Black Hat SEO: Ranking #1 In SERP – Revealing Step-By-Step Process!

Whenever we hear a word “Black Hat SEO” we really get scare and soon we say that “we’ll never going to try it”.

Oh Crap! Black hat SEO, no no no, never, man are you mad? … so on!

That’s what we are going to say whenever we hear this word.

But enough happened with these nightmares, that what would will happen to my site.

Luckily, I’m the one who never had any penalty in the whole life.

And now, I’m going to try “Black Hat SEO”.

Along with this, I’m going to share the strategy which is booming in my mind.

YES, I’ve made a strategy to fool Google Algorithms and It’ll really work as everything will look like manual!

Don’t forget this saying:

[Tweet “Google Algorithms are not humans, they’re made by humans like us! – Abdul Samad Essani”]

Wow, I’ve made a quote that will inspire many to fool Google!

Note: Using this guide, anything which will happen to your site is your own responsibility, I’m not responsible of anything.

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What is Black Hat SEO?

Even a Noob in blogging industry know that what is Black hat SEO but still if you don’t know so here it is:

“In SEO world, Black Hat SEO is one of the type of SEO. When we use strategies, techniques and tricks that are not allowed to use in SEO is known as Black Hat SEO.”

I hope that it’s cleared now.

Well, let’s dig into what this article is all about!

Mission: Ranking #1 With Black Hat SEO

I never thought that we can fool Google until I really found a strategy (which I’m going to share below) and it really works well to fool Google.

We’re going to make Google Algorithms fool by doing that will something fishy but will look like we’ve done everything manually!

What the heck? C’mon man give that strategy to us, Yes I’ve read your mind 😛 Wait…. Here I’m going to share.

Getting An EMD

First thing is first, Let me first tell you that what the heck EMD is.

What is an EMD?

“EMD is a crucial ranking factor in term of Google where on basis of having an EMD allows you to secure a good position with less efforts as compared to non-EMD.”

EMD (Exact Match Domain) plays an important role while ranking our Keywords, Google really love EMD.

Some people says that “EMD is not working, I got penalty for using EMD and all that shits that people say”.

I really ranked many keywords using EMDs.

But with White Hat SEO, as of now, I’m going to try out these Black hat strategies!

It’s all about playing smart, as always I say!

So, forget about the people, do something yourself, SEO is all about experimenting things 😉

Making Backlinks In Automated Way

As compare to White hat link building, we all build links manually by making links one by one and not using any automate tools to make it happen.

But let’s do something that will completely look like manual.

Let’s take an example:

“If I’m spending 30 mins to build 30 backlinks manually and same if I’m scheduling those 30 mins to make 30 backlinks automatically.

Whats the issue arising here?

Nothing, The only thing is you are just wasting your time building tons of backlinks manually while you can get the same thing done with help of any automate tools.

GSA is the best in this regard. (Search on the Google to buy this tool).

[Tweet “Things are really same, if you act smart! – Abdul Samad Essani”]

Private Blog Network

Private Blog Network (PBN) Backlinking is a method of altering the ranking by making Google fool about receiving quality backlink from high authority site while you are the webmaster of that particular site you’re receiving backlink from.

How to make Private Blog Network (PBN)?
  • Select an expired domain with bit good authority in term of Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Backlinks. (I use and recommend Expired Domains [Dot] Net)
  • Host the site with completely to other identity to make it look like a natural site.
  • Write/spin contents relevant to your niche and post which you want to rank.
  • Add either contextual link with exact anchor from your PBN post or Add a sidebar link to pass all link juice.
  • Since we have a ton of backlinks with that anchor phrase, it’ll initially rank.
  • For making an effective and Google safe PBN, I recommend Lion Zeal guide on making PBN.

As usual, Work smart and get the most of it!

Buying Links

As we know, Google always say that buying links led to penalty, I really don’t care, I’ll still buy backlinks and it’ll work for me.

I’ll try, but I’ll do everything in my senses with smart work.

Hint: Buying profile links are the best along with ratio of 50% of your main anchor text and 50% of related anchor text.

So, Google will never understand that if it’s automate links.

I’m smart enough, I know!

Using Spun Contents

[Tweet “Spun Contents = Penalty”]

We all know that spinning contents will led to penalty but wait, are you sure?

I can surely say a BIG NO!

All the crap would happen is you would waste hours writing those stuffs.

Just in sake of getting quality content to push your site to the top in terms of search engine.

I’ve personally used spun contents on my PBNS and other niche sites, what’s next, That works like charm man!

Pretty awesome, right?

Let me read your mind, you’re thinking that how I spun contents that never led to Google Penalty? See, I told you I can read your mind, though! 😛

Well, Let’s dig into really clever question, it’s like sharing some information that I’m using, you can say it’s case study too 🙂 .

I simply use Kontent Machine to rewrite my articles as they know how to rewrite contents that really rank on Google, without any penalty.

You need Kontent to make more-than-more top ranking contents.

Its Kontent Machine the ultimate solution to get great contents ready to upload over your PBN that are totally plagiarism safe.

You can buy Kontent Machine by using my affiliate link, it’ll not add any extra payment to your account, believe me, it will support me!


There is also tool like Kontent Machine that really works fine and great.

For generating really awesome high quality contents I use WordAi that’s smart enough bot to generate HQ content, I personally generate 100s of content and ranked them on Google, without any hesitation.

In The Last!

So that’s the strategy I’ve made to make Google fool.

I’m really going to experiment these things and then I’ll see that what works and what not!

These all techniques are working and they’re really looking like it’s manual but Google Algos will never understand that Humans are the creators of them.

What’s your Black Hat SEO strategy? I would love to hear that in comments.

Also, you can tell me that how’s the today’s article?

Don’t forget to spread the love, share it with your mates!

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  1. What is your feed URL ? I want to read your content in feedly and I am unable to find bornblogger their.

    Second reply me query at facebook.
    Third do you still think that using kontent machine is a good idea in SEO. I have many doubt .

    Cheers Nekraj from SEOFREETIPS

  2. Hey Samad,

    It’s just a great approach to Black Hat SEO.

    But it should be a little comprehensive, I am using PBNs but never use any tool for generating backlinks I will surely check these tools too.

  3. after ranking a lot of sites with zero backlinks and only good research and quality content, now i am thinking to do some experiments via black hat techniques….just for experimental purposes…will try all the techniques that you have mentioned.

  4. Thank you for sharing such a great article.
    I am regular reader of bornblogger and found it one of the best platform for blogging.
    Thanks You Abdul Samad, You are awesome.



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