How To Make Contributor Account At Tech.co? (Limited)

Contributing on a big sites like Techcrunch, Huffington, Forbes etc. is a dream of every blogger.

Tech.co welcoming new writers since the early days by their new contributing platform.

We all know that Huffingtonpost also started the contributing platform but now it’s closed for new contributors and this time Tech.co is giving free contributing accounts to awesome writers, but not like Huffingtonpost.

I know most of you don’t know about this platform but now I’m going to reveal it to others by telling them to make a Tech.co Contributor account for free.

Well, I’m going to tell you method to create Tech.co account step by step and easily.

Can You Become Contributor At Tech.co?

Anyone can become contributor at Tech.co, but you need to be copy writer to become contributor at Tech.co.

They’re giving contributor accounts for free but when you submit your article their editorial team will check that article and verify that whether it can be published or not.

So, if you have great content writing style and you can write something out of this world you can try.

Don’t forget the great quote, “Nothing is impossible in this world”.

Really nothing is impossible, even if you can’t write article I have something awesome trick for at the end, so don’t miss the whole content.

Steps To Make Contributor Account At Tech.co

I’m going to give a link of sign up for contributor account at Tech.co but first consider these below things:

  • While signing up kindly provide authentic information.
  • When you’re going to sign up only provide your personal social media profiles not company or blog profile links.
  • Feel free to use HTML Tags/Anchor Tags while writing your bio (You can add your blog link too).
  • Kindly keep your author bio short (something like 50 words).
  • Important Step: When you successfully created the account at Tech.co then kindly shoot the email to [email protected] that you’ve created your account and introduce yourself to them.
  • At the last, Go and start writing your first article.
  • Must write 1000 words or more than 1000 words article for getting approval easily.
  • Don’t add the links of your affiliate sites or your blog links.
  • Click the submit for review button.
  • Once your article approved by their team members you’ll get a email or they’ll mention you on Twitter when they share that on Twitter.
  • One more thing, they can simply reject you without any reason, if they don’t like your article.
Sign Up at Tech.co

Trick To Get Approved Easily

I have found an awesome trick for getting approval easily.

It’s something awesome and you can say a trick that will work for sure.

Well, I’ll not going to take your too much time.

Going to reveal that trick below.

It’s simple, Hire a content writer in fact top-notch content writer.

His/her content must be something creative and can get approval easily.

Tell them that you’ll pay what they want but you want something awesome article.

Don’t worry, It will be one time payment but it worth more than 1000$.

If you still didn’t understand, here is the video to make contributor account at Tech.co.

Final Words

Well, you can say I have given you a piece of gold, as many people out there was selling their contributor accounts for 20$. 10$ etc.

Now they’ll email me to remove this post as I have shut their business down 😛 But this is only for my readers, I’ll never going to remove this post.

I know you wanna say a BIG THANKS, you can say by commenting below easily and it’s request to subscribe to become my blog’s loyal reader and enjoy these type of posts daily. 🙂

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Deepak kumar - November 23, 2016

Really its great post for me and other also thanks for sharing

Asad Rai - November 23, 2016

Thanks For Saving our Money 😉

Taha Maknoo - November 23, 2016

Thank you for such an amazing post. Already signed up. Are there more benefits than backlinks? Can I try them on my site?

Sumair Hisbani - November 24, 2016

Awesome post Abdul, I have seen people selling tech.co accounts. But now we can make one. Thanks for sharing this beautiful guide with us.

– Sumair

Muhammad Ahmad - November 24, 2016

Hi Abdul Samad,
you did it very well by sharing this!
~ Ahmad
P.S Please do have a look at the latest blog post @ meetAhmad [dot] com, would love to see your views there.

Abdul - November 24, 2016

Thanks sir!
I am searching this from many days but no one help me. Thanks for sharing this Sir.

Hamna Aslam - November 24, 2016

Great and Perfect information for bloggers

Mustansar Ali - November 24, 2016

Thanks so much please keep it up

Ayesha Ali - November 24, 2016

thank you so much sharing such a great info.. keep it up

Priyal Parikh - June 24, 2017

Thanks but unfortunately they have stopped accepting new accounts.
Is there any other chances?


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