How To Search The Deep Web Safely? – The 96% Hidden WWW!

A number of internet researchers have claimed that more than 96% of the modern day web is inaccessible to the common man.

The people can usually access only 4% of the web.

The internet is much vaster than the people usually think of.

The deep web exploration must be done safely as it is full of internet spies and hackers.

Though a large amount of useful information can also be found on the deep web that can benefit the scholars and researchers, but it is the home to a number of illegal activities.

If you are looking how to search this web safely then our guide below will help to do the same.

You might know that browsing this web can be critical for a normal user over a regular web browser.

The user’s information might be monitored and robbed away while accessing this web.

So follow our guide on how to browse the deep web and stay secure while accessing the web.

How to Search the Deep Web Safely?

Most of you might be searching for how to search the deep web without getting involved in any type of scam or falling a prey to a hackers who might steal your personal information.

Our guide below lets you learn how to browse this web securely and tells you the safest ways for accessing the dark web or deep web.

Follow this safest guide to browse this web.

Using Tor Browser

If you were looking for how to search the deep web securely, then using the Browsers can be the safest means.

Tor Browser is one of them.

If you are not connected to the deep web through the Tor browser, you are vulnerable to the risks associated with the deep web.

A Tor browser is a handy browser that has Pre-configured settings for providing the protection against intruders and hackers.

It can easily be downloaded from it’s main website without paying any penny.

Using the Tor Browser, you will be able to access the most exclusive content on the deep web.

  • Download the Tor Browser from the official website only on your system.
  • Follow any web guide that can make you learn how to use the Tor browser efficiently for the deep web exploration.
  • After installing the Tor browser and before connecting to the internet, you must close all the running apps and browsers on your system.
  • You must configure all the settings on the Tor browser efficiently.
  • The Tor browser is simple in look, but can be a bit handy in the deep web exploration.

This was a mini guide on how to browse the deep web using Tor browser effectively.

There are many more ways to be safe while browsing this web.

Read through the post and learn more ways for deep web exploration.

Don’t Change the Window Size of the Browser

It might seem to be a pointless advise, but don’t take the things for granted.

There are many people who have claimed that their identity was revealed to the person sitting on the other end while changing the window size while browsing this web.

It might appear to be pointless, but these small things must be cared off while browsing this web.

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Using a VPN

While accessing the deep web, VPN can help you out in keeping your identity anonymous.

It is important for you to maintain the security, anonymity, and the privacy while browsing through the deep web.

A VPN can come handy is such situations.

There are a number of VPN providers that can be opted for using the deep web.

VPN usually hides you IP and provides you proxy servers to access the web anonymously.

If you were looking for how to search the deep web safely then it is probably the best way out there.

Turning off the JavaScript Might Help

If you are using the Tor browser, you should turn off the JavaScript (JS).

A number of people used to believe that these browsers were totally anonymous, but such claims have been falsified many a times.

If you turn off the JS on the Tor browser, you can enhance your safety and security while accessing doing the deep web exploration.

It will make you stay away from the risk of running malicious scripts.

Your browser will never allow any malicious unknown script to run with the background processes.

This will protect you from the internet spies who are trying to enter into your computer system.

Disconnect the Webcam & Microphones

If is highly recommended to disconnect the webcam while browsing through the deep web.

This is one of the most important points to remember in our guide on how to search the deep web safely.

Though you can remove the webcam or turn it off while accessing this  web through PC, but you need to cover your webcam while browsing it through the laptop.

The intruders can use your webcam device to capture your images.

If you have turned off the webcam, it is advisable to turn off the microphones as well or disconnect them so that the intruders are not able to record your voice or any other important data that might be flowing through the sound waves.

Even the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg turns off the microphone and put a black tape on his webcam to ensure his security while browsing the deep web.

You need to be safe by every means while searching through this web.

The Bottom Line

So, above-mentioned was the safest guide on how to search the deep web safely.

Following this guide will ensure that you are totally protected while doing the deep web exploration and none of your private data is leaked to the intruders while browsing across this web.

Though the deep web contains some useful data, but it is the home to a number of illegal activities and criminals too.

Stay safe while doing any activity on this web.

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