Top Pakistani Professional Bloggers And Their Blogs List Of 2017

Many people who are using Internet are coming to blogging day by day.

Some people are getting success and making living online and most of them are just getting failed.

In this world, Pakistan is also getting interest in blogging and many Pakistanis are coming to blogging.

Pakistan is one of the top country whose citizens are doing freelancing, Blogging etc.

Since couple of days I was searching for Top Pakistani Experts that are really doing great in blogging and freelancing.

I have searched a lot on Facebook, Google and other social media sites to make the list and finally with great research I have brought to you this article.

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Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Mohammad is the first and only among Top Pakistani Professional Bloggers who is really a good and friendly guy, always ready to help newbie bloggers and never neglect me to help.

His career started back in 2008 when he found STC network, The first registered company of Pakistan which pays regular Income TAX.

His one of the famous website is “My Blogger Tricks” where he teach about blogging to newbies around the globe and it’s one of the best Google Blogger publisher blog.

He launched his 2nd blog later in 2012 called “Smart Earning Methods” which is based on earning money online.

After his second blog in 2013 he launched his 3rd blog called “Rich Income Ways” which inspire thousands of people daily.

His story is really inspiring, A boy who completed A Levels and after that wanted to study on US but just because of getting VISA disqualification he started writing blogs for getting rid of growing depression but his life changed, he never knew how he became Entrepreneur!

Know more about him by reading his interview on my blog : Interview Of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai.

I went to his seminar too, have a look at it’s highlights: Eureka Seminar.

By his works and dedication, He is really making Pakistan proud who owns a registered company 🙂

I recently shared his views on my previous post too : Become Professional Blogger – Read Views Of Professionals.

Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali teach blogging in Urdu/Hindi to his readers, and has many fans/followers in Pakistan.

His story is something that is really motivating and I can say that Hard Work really Pays Off!

Let’s read his motivating story :

He started working at the age of 7 in Peshawar for earning his family, he never went to School, College or University because unawareness of education.

Later, on 2010 his family moved to Karachi.

He started selling fruits and vegetables in Karachi.

After that he started selling Biryani (Pakistani food) for almost 7 years he sold Biryani at the Bus Stop.

In 2008, he bought mobile shop and got to know about using computer, his friend teach him that how to use computer and many basics of computer and internet.

This was his very first opportunity to learn something big for himself, So he taken admission in Institute of English near his area, after sometime he sold out his shop and went to Peshawar due to some reasons (Don’t know about it).

But after coming back to Karachi he was only having few thousand rupees in his pocket and he have to feed his family.

In the days of his joblessness he used to sit in his friend’s mobile shop as his friend was very new and he always request him to sit with him.

Once he was alone in the shop and he was using computer.

He found in one of the folder that How to make money online?, He read all 8-9 Pages which was in Urdu, after that he got very much excited and feel that his dream can really come true.

After some time, with the help of his friend he bought an Internet Cafe, He researched very deeply about making money online on Google and YouTube daily and started his first blog on Blogger Platform which was of Cricket niche and now things was getting changed.

He got Google AdSense approve and earned his very first 117$ from his blog.

It’s just like dream comes true!

Next month he got 136$ and after many months he finally got his first achievement of 1000$.

In 2011, he started Onlineustaad.com to teach blogging in Urdu to Urdu users like him because he never got such useful courses online in Urdu.

He shared his knowledge which he knew at that time in a form of Video Tutorials.

People learned very much from his courses and gave him so much respect and love for his courses.

He later improved his presentation skills, his video and audio quality too.

After sometime his channel became most popular in Pakistan & India.

Later he started making courses in English to teach People on Udemy and other online academies and You can’t believe that A Biryani Seller, A Toy Seller, A Fruit Seller earned One Crore from his courses.

Really he made Pakistan proud. 

I must say that you can too earn this big amount by just doing good kind of hard work.

So work harder you’ll surely become expert one day. That’s all! 🙂

Mi Muba

Mi Muba

Mi Muba

Mi Muba belongs from a small town of Thar, Pakistan.

He did matriculation under a tree from Government School.

After doing Intermediate, he shifted to Karachi, Pakistan on 1990.

He is working when he was 15 years old.

For doing E.Com he quit his Job and took admission in the University of Karachi.

Doing studies was a tough job for him as he was having some financial issues at that but he never gave up and started giving institutions to continue his studies.

After completing his M.Com, he moved to the Mirpurkhas, Pakistan with his family and got the job as journalist.

His life changed here, he got the job to write NGO’s two blogs.

In the meantime, he started his own blog too called “www.pollutionpollution.com” and made a living online from this blog.

After learning 3 years and after having so much knowledge about blogging, he started to teach people to make a living online like he did on “Be A Money Blogger“.

He so far written 1K+ posts on the topic of Blogging, SEO, Making Money etc. and featured on many great blogs. i.e: Shoutmeloud etc.

Aamir Iqbal

Aamir Iqbal

Aamir Iqbal

Aamir Iqbal mostly known as “SEO Guru” is from Multan, Pakistan.

Let me start from his Childhood.

His childhood was of so much fun.

He didn’t loved to go school 😛

He loved to play cricket, video games and was the naughty boy at that time.

His Career: 

In starting he was having a hobby as he was VB Developer, he made much software on Visual Basic and using the internet.

Doing research was not his hobby but was his mania.

This was the reason he came to blogging.

He started his career with his friend, they never knew that what will be their future but they know only one thing and that was “They want to make loads of money“.

He started his online career back in 2006-2007, and in the age of 22-23 years.

When he started his parents was not with him, infact his relatives told that he is wasting time.

A kid can know Understand that he is in this field from 10+ years it means he is a world of knowledge.

He came to the people back in 2010-11 when he created Group called “Pakistani SEO & Bloggers” where he mostly do Webinars from the knowledge and experience he was having.

He started Aamir Iqbal Online after the huge success of his group and now he is sharing his knowledge to the world by his main blog.

He mostly write case studies and write e-books to help newbies as he did in the past years.

Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan Ali

Syed Faizan teach blogging to the world with his blog called “My Blogger Lab“.

His blogging career started in 2012 with MBL, when he was 16 years old only.

He really an inspiration for teenager blogger like me.

He is providing every possible information in blogging with MBL, and provide really useful stuff with his blog.

Later he started Templateism.com also in 2012 for providing Free Blogger Templates to us.

I want to say whenever it comes to templates of blogger the only thing come to my mind is Templateism!

He is really changing Blogger Platform by his tutorials, free resources, templates and much more!

I want to say that he is most talented and most genius guy, really!

Hassam Ahmad Awan

Hassam Ahmad Awan

Hassam Ahmad Awan

I can say he is really a great and humble guy, who really never ever neglect anyone to help.

He provide quality articles for readers (especially newbies).

He is working hard for his blog called “Bloggingehow“.

Apart from his blog he also do Vlogging on his YouTube Channel where he help newbies by making Video Tutorials for free, If you can’t read that big much articles then I suggest you to subscribe his channel and watch his every guide.

He love to do gym as well, and doing blog about it too called “All Day Body Building”.

If you’re body building fan, and wanted to build a great body then you should follow his great blog of body building!

Ammar Ali

Ammar Ali

Ammar Ali

He started thinking to create a blog from his High School but he was not that sure about what he should blog about but he always wanted to make one.

His career started in 2011 when he created his very first blog on Blogger Platform on a sub-domain after learning great about blogging on 1st December 2011 he created his professional blog called “All Blogging Tips” where he educate others with his blogging skills.

You should really follow his blogs because his only focus is on teaching others, the skills he have.

He really love to help newbies in the online world.

He is making Pakistan proud by doing such great efforts.

Ali Raza

Ali Raza

Ali Raza

Ali is an Entrepreneur who knows very well that how to convert visitors into lifetime customers.

He is Google and Microsoft advertising professional with loads of experience in online field.

He is currently working with many big companies with his skills and sharing his experience with us on his professional blog called “Aliraza.co“.

He is nice guy who always ready to help newbies in online field with his blog.

He is also know as “Digital Marketing Consultant”.

He owns an agency called “Aarswebs.com“.

He invited in many seminars in Lahore big universities like Nest, LUMS, etc.

If you want to succeed then you should follow his professional articles, I can say that his 1 word = 100 words.

Abdul Samad Essani


Abdul Samad Essani

You might be thinking that why I’m featuring myself here?

As I mentioned that this is the most updated list and you’ll get to know mostly all the bloggers who are Professional in this Pakistan, so here it comes my name.

I’ve recently featured on Online Ustaad as a top 7th Professional Blogger of Pakistan, so I thought to add myself here too, as I deserve.

Well, let’s start it from 2013 when I was 12 years old.

A kid who was searching for games and got to know about Blogger platform.

The age I started blogging was the age when kids even think to buy a computer, I know.

Blogging wasn’t easy for me at that time as I didn’t knew how to speak English.

But my desire was BIG, I always wanted to become something in my life.

From the day I came to blogging, something (you can say my inner soul) was saying me that this is the thing you’re always wanted to become.

I’m really enjoying blogging, everyday my desire to learn new things in blogging is the reason I’m featured here and on many Top blogs, Alhamdullilah!

In my career, I have seen many Top-notch bloggers who are nowhere.

I’ve never Gave Up that’s why I’m here today and giving seminars to the people in the Pakistan, Alhamdullilah!

I’ll continue as a Blogger and I’ll die as a Blogger, Insha’Allah!

Adeel Sami

Adeel Sami

Adeel Sami

Adeel is an internet user since 1998 just for getting touch with relatives and friends around the globe.

He runs his blog of his name called “Adeelsami.com“.

His career started in 2010, he said he was just doing fun at that time with blogging, but things changed he gain a lot interest in blogging and started blogging again with the domain name of his name.

He is really aged blogger 😛

He really loves to help newbies with his skills and providing some Professional Articles in his website.

You should follow him! He is a nice guy!

I personally met with him.


These are our Professional Bloggers Of Pakistan who proud Pakistan with their really Professional skills.

I worked hard to make this post because it’s time-consuming and very hard to choose the Expert as there are many bloggers in Pakistan who are doing really great but not Experts like I mentioned above.

I’m really loving this post because this post is making Pakistan proud and telling the world that Pakistan has so many good professions too.

If you feel my hard work and really want these types of quality work from my side then you should share this post with your relatives and friends around the globe.

Happy Blogging and Take Care!


Increase Domain Authority – 8 Impressive Tips To Improve DA!

You want to increase Domain Authority?

Do you have a blog?

Okay so you must be trying your best to rank your blog on search engines like Google.

But I’m sure you are facing lots of hurdles in your blogging journey.

And the one and most common hurdle is to rank your blog on search engines.

The one and only solution of your problems is to increase Domain Authority or DA of your blog.

So that’s why in today’s post I’m going to tell you some most effective tips on how to increase domain authority of your website.

We can say Domain Authority is the reputation of any blog or website on internet and the more reputation will help your blog to rank on top.

Domain Authority has a wide range from 0-100.

Everybody wants to know what is a good domain authority score?

So I can say that if your blog is having DA of 35 or more than 35 then it will start ranking for keywords.

But if you are a newbie blogger then 20 is sufficient, no need to panic because DA increases too slowly.

So let’s just directly come to the point on how to increase domain authority fast?

Just follow below given steps carefully and keep calm 😀

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Quality Backlinks

You must be aware of backlinks and I’m sure your searching for them badly.

But trust me those 100 backlinks per day are useless if they are not high quality.

Don’t make backlinks for alexa ranks or something; keep in mind that tons of backlinks per day will drop down your DA.

So you just have to create high quality backlinks for you blog doesn’t matter if you are making only one per day.

This high quality 1 backlink form site of DA more the 80 will be quite equal to 50 backlinks form low quality blogs.

Try to make only high quality backlinks from high DA websites and the best and fastest way is to write guest posts for them.

Abdul written an awesome post on Backlinks which is just awesome to build quality links, you should check it now: Make High Quality Backlinks.

Deep Internal Linking

Don’t forget internal linking while making backlinks.

Most of the newbie or bloggers ignore internal linking or don’t take internal linking seriously and this is the starting of their mistakes.

While writing any new post just link to your previous posts in the content, this is called as internal linking.

But don’t overload it because as we all know anything in excess starts destroying things.

Link your previous posts with keywords but keyword must be related to the post.

Write Awesome Content

Content is king.

If you are writing content just to write a post then please forget about DA because you have to write to help a kid out there who is searching for his problems.

The day when your content will be able to help that kid then your DA will boost up automatically.

Because if you are not writing a quality content then no one will read it even if you are coming on the top of Google.

So try to write high quality content and think about that small kid that’s all.

Make sure to write deep content of approx more than 700 words.

If you are finishing your post in 300-400 words then it will not count in the race of DA.

N.B: You shouldn’t make any mistakes in Grammar, I suggest you to buy Grammarly for that.

You can check Grammarly review written by Paramjot, It’s awesome!

SEO Friendly Content

Writing a 1000 words post is nothing if you are not taking SEO seriously.

You have to write an SEO friendly blog post to rank high in search engines.

If you don’t know how to write SEO friendly blog post you have to learn it first before writing a single line.

Some of the key point I can tell you here to keep in mind is that:

  • Use Keywords in heading.
  • Make permalink shorter and use keywords in permalink and yes also don’t forget remove stop words from it like to , and, from, for etc.
  • Write Meta description keyword rich.
  • Use H2,H3… headlines in your content and try to use keywords in these subhead lines.
  • Rest of SEO you can learn from Yoast SEO plugin, if you are on self-hosted WordPress.

Publish posts constantly

This really helps you to increase domain authority fast.

If you are writing posts in non uniform manner then it will not give you much benefit but if you write posts in a uniform manner like every Tuesday and Friday in a week, then it will help you to increase DA of your website quickly.

So just try to publish posts in a systematic manner.

Have some Patience

If you don’t have patience then blogging is not made for you (I might be wrong but this is just my opinion 😛 ).

I’m saying this because it really takes time to take our blog to the top.

And when it comes to domain authority, you have to wait for time to pass because with time DA will increase if you keep your blog active.

We can say that DA also depends on the age of the blog.

Don’t underestimate the power of Social Media

Promote your each and every post on social media actively and do this each and every day.

Because if you take part in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc actively then it will help you to rank your blog on the top of Google and yes DA will also increase quickly.

It’s time to check your Domain Authority.

Check your Domain Authority

  • Just go to Moz open site explorer.
  • And type your domain name there.
  • That’s all it will instantly show your Domain Authority and some more stuff.

Final Words on “Increase Domain Authority”

Now you have successfully learned how to increase your domain authority but still if you are having any doubts then please feel free to comment below.

It will be my honor to help you out.

Author Bio- This post was written by Hemant Kumar, Founder of LetsTrick. If you are a Blogger and wants to earn money online then you should check out his blog. I’m sure he will not let you down. Write for us here.


7 Proven Blogging Frustrations (And Smart Ways To Get Them Fixed)

What are your blogging frustrations?

I mean there are several things about blogging to be frustrated about – from the lack of getting huge traffic to proper monetization strategy to getting your readers engaged and so on.

Really, these things can be so frustrating as to make you rip out your hair or hang yourself to the well-decorated-fan in your living room.

Well, in this post, I have saddled myself with the sheer responsibility of sharing with you some of the blogging frustrations that exists and how to quickly and smartly get them fixed.

And I am pretty certain of it that if you would carefully study what it is I had to share here with you, you will soon start living a great life, one that’s devoid of any kinds of frustration.


Here are my five blogging frustrations and smart fixes:

Production of quality content

This one is top on the chart and many newbie bloggers, even some so called pro bloggers don’t know how to expressly produce quality content.

Tells why these so-called pro-bloggers hire out that part of their blog’s activity to focus more on the creative aspects of their blogs.

Trust me a lot of bloggers get really frustrated about this, though they will not tell you.

Some weeks ago, I carried out a survey to ask my Facebook friends this well-phrased question: “What are your blogging frustrations?”

And you can almost trust that I got tons of responds and a certain peter – who once hired my services on writing, voiced out his frustrations when he admitted; “My biggest frustration is not being able to write quality content for my blog.”

I must admit that this is truly one of the biggest frustrations ever – not being able to write quality filled content that will attract readers to your blog and of course get them to engage with your blog’s content.

On the writing tips section of my blog, Yusuff Busayo, a freelance writer like myself wrote about the 5 Proofs Your Writing Isn’t Worth A Toddler’s Poop (and How To Fix it For Good).

You might like to check it out for inspiration sake.

So if you would love to pick my brain, that is, learn from my blogging experience then I’d say you should map out time to do a really in-depth research on the topics you aim to write about, set aside 30-45m to wrap your head over weaving out timeless words.

Be consistent with this act and you’d see how well your audience will begin to engage with your content.

And wait…

I stumbled on a web content from Temok the other night when I was prepping this article and I thought to share it with you, since it was going to help you to be more active in creating content come 2017 – it’s called 13 Ways to Easily Update Your Website Content for 2017.

I am sure it would really worth your while if you would take your time to consume it.

I need huge capital to start out

Cut the crap, you don’t need any huge investment whatsoever to start and run a successful blog!

Of course you need some few bucks to start out a blog but trust me; you don’t need to break a bank to do that.

Mate, you only need less than $200 to start and run a great weblog and you can always save up for that in less than a week or two.

Not so?

I am not making any dime

“My biggest frustration, Sam, is that I have been unable to make any dime since I started my blog.

Just how can I begin to make money online?”

That’s another frustrated remark made by a blogger who’s in all way frustrated like as many who don’t yet know how to make money online.

I must admit the frustrations that accompany not being able to make money from your many efforts online.

Back in the days, I was really frustrated as to excuse myself from blogging for the most of 2012 until I got the recipe, and I mean the right recipe for making good and real money online.

Get creative and think of the right monetization strategy you can deploy on your blog.

Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Post, Product Reviews, Freelance Writing and a host of others are just a good way to start making money online.

Just be sure to pick one or two to deploy on your blog and you will be fine, I’m sure. [/thrive_text_block]

Not having enough time

A lot of the nit-picks we make is not having enough time to focus, to think, to produce [quality] contents, to promote your blog posts.

I mean the list is actually endless and these things all hinged on the word time.

My advice here is pretty simple and it is in simply setting goals for your every blogging activities, from the time you write a post to when you publish it to when and how you promote the post.

Set goals and all of the ‘I don’t have enough time for myself, let alone my blog’ will be a thing of the past.

Lack of driving traffic

Traffic is truly the lifeblood of every successful blog on the internet-web today and driving traffic to your blog will help you in fulfilling so many of your desires, like getting your readers engaged with your blog, making money online and a few other things.

But the problem is that many people don’t know how to drive this much needed traffic.

And the few of us who do don’t have the motivation and the energy to practice all of the traffic generation strategy that we know exist.

Map out blogs to read and comment on.

Map out social media and social bookmarking sites to frequent and share your blog posts on.

Be consistent at it and you’d reap the reward!

This article should guide you on the ways in which you can use social media to grow your business/blog overnight.


Patience, they said, is virtue.

And I believe many of life’s failures are those who do not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

The secret of lifelong success is learning to wait, to be patient.

There’s an adage in my local dialect that reads something like this,

Blogging technicalities

In 2012, when I took a U-turn from blogging to roaming offline and showing up often on Facebook, updating pointless status, it was not only because I wasn’t able to make money online but also because I didn’t have any prior technicalities about blogging.

See, having a blogging technicality will stand you out from the crowd.


Because you’d be able to understand the trend in coding (HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA), and everything you need and should do from your backend, such as SEO and the likes. Get it?

Go out and learn. Come back to Apply. And you can be sure you’d become extremely successful!

Wrapping Up

These are 7 out of the many blogging frustrations that exist and I am sure you can connect well with most of them.

What I also made sure to do is that I help you map out some of the things you could do almost immediately to get these frustrations fixed.

And hey, chances are you have certain things which you find frustrating about blogging that I didn’t here mention.

I mean certain areas where you consistently feel like you’re spinning your wheels and making little (or no) headway.

So, my question to you is… What are your biggest frustrations when it comes to your blogging activities?

Please go ahead, post your input as a comment below. I’ll be reading every single one of them and responding amply and aptly.

About The Guest Author: Sam Adeyinka is a seasoned blogger, a passionate podcaster, a creative writer and a digital marketing strategist who loves teaching young minds how to start, launch, and grow a successful online business. You can download his 0.99cents handbook on Amazon titled “101 Common Blogging Mistakes: And Smart Fixes.”

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A Simple Guide To Start A Blog In 2017 – Easy To Understand!

The above quote sums up what matters in blogging.

Most of the bloggers don’t make money from their blogs or make just too little.

But on the contrary, few bloggers make money in millions too :).

So it’s up to you to which side you want to be.

With the new year approaching, let’s make a career in blogging.

It doesn’t matter even if you don’t know a single thing about blogging.

This guide is going to be a Kick starter for you blogging career.

Blogging is a very broad term.

Once you started blogging you will come to know about many new things like On page SEO, Off Page SEO, Domain authority, Backlinks and much more.

After some time you will get familiar with these new terms as of now just focus on How to start.

So, If you wanted to start a new blog but confused how to start then, you must read this guide.

1) Get your Blog

There are a number of ways to get your blog, but I  am going to tell the best alternative.

Here is what you need to do:

A) Select your Niche

The most important part Before starting a blog and buying a domain name for that blog you have to decide your Niche.

Niche can be anything like if you are passionate about something you can make your blog on that particular niche or something else.

Always choose something you know about and love to write without caring about time and money.

Read: 5 Killer Ways To Select A Perfect Niche For Blogging!

B) Get a domain name

Now you know what niche you are working on.

So select a domain name that will describe your niche or related to it.

Choosing a domain name is not easy.

Get a custom domain for your blog (www.xyz.com).

Here name XYZ is your choice.

I suggest you go with TLD’s (Top level Domains) like .com or .net. EMD (exact match domain) domain is recommended if you are starting a micro niche site.

A domain name is the first impression of the type of content in your blog.

C) Get a Platform

Get a platform to host your website on the web.

For beginners, there are great options to choose from blogging platforms.

Some of the top rated Blogging Platforms are:

  • WordPress
  • Blogspot
  • Tumbler
  • Medium
  • Squarespace and much more

2) Set up your Blog

There are three steps to set up your blog namely Installing WordPress, Choosing your theme and customizing.

Don’t worry the first two phases will be a cakewalk for you but the third one is the fun part where time spent on customization will depend on you.

A) Installing WordPress

Every hosting provider has a different platform and interface so setting up WordPress may vary.

To explain this, I will tell you how will you set up your WordPress in iPage Hosting

It is very easy, What you have to do is to log into your iPage CPanel and then go to:

  • Install Central
  • Scripting and Add-Ons
  • Blogs
  • WordPress
  • Begin Installation
  • That’s it, it will install WordPress.

B) Choosing Theme

Designing you blog is a creative and a fun task which begins with choosing a theme that suits your blog.

There are a lot of themes available on the Internet some of them are free, and some cost you some bucks (but they are worth every penny).

Important Note: There are a lot of websites on the internet that give you premium paid themes for free, but these themes are nulled.

I would suggest you never use a nulled theme for your blog.

It may help you now but may cost you too much loss in the long run.

I recommend you to buy themes from MyThemeShop or you can use my free theme which I’ve shared before “Born Blogger Pro“.

Once you are done with choosing a theme, now it’s the time to upload that theme to your blog.

If you decide from the premium themes, you’re going to buy directly from the developer’s website.

Then you have to download a zip file, and just upload it in your WordPress dashboard under:

  • Appearance
  • Themes
  • Add New
  • Upload Theme
  • Your theme has been installed.

In case you choose from the free WordPress pre-installed themes, just Click “activate “ on the theme, and it will go live 🙂

C) Customizing your Blog

Now comes the part of customizing your WordPress theme.

Need some help?

These are some customization I would suggest to get started with your blog.

  1. Site Title – Enter the name of your website and a catchphrase which would sum up what content you are going to provide, and this will decide your targeted audience.
  2. Widgets – Widgets include the content in the sidebar, footer and sometimes in the header. Commonly they are used for ads, popular posts, or tag clouds.
  3. Menus – Menus helps in setting the navigation of your website. You can set the menus based on the categories of content you are going to give to readers which would assist them to choose from content quickly.
  4. Header and background – Change colors or upload images to your header or background.

3) Start Blogging

Finally, it is the time to start penning down your mind boggling ideas on your blog and share them with the world.

Here are some tips I would like to give you while writing blog posts:

A) Use catchy headlines

Headlines decide your click rate and are worth paying attention to. Catchy headlines can get your more click rates and better traffic thus a good income :).

B) Be Conversational

Don’t just keep on writing.

Write only for the purpose of having communication with your readers.

C) Write on topics you know

There are too rare chances of success if you write on subjects which you are just learning about.

With passion, you should also have proper knowledge of your niche which would make you stand out of the crowd.

D) Easy to read Format

Write short paragraphs, use bullet/numbered lists, sub-headings, bold and italics to point out the important.

E) Blog more often

I would suggest you blog more often which would help your readers to come and search engines to crawl your website more often.

Final Words

I hope you will like the article.

If you have any query and suggestion, do not forget to write it in the comments section below.

Do share this article on your favorite social medium along with your friends!

This article is written by: Gagan Kamboj


Seminar On Blogging: My First Seminar At Karachi!

On December 9, 2016, I was invited as a guest speaker at Karachi, Pakistan (Chainak) for giving seminar on blogging.

Yes that’s huge, I know, I was also thinking the same when I was invited as a Guest Speaker for giving Seminar on Blogging.

No doubt, 2016 was full of awesome year for me as I launched Born Blogger, met my mentor at eureka seminar whom I always wish to meet, met with many Professionals, Boosted my income, started one new site and got many regular clients.

I attended many seminars on Entrepreneurship, blogging etc. and whenever I see a guest speaker there, I always wish to be like them.

It’s not a wish anymore as it’s came true, Alhamdullilah!

The day before my seminar, I went to the same place (where my seminar held) where I met Rehan Allahwala.

He nicely told me to introduce myself, well I told him that I’m a Professional blogger and doing blogging since 5 years etc. and then he said in which class you’re studying? I immediately said that in “10th”, he was like somehow shocked :O after that he said what’s your age? and I replied I’m 17 years old.

That was the moment of proud when he said what’s you’re earning per month?

Many people asked me before about my earnings but my answer for all was only one that “I don’t share my earnings with anyone”.

But I don’t know what was happened to me at that day and I told him about my earnings (I’ll disclose later 🙂 ).

After listening to all that he said “Do you want to come here as a Motivational Guest Speaker and tell people about your story?”

I thought for some minutes as it was the really first experience of mine, but after some minutes I told him that “Yes, I will”.

He checked the schedule and said that can you come tomorrow?

I said “YES” why not? because of one famous quote came immediately at my mind at that time:

He told me the time and said, you have to come tomorrow and tell your story to the people and I said “OKAY” I’ll be there tomorrow and after taking selfie with him (as he said to take one) I left from there.

I came home and the Selfie was posted on his timeline along with these lines:

“Meet Abdul Samad Essani 17 years old blogger who has been blogging since his age of 12 like Malala Yousafzai and makes 8000$us a year doing that at least ! He will tell his life’s story tomorrow at Chainak at 5:30pm, Friday. Come and learn from him and hear his story.”

These words were just WOW! I can’t tell you the happiness when I saw these incredible words, I really thanks to ALLAH for all these things.

I can’t tell you the happiness of mine when I was coming back from there as I was going to be the guest speaker tomorrow.

I know the night I spent at my home with lots of excitement about seminar and thinking just about that how I’ll start and what will be the criteria etc.

Well, after doing some practice I slept and woke up tomorrow morning.

Tips I Learned For Speech

As it was my first experience I started thinking of that what should be my first lines when I’ll start my session?

I started searching on YouTube about tips on “Motivational Speaking” and found some videos, that was interested.

I learned three things from YouTube and that was:

  • Reviewing the audience and reading their face that what they’re actually expecting from you.
  • Starting the speech with some interesting question.
  • Check the audience that whether the males or females are in majority and then make the speech interesting according to the gender.

These were the three tips that blow my mind and I thought to do the speech according to them.

Venue and Timings

  • Hosted by: Chainak
  • Date: Friday, December 9, 2016
  • Seminar Page: Meet Abdul Samad Essani 
  • Address: 302, 3rd Floor Shahnaz Arcade Main Shaheed e Millat Rd, Karachi.
  • Speakers: Abdul Samad Essani (Ofcourse me)

I went on “Seminar”

So, the moment came, I went there for the giving a speech.

When I went there, there was the person who was just waiting for me even before the time and the person was “Adeel Sami”  (A Professional Blogger Of Pakistan).

You can say a Proud Moment or what but I can say that was the really Proud Moment for me as the person who is successful is waiting for me. WOW!

Just because I was waiting for the video recorder for starting my seminar so it started half an hour late.

When I started the seminar, I took that three tips in my mind, I saw the audience and got that what they want from me? so I started the seminar with asking question and that was “How many of you have two legs, two hands, two ears and how many of you can see my Shirt’s color?”

They all said yes we can see your shirt and we’ve two legs, hands, ears too!

I said “Congratulations, you’re all are human beings”, and immediately I said “I’m also, so if I can do these things, why not, you?”.

They all was shocked because of this amazing question. :O and I read their minds.

After that, I told them that how it all starts with me?

What was the reason behind I became a blogger?


This seminar was not conducted in the large hall with thousands of people as it was my first experience, I can’t forget it.

It was not for many peoples who already an expert but for those who are struggling for their careers and want to start blogging and making them online earners.

The main aim of mine was to motivate people around me. I can remember it was attended by around 20 people and all were so much energetic and came for getting more and more knowledge from a small kid like me.

Let’s see that what I speak there (in nutshell).

  • As I said above that I started the seminar by asking the question and all were just shocked.
  • I started telling about how it all started, I said them that I was searching for Games at the age of 12.
  • So, I saw a subdomain which was on blogger, the thing “.blogspot.com” clicked my mind.
  • I removed the whole domain name and wrote only blogspot.com and saw Blogger Platform.
  • I created a blog there and started learning the things like Making a blogger template with the help of CSS, HTML, XML etc.
  • I learned cloning in this period that gave me awesome impact on my blogging career.
  • After all, I started working on several blogs but unfortunately, I was copying the articles in start and got Google DMCA on my blogs.
  • I started searching things that why my blogs deleted and got to know that copying other contents is illegal.
  • I promised myself that not to copy others and then I started learning from many Professional Bloggers i.e: Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
  • Finally one of my client helped me to buy a domain and hosting and then I started Born Blogger.
  • The name “Born Blogger” was suggested by my mother. (Quite GOOD)!
  • But due to studies I sold it out.
  • In the meantime, I started many blogs, did worked with many clients.
  • After sometime, the Born Blogger was available for registration again. (I love it)!
  • You can say that it was my luck or anything else but I got it back.
  • And after getting Born Blogger I started professional blogging, and promised myself that never to sell it out, Insha’Allah!
  • After all that, as I promised to share my earnings, I shared that with all.
  • But I kept 80% secret and told people about my 20% earnings, which was “200-300$ USD”.
  • These earnings are just from my clients as I’m SEO Consultant too.

“Want to know more about me? Visit the about me page.”

Seminar Photos

Some random photos at the seminar.

I'm all alone, after the seminar!

I’m all alone, after the seminar!

The whole crowd at the seminar (Some are missing :P ).

The whole crowd at the seminar (Some are missing 😛 ).

I was explaining something after the seminar.

I was explaining something after the seminar.

I was talking to someone at the seminar.

I was talking to someone at the seminar.

People were asking the questions.

People were asking the questions.

People were asking the questions and I was answering them.

People were asking the questions and I was answering them.

Adeel Sami's Random Click.

Adeel Sami’s Random Click.

Abid and Basit

Abid and Basit

Random Click

Random Click.

Special Thanks

As I said above that the only person called “Rehan Allahwala” invited me as a guest speaker for the seminar.

So, all the credits and thanks goes to him.

I really enjoyed my first seminar and that held just because of him.

Your Experience?

First of all, I want to say thanks to all of the buddies who attended the seminar of Small Kid like me. Thanks again!

If you’ve attended my seminar then I would love to listen to your experience that what all was meant that seminar for you?

Have you enjoyed or it was not that good which you was expecting?

One more thing, if you ever invited as a guest speaker than what was your first experience there? I’ll also love to hear that from you guys.

If you have any kind of questions, just ask below in the comment section and I’ll love to read and answer them.

Don’t forget to share my first experience on your favorite social medium.

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