Biggest SEO Mistakes To Avoid – Are You Doing Same?

You decided to do SEO of your websites? But wait… are you going in right direction? are you doing same Biggest SEO Mistakes that thousands of people did daily in SEO?

Well, these mistakes are not simple but uncommon which you must be doing with your SEO journey.

As far as I know, SEO is a whole world where you and SEO marketers are finding ways to compete with their competitors.

But we need to be one step advanced than our competitors to rank our articles in Google.

And if our competitors are not doing these mistakes (which I’m going to list below) and you’re doing these Biggest SEO Mistakes.

Then you’re on a wrong way and you can’t rank your articles like your competitors are doing.

I’m quite clever, ohh thanks, I know, I’m!! 😛 (It was a joke though).

Let’s jump to the article and see what are these Biggest SEO mistakes actually.

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Not Submitting Sites To Webmaster Tools

This is really a big SEO mistake that after creating your site you’re not going to submit your sites to search engine webmaster tools.

People think that search engines are so clever and they’ll crawl their sites, yes they’re but you need to be more clever than their robots.

They can’t index a site immediately but if you need to tell Search Engines that you’ve a site and index us now and rank our articles now.

If you do On-Page SEO correctly of your article and you submit your site on Webmaster tools then may be. you rank on your desired keyword.

Nevertheless, if you didn’t submit your site to Google, Bing and Yandex yet then submit now to webmaster tools along with the sitemap and see the huge changes.

Not Using Google Analytics

I know many of you don’t use Google analytics on your blogs.

You might be thinking that Google analytics is something different and how it can be an SEO mistake.

Well, you’re right but in some other sense you’re also wrong.

Let me clear it for you that without analytics you can’t see that what is converting and what is not.

No issue, setup that now and check what you’re doing and how well your site’s traffic is converting.

Mistakenly Blocking Search Engine Bots

If you’re WordPress user then you might know that in settings there is an option to “discourage search en-gines from indexing this site”.

Well, you never know that you did that or not.

Make sure, check that now.

For checking that you haven’t ticked that option, follow the details below:

  • Hover to Settings > then click on Reading.
  • Check for the option “Discourage search engines from indexing this site
  • Make sure, you haven’t ticked that box and if you ticked that already then uncheck that box immediately and click on save changes button.

Not Doing Keyword Research

SEO marketers say that proper keyword research is 80% of whole SEO.

Really, if you’ve decided to get traffic from Search Engine instantly then you’ve to do Keyword Research.

In this post I’ve explained Keyword Research more deeply.

Head over to this “SEO Guide“.

Not Using Unique & Eye Catching Titles

Yeah, If you’re not using some unique and eye catching titles then you’re really doing a biggest SEO Mistake.

I’ve done this biggest SEO Mistake in old blogs, but to be honest, in this blog, I started focusing on better titles and let me tell you that I saw awesome traffic just because of titles.

Well, There is a tool, I found for my readers which analyze the title score and give suggestions step by step.

The tool name is “Headline Analyzer” and believe me it’s so awesome.

Not Doing Internal Linking

Interlinking is something that give your articles a power.

I’m doing internal linking in my posts and believe me this is giving me awesome traffic and boost to my rankings.

I gave a deep view to internal linking in this article “SEO Copywriting” read that you’ll enjoy the article along with getting understand that what is Internal Linking.

Using Meta Keywords

If you still think that Meta Keywords work then you’re in a wrong direction.

I was wrong, I should say that you don’t know that Meta keywords are dead now.

This is an SEO mistake, you need to be most updated if you need to be an SEO expert or marketer.

This is really a big SEO error, if you need to build authority of your blog then avoid this and remove meta keywords if you’re using.

Not Concentrating On Social Signals

Social signals are now known as “Huge Ranking Signal”, believe me, Yes!

There is a huge mistake if you’re not sharing your links on social media sites.

You need to do it properly.

I’ve explained very deeply about Social Signals “here“.

Doing Quantity Link Building

We all know that Link building is the best method to rank our articles.

I’ve did the same mistake, I thought that getting more backlinks means more traffic to my site, Unfortunately, I was wrong, Yes, I was!

I saw that I’m doing biggest SEO mistake, buying or building backlinks that are not worth and spammy is nothing and can harm your blog effectively.

So don’t buy backlinks or build spammy backlinks, build awesome and quality backlinks.

Avoid this biggest SEO mistake now, and you’ll see rankings immensely.

Not Installing Any SEO Plugin

Don’t do this biggest SEO Mistake, it’ll give your site SEO errors.

If you’re not using any SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, SEOPressor or All in one SEO Pack etc.

Use them, they’re really good for On-Page SEO stuff.

They’ll give you awesome suggestions by using them you’ll get all On-Page SEO suggestions and you can optimize your articles for SEO like a Professional.

Remember, use only one plugin, not many SEO plugins at once.

Final Words

So, this was our biggest SEO mistakes that we might be doing.

Avoid them and see a huge boost in your rankings.

Well, Let me wrap it up by saying, SEO is a whole big world.

Do experiments and you’ll find out what are your SEO mistakes and from which thing you can rank your articles easily.

Every SEO marketer have something experience technique and he/she not going to tell anyone about that.

Be your own expert, build your skill set and do experiments as much as you can.

22 thoughts on “Biggest SEO Mistakes To Avoid – Are You Doing Same?”

  1. Hi Abdul Samad,
    Great mistakes you mentioned, so far!
    I am considering social signals very important and these are helping a lot.
    Thanks for sharing these mistakes, this post acted like a reminder for me to stay on the path.
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S Do have a look at my latest blog post @ MeetAhmad [dot] com, would love to see your views there 🙂

  2. Hello, Samad!

    These all NOTs are too costly of not doing.

    Not doing all these will not yield any result for you.

    The great content alone is not sufficient enough to grab the attention.

    Preparing your site as well as the promotion are the key to making your content reach more eyeballs.

    So, these all NOTs are too good to be doing. 🙂

    Thanks for putting these all NOTs for us! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  3. Hey Samad,

    SEO is always considered as the node of your website. Most of the people are doing it wrong.

    The common mistakes consist the list mentioned here. Not using the Google Analytics, not submitting to the Google Search Console and more.

    Great post indeed.

  4. Great post bro. SEO is simple but never easy for a newbie.

    Am doing and will fix one of the mistake listed above – internal linking.

    Yes, I will fix it as soon as time permits. Do have a nice day

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