15+ Best Unblocked Music Sites Of 2024 For School, College & Work

Every single person on earth enjoys music, the ratio is high when it comes to the young generation especially folks going to school and colleges.

All the students love to listen to good music and it is just a kind of entertainment and also stress buster.

Unblocked music sites

Best unblocked music sites are good source of entertainment, but many school and college have blocked the entertainment websites which means you won’t be able to listen to the music when you are in the school or college network zone.

This is why students started to look for the list of unblocked music sites to listen to their favourite number.

Your search for unblocked music sites at school ends here, you can listen to all music of your choice with these below mentioned free music sites which are the perfect substitute to the premium music sites.

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15 Best List Of Unblocked music sites

1. HulkShare

hulkshare unblocked music sites

HulkShare is one of the top unblocked music listening sites which has a huge collection of songs, all you need is to enter the song name or artist name and enjoy it. You can also mention the album name.

Most of the songs available in the HulkShare is uploaded by regular users, the home page contains a list of week’s top songs and trending songs so you don’t miss what world is listening to at HulkShare.

HulkShare is available free of cost and best for students at school and college to listen to the latest songs .A perfect site for all the music enthusiasts who love to listen to the trending musical numbers.

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2. Grooveshark


Grooveshark is another popular unblocked song sites of 2024 where you can get free music, apart from it the site has the best reputation when it comes to serving free music in most of the schools and colleges.

You can easily get access to this website via your college WiFi without any restriction. In addition to it, Grooveshark is the top site which has a huge collection of music and songs, you can search for almost all kind of music genre and also customize the playlist as per your preferences. Moreover, these playlists can be saved for future fun listening sessions.

3. Slacker


Slacker is an online radio streaming network, you can select more than 200 working stations via Slacker. With the help of this effective site, you can enjoy tremendous database of songs in almost all the genres.

You can select the songs with song name, albums, artists etc. Apart from that, you can join any radio station of your choice and listen to an unlimited number of songs totally free of cost.

Slacker is one of the best unblocked music websites available totally free of cost. If you love to listen to endless music, this one will keep you addicted.

4. PureVolume

purevolume unblocked music site

PureVolume is another popular name when it comes to enjoying songs via non blocked websites. The website contains the huge database of music files for free of cost you can enjoy huge collections from almost all the genre.

In addition to it, the website allows the user to search the music of their choice via category, artists, songs name, album,  etc. In short, you can select all the music files totally as per your choice and pretty fast too with the help of PureVolume.
It works as a cool platform for music creators too, you can upload your songs or music creations and share with everyone here.

5. Spotify


The website Spotify is famous for its database collections of nice kinds of music and songs. The website allows the user to listen to all the popular numbers online without paying a single buck, it is one of the best premium portal since it has zero advertisements.

Spotify has the most uninterrupted music streaming experience which makes it the first choice, it also allows the user to enjoy music offline. In addition to it, you can also download the songs and the overall loading time is also less.

6. BlueBeat

bluebeat music site

BlueBeat is another treat for all the music lover, this website also provides high-quality music and has good collections of songs. You can easily access music files from almost all the genre for totally free.

In addition to it, BlueBeat works as a community for all the music lovers where you can instantly follow your friends or other’s music playlist.

BlueBeat also allows the user to create a playlist of their choice and you can use the search option available on the homepage to look for trending songs. Another great feature of BlueBeat is, you can get access to huge collection of 3D songs here for free.

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7. Soundzabound


Soundzabound contains massive collections of royalty free music and songs which can be used in different school and college projects. In addition to it, Soundzabound is one of the popular unblocked song sites for students which provides free music to many PowerPoint presentations.

You can quickly search the songs via genres, artist names, year of release and also album names. Moreover, downloading the songs from Soundzabound is very easy.

8. Punchdrunk Music

punchdrunkmusic SITE

punchdrunkmusic SITEThe name is kind of weird but  Punchdrunk is one of the trending sites when it comes to Unblocked music streaming sites. In the first place, it is not a music site, it is actually a proxy site which is developed specially to cater the music needs of the visitors.

In short, the Punchdrunk site allows the user to access all the music sites via inbuilt proxy server, this site is very fast and has excellent bandwidth. Punchdrunk is perfect to access free unblocked music at a very high streaming speed.

9. Jamendo: New Unblocked Music Site Work Place’s


When it comes to the database of songs collection Jamendo is a popular name. This unblocked song site allows the user to stream millions of songs in almost all the languages and genre. The best news is, everything is free of cost and can be used by the student at school and colleges

The account creation is totally optional at Jamendo.  But, you can avail additional perks if you are the member of Jamendo like you get an option to create a playlist, upload the songs and share it with other folks available at Jamendo.

10. Pandora

Pandora Music SitejamendoPandora Music Site

Pandora is available for the people staying at the USA, t is an online radio station which allows the users to create a station as per their choice. In addition to it, you can easily be a part of pre-made stations based on your music preferences.

The Pandora website contains a huge number of songs which are licensed and can be easily searched using the name, artist name and album too. The best part about Pandora is, the simple design and quick accessibility of songs using the homepage search box.

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5 More Top Unblocked Music Sites Of 2024

11. NoiseTrade


The website is recently getting the popularity as it contains thousands of music which are totally free for usage, the content of the website is 100 % legal and contains songs from all the genres. All you need is to give a tap on your favourite category and get started.

12. Tunein


The name Tunein is enough to explain the content on the website. It is a popular radio station which allows you to get access to 100’s radio channels and unlimited music for free of cost.

The user interface of Tunein is very friendly, you can easily conduct a search as per your favourite music channel local radio, audio, book and also trending music. It allows the user to enjoy more than 4 million podcasts across the globe.

13. Hungama


Hungama is a one-stop destination to enjoy the unblocked music, it is the most loved stations in India where you can find music of almost all the genre. Staring from Jazz, pop to western music, Hungama has tremendous collections of the music file and it is the best option for students where you can enjoy FM stations too.

14. WolfGang’s


WolfGang’s is another popular name when it comes to unblocked music sites to enjoy music at school and colleges.The website is filled with authentic music files and has a huge collection of excellent tracks.

A perfect choice for all folks who love to hear vintage stuff, WolfGang’s also caters the needs of new generation music lover and contain an option called “popular in music category”. It allows the user to create an account free of cost.

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15. PlaylistSound


PlaylistSoundWhen you look for a trusted unblocked music streaming sites, PlaylistSound tops the chart. The website allows you to stream and listen to kinds of music and songs in high quality. The collections are vast and you can listen to new as well as old famous songs for free.

The PlaylistSound contains built-in audio player, you don’t need to create a specific account to get started. The site comes with an advanced search option which makes the searching instant.

These was the perfect list of unblocked music sites at school or college which allows all the student’s of colleges and school to stream uninterrupted music, the list of best collections of the website which all the music lover would enjoy.

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