can make your blog load under 1 second, as you can see the above screenshot’s result.

There are many Caching plugins for WordPress but these three are the best and used by many experts:

Here WPMU DEV wrote review of these three plugins. They explained it very deeply.

Optimizing Advertisements

Optimizing Advertisements

Optimizing Advertisements

I believe that you’re doing hard work by giving useful resources to your readers and you need to make a living online too by using your blog.

But to be honest, Newbies are misusing the Advertising systems and making their blog a fish market just for some extra bucks.

But they are not right here, they just don’t know that they’re loosing their visitors for just some bucks.

Nowadays, if the user will not get better UX they’ll leave the site, not talking about UX here actually but you can also take it as UX because the better UX means the better Page load time.

The more you’ll add ADS, the more you’ll loose your visitors. Try to avoid this cheap techniques for just pennies, think about the future!

Removing Old Post Revisions

Removing Old Post Revisions

Removing Old Post Revisions

Whenever you edit the post, WordPress save that post without telling you even.

This can be a problem for you as they taking unwanted space and useless for you.

Why not remove them, useless things are always useless.

This is a bigger task you can’t do it manually, I was searching for this on “Google” and found that there is a plugin to do this task called “Better Delete Revisions“.

As I’m so careful about security and clean coded plugins I search for review on it and got WP Beginner’s review on it and found it useful.

Using it on my all projects and it’s doing what it is made for! Thumbs up for developers. (Y)

Enabling Gzip Compression

Enabling GZIP Compression

Enabling GZIP Compression

Gzip compression makes your site’s size smaller before requesting your site to the visitor.

It’s really a great technique nowadays people are using and well-aware of this.

Actually, it’s so awesome to enabling Gzip compression because it’ll load site pretty smaller than the original one.

I’m using it from start of my blog and getting good results by using it.

You can use this Gift of Speed’s tool to check whether it’s enabled or not, if not then here I’m going to explain that how you can enable it:

Old gone days when you need to dirty your hands by going to .htacess files and doing optimizations there.

Now plugins are taking good roles in changing our life more easier and quicker.

I was searching for the Gzip Compression Plugin many times before and found this “Check and Enable GZIP compression“.

This plugin is just made for this purpose but now I’m using WP Rocket then WP Rocket have this built in feature! 🙂

I must say that WP Rocket is one of the best plugins as I’m using that it makes my life so much easier alone!

Nevertheless, if you still want to do this task using .htacess then you should consider this post by Gift of Speed.

Removing Unnecessary Coding

Removing Unnecessary Coding

Removing Unnecessary Coding

If you know how to tweak with theme source codes then you also know that many things in the code which have some errors or bugs are still there which is unnecessary though, why not make your theme looks clean.

Believe me this is also good for making your site’s speed load time faster.

Remove every unnecessary codes, the codes which only getting so much space in your theme.

Making your theme clean can do wonders. 🙂

Try this!

Learn How To Get Sales In Affiliate Marketing: Insane Affiliates: #1 Secret to Get Sales! [Case Study]

Last But Not Least! {Bonus}

Do experiments of your own, I did one experience which I’m going to share with you.

I was having JetPack WordPress Plugin in this blog, I was having 2.0+ Load time.

I was searching on the internet for the ways to speed up my blog.

Unfortunately, I can’t found any new. I just got to know the things I already having in my blog.

What I did, I checked my plugins and tweak into their codes.

I found that the bigger size plugin is JetPack and JetPack is just taking my most of the load time.

I removed it, finally!

When I checked my site load time, I was amazed to see that it was under 1 second!

Really, do experiments on your own guys.

You’ll get to know so many things!

Besides, This guide can make your blog load time under 1 second for sure.

I’ve tried these all things and these all the things which I mentioned above working well for me.

You can check my load time, it’s just under 1 second!

I’ll also tweak into my coding and check what’s extra there that is taking my load time.

I’ll surely gonna remove them all and I’ll do experiments from time to time!

Happy Fast Loading Website/Blog! Stay tuned 🙂 

If you liked it, kindly share it and do comment below. It’ll motivate me to write more and more for you guys!


Insane Affiliates: #1 Secret to Get Sales! [Case Study]

Insane Affiliates – So, you’re into Affiliate Marketing and not getting sales, right? 🙂


That is the problem I’m here to solve today!

There is #1 leading secret that I’m going to share in this Insane Affiliates guide and there’s another one too!

A bonus tip that I’ll give to increase your sales and conversion rates in the end.

With that said, let’s start our Insane Affiliates Guide.

N.B: Before we go any further, please make sure that you read each and every single line in the guide. Because if you don’t, you are not serious about increasing your Affiliate Sales.

Do tweet this:

Insane Affiliates

Insane Affiliates - #1 Secret for Getting Sales in Affiliate Marketing

Insane Affiliates – #1 Secret for Getting Sales in Affiliate Marketing.

It is something everyone had in mind already but didn’t knew the importance of it before. I’m saying that because when I’ll disclose the #1 secret, or rather show it to you because it is in the form of a screenshot that I took from a famous Tech YouTuber’s recent video!

I heard about it before as well. But, I didn’t knew the importance as well. But now, after seeing a real-world example of it, I’m forced to share it with the rest of the community too!

So, here is the #1 Secret to Increase or Get Sales in Affiliate Marketing! 

#1 Secret for Getting Sales in Affiliate Marketing

#1 Secret for Getting Sales in Affiliate Marketing

I took this screenshot from one of Austin Evans’ recent videos! (Forgot the name) and as you can see in the screenshot, there are over 1500 comments on the video. And THIS, that is in the screenshot was on #1 when I was watching the video!

So, this is when I took the screenshot thinking that It’s gonna come in handy later on…

Well, here I am with a tip for you guys for Getting Affiliate Sales and Conversion Rates. All with the help of this screenshot!


You must be thinking that what is special in it? And what’s the #1 secret?

Well. The user said, “Thumbs up if you can’t buy anything from this video,” right?

So, this means, the product Austin is reviewing or showcasing in the video is WAY expensive for these people who liked the comment as well as who commented. They can’t afford the product he’s reviewing.

And there were replies too, and not just likes on this comment!

So, all that shows that people can’t and won’t buy stuff that is out of their range, even if your video quality is THE BEST ON YOU TUBE!

Now you’ll understand the #1 secret better! 🙂

So, the #1 secret is…

Make Affiliate Sites or YouTube Videos (whatever you are into, Sites or YouTube) that are promoting “BUDGET” products! Because, when you’re promoting things that are in Budget for almost every human being on the planet, you’re increasing your chances of getting affiliate sales from your sites and videos by I don’t know how many ridiculous percentage (%)!

If you still haven’t got the point of how this is going to work, lemme give you another example!

Suppose you have a budget of $100, you’re looking for a best microphone for PC for voice overs and podcasts.

You have done all the research and found two awesome microphones out there.

One is in your budget (Blue Snowball or ATR2100 from Audio Technica), and the 2nd one is out of budget (Blue Yeti Pro).

Both microphones are condenser microphones, Both support USB and XLR connections, Both of these have impressive sound quality.

But, the budget is $100!

Well, you’ll obviously go with Blue Snowball or ATR2100. Or, instead, you could go for Blue Yeti Pro in used and have that microphone for the same budget, but in used condition.

That is the reason why we don’t get sales when we make Affiliate Sites on big and expensive products.

Instead, building a website on products that are under $100 would be an amazing thing to do.

Because this way, everyone can at least think of buying these in-budget products.

Sales will increase, eventually and so will the profits and conversions.


That was the #1 secret of this guide for getting sales.

Insane Affiliates {Bonus Tip} for getting sales.

Now, let me share that BONUS tip with you guys too.

That is…

I said, always first buy the product you’re going to review, and then after using it for one week at least (max 1 month), then you should prepare a review on that product.

Because if you do so, you’ll be giving your experience as a review and not just buying and sales-y review that people instantly recognize when they start reading or watching your review video!

Final Words On Insane Affiliates:

I hope you got some Pure Golden Nuggets out of this read! and if you did, please make sure that you use them in your future or currently running projects! 🙂

And now, If you have any questions, please post them down below, and I’ll instantly reply and answer them for you!

Until next time.
Good day!

“A Guest Post by Umar Farooq, who is currently blogs at EasyAsFart.com. He recently has published: How to Earn from YouTube? ($800 p/ Month).”