Audials Radio iOS Application Review – Over 80K Radio Stations In Your Pocket!

If you are a music lover and love listening songs on radio then you are on the right place.

If you are not a music freak then also keep reading the post, I will make you familiarize with very interesting music Application named Audials Radio iOS App.

Audials Radio iOS Application is an amazing radio app that lets you listen about 80,000 radio station online and with no commercials and even you can record radio stations to play back later on.

Let’s talk more about Audials Radio iOS application.

When first time I found the application I was just blown away by sheer quality and quantity of radio stations available at the touch of a button on your device.

You might think that 80,000 radio stations to swift through would be a lot but how the Audials radio developer manage and how they sort too much radio stations is so much easier to manage to allow you to sort by genre, countries, local stations, top hits, top artists and even suggested stations based on your listening habits.

The best part of Audials Radio iOS Application besides the sheer volume of radio stations to listen to is the fact that it’s available for free which means you can listen to your favorite radio stations discover new songs finding new updates of any songs of your favorite artists and even recording the songs to listening later is one hundred percent free and free.

If you matched the function with your taste on Audials Radio iOS application then it is easier than ever to find a new station based on your personal taste on music that you will be hooked on for weeks.

Now I have already mentioned in above portion of this article that you can record easily every radio station that you are listening to directly from within the application but did I mention how easy it is with just one tap you can record favorite music stations so you always have something to listen to.

Now Audials Radio iOS Application does not stop at just radio station it also boasts on over a hundred thousand audio and video broadcast which you can download and stream directly from Audials Application on your device.

Audials radio iOS application is not just for mobile either you can airplay music directly from your phone to your speakers a computer or TV or even sync all of your playlist on desktop Audials software.

So, overall if you are in search of best online radio station application that can record your live streaming to listen to later this is one of the best applications to install in your device.

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Audials Radio iOS Application Review
  • Audials Radio iOS Application Review


Audials Radio iOS Application is an amazing radio app that lets you listen about 80,000 radio station online and with no commercials and even you can record radio stations to play back later on.

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Key Features

  • As I mentioned in my post above this application is free online radio station that can access thousands of radio stations of your favorite genre, artist and much more here I will show you something more interesting about this sensational application.
  • Audials Radio station always will take care of your taste of music you can search music by genres, artist name, language, country and much more. One more thing user can listen to top music trends on this application location based on your local radio stations.
  • It makes to record any music station song your favorite artist song or any other song that is online on other location without of any hesitation just a tap away from your fingers, live recording of the songs was never so easy before this.
  • Location based local radio stations and top radios station in the world, so you can also keep in touch worldwide songs.
  • Car mode is the best thing that you can use while driving a car without any big problem. This is the level of convenience this application comes with.
  • Tracking down the musical habit of a user is another beautiful thing I personally loved and this will also give you suggestion accordingly your taste of music.
  • Personalizing your favorite Application like you love to see things in your Application for example if you loved a radio station you can mark that to listen more musical hit on that and every time whenever you will be using application this radio stations will be in top of the suggestions and more you can organize all of your recorded and top hits songs in a proper way that you can access them later.
  • About 120k Videos and broadcast are on your fingertips, almost all genres songs, news, videos games, comedy, science, sports, movie, language, etc. All will be there for you.
  • You can pin your favorite music, artist, videos, movies and anything that you loved on that Audials Radio iOS applications.
  • Making list of your favorite music stations is one more beautiful thing. This is so simple if you want to listen to music of stations you make the list of radio stations and every time when you will log in that application you just click on of your list. Making the list is so simple search a particular radio station and click on star icon; this is what you have to do.
  • Audials Radio iOS took care of different generations’ musical taste. So, if top hits or top trends are mentioned then old genre song, old genre top songs and top artists choice is also there to listen to. So, it is easy to sort out what you love in different genres and different countries.
  • Sleep timer is one of the best function developers made in Audials radio iOS application. You just tap on the sleep timer and have to select minutes; this Application will stop all the musical things after specified or selected time.
  • Audials tune bit lets you record the audio, video and favorite stations music from popular streaming on this application.
  • You can also convert and download favorite music of popular musical platforms like Amazon, Napster, Apple, Deezer and Spotify.
  • You can convert that music to MP3 to access all of the recorded songs so you can listen to that songs later on any device like Windows, Android, iOS mac.
  • Audials tune bit is the software which can allow you to download songs on any music platform with the speed faster than any other application.


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Some User Reviews

User Reviews
User Reviews

Final Verdict

Finally, I’m ending up this review by saying that you should try it.

I haven’t found any drawback using this application.

The sound quality is quite awesome and everything is perfect in this application.

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