Niche Scraper Review 2021: Is It Worth To Buy?

Niche Scrapper Dashboard

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The product you sell is the most important part of getting successful in the dropship business. Suppose any online business that does not meet the market techniques with unattractive products will can’t generate leads. The only choice is to find the best viral/trending products and gain profits even if you’re a beginner at a dropshipping store. To be honest, at some point, it is risky to go with a flow without using a tool according to the current market strategy. Don’t worry; Niche Scraper deals with all of the risk factors and brings more conversions and high ROI. It is software that can help Dropshippers research trending products by spying on other stores for your E-Commerce site. Let’s get into detail now.

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Tools Review in Niche Scarper:

For any dropshipping store, the list of tools mentioned in the Niche Scraper helps find the winning products.

Product Scraper

Tools in Niche Scrapper

Product + Scraper literally determines an essential tool in niche Scraper and helps find your next winning product. In this, there are two options available that are AliExpress products and Shopify products.

In AliExpress, you can find a number of products with tons of options to sort the products into various categories.

AliExpress Product Search
  • Category: In this, scraped products will show category-wise, and it is useful when doing niche research or running a dropshipping store.
  • Recent Orders: Use this filter when the products with a certain number of orders.
  • Price: Search the cost of the products while placing the minimum and maximum numbers. (If you want the products at a low-medium range).
  • More Filters: It has more filters option that includes locations, Aliscore(calculate the strength of the product), competition(based on different buyers), growth rates(increase in sales of every week), and recent orders(the most popular product).
Category Filter in Niche Scrapper
Competition Filter Niche Scrapper

Shopify products are easy to sort products by verified dropshipping stores and remember that every Shopify store is not a dropshipping. The products are said to be displayed from Shopify dropshipping stores rather than Shopify stores. To get the products by adding filter store popularity and verified dropshipping. Relevance or store popularity, category, maximum product price, and product date add are the filters to use when searching a product.

Example: Like researching a product on the Amazon site, you can buy the product based on a number of sales.

Shopify Product SPY by Niche Scrapper

Handpicked Products

HandPicked Products

The handpicked section’s product research tool has a lot of products to sell on a dropshipping store. Every day allows to add a few of the winning dropshipping products, and for every product, it has access to add a lot of product details. It gives tips on the target audience and how to fix the price for it, giving the example of a Facebook Ad. It also displays the reviews that are placed about the products on AliExpress.  

Market Research – Store Analysis Tool

Market Research & Store Analysis

To find various Shopify stores or best sellers, Market Research Tool is handy along with verified dropshipping stores. It can easily find the dropshipping store by searching with the relevant/specific keyword. The results will display on recently added products or best-selling products and stores estimated traffic & revenue.

Video Ad Maker

Facebook Ad Generator by Niche Scrapper

The name itself, this tool is used for generating videos by adding all images of the dropshipping store. It has different features like free music, top/bottom bar text, ending screen text, and setting time per image to run a video. Who are not aware of creating videos, then this is the right one to help you.

Review on Pricing Plans of Niche Scraper: 

Niche Scraper Affiliate Program offers an exciting plan, i.e., you can get paid when you refer someone. It merely works in two steps.

  • Niche Scraper gives a unique link to refer others, and it is a shareable link.
  • You can 40% off when someone purchases the Niche Scraper by using your link within 30 days.

If you refer someone, the annual plan is $80, and for the monthly plan, it costs $20. If anyone is interested in Affiliate, then straight away join Niche Scraper by creating a free account and to begin go to the affiliate dashboard.

To keep the transaction fees low, the affiliates’ minimum payment is $30 for the first month.

Pros & Cons of Niche Scrapper


  • On winning products, it offers lots of data.
  • Always checks the top-selling products on both Aliexpress and current sales trends.
  • It has an advanced product research tool
  • It allows checking top-selling products on their current sales trend along with other Shopify stores.
  • Store analysis and video maker
  • By using simple product images, it can generate amazing video ads.
  • For the subscription, payment is acceptable through Credit cards, Debit cards, and PayPal.
  • Provides easy software for tutorials and guides.
  • Can use the Dashboard with ease.
  • It is dedicated to social media groups as Facebook ads and more.


  • Expensive
  • Contact the support team when the bill payment is through a Debit card.


Niche Scraper is a perfect product research tool and can also find the products that are not selling yet. It has limited functions for a free plan, and for the paid plan, it has many features to utilize.

Niche Scraper

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