Hoverwatch Review 2023: Best Free Mobile Tracker Software

Many of the people today are not that much aware about the spying application of mobile phones. Whereas, some of doubt this thing that it actually works. But your every doubt gets clear after you come across the startling features of the Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker.

As, the world today is not trustworthy, and we need to protect our nearest and dearest from online threats and if you are owning a business you are having a great responsibility, at that point you need to protect it at any cost. So, here is a perfect solution for you out there, who are waiting for such a miracle to happen.


Hoverwatch not only keeps track of the phone calls, SMS, and other telephonic records but also have whole dossier of the social networking interaction like of Facebook, Viber, Snapchat and Whatsapp. So, if you are using Hoverwatch you will get comfort as, you have hired a spy that will give you updated report 24/7.

It is multitasking application and is universal as well, that gives you a lot of monitoring features to monitor your targeted number. This application is embedded with a lot of eyebrow raising features. Hoverwatch will give you an access to the complete data and information shared on the phone via any channel, either it be the phone service provider, or the social networking apps. Some of its features are as follows.

One of the amazing feature is that you can keep the track of the conversation held on any call. This is applicable to both phone calls and Whatsapp calls. If suppose in business, you need to keep track of conversation between your employees and any one, you must get it. You can have a proper call track with numbers.

This app saves your data recorded in internet panel. As, of you require it any time, you can get it online. From there you van simply download the audio file. This is not only for the calls but you can also have the record of the SMS and MMS exchanged. You can also get the track of the time, date, and even recipient or sender number. Hoverwatch keeps the track in the form of text saved and again submits it to the online panel.

Now its the turn of doubt internet, Hoverwatch also provides you an access to the internet action such as it will keep track of all information surfed on each URL of the websites that were accessed. And you will get the record of the titles of the webpage. Many times you need to know that what is the location of the targeted android phone, so this app helps to track the exact location of the person with the help of WiFi and GPS technology.

No need to worry about the time when user have switched his phone off, as it is capable to track the location with the help of GSM technology.

A great relief, isn’t it? This application is teemed so much with technology that even the camera is managed online, you might be thinking what is this for? A simple answer, whenever user of targeted phone unlocks the phone, camera automatically clicks the picture through the front camera this screenshot is saved.

As, the people today are getting smarter, so it may happen that someone changes his or her sim card to avoid the spying, but bad news for them, as the app can track the phone with the new sim, and can save the number of the sim for the information shared through that sim.


Hoverwatch keeps the tracks of the all keys that were pressed on the android keyboard. So in case of any password registered by the targeted mobile you can have the clear information about each and every alphabet. Now when it comes to social networks like Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc.

This app helps to keep record of the all information shared on Facebook, either it be in the form of text or visual images and even videos. In addition to this, the every URL that the user of that android had entered is also kept in track. Many of people use messenger for the exchange of the information like on Skype, Adium, i-message here also this app will not disappoint you.

Here also you will get all the messages exchanged. This app has a brilliant feature of taking screenshot automatically and saving it. Now let’s shed some light on the devices that are using windows in spite of android, for such devices you can get all the features of MAC MONITORING and even many such as webcam shots that will help you to take screenshots automatically of the device like PC or the laptop having windows installed in. And with this it also saves the activity of clipboard, whatever is done there will be again recorded.


  • It is quite simple to install this digital agent as a spy, what you need is to follow the following steps
  • At very first go to official site of Hoverwatch and sign in with your own account with a secured password of yours
  • Then, you simply have to click “Add the device”, and have to look for installation option.
  • Next, you will receive a link that will directly give you the installation link, click it and download the application file
  • After this you have to run installation. And if any settings are required to be adjusted, you can go on for that.
  • At last you have to open Hoverwatch tracking app and start it.

The costing of the application is in two ways, one is family pack and another is personal pack. Family pack should be preferred if you want the surveillance for more than one device then you can go for this, with worth €3.33 per month for one year license and if you want a license of one month, then it would be bit costly with €39.95. And next is personal pack if you have to target only one device and is with reasonable price of €8.33 per month for one year license.

The Hoverwatch tracking application is the perfect solution to the concern of businessmen and parents regarding the eye keeping issue. And this app is definitely with the reasonable price and also provides you each and every small to big information. This is a good barricade to protect your children from cyber-crimes as well.

Hoverwatch doesn’t need any of the effort to put up from your side as it has many automatic features in it. It is far better than the other trackers in market. As many of them don’t promise you best results. You can analyse the epitome of surveillance of Hoverwatch from the n number of functions supported by it.

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