12 Most Effective Content Writing Tips – You Should Never Ignore!

You are here for content writing tips.

High-quality content is writing influents the success of content marketing strategy and enhance the lead generation.

High-quality content increases the chance of building great loyal readers.

It also creates a connection between author and readers.

You can also increase the visibility of your brand with high-quality content.

High-quality content is a magical term for the author.

The author can drive massive search traffic from search engine.

Search engine always loves great content.

Except that, you will get a tremendous response from readers.

They will share your content through social media.

Social media is crucial to increase the visibility of your site.

Everyone needs to follow content writing tips.

If you already a content writer, check out these 12 content writing tips.

It will make your post search engine friendly and build loyal relationships with your users.

I have listed some valuable content writing tips here.

I think you will love to read my tips.

It will help you to create high-quality content for your blog.

Don’t try to use content writing software or spun content.

They are useless and no SEO value.

They will not help you to attract readers.

So avoid them every time.

Over Optimization

Don’t write your content for search engine bot.

Write content for human beings and your loyal readers.

Many webmaster and bloggers over-optimized their content without notice.

The search engine doesn’t like them.

Carefully deal with over optimization content.

Keyword Tool

Use a keyword tool like Google Keyword Research tool, Ubersuggest or take help from Google Trends.

Google keyword research tool is my favorite tool.

You will get lots of keywords ideas with search volume.

Keyword research is crucial to start content creating process.

You can also get the idea from Long Tail Pro, HitTail.

Keyword Placement

Always use your primary keyword in the article beginning and first paragraph.

And make sure, you also added your main keyword in the first 100 words.

Keywords in Tag

Don’t neglect to head tag.

It’s crucial in SEO.

Keyword in heading tag gives extra importance to your content.

So, use heading tag H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.

Keyword in title tag

Having keyword in the title tag is beneficial.

The search engine can understand your content very well.

It’s most important in SEO.

It’s an On-page SEO ranking factor.

So, if you implement this strategy in your post bullet point or on paragraph heading, you do well.

Keyword Mixing

Secondary keyword and LSI keywords are also important with primary keyword.

At the beginning make a list of secondary keyword and LSI keyword.

Write content with proper mixing.

It’s increase content relevance, and you can rank for secondary keyword also.

Keyword Density

I don’t believe on keyword density.

Many people tell that 2% keyword density is best.

You can keep this idea.

But my idea is if your content is relevant to the title, no problem.

You are doing well.

Keyword Stuffing

Repeating exact keyword more and more is keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing can hurt your site rankings.

Many people think that Google loves same keyword repeated post.

They are just misguided.

Anyone can’t rank content with keyword stuffing.

How people can reflect on this. So, don’t try this.


Use synonyms and grammar variations in your copy.

It’s another content writing tip.

Search engine always avoids poor grammatical content.

You are already aware of LSI terms.

Search engine always tries to give better search results for their users.

If you add synonyms with proper grammar, you can go for an extended run.

Depth Content

Who like’s unfinished content?

Everyone wants to start with the good beginning and finish with a happy ending.

Always write depth content about your topic.

Give key points, bullet points and tell them why people will use it.

Google always like depth researched content.

They pay extra attention to depth content.

Writing long form content is always time-consuming matter.

Don’t fill your copy with unnecessary things.

People and search engine don’t wish to read them.

If your text is well written in a depth format, people will love to share your post.

They will remember about your site.

Also great opportunity to rank high on search engine.

Long Tail Keywords

You can go with long tail keywords.

You need to find them for your post.

You can use HitTail long tail keyword generator tool.

If you target board keyword, it won’t work for you.

Try 4 or more phrases keyword for your post.

You can rank your post within a short time with long tail keywords because of small competition.

In return, you have the possibility to get extra search traffic within a short period.

It’s crucial for all types of blog.

If your blog is not aged, definitely chase long tail keywords.

Question Answer

Many people use the internet for getting solutions.

You can grab their attention.

If you write posts that are problem-solving for others, you will get massive traffic.

People will rely on your post more.

They read your review and buy the product by inspiring from your post.

You need to explain better from your competitors.

The Bottom Line

Content writing is always a challenging task.

You can’t post anything on your site or can’t represent poor knowledge base.

It impacts on your visitors.

They will get motivation from your post.

So, use my content writing tips and make your post SEO friendly.

It will keep both you and your readers healthy.

Always research your topic then write.

Also, pay extra attention to proofreading.


Blog Name Ideas: How To Come Up With A Blog Name?

I was starting a new blog 3 months before, everything was in my mind at that time.

I planned the strategy, design (in fact, bought the theme) and I even made the strategy of articles, like how I’ll going to post and on which topics etc.


The only problem was of coming up with the blog name that stand out from the crowd.

I know the time when I was searching for a great blog name.

I was messaging my Facebook friends for getting blog name ideas but didn’t even worked for me, as I was in a need of best blog name ideas.

I was craving for getting a great blog name but I didn’t got any yet.

Whenever I thought a good blog name it was already registered, Quite spooky 😛 That was headache, to be honest!

When I was searching on the internet, I got some tips from the giant Google when I wrote “How To Come Up With A Blog Name“?

I got so many great tips for getting my blog’s name, after searching for almost 5-6 hours, I got the domain which is “Horror Sensations”.

I thought why not write a post on the same topic along with my experience.

I’m not giving you a blog names list nor I’m sharing best blog names ever here but I’ll give the tips which is never shared before.

Let’s have a great blog name today.

You can grab a cute blog name too that attract visitors.

After reading this post, I hope that you don’t need to go anywhere else. 🙂

Let’s tweet this now!

What is a Blog/Domain Name?

First thing is first, in this video you’ll learn about what is a domain name and how it works which is created by Godaddy.

Blog Names Categories

There are two categories that revolves around blog names and these are:

Branded Blog Names

What else better than a Brand?

I always go with the Branded Blog Names as these names are the perfect ones if you want to build a brand online.

What else should I tell about these blog names as these names can convert into powerful brand.

It doesn’t matter if it’s self branding or company branding.

Let’s take an example:

Neil Patel is having two blogs and both are his brands.

One is “Quicksprout.com” and second is “NeilPatel.com”.

In these both domains he can post anything even it’s not relates to blogging as he haven’t bought EMD or generic blog name, he is having his own brand.

Exact Match Domain/Blog Names (A.K.A EMD)

Simple definition of EMD is “Blog name same as your niche”.

That domains are very SEO friendly and User Friendly as users will know what your blog is all about and EMD are more likely to rank than a Branded Blog Name.

It will be the blog name that will do not have any brand name or any registered trademark.

Let’s take an example:

Francis having a blog name called “bloggingtipsandtricks” and his blog niche is on “Blogging”, if we add spaces then it will be like “Blogging Tips and Tricks” so it means he is having an EMD and he will get more traffic than a branded blog name’s post on the same topic.

This is what we call “Exact Match Domain/Blog Name“.

In the end, I would like to say that, in my case I’ll go with the Branded Blog Name that will be easily understandable.

Don’t go for a shortcut as you can’t change your domain name after choosing one as many metrics already involved in your previous domain.

Things To Be Considered While Selecting A Blog Name

I’ve added this section here because I want you guys to know what happened to me.

Actually, I bought Googlegags.com long ago.

I was so much happy, to be honest, as I got a name that was having a quite good searches and having Google’s brand name in it.


The happiness was not for the long time because I was having a domain name which is having a brand name.

Google can simply claim a copyright infringement.

Let’s have a look on the things that we shouldn’t do while choosing a blog name.

Copyright Infringement

We should avoid a domain name that is having a brand name.

The brand name owner can simply do a case on you if you own a domain name with the name of their brand.

Let’s take an example, If we buy WordPressTricks.com, GoogleGags.net, YoastSEOPlugin.org etc. then they can send us a legal notice at no time.

You’ve to avoid this, if you want a permanent and an authority blog.

Adding A Name Of The Affiliate Product In Domains

Most of us do these this for getting an EMD but are we sure that the Product owners will allow us?

I don’t think so, If you are even promoting their products but they’ll not give you your commission for sure.

I would like to suggest you to contact them first before buying a domain name same as their product name.

Effective Tips For Coming Up With The Blog Name

This is what we all waited for, Blog name is so so so much important thing to consider as this is the thing that can build trust in User’s eye.

Finding Your TOPIC’s Related Keywords

My main topic/niche is blogging but blogging is a vast field.

Blogging have many sub niches/related keywords.

Like I’m giving tips on SEO, Making Money Online etc. that what we call our related keywords.

Let’s take an example of Brian Dean of Backlinko, he always give tips on SEO, infact his blog’s name is related to the SEO’s one of the category “Backlink“.

You can even choose your sub niche of your main niche and then you can change it into a brand name, like Brian did. 🙂

Extensions Doesn’t Really Matters Now

Whether you buy .com or .not, you can really survive and can rank your blog easily.

I’m not going to talk about my blog here, leave it, I’m going to talk about one of my friend’s blog.

Let me tell you that my friend’s keywords are ranking on the first page of Google with 1 million searches per month.

Imagine, how much he will be making per month.

I’ve checked his AdSense account and I was shocked, to be honest, he was making more than 3 lac per month and sometimes 500$ in a day.

Now let’s come to his extension, actually his blog is not even EMD, his extension is .pw and ranking with this domain.

You might be thinking about the competition matters, but the keywords he is ranking on are of high competition.

Now tell me that .com really matters?

Even, I’ve .net and this site having a lot of traffic, Alhamdullilah!

At the end of the day, you can choose any of the extension, it really doesn’t matters.

We’ve one more example which is Tech.co 😀

So, Go on!

Should You Secure TLDs For Your Blog Name?

If you’re going to buy domain that is a branded name then you should buy it’s every TLD (If available).

That will help you to build an authority blog.

No one can have a blog name like you, it’s authority itself.

If we talk about Problogger.net of Darren Rowse, he later bought .com version of his brand Pro Blogger.

This is called the real branding, if you want authority sites like Darren Rowse then you should buy TLDs of your brand name.

In this post, Darren explained this topic more deeply.

A Short Name Will Help?

If we talk about a great blog name that is unforgettable then we should have a short blog name.

Born Blogger is short, word to word and unforgettable blog name.

We should have a short blog name that will be last forever in readers minds.

Will Parents Can Help In Coming Up With A Blog Name?

You might be thinking that how parents can help in selecting a great blog name, My thinking was the same, until and unless it happened with me.

Let me tell you my story.

I was shaking my head for a blog name for my this blog.

Mom came and told to have a dinner at the dinning table.

I told my mom that I’m really frustrated today.

She said, Why?

I said, Mom, I want to select a blog name for my blog but I’m not getting any idea.

Well, Mom said, that you’re blogging from a very young age.

After that she said that why not coming up with a blog name that will be related to your age.

I said, Hmmm… but how?

At the last, she said, to buy Born Blogger.

That was great to be honest.

And I was very very and very happy for this blog name.

As usual we all first search our blog names in a .com version, but I didn’t got.

After thinking a lot, I thought to buy .net version.

So here it is in front of you. 🙂

Why not go to your parents now, and ask them to help?

Parents are parents! 😉

Can We Use Numbers & Hyphens In The Domain Name?

Using hyphens or numbers in our blog names is not a great idea.

If it was coming in your mind, go and throw it now in the bin near you.

It’s not even healthy in terms of SEO.

You should avoid having a blog name with hyphens or numbers.

Having EMD Is A Better Idea?

No doubt, having EMDs are good but wait……

These domains can harm you too, can destroy your blog too.

Let me tell you that Google have an algo who give penalty to spammy EMDs.

In my opinion, It’s better to have a branded blog name.

Let’s take example of Shoutmeloud, it’s a great blog which is having no PMD (Partial Match Domain) or not even EMD.

We should always have Branded domain name.

Having Partial Match Domain (A.K.A PMD) Is Good?

Let me first explain you about Partial Match Domain.

What is Partial Match Domain or PMD?

A domain with some matched keywords of your niche are often known as “Partial Match Domain”. i.e: Born Blogger

Using partial match domain is better than having EMD.

You can make a branded blog name by using Partial Match Domain, like I does.

Having keywords in your blog name is a good idea but anything can be ranked through high quality and SEO friendly content.

Choosing My Own Name As A Blog Name Will Effect?

Nothing is good than making yourself a brand.

We’ve many great examples in the industry.

Let’s take an example of Matthew Woodward, he is having a great blog with his own name, his blog is a brand which is of his own name “Matthewwoodward.co.uk” 🙂

You can also make a brand of yourself but you’ve to be smart enough as others.

Blog Name Ideas Generators List

The above tips haven’t satisfied you yet? or do you want a bot to do things for you, Okay I got!

Here I’m coming up with the Blog Name Generators list.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search

I haven’t found a great tool like this ever before.

You just need to write your keyword and then see the magic of this amazing tool.

I wrote “Blogger” in the search bar and got too many great blog names, that I even didn’t thought about.

You can play with this tool easily, by doing changing in settings.

Use Lean Domain Search

Name Boy

Name Boy

Name Boy

This tool is also a great tool, No doubt.

This tool offer you two types Primary Word and Secondary Word which is the best part of it.

You can use this tool impressively for selecting your next blog name.

Use Name Boy




I found Panabee as simplest blog name generator tool online.

The way it find out blog names is awesome.

It also show availability of the domain using heart icon. 😀

Use Panabee




This tool is the great but somehow difficult tool for newbies.

If you’ll now how to use WordRoid then you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Use WordRoid

Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas

This is the great tool for getting our like-minded domain/blog names.

You’ve to write your main name, then you’ve to select your blog topic and you’re good to go.

You can also select desired extension. 🙂

Use Cool Name Ideas

Final Words: How To Come Up With A Blog Name – Explained!

I know I’ve explained it very deeply, in fact, I’ve wrote as much as I can.

I hope that this guide will help you to select a better blog name and it’s also gave you some blog name ideas.

I need one thing in return, what it is?

Well, I need a share from you guys, this will appreciate my efforts and it will encourage me to come with the great guides like this in the future. 🙂

Don’t Forget to subscribe to my blog for getting guides like this and secret contents which are only for my email subscribers. Thanks!


A Step-By-Step Guide To Attract Thousands Of Visitors By Creating Interviews On Your Blog!

For a few months or even a few years you have a blog that does not end take off.

Your visits do not go up.

Your project is stuck.

You may gradually have gotten some visibility, but the interaction with your readers is zero .

There are hardly any comments.

No thank-you email in your inbox.

You want to position yourself as an expert on a particular topic but no one believes that you really have authority for this.

How are you going to get to live on your web like this?

Or, you can be at an even more initial point.

While you want to launch an online project and do not know where to start or what to write.

You think you’re no good at anything.

It takes thousands of hours to write an article then has little impact.

Your welcome.

All of us who have online projects have gone through this point.

But today I’ll teach you how to get out of this vicious circle in record time and in a very simple way: Interviewing references in your niche.

Why not, tweet this?

Why should you start creating interviews of referents within your topic today?

You are missing ideas for your content

There are weeks when you run out of ideas for your next post on your blog.

Or if you have them, you do not end up writing an article that you really feel satisfied with.

Interviewing is a very easy way to produce texts that are very valuable to your readers.

Not even what you have to do it, if not the bulk of the article is written by your interviewee.

Make a good battery of questions so your guest will leave the best of themselves on your blog and your readers will thank you.

You do not need ideas, you need to locate people.

This anyone can do.

Faster production

Your biggest effort is this: find the person, contact him/her and do a good research for the battery of questions.

Done the interview and the edition is no more.

You probably save 5 to 7 hours for each post with which you intend to have similar results.

Exponential increase of visits

When these influencers, experts or whatever you want to call them share the interview through their networks will send you thousands of visits to your website.

You, hopefully, have a few hundred followers on social networks.

Your interviewee has hundreds of thousands between Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think will happen when you decide to broadcast the interview you’ve done?

Yes, you’re going to be freaked out with the increase in traffic to your platform that day.

The trick is to look for someone with this ability and also do a piece of interview like no one has ever done before.


By interviewing referrals in your niche, they autom atically transfer some of your authority to you and, over time, you become one of them.

This happens naturally, you do not have to do anything.

Just do more interviews better so that little by little the blogosphere will relate to each of these people.

In several conversations Facebook group I’ve seen that address me as “the guy who has managed to interview the most amazing bloggers around the world back then.”

Get this and your way will smooth out so much that it will even surprise you.

Free Masterclass

With each interview you make, you will receive free training.

You have a guy in front of you who will give you a 1 to 1 consultant for you.

Is it not amazing?

If you are able to find the most powerful people in your subject and have a conversation of 30 to 60 minutes with them, you will freak out of everything you are going to learn.

When you’ve done 20 interviews, you’re another person, guaranteed.

Know your idols

Some of these people that we have so idolized over time become friends of yours, going from being up in the sky to being at your level.

I have dined with a blogger, the girl who inspired me to travel around Undated back and build a blog for it.

This is the magic of interviews.

It is a dream come true, not imagine as being in front of the person you most admire in the world and have a conversation with her.

Conducting interviews is the best technique to get the idols out of the sky and give them a hug.

I do not know anything better for this.

Motivation and inspiration for thousands of people

You are going to present your audience with a lot of people with amazing stories and you are going to upload videos and/or free texts for everyone.

Your readers will leave comments on your blog, private emails and messages on social networks in the form of thanks for the motivational kick you just gave them.

Karma will thank you too.

Increase your social skills, Are you shy?

Well, with this you will learn to relate much better with people, not only in the online world but in the real world, in the physical as well.


On the one hand that your readers will deposit you when you take 20 or 25 interviews.

On the other, the one you are going to develop yourself as you spend your time practicing in your conversations with your guests.

You’ll feel much safer in front of a camera, which will help your power of speech if you’re invited to a conference or if you are planning to organize an offline event.

You will develop the gift of improvisation and fluency in your conversations, which in the business world will serve you and for a lot.

Guest Posting

Interviews are the best door to be accepted as a guest post.

The guest posting or guest blogging is basically writing as a guest author on another blog.

It is about locating other websites with a higher audience than you have (although not always) and a theme the same or similar to yours.

If you write for a blog that read 5,000 people a day, and you read 100 daily, the impact you create is much greater, logically.

I have made many face-to-face guest posting proposals right after recording a video interview, this is much warmer than if you do it by email, so the opportunities to be accepted as guest author are much higher.

The best tools for your upcoming interviews. And the simplest to use

I hope you have already realized the potential that you can get your website doing interviews.

Now, I’m going to present the tools and resources you can use to get the most out of these and make it simple to start without any headaches.


Google Hangouts

Easy to use and 100% free.

To start think is the best tool and by far because the learning curve is minimal.

It will only cost you to square the first interviews, the next you will get rounds.

The best thing for me, without a doubt, is that once you finish the recording it automatically uploads to your YouTube channel.

You save all the time of editing and upload to this platform.


For all my interviews back then I have used Hangouts but it is probable that soon I will do some tests to see if I am more comfortable with this software since the interviewee facilitates the process and everyone knows it.

To record the interviews from Skype you can use Pamela (for Windows) or Ecamm Call Recorder (for Mac).


Youtube Editor

As I’ve told you before, this is the tool I use to edit very quickly my video interviews that have been uploaded automatically when I have recorded from Hangouts.

Simple, fast and free.

What more do you want to start now?

Camtasia Studio

Sofware for Windows and Mac.

Screen recorder and editor to correct your interviews.

I have used it a couple of times and the truth is that it is very useful and simple to start if you do not want to use the own Youtube editor.

You have 30 days free trial after the price is 99$ for Mac and 299$ for Windows.

If you want to learn a good, nice and cheap course by a professional, you can see: Editing Video with Camtasia Studio. Created by Masuk Sarker Batista


For the recording of my interviews I use the web cam itself and the integrated microphone of my laptop.

As I’m traveling back Undated I move a dell for all sides.

The quality of the integrated hardware of this laptop is quite good so I do not need anything else that implies a greater weight in my backpack.

But if you want to take a more professional leap, then I’ll am ready to show you what I will be using to record my courses:

Still not convinced?

I leave you the data of my first 30 Interviews back in 2015:

  • +30,000 views on youtube in 10 months.
  • +30,000 sessions on the blog with
  • +220 comments in interview posts

I Suspend using Internet that time to focus on my education.

But the best thing has been to meet the people who were in front of the camera.

And have a great time in these interviews.

If you have lost the illusion with your project, I recommend you open a section of interviews to recover your mood.

You’re going to have a great time.

Final Words

In this guide, I’ve teach you some awesome things about interviews and that worked for me too.

Why not share this guide?

Spread the love, share it with your fans, followers and mates.

Got any question?

Just sit back, relax and shout a comment below, I’ll love to answer your queries.

Happy Blogging!

About The Writer:

Am Mikahil Web designer and lovers of big surf, love to make new friends and also brought up something unique to make people benefit from it….

TF-IDF : An Ultimate Theory To Find Keyword Relevance Score In Document Queries!

For each and every query, Google retrieves the most relevant webpage from its database.

It’s a goal of every SEO copywriter that his page becomes the best of all the indexed webpages and get visible on the first page of Google.

You always try your best to understand that what Google Bots are taking into their account while judging your content.

You sometimes might get confused while understanding the ranking factors of the content.

Whether you are targeting the right keywords or not? How frequent should you add your keywords? Is it looking spammy?

But do you ACTUALLY know the Most Important technique Google Bots are using to judge content’s quality?

Most of you, don’t!

The Most Important and primary ranking algorithm is tf-idf.

It was introduced in the 1970s and uses the presence, number of occurrences, and their locations to generate a statistical data on the importance of a term in the document.

The terms that are appearing in a small group of documents will have higher tf-idf weight than common stop words like “the” and “this”.


tf-idf – Explanation!

Mathematically, it is a product of 2 important stats, i.e., term frequency (tf) and inverse document frequency (idf).

Let’s head over to these 2 very important factors and understand them in detail to absorb the concept of tf-idf.

And don’t feel intimidated by these nerdy terminologies.

These are quite simple!

Wikipedia explained the term tf-idf in an awesome way: In information retrieval, tf-idf, short for term frequency–inverse document frequency, is a numerical statistic that is intended to reflect how important a word is to a document in a collection or corpus. It is often used as a weighting factor in information retrieval and text mining.

Term Frequency

The term frequency tft,d of a term in the document is the number of times t occurs in d. tft,d is required while computing query document match score.

Consider you want to determine the most relevant document to the query “the black ring” from a set of text documents.

The best way to do is by eliminating the documents that do not contain all the 3 words.

But this will still leave many documents.

So to further distinguish, we have to count the number of times each word is coming in a document and then sum up them together.

This sum is what we call “term frequency”.

There is also a preferred Mathematical formula for the calculation of term frequency :

Mathematical formula for the calculation of term frequency

Here, tft,d = term frequency of term t in document d

Please note that here log is used to dampen the effect of tft,d.

I have also added 1 to log tft,d because when tf is equal to 1, the log(1) is zero.

Adding one will distinguish wt,d when tf=0 and tf=1.

Easy, right?

Inverse Document Frequency

Inverse Document Frequency is the measure of the uniqueness of a term.

It shows whether a term is common or rare in the document.

In the computation of tf, we have considered all the terms important.

Although you all know that few terms like “the”, “of”, and “a” appear a lot of times in the document but are having little importance.

Hence, we need to lower the weight of frequent coming terms and scaling up the rare ones.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Consider that total number of documents are 10,000,000.

Inverse Document Frequency


According to the above example, “The” appears in every document.

But it shows that it provides no value in the document as it is present in every document.

If we look at “Shopkeeper”, it is present in 10,000 documents.

Clearly, this information tells us that this phrase is having importance in the documents in which it is present.

Mathematically, it looks like this:

Inverse Document Frequency Mathematically

For each query term, we will divide the a total number of documents in the document sets by total number of documents containing the query term.

This calculation will result in big value!

So, to dampen this, we have used log base 10 here to make it look less complicated and sensible.

Let’s again look at the example:

Consider, a total number of documents are 10,000,000.

Inverse Document Frequency 2nd Example


So, we are giving importance to the term which is rare and most SIGNIFICANT too!

Combining the above 2 metrics will make a powerful technique, i.e., tf-idf.

Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (tf-idf)

Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency is a numeric statistical data which is used to express how important a term is in a document.

It increases with the frequency of query term within the document and is the best-known weighting scheme for information retrieval.

It is used by Search Engines to score and rank a document with regards to the user query.

It is also successfully used for filtration of stop-words from the documents.

The words with high tf-idf values shows that they are having a strong relationship with the document it is appearing in.

The tf-idf weight of a term is the product of its term frequency and inverse document frequency. Mathematically, it is represented as:

Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency formulaIts alternative names are tf*idf & tf.idf

Continuing the example of idf, let’s calculate their tf-idf:

Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency example


As you can see, the tf-idf is calculated for above-mentioned terms.

Thus, the rare term has the high idf and the frequent term is likely to have low idf.

This type of weighing scheme is the best one and increases with the number of occurrences in the document.

Advantages of tf-idf

  • Efficient and simple for matching words of query terms with the document’s content
  • Returns highly relevant documents for a particular query
  • Uses basic metric to evaluate descriptive terms in a document
  • Ideal for becoming foundation of more complicated algorithms
  • Similarity between 2 documents can be found easily.

tf-idf is still the standard algorithm although many new algorithms have come up for Query retrieval.

This algorithm will help you to produce unique content and keep you away from the penalty of keyword stuffing.

Search Engines use the same formulas for ranking your pages and domain, so make sure to search the best keywords for use and generate and analyze your things by tf-idf method.

The above detailed explanation of tf-idf will help you in creating distinct and potentially high quality content with the correct number of targeted keywords placed in the content.

What’s your thoughts on tf-idf? Did you find some other great technique of information retrieval that you want to share?

I’ll love to hear from you, drop a comment below!

Don’t forget to share it with your mates for helping them too.

About The Writer:

I’m a professional Digital Marketing Consultant. However, blog writing is my passion and have been writing for the last 6 years on various niche and industries. Apart from blog writing, I am Google Adwords Certified Member. In my free time, I love to meet new people at new places.


How To Get Google AdSense Account Approved In 2017? (Step-By-Step)

Let’s Get Google Adsense Account Approved, Fast, easy and never seen before!

You are one of those bloggers who are still in the race of making money online and now you wish to get an AdSense account for your site/blog and want to earn good revenue from your site?


I know!

Getting Google AdSense account approved is the desire of every newbie blogger, in fact, of all bloggers.

But it’s not that easy to get Google AdSense account approved for your sites.

The reason is Google is very strict for approving new AdSense accounts because they don’t want to make their great community of publishers and advertisers spammy by approving all kind of sites.

So, it’s not easy to get an AdSense account, but you are lucky because you are here.

Before you start reading this guide, I would like to say, grab a cup of tea (of course, you can take coffee too) and close the Facebook tab so that you can focus here.

Tweet it, it won’t take more than 1 minute.

Why Google AdSense Is The Best?

No doubt that the Google AdSense is the best blog monetization network.

They are not only best for the publishers, but they are also ideal for their advertisers.

Either you talk about payments or the rates, they pay you in time and provides the highest rates according to your site and niche.

When it comes to the monetization techniques, they are also best in that because AdSense wants to display ads without affecting the user experience on your site.

Since the AdSense is best in all aspects so, all of us are running behind them, and they are making their account approval policies from strict to strict so that only high quality sites can pass.

Reasons For Being Rejected From Google AdSense

Although getting an AdSense account is hard, but it is not impossible.

I believe that if you follow the reasons of being getting rejected from AdSense, then you can easily get Google AdSense account approved fast.

Below I have listed the most common reasons for being rejection from Google AdSense.

Insufficient Content

The most common reason why Google AdSense does not approve sites is that your sites have not sufficient contents.

AdSense needs those sites which have good contents.

If your site has not sufficient contents, then it is impossible for you to get an AdSense account.

Well, AdSense does not state that what is the number of sufficient contents but according to experts saying you must have at least 20 high-quality contents.

Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies

The second most common reason for AdSense account disapproval is the site you submitted is not comply with Google AdSense Policies.

It is sure that if AdSense has stated the above statement for disapproving your site, then your site is not following either their webmaster guidelines or their program policies.

How to Get Google AdSense Account Approved

Now you have learned the most common reasons for AdSense account disapproval.

Below I will state some important things which you should do before you apply for Google AdSense.

Write Great Contents

The first requirement of Google AdSense is the quality contents.

You should keep in mind that your contents much be of high quality.

High-quality content is:

  • Unique and original
  • Informative and comprehensive
  • Have not any grammar mistakes

Check: How To Write SEO Friendly Content?

Number of Posts

Having a good number of high-quality posts is also critical.

If your site have few posts, then it is very hard for you to get into AdSense.

Na Na! Please don’t ask about what’s the actual number of posts for applying AdSense?

Well, there is no answer to this question because AdSense itself has not stated this on their policies or anywhere else.

I have seen many bloggers having 100+ blog posts, but they are still not getting AdSense approved.

On the other hand, I also know a few bloggers who have just published 10+ blog post and got Google AdSense account approved.

Why should I say about any other?

I have also got Google AdSense account approved with a site having only five blog posts. Yes, I wrote it right there was only five blog posts, and I got approved.

So, I would recommend you to have at least 20 high-quality blog posts.

Your Site’s Age

Site’s age is the most important AdSense account approval factor.

AdSense want sites which are at least six months old especially sites from third world countries.

If you are from any third world countries, then your site must be at least six months old, and they have clearly stated this on their Eligibility to participate in AdSense page that your site must be at least six months old.

Make Your Blog Responsive

With the increase of mobile devices, the demand for websites on mobiles has been increased.

For example: 97% of the people in the USA uses their cell phone to search the things while they are away from their Laptops.

This is not only in the USA, in fact, it is also in all the other countries.

So, now Google is also focusing on approving AdSene for those sites which are responsive.

It is highly recommended to make your site responsive.

Fortunately, we are at ease because it is not a rocket science to make a mobile site friendly you just need to download a new theme, and that’s it.

Read: Which design is Google Friendly Design?

Include A Contact Us Page

Undoubtedly, everyone in this world having their own thoughts on different things.

For example, if you have written an article on How to get Google AdSense account approved then some people may have objection on the material which I have to written here, and some may need help.

By adding a Contact us page, you let your customers and visitors ask you about the information they require.

If you add a professional Contact us page on your blog, then it makes Google rely that you care about your visitors and want to help them.

But it does not cut off by just adding a Contact us page.

You should also include your email address in the contact us page.

The email should be same which you are going to use for applying for AdSense.

If you can afford a professional email like [email protected] then it is, even more, better because it creates a good impression.

Write A Privacy Policy For Your Blog

One of the most common mistakes for getting AdSense rejection is that the people don’t include a privacy policy page on their blogs, even if your blog is having everything in it which AdSense requires but not a privacy policy page then your application may be rejected because it is a requirement of Google to have a privacy policy page as privacy page makes sense that you are a real man, not a scam.

The privacy policy is not only important for Google but it’s also make your blog reader aware of your policy that what they should do on your site and what to do not.

Have A User Friendly Navigation

Did you read the email Google Sent to you when they reject your site?

They had clearly said that your site should have a clear navigation menu so that your readers can easily find the pages and information they are looking for.

Also, make sure to add a Search bar on the sidebar or at the menu bar because it is also useful for your readers.

Create Other Important Pages

There are also a few other pages which are also important although not recommended if you also add these pages it increases the chances of your account approval.

These relevant pages include a neat about us page.

You should write about the author or the blog, about the blog itself.

In the Disclaimer page write all the legal things which are involving in your blog this removes your responsibility from using the other products or services you have listed in your blog.

In the sitemap page link your all blog posts according to their category.

Speed Up Your Site

This may be looking odd.

But it is the truth that sites which have faster loading speed have higher chances of getting Google AdSense account approved than the sites which are slow and takes more than 15 seconds to load.

As fast loading sites maintains the better user experience.

According to a survey, you will earn 30% more revenue if your site loads within 5 seconds. (That’s a point to be noted).

If you want to make your site load under 1-2 second then checkout this guide: Improve Page Load Time Under 1 Second.

Check Your Contents Too

AdSense does not approve all kind of contents.

There are certain type of contents which are not accepted in AdSense, and if they found even a single content on your site which is prohibited, then they will never accept your application.

Here are common content types of contents which are prohibited in AdSense:

  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

Remove all other AD networks

Before you apply for AdSense remove all other advertisements from your sites which may lead your application for rejection.

Although AdSense allow you to use other Advertisement networks, it is always a better idea to remove other ads.

What If You Didn’t Get Your Site Approved By AdSense?

Don’t worry it is common.

Do you know at present AdSense is rejecting 96% application?

It means 4 out of 100 are getting approved, and you are not one from those 4.

Once again I will say don’t worry because:

There is not the only AdSense to earn money.

There are thousands of other advertising networks on the internet although they don’t pay as much as AdSense you can make something as it is a famous saying:

From The Writer

I hope by following above guidelines you will surely get Google AdSense account approved.

I am waiting for your responses.

Do comment and let me know what you feel after reading this guide?

Did you get your Google AdSense account approved?

Did this guide help you in getting your AdSense?

Of course, I will be euphoric to write back to your comments.

Don’t forget, Sharing is the best thing you can give in return! 🙂

About The Writer: This post is the courtesy of Fahad Mirza who is the author of Bloggers Papa. He is a talented and passionate blogger from Pakistan.

Note: If you want to review your site that it may approve by ADSense or not, then Fahad is giving free report for your blog/website to check whether it can be approved or not, he’ll also give suggestions to get approved, Go here to get review your site.

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