NordVPN Review: Top Rated Secure VPN Service Provider

Having a great advantageous package of network is a thing that really will compel you to give jaw dropping reactions, but exactly opposite happens when your network is not safe from the malicious threats to your network. So it’s the priority of NordVPN to give a perfect blend of the both qualities to be needed over here.

Why NordVPN is No. 1 VPN Provider ?

NordVPN safeguards the network of yours from the intruders for false means. And even if you move to different continent, it will keep its promise of guarding the network. It not only provides full proof protection from the unwanted material but will give you a lot of other options to be worth to term as the number one VPN in the technical world. It takes the whole responsibility of to secure your information and blocks the fake website.

NordVPN have servers all over the world that are extremely offering you the personalised protection policy for promising you better security. In addition to this, this leading to use VPN service also gives you another proof of its excellence that is window client that is quite loaded with style and even is user friendly.

As, the PCMag Editor’s Choice winner it is also renowned for adding another feather to hat by having one more quality that it creates a kind of passage between the users PC and the server and this tunnel create here is fully encrypted to protect the information from malicious substances that enters to your network through bogus Websites to intrude in the information.

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Most eye catching feature of the NordVPN is that it has feature called smart play  that helps you to watch US Netflix. Here our VPN have a very impressive technology that will manipulate the Netflix to assume that you are in US and are totally authenticated user to use the facility. Isn’t it amazing ? To get benefits without spending too much money. Furthermore, it does allow you to use BitTorrent but for this you must be connected with the accepted territory or even the country.

Now, many people think about the difficulties in connectivity. But NordVPN also have solution for this as connectivity over here is very easy what you have to do is follow up a simple procedure.

Firstly, open the interface that will open a list of 51 regions and from there you can simply select the desired location and there is a better option for those too who are from technical background as you can select the server according to your particular need, means any specific server that is dedicated for one work and on the second option you can simply select that option from the list of servers detail.

And with this for the technical users, you can fetch the details from connected server list that will display you the servers from the list of connected servers that will give you the detail about the servers that are busy long and also tell you about the response time of the servers, so on that basis you can easily have the best option to choose if you are looking for best speed.

Another outstanding and life saving feature in it is Anti – DDoS Servers

They are life savers elements of the VPN as they even work when the network is halted or damaged by any external intruder. It will help you to finish your work, on the other hand if you want an alternate way to figure this problem out you can even choose the dual VPN connection that provides you two encrypted tunnels. And as many of you know that two encrypted tunnels will results into double guarding of your data and information. With this it would be harder to break in.

NordVPN Mobile App

As these days the only gadget closest to us is our mobile phone, that really helps in every situation and same with the app associated with this VPN. When you open this app a world map will be displayed on your screen and you will be shown different exit nodes over the whole world. Now the question rises how to connect through our desired location?

The answer is as straight as an arrow, simply tap the option and you will get the connection. Neither you have to worry about connection, nor you have to do any extra work. As we are dealing with technology so it could be possible that there are some flaws in the connectivity but don’t lost your patience as it would take some hits and trails and will be done in few moments.

The app has one more benefit that it is very user friendly and even it also is easy to install. With respect to this, after opening the app it would be directly connected to preferred network. As mentioned from the very beginning NordVPN provides the best security so it provides you an option yo choose TCP over UDP, that again results into better security. Smart – play feature that is added in it can be triggered with single click.

Features in NordVPN Are As Follow

It is very versatile, as it supports various platforms such as Linux, windows, MacOS with this only few routers are required to be installed to connect through the NordVPN.

It is most user friendly and do not need any specialisation to be operated and its installation also doesn’t take too much of time.
Security that NordVPN offers is also quite impressive than the others. It focuses on each and every part of the network that may halt the network and then repair that part of the VPN.

There is a wide range of servers option that we can get in NordVPN to choose any country IP and then check your ip it will be changed and working is always very easy and comfortable when we are having a lot of options in front of us. This is the first point of customs oriented approach of the company. And this variation in servers ranges from ultra secure to ultra fast servers.

P2P networking is also offered by the NordVPN that really accelerates the working efficiency over here.
Its compatibility with almost all OS is also one of the stunning point o the NordVPN with this it also offers various platforms rather than mobile and computers.

It is not confined between two or one payment modes as it offers many payment modes too.
Many of the people get disappointed when they fail to sort something out in network that went wrong, for this also NordVPN provides the various care centres, so not to worry and suffer.

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NordVPN Plans & Pricing

There are three types of NordVPN Plans:.
A. Monthly
B. Half yearly
C. Annual

Charges for monthly connection is $ 11.95, for half yearly is $ 42.00 and for full yearly it is $ 69.00
Here a point to be noted is that if you go with the monthly package you are almost paying more than the annual one.

But many people have trust issues that how we can use annual one without experiencing the network, so to resolve this problem too NordVPN provides you 3 days free trail to think about the correct option to be used. Money back guarantee is also offered but only on case of your connection has not been established.

Payment Method: Various payment modes are accepted here, so no need to think about the lack of options and wasting time.
Various modes you can choose are PayPal, webmoney, credit card, bitcoin.

Conclusion For All This NordVPN Review

As it is most renowned for the best IT security and offers almost every aspect to deal with malfunction issue caused by the malicious sources. Its modern encryption methods make it more so unique to be at the top. And the top notch hardware that is compliment with it will make your journey with NordVPN more interesting and easy.

As its many tools are user friendly so no need to screw up your mind too long. Its option list for service providers is also too much for word sufficient. As we have too many options to select so it really help us out with betterment in results of our expectations.

Free tools are there to make your security the tight as much as possible and coupled with the fact that it is damn pocket friendly as compared to other networks in market. At last, if our customers are facing any issues customer support team will help you out with their experience and the patience.

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