8 Uncommon Blogging Mistakes Every Beginner Does.

Every person in this earth never born perfect or with knowledge.

Same like this bloggers are not even born perfect.

We all do mistakes from time to time, but are you the person doing these 8 uncommon blogging mistakes?

I was also doing these same mistakes, but I wanted to make it sure that you won’t.

Let’s check that what are these uncommon blogging mistakes that actually every beginner do or doing.

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Inflexible Writing

There are various factors that contribute towards the scope of a manuscript.

Topic is not a solitary factor that decides the scale of a text.

There are various other elements that too play their roles in the development of an image of any document.

Nature and tone of writing is considered as one of the important factor in this list.

Actually the tone of the writing should be in accordance with the topic as well as the position of the document.

The suitable writing pitch for a letter will be obviously different from that of an article.

Similarly Blog is a very different thing.

The writing tone for a blog should be unique and up to the mark so that it may be suitable for a blog.

A Blog demands very flexible, attractive and interesting writing texture.

Usually the bloggers tend to use a tone for a blog that is not too much varied from that of a letter.

This usually results in the lack of interest of readers in the blog.

Inflexible, contracted and jargon’s containing scripts have always been a cause of irritation of audience.

A blog should be written in a flexible, attractive and effortless to read pattern, so that the reader may have fun to go through it.

For making of blog’s text more attractive, a blogger can use rewriting tools, through which the writing tone can also be transformed to a more easily understandable one.

Inappropriate Topic Selection

Selection of topic for blogging should be done with great care, keeping in view the factors that would help gaining a quality collection of audience instead of a heavy bunch of people, whom you will not able to handle.

Usually the bloggers select such topics which are not too much specified.

Selection of broad topic will result in production of difficulties in handling of its audience.

For example, “Earning online” like topics will contain a massive amount of details and related topics that will surely be the ancestors of bulk of versatile questions.

Answering such a high number of questions covering a wide range of sub topics will create hurdles in answering these questions and will result in downfall of the quality of performance.

In contrast, a more specific topic will generate a small bunch of quality audience that can be easily transformed into customers in future.

Lack Of Promotion

Untold sacrifices are never counted.

Similarly hidden capabilities are also not appreciated.

Many bloggers rend to focus on doing bulk of work without caring about their promotion.

It is very unwise attitude because without promotion it is almost impossible to attract customers.

No matter how much good blogger you may be, but absence of proper advertisement on social media and various kinds of newsletters will never uplift your career.

So it is important for every blogger to avoid this mistake in order to achieve proper fruits of his hard work.

Absence Of Communication With Readers

Proper communication is the key towards a successful career.

A Blogger should have to build a strong relationship with his or readers.

Usually bloggers don’t care about communicating with their readers.

It is due to the shortage of time or lack of interest.

But a bloggers should avoid such actions.

A blogger will be able to boost up his status only if he or she is active on social media, interacting with his or her readers consistently.

This will offer him with a bunch of loyal audience that can be proved very fruitful for his future.

Lacking Visual Contents

A huge percentage of populations love to see the videos and images.

In order to have a massive traffic, a blogger should have to maintain visual contents regularly in his or her blogs.

Almost all the bloggers avoid such tactics.

Due to which they have to wait long to get a respectable trafficking.

Presence of videos and images will attract high number of people and will help in gaining huge amount of trafficking.

It is due to the fact that people like images and videos more than the simple text.

Avoiding To Put Ads

The bloggers main aim from blogging is to earn from it.

Earning is a great source of motivation the workers.

Usually the bloggers try to restrict themselves from putting ads in their blogs due to fear of reader’s irritation.

But it will lead to low income, and so the motivation for further work will be decreased.

Which is not a fair signal for the successful future of the blogger.

So it is highly suggested to add Ads in the blog to earn more and more.

Lack Of Experimenting

Luck favors the brave ones and only brave people can move forward.

A person who is always afraid of doing something new will not be able to achieve a unique identity.

Usually bloggers are afraid of experimenting and often try to use Article Rewriter Tools.

It is due to the fear of failure of experiments.

But in order to disclose new horizons, a blogger must have to touch all those corners of the field which are still remained untouched, without thinking about the results of this action.

So getting upset of being failed with doing experiments is a useless character.

A blogger must have to avoid this habit, as it may be resulted in long lasting weak and dull position of a blogger.

Sole Economical Dependence On Blogging

Usually the bloggers tends to rely merely on the income of blogging.

In this case, if he or she does not earn too much, disappointment is resulted.

So all the bloggers are suggested to do not rely on the income of blogging especially when you are newer to this field.

This attribute will protect you to get dis-hearted and leave blogging at all.

It is recommended to all the bloggers not to rely wholly on the income of blogging and to arrange some side earning source as well.

With this strategy, he can have a long walk in the field of blogging.

End “Uncommon Blogging Mistakes”

What to say in the last I really don’t know but one thing I must say that if you’re doing these uncommon blogging mistakes avoid it now.

No matter if you’re doing one of these, do avoid it also.

Well, I want to know which mistakes I have missed to feature here, kindly mention in the comments below or which one you did, also comment below.

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WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” Released – What’s New?

WordPress released a new version few hours ago known as “WordPress 4.7 Vaughan“.

You can say that it’s the major update of 2016.

WordPress 4.7 brings some awesome new features.

These new features are quite exciting which you should try now.

Well, Here in this article, I’ll show you each and every new feature of this update.

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N.B: Kindly take the backup of your whole database before updating WordPress.

Twenty Seventeen (New Default Theme)

Twenty Seventeen

The major update in WordPress 4.7 is their new default theme “Twenty Seventeen” which is incredibly contains awesome features.

This theme especially designed for business blogs/websites but you can use it on your blogs too.

It will be a default theme for 2017.

You can personalize it with your choice, whatever you want, you have free hand to do what you want with your theme.

It will work like charm on any device e.g. Tablets, Smartphones etc.

Well, the most lovely feature of this theme is it’s new typography which is giving it an awesome look.

There are many uncountable features of Twenty Seventeen but some of them are below (in a nutshell):

These all changes can be done through Live Preview section of the theme.

  • Video Headers
  • Editing shortcuts
  • Custom CSS
  • Menu Building Update
  • Custom CSS
  • and lot’s more.

PDF Thumbnail Preview

PDF Thumbnail Preview

PDF Thumbnail Preview

The new update of WordPress 4.7 contains PDF thumbnail preview.

It’s a quite good update as now you can see thumbnails of PDF too.

Now WordPress 4.7 made it easy to manage all your documents.

Supports Many Languages



Now WordPress 4.7 came with so many languages support.

You can easily make WordPress the way you like by adding your Favorite language.

By going to admin area you can switch the language you like.

Install the languages by going to this article “click here“.

Editor Improvements


Editor Changes (Credits)

This version comes with some impressive editor improvements this year.

This version makes work so easy and convenient.

Lovely, Right? I know!

More Features

  • Custom Post Type Templates
  • REST API Content Endpoints
  • Locale Switching
  • Custom Bulk Actions
  • More Theme API Goodies
  • Settings Registration API
  • WP_Hook
  • Customize Change Sets
  • and quite more uncountable features.

Final Words On “WordPress 4.7”

Well, This was the new things in WordPress 4.7 along with lot’s of more features and improvements.

I have updated my WordPress just few hours ago.

Are you updating to this quite awesome update?

I know, after reading this article you’ll surely going to update your WordPress to 4.7.

Everything is quite awesome for me. 🙂

Do share it with your mates to let them know about the new WordPress.

Bye, Take care!


Weird Websites: Top 20 Most Weird Websites List Of 2017!

Here I brought Weird Websites list in 2017, It’s estimated that internet hosted more than 1,116,136,460 websites and still counting.

Where most of the websites are for information, technology, gadgets, games, musics, movies etc. exist on internet, same like other websites there are good number of weird websites are exist today on internet.

So, for checking all of them you need to live more than 2000 years, LOL! (I know you can’t, even no one can.)

And finding the weird websites, bizarre websites and creepy websites on the internet from all of these websites is an headache itself.

Well, I can surely say that no more headache or you don’t need to live for 2000 years to find out the most weird websites on the internet.

Let’s check them now. by the way, tweet now.

Endless Horse

Endless Horse

Endless Horse

The name itself said everything, It’s quite simple.

When you visit this website there will be a horse which is made by text but the horse will never end.

You’ll die scrolling, but horse will never end.




A website where you see a hypnotoad.

There will be a text there too “ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!”.

If you want to hypnotize yourself, along with some creepy music, visit the site now.

Eel Slap

Eel Slap

Eel Slap

Eel Slap is a website where you’ll slap a person with eel using your mouse.

Insane, right?

Well, actually it’s fun to slap a person with eel.

What are you waiting for? Let’s slap, him for free!

Falling Falling

Falling Falling

Falling Falling

Have you ever seen a thing that is falling and falling but never end falling?

I can bet never!

But this website will show you just falling.




Welcome to Zombo.com, this is zombo.com, welcome, this is zombo.com.

You can do anything at zombo.com, the only limit is yourself.

Welcome to Zombo.com, this is zombo.com, welcome, this is zombo.com.

Yes, this is zombo.com, and welcome you’ve came here.

Everything is possible.

Well, what these lines actually means?

Am I became crazy?

LOL, No!

Well, this is a mystery itself, unless and until you visit this most weird website.

Rhett and Lick

Rhett and Lick

Rhett and Lick

You must seen a dog licking the screen before, but the things have been changed.

There are two YouTubers who made this site.

This is more than awesome really! 😛

Let’s see them licking the screen!

I Look Like Barack Obama

 I Look Like Barack Obama

I Look Like Barack Obama

It’s really a funny (and weird) website where a person known as “Trevor” say that he looks like Barak Obama (The X president of America).

What’s so weird in it? I know this thing must be coming to your mind.

LOL, The person is not look like Obama he just say that he looks like.

He said, that people on the streets stop him and tell taxes and all that things. LOL!

Well, the thing is if you want to invite him in the party, you can too.

He said that you guys can contact him to invite him to your parties even he don’t even look like Barack Obama.

Don’t believe me? Okay, visit that now!

Zoom Quilt

 Zoom Quilt

Zoom Quilt

Have you seen a world just zooming zooming and zooming?

No, never?

It’s okay, now you can.

It will zoom infinity, like it will never end.

Go and check it out yourself.

Ninja Flex

Ninja Flex

Ninja Flex

Have you ever seen a ninja and a flex?

Don’t worry see it now by visiting this website.

Don’t forget to hover your mouse over anyone of them, ninja or flex.

Why? Go and do that, you’ll get that!

Test Gay

 Test Gay

Test Gay

Are you a gay?

Oh my God, how will you survive?

Earth will tolerate you?

Oh my God, No, never.

Well, Why? I’m saying this? Go and visit that website to know why I’m saying these things.

He-Man Sings



Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa, LOL!

Your mood is off today?

No worries, I’m here.

This website will make your day, boss!

Go and check it out.

Find out that what’s in it?

Jello Time

Jello Time

Jello Time

Are you hungry?

Want to eat Jelly?

No issue, Go and eat it now.

Hurry up, eat it, go now, eat it please.

LOL! Visit to know why I’m doing this.

Don’t forget to hover mouse over the jelly.

Clever Bot

Clever Bot

One of my chat with Clever Bot.

Have you seen a bot doing things like a human.

Your day is so boring?, No worries this bot will make your day an interesting one.

Well, Go and check it out yourself.

Really, so clever bot.

Snap Bubbles

Bubble Snap

Bubble Snap

Have you ever got a gift with a bubble wrap.

And that bubble wrap is a gift itself.

I know, but these things won’t come daily.

So I found a website where you can use bubble wrap, as much as you can.

You can also say Snap Bubbles as Bubble wrap simulator.

The Nicest Place On The Internet

The Nicest Place On The Internet

You can’t say this site as Weird but you can say this website is the nicest place on the internet.

Are you so upset, don’t worry.

Go and get huge hugs, for free.

Don’t believe, check it out yourself.

Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty

Have you seen a worm shaking with your control?

If not, you can control a worm along with your mouse on the internet.

But, if you move your mouse fast, so fast, something will happen.

I’ll not tell you what will it be, visit yourself. Enjoy!

Corndog On Corndog

Corndog On Corndog

Corndog On Corndog

Are you looking to eat something really awesome?

Want to eat fresh corn dogs?

Let’s eat it now, visit the website and get the water in your mouth. 😀

Feed The Head

Feed The Head

Feed The Head

Do you have a lot’s of free time?

Want to play a game, which is quite intresting?

Well, after visiting this website you can.

The Zombie Dance

The Zombie Dance

The Zombie Dance

Have you ever seen zombies dance?

I swear, never!

But today, the website will show you the zombie dance.

Let’s take some popcorn and enjoy the zombie dance.

Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer

When you visit the website, move your cursor and then stop it on particular place.

You’ll see a image will come and that particular image will point out your cursor.

Yeah, it really works!!

Try it now by visiting the site.

Final Words On “Weird Websites”

So, these was our most weird websites of 2017.

I hope you enjoyed the post as I enjoyed it while writing.

I can’t stop my laugh even now 😛 .

Well, I want to ask you a question.

The question is:

“Which website is so weird for you?”

Want to answer this question?

Simply comment below.

Don’t forget to share it on your favorite social medium with your friends, hostel mates, class mates, family members and all the relatives.

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Biggest SEO Mistakes To Avoid – Are You Doing Same?

You decided to do SEO of your websites? But wait… are you going in right direction? are you doing same Biggest SEO Mistakes that thousands of people did daily in SEO?

Well, these mistakes are not simple but uncommon which you must be doing with your SEO journey.

As far as I know, SEO is a whole world where you and SEO marketers are finding ways to compete with their competitors.

But we need to be one step advanced than our competitors to rank our articles in Google.

And if our competitors are not doing these mistakes (which I’m going to list below) and you’re doing these Biggest SEO Mistakes.

Then you’re on a wrong way and you can’t rank your articles like your competitors are doing.

I’m quite clever, ohh thanks, I know, I’m!! 😛 (It was a joke though).

Let’s jump to the article and see what are these Biggest SEO mistakes actually.

Let’s spread the word guys, tweet it now!

Not Submitting Sites To Webmaster Tools

This is really a big SEO mistake that after creating your site you’re not going to submit your sites to search engine webmaster tools.

People think that search engines are so clever and they’ll crawl their sites, yes they’re but you need to be more clever than their robots.

They can’t index a site immediately but if you need to tell Search Engines that you’ve a site and index us now and rank our articles now.

If you do On-Page SEO correctly of your article and you submit your site on Webmaster tools then may be. you rank on your desired keyword.

Nevertheless, if you didn’t submit your site to Google, Bing and Yandex yet then submit now to webmaster tools along with the sitemap and see the huge changes.

Not Using Google Analytics

I know many of you don’t use Google analytics on your blogs.

You might be thinking that Google analytics is something different and how it can be an SEO mistake.

Well, you’re right but in some other sense you’re also wrong.

Let me clear it for you that without analytics you can’t see that what is converting and what is not.

No issue, setup that now and check what you’re doing and how well your site’s traffic is converting.

Mistakenly Blocking Search Engine Bots

If you’re WordPress user then you might know that in settings there is an option to “discourage search en-gines from indexing this site”.

Well, you never know that you did that or not.

Make sure, check that now.

For checking that you haven’t ticked that option, follow the details below:

  • Hover to Settings > then click on Reading.
  • Check for the option “Discourage search engines from indexing this site
  • Make sure, you haven’t ticked that box and if you ticked that already then uncheck that box immediately and click on save changes button.

Not Doing Keyword Research

SEO marketers say that proper keyword research is 80% of whole SEO.

Really, if you’ve decided to get traffic from Search Engine instantly then you’ve to do Keyword Research.

In this post I’ve explained Keyword Research more deeply.

Head over to this “SEO Guide“.

Not Using Unique & Eye Catching Titles

Yeah, If you’re not using some unique and eye catching titles then you’re really doing a biggest SEO Mistake.

I’ve done this biggest SEO Mistake in old blogs, but to be honest, in this blog, I started focusing on better titles and let me tell you that I saw awesome traffic just because of titles.

Well, There is a tool, I found for my readers which analyze the title score and give suggestions step by step.

The tool name is “Headline Analyzer” and believe me it’s so awesome.

Not Doing Internal Linking

Interlinking is something that give your articles a power.

I’m doing internal linking in my posts and believe me this is giving me awesome traffic and boost to my rankings.

I gave a deep view to internal linking in this article “SEO Copywriting” read that you’ll enjoy the article along with getting understand that what is Internal Linking.

Using Meta Keywords

If you still think that Meta Keywords work then you’re in a wrong direction.

I was wrong, I should say that you don’t know that Meta keywords are dead now.

This is an SEO mistake, you need to be most updated if you need to be an SEO expert or marketer.

This is really a big SEO error, if you need to build authority of your blog then avoid this and remove meta keywords if you’re using.

Not Concentrating On Social Signals

Social signals are now known as “Huge Ranking Signal”, believe me, Yes!

There is a huge mistake if you’re not sharing your links on social media sites.

You need to do it properly.

I’ve explained very deeply about Social Signals “here“.

Doing Quantity Link Building

We all know that Link building is the best method to rank our articles.

I’ve did the same mistake, I thought that getting more backlinks means more traffic to my site, Unfortunately, I was wrong, Yes, I was!

I saw that I’m doing biggest SEO mistake, buying or building backlinks that are not worth and spammy is nothing and can harm your blog effectively.

So don’t buy backlinks or build spammy backlinks, build awesome and quality backlinks.

Avoid this biggest SEO mistake now, and you’ll see rankings immensely.

Not Installing Any SEO Plugin

Don’t do this biggest SEO Mistake, it’ll give your site SEO errors.

If you’re not using any SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, SEOPressor or All in one SEO Pack etc.

Use them, they’re really good for On-Page SEO stuff.

They’ll give you awesome suggestions by using them you’ll get all On-Page SEO suggestions and you can optimize your articles for SEO like a Professional.

Remember, use only one plugin, not many SEO plugins at once.

Final Words

So, this was our biggest SEO mistakes that we might be doing.

Avoid them and see a huge boost in your rankings.

Well, Let me wrap it up by saying, SEO is a whole big world.

Do experiments and you’ll find out what are your SEO mistakes and from which thing you can rank your articles easily.

Every SEO marketer have something experience technique and he/she not going to tell anyone about that.

Be your own expert, build your skill set and do experiments as much as you can.


SEO Guide: Exclusive Search Engine Optimization Guide!

Today I brought The definitive and exclusive SEO Guide or Search Engine Optimization Guide which is never seen before on any blogs. So take advantage of it!

SEO, I know it’s a word that every blogger want to know from S to O and finding it all over the internet.

The reason I’m bringing this Search Engine Optimization Guide is to help beginners and seasoned bloggers as well to understand each and everything in SEO.

I’m sure that this Search Engine Optimization Guide contains the information which is never seen before anywhere on the internet.

You can say this Search Engine Optimization Guide contains secrets that SEO Experts never gonna tell you because these are the things they’re doing for ranking their articles.

It’s not that easy as we all think it is, many Professionals and SEO experts even don’t know the S of SEO and doing very well.

Just think that if they know the whole SEO then “sky is the only limit” they have.

I think only Google is the king and Google knows better and full SEO.

You can see my rankings are going very well, many asked me on my social media profiles that how you’re doing that great even you’re not working properly on your blog and all that. I told them that I’ll surely gonna post my whole techniques that I’m using to rank well and these will be the one which SEO experts are using.

Remember nothing is rocket science, ranking is not that easy I know but not that hard as beginners think.

If you properly give attention towards your work then I swear sky is your only limit!

Everyone know that SEO has two types one is On-Page and second is Off-Page, if you do Off-Page well and don’t concentrate on On-Page then I’m sorry that you’re wasting your time and if you’re doing On-Page well and only doing link building in Off-Page then you can succeed means On-Page is backbone of SEO, if you want to stand out then On-Page SEO is important than Off-Page.

N.B: I’m not promoting On-Page or not telling that don’t do Off-Page, Off-Page is also very important. I’m just sharing my personal experience.

If you do both of them then you can get what others are not getting.

I think this introduction is enough, so let’s get into the article.

I’ll love, if you tweet! 😉

What Is SEO?

First thing is first, in this video which is made by Ammar for me you’ll learn what is Search Engine Optimization or SEO exactly?

Watch the video below:

Understanding The On-Page & Off-Page SEO

In this video you’ll understand that what actually On-Page and Off-Page SEO is, Do watch it out!

On-Page SEO – The Backbone Of SEO!

On-Page SEO Infographics

On-Page SEO Infographics (Source)

First thing is first, what is On-Page SEO, it’s essential part of SEO or you can say the backbone of SEO (as I already mentioned above), it’s from where SEO starts.

Not getting? huh, let me give you the simple definition:

“Any thing you do inside your blog/website to get better SERP is known as On-Page SEO”.

Below I brought some proven and effective methods to properly optimize your site for better On-Page SEO which means better SERP (Search Engine Results Page).


Content always matters. Without proper SEO friendly content writing, your blog is nothing.

You’ll never get Search Engine Traffic for your content if you don’t know the SEO Friendly Content Writing.

I’ve written an Exclusive Guide On SEO Friendly Content Writing, which contains each and every techniques in order to make your content SEO Friendly.

It’s most updated guide on Internet! So take advantage from it.

This is what every blogger or content writer need!

Head over to my SEO Friendly Content Writing Guide:

“The Proven Guide On SEO Friendly Content Writing!”

Website Speed

A good website speed always attract visitors/buyers.

Why speed matters? Speed matters a lot as it can gain or lose respect in visitor’s eye.

Let me give you a good example:

Let’s suppose you have came across to my blog, the blog taking too much to load.

Would you like to stay for couple of seconds? I can surely say that you’ll not!

You’ll click the close button and head over to another website/blog.

Because of my Load Time I’ve loss a visitor, who can be my customer later!

It’s not about only one, it’s about thousands!

It’s also a ranking factor in Google, you know we all want to happy Google and we all want to make our website/blog SEO Friendly.

The good page load time is under 1 second.

You can check your blog/website’s loading time on GTMetrix easily.

Now the question is how you can improve your Website Speed? Have a look below:

I’ve wrote a complete guide on how you can make your website/blog’s Page Load Time under 1 second.

Head over to this amazing guide on:

How You Can Make Your Website/Blog’s Page Load Time Under 1 Second

I hope that this guide will give you a boost in your Page Load Time as many getting good results daily with the help of my Guide. 🙂

Importance Of Design

The Definitive SEO Guide - Never Seen Before! (Quote Of Design)

Design have it’s own importance in terms of SEO.

If you’ve the Google friendly and User Friendly design then it can help you to achieve the success in SERP early.

I’ve arranged a round up on topic “What is Google Friendly Design?” where many experts reveled the things they’re using to make Google Friendly Design.

Below I highlighted two things which are really important factors for Google Friendly Design:

Responsive Design

Responsive design really important in terms of SEO.

The Google is also showing a tag of “Mobile Friendly” for the sites/blogs which have responsive design on their search results.

Google also announced that they’ll gonna divide indexation for Mobile and Desktops. (Source)

Tell me that how much a responsive design is important in terms of SEO.

You should have responsive design as it’s too important nowadays.

There are many sites who provide responsive themes, i.e. MyThemeShop, etc.

You can check my site is pretty responsive which is designed by me.

N.B: You can check whether your site is responsive or not on Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

Clean, Eye Catching And Easy To Navigate Design

Clean coded design and eye catching/design design matters a lot as it makes the reader to easily navigate into your site and solve their problems.

If you really want to engage thousands of visitors over night then you should use the theme which is attractive.

Don’t forget! A simple, eye catching and attractive lady always attract man rather than a lady with lots of make-up on her face!

If you’re not good designer then you should use my recent designed theme, which can be found here.

Off-Page SEO – Build Authority!

Off-Page SEO is the most important part for converting our blog to an authority and getting converting traffic.

It’s used to rank a website in SERPs in a very short period of time, If you do it correctly.

Like you want to rank a keyword “SEO Guide” then you have to dirty your hands with hardcore Off-Page SEO (I’m targeting it 😛 ).

You can’t be expert in Off-Page SEO easily, it takes years of years to become an expert in Off-Page SEO.

Link Building

Whenever we think about Off-Page SEO we just start thinking of backlinks, am I right? Yes I’m!

It’s one of the popular method of nowadays, from which you rank any of your keywords in Google.

I know, making an authority backlink is not as easy as we all think, but it can depend upon you.

It needs time, years and experience to be expert in Link building.

Believe me, if you start proper link building then you can rank any of your keywords on Google for sure. 🙂

Well, it’s quite complicated, I know, but I have mentioned some awesome and proven techniques below to make link building easy to you.

I know you’re curious to know about them, without taking your time, let’s start!

Some Mostly Used Link Building Techniques:

  • Becoming Contributor:- Writing on another high authority site is not an easy task but once your article approved, it will be skyrocket change in your rankings for sure.
  • Broken Link Building:- If you’re new to this word “SEO” or trying to learn it then you might be listening it first time, yes broken link building thing exists.
  • Profile Backlinks:- Getting a profile link is getting more trust in Google’s eye for sure.
  • Competitors Analysis:- Sometimes, your competitors make your work easy, hack their system (not that hack 😛 ) spy on their backlink ideas you’ll surely get free of cost backlinks at no time.

These were some of the techniques I’ve shared with you for making backlinks for your blog.

Nevertheless, I have written a whole 3000+ words guide on Backlinks, go and read it out (yes it contains above steps with more details, though).

Proven Link Building Techniques – You’ll Curious To Know!

Social Signals

Social Signals are great ranking factor nowadays.

If you want to rank any particular article/content then you may try this.

Many of my friends ranked their keywords just by social sharing.

And yeah, it’s proven!

You might be thinking a nofollow backlink from social media can really help?

Yeah they can.

You know what? Most of the traffic is from Social media.

Just create a hype in social media, like if you’re going to write on any unique topic in your blog.

Post that title and write that how many of you want to know these techniques or anything that is related to your article.

So whenever you publish the post tag them all as they’ll be happy for tagging.

You’ll see the magic in no time.

Don’t forget to share your new article on Groups in Facebook and Google+ communities as well (Related to your niche).

You’ll really see the change in your traffic along with Google rankings.

The most famous social media sites are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin etc. You should try all to get some great traffic.

Remember! If you’re sharing your articles only one time and not again and again then you’re doing a great mistake here.

You have to share your articles as much as you can (Don’t spam).

It’s like spending time on content creation 20% and 80% time on it’s promotion.

The great Entrepreneur called Neil Patel explained this fact very deeply (I’m attaching the image below).
The Definitive SEO Guide - Never Seen Before! (Sharing Multiple Times)

I hope you have understand that what Social Media sharing can do.

Do try it and share the results in the comments below. 🙂

Some Last Words On “SEO Guide”

Here, I’m wrapping up this article by telling you the most awesome techniques that I’m using and you should use too.

If you implement these all techniques which are mentioned above then believe me you’ll see awesome change in your traffic.

I have shared all the techniques that are working in 2017 and beyond.

I have followed these all techniques and you know what, my rankings are “Wow”.

Now my next target keyword is Search Engine Optimization Guide and I’m achieving this soon.

In this guide, I have also revealed some secrets which experts are doing well.

One more thing I want to say here that,

On-Page SEO optimized content give more value to your blog if you follow the On-Page SEO tips only then you can really get lot’s of results.


Brian Dean of Backlinko write only 30 contents in the year.

Well, you might be thinking that how he is getting so much traffic just by writing 30 articles in a year.

Actually, the secret technique behind it, he invest his time on Promotion because he know his content is top-notch and he will get auto promotions as well.

So the thing here is write content that get promotion easily, i.e. Case studies, secret tips etc.

If you’re not getting traffic, I just want to say that “Never Give Up”.

Giving up is not in my dicationary that’s why I’m here.

You never know when your door will open.

Do remember one thing only that is hustling and smart working (as I mentioned above).

Nothing is impossible in this world, we all know, so keep this in mind and remember that:

“Every Expert Was Once A Beginner”.

Do experiments, learn new things, implement the good ones and keep motivated.

These are the things to become expert easily.

Do share this worthy SEO guide with your friends, if you found it useful!

Don’t forget it took me many long days to write this article just for my readers, I know you’ll appreciate my efforts by sharing this guide.

Happy Blogging and SEO.

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