Pinpointe Review: Automate Your Email Marketing Business

Pinpointe is a cloud-based email marketing software that provide permission-based email communications to mid-sized Enterprises, Digital Agencies and business marketers and helps them easily nurture contacts, analyze results and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team. The software also allows you to create personalized email marketing campaigns to reduce the likelihood of spam alerts and opt-outs.

The company offers flexibility with multiple plans and on the go packages that helps businesses suffice their email marketing needs. The tool is extremely powerful and each user has access to their own campaign statistics.

Furthermore, the platform is also known for its top-rated customer support that provides valuable assistance via chat, knowledgebase and email along with phone support for Enterprise customers.

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Highlight Features of Pinpointe

Pinpointe is one of the most feature-rich email service providers in the market today that helps businesses send permission-based, opt-in email campaigns.

  • Enterprise edition

Pinpointe offers numerous plans for small, medium and large sized businesses. Their Enterprise edition has been specifically designed keeping larger businesses in mind. It helps you send 250,000 to more than 10 million emails a month. This plan also offers an email editor which helps you create and manage up to 250 separate user accounts.

Other features include unlimited image hosting, autoresponders, trigger campaigns, a spam score checker, your personalized branding, Google Analytics integration, personalized URLs and a drag-and-drop survey builder.

  • Lists

With Pinpointe you can create multiple separate lists for various purposes, such as lists for monthly newsletters, existing customers and customers with special interests and import your existing email contacts into it. You will be guided through the entire process by Pinpointe, so it’s hard to miss a step.

  • Segmentation

Pinpointe’s segmentation tool helps you create the most effective personalized email marketing campaigns by creating custom subgroups of contacts and send only relevant information to each group. You can also send emails only to people who opened your previous email and target your audience based on previous behavior. 

PinPointe Plans and Pricing

PinPointe offers various packages that are considered best suited for all kinds of businesses. Larger companies that send millions of emails a year can benefit from these tools and small businesses can use it too. It has a wide range of packages available for businesses of all sizes.

You can also choose pricing based on your number of contacts or pay-per-email plan in case you don’t opt for the Enterprise edition. You will even receive a 10% discount if you prepay for six months.

  • You need to call Pinpointe for custom pricing if you plan to send your full list of contacts more than six emails a month or if you have more than 200,000 contacts.
  • Packages start at $49 per month for 5,000 contacts and 40,000 emails a month with the contacts-based pricing. For 10,000 contacts and 80,000 emails a month the packages jump to $74 per month.
  • Packages start at $245 for 300,000 emails a month if you have 50,000 contacts. For 200,000 contacts, pricing starts at $898 per month.
Pinpointe Plans and Pricing

Pinpointe also offers a unique “Pay as you go” package in case you only send emails occasionally. This package works on a credit system where one credit allows you to send one email, and unused email credits roll over each month for up to a year. The more email credits you have in your account, the cheaper an email credit is.

  • For 25,000 emails and $450 for 50,000 emails it costs $245. You can also buy up to 1 million emails, which will cost you $2,850. See the chart on Pinpointe’s website to learn about all the prices per email. 

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Additional offers of PinPointe

Pinpointe’s Enterprise edition is a cloud-based, multi-user package that has been developed specifically for businesses that send 250,000 to more than 10 million emails a month. The company also offers a dedicated IP address option for businesses that regularly send more than 100,000 email a month, that will cost you an additional $50 per month.

Pinpointe Campaign

In case you are not completely sure whether to invest in Pinpointe or not, you can also try out their 14-day free trial plan to figure out the right plan for your business. For more information regarding their packages, features, prices, and more, visit their official website.

Why should you use PinPointe?

PinPointe is one of the best email marketing tools offer all these features, provide excellent customer service and make finding answers easy. Users get to play with numerous valuable features and options like automated email marketing tools, interactive email templates, contact management tools, A/B split testing capabilities, spam filters, in-depth email analytics and reporting, and more.

  • Powerful enterprise edition

The Enterprise edition has everything a large business needs to send out a large number of emails to a massive contact list. This plan lets you send more than 10 million emails a month and puts you in 100% control of your email reputation.

  • Competitive pricing

Pinpointe offers flexible email marketing plans for businesses that regularly send emails and can suffice the email marketing requirements of businesses of any magnitude and fit into the budget. It offers packages and pricing based on the number of contacts on your subscriber list. Other than that, you can also opt to pay per email.

  • Deliverability

Pinpointe tries its best to ensure that your emails land in the priority inboxes of your contacts, instead of spam folders. This can only be possible if all your contacts have consented to receive your emails. It emphasizes deliverability and permissions-based email marketing campaigns. It doesn’t sell contact lists or permit use of purchased contacts on its software.

  • Efficient email designer

The email designer makes it easy to create responsive emails along with some additional features to enhance your email’s performance like split testing, segmentation of your contact lists and creating an entire customer journey with its automation tools.

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