SendPulse Review: Email Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to email marketers, no doubt there are few options in online services that promise the best result of your expectations, even they do but not in a pocket friendly way. To be a solution for this sendpulse has been introduced as a universal platform for all kind of notifications: SMS, web push and email.

As the platform is embedded with the “Artificial Intelligence” system which is truly helpful to launch campaigns via all of these channels at once. It gives the opportunity to not even increase your open rate too. This software totally deals with the flaws that you encounter whenever you deal with stuff like that.

Sendpulse Review

But we assure you to get abundant of benefits with the SendPulse and the expectations we have would be surely met that we have during any campaign. You can easily note down the changes that you will get in a genuine cost with this package.

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How SendPulse Works To Increase Email Open Rates

Artificial Intelligence system plays a vital role in increasing the email open rate. There is a neat increase in open rate of 30%. AI will work very swiftly to decide and the suitable time and channel for establishing the contact. As the AI will keenly watch the user behaviours and the time of email opening, on that basis it will set time.

As people many times have to send the mails in bulk like in a number of even 1000, many time it may happen that your email didn’t reach over the destination because of the bulk, so this technology helps the mails to increase the open rate.

The technology used in it helps you to create professional looking mails so its a great news for them too who are new for this, as this helps you to create professional email with its tools. The SendPulse have following functions.

Sendpulse Artificial Intelligence


Is sets the divider between the recipient according to the gender, location, interest, and other desired criteria. This is really as an icing on the cake as marketers can notice the hike in open rates, click- through rates and even more transactions.


It makes your mail an eye catcher as it helps to attach the subscribers’ information. The information in it could be any thing like name, age, city, date of birth, and others. It is the requirement of a well designed mail that it should be customer oriented and even your email campaign should be too. For this adding such kind of personal information really do good. It will be worth to add these in the mail.

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Convenient Drag & Drop Email Editor

Its mostly hard to create a colourful template, but now no longer is the same status regarding this as the SendPulse has made it an easy job to do. Furthermore, one more good news is that you do not need to be an expert to do so as it is a friendly work for new beginners. Here mail editor contains the set of blocks what you have to do is very easy.

You simply have to click on it and drag the selected block to the place you desire, with there we have 100 professionally designed free email templates with us. As today in the era of time, we know time is money so no need to waste time on designing you unique email template, you can easily find a thing you are looking for from here.

Sample’s are categorised here by the difference groups like business, health care, travel, holidays and many more. What you have to do by your own is to edit the main text associated with mail and text of header and buttons as well. And there you go with a mail to be sent in seconds.

Subscription Form Generator

It allows you to collect email addresses and for that you have to simply create newsletter signup forms to be placed on your site or blog. If you need to create a unique design with your corporate colors you can simply create subscription form by adding a name of your new email book to gather the subscribers’ addresses.

Sendpulse Features

Series Of Emails

With this software it is easy to send automated emails. If we talk about the revenue so what we need to do is to compact this feature in almost every email. As it will have 5times greater revenue than the promotional emails. Sendpulse will help you to send automated emails and will alter your hardwork. You can set automated mails according to different occasions or different memorable days or commemorations.

  1. Like subscribers birthday and anniversary
  2. Joining of new user
  3. User opens your previous email

Resending To Unopened Emails

Many times marketers deal with the ignorance of opening of emails and low open rates but SendPulse will help to increase the open rate by resending the mails to unopened one that will trigger the open rate and will speedup the rate from 30% to 70 % this percentage varies from company to company.

AB Testing

If you want your work to be full proof what you need is that you should do your work 10/10. You should check your work before forwarding it, so this feature is added to resolve your problem.

Integration With Google Analyst

This will help to check the subscribers time on your site and the details that you require too like amount of money you are getting from campaign and pages they view.

Mobile Friendly

You can simply download this app to your phone as it is mobile friendly and from there even you can simply invite the subscribers and even you can create the emails from the free galary box. Its an easy method to do.

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SMTP Account

SMTP account with the server helps to deliver the bulk mails fast as the SendPulse have two more benefits as it sets the communication via SMS and by web push notification. So it makes emailing more easy and fast. SMTP helps to improve the delivery speed because of SPF and DKIM.


SendPulse helps you to send SMS to 200 countries.

SendPulse SMS


  • Monthly subscription is for $ 29
  • And pay for every mail you send starting fro. $32 for 10,000 messages.
  • SMTP services
  • Stars from $ 8.85
  • Pay for only those messages you send starts from $ 15 per 1000 messages.

Free Plan

  • If subscribers are more than 25,000, send 15,000 newsletters per month free.
  • Test SMTP service with first 12,000 emails for free.

Just Go With SendPulse

To conclude only one thing is there that SendPulse not only allow you to speed up your mails sending but also helps to increase your open rate as well as will save your precious time by having the templates to make attractive emails campaigns ready to use.

You can easily use it and even have a look to the daily analysis with its integrated part with Google that will surely help you out. And this tool will help you to do get many benefits with a reasonable amount. So, no need to worry about the extra amount to be spend. This will surely help you to get an amazing experience with the simple work like sending emails even.

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