Volumm Review 2024: Is It Still the No.1 Choice?

Are you tired of guessing which part of your advertising campaign is driving success and which parts are just burning through your budget?

Enter Voluum, the revolutionary cloud-based ad-tracking platform designed specifically for media buyers and affiliate marketers. With Voluum, every click, conversion, and campaign detail isn’t just visible; it’s actionable.

This powerful tool not only tracks the performance of your ads across the web but also provides the analytics to optimize them, ensuring every element of your marketing strategy is performing at its best.

Ready to transform your digital marketing efforts into a well-oiled machine?

Let’s dive into why Voluum might just be the tool you’ve been searching for.

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🤔 What Makes Voluum the Go-To Ad Tracking Tool for Marketers?

Voluum is an advanced ad-tracking tool that serves as an essential resource for affiliate marketers and media buyers.

It functions by monitoring and analyzing the performance of advertising campaigns across multiple platforms.

With Voluum, users can track everything from clicks and conversions to more detailed metrics like cost per action (CPA) and return on investment (ROI).

What is Voluum

It uses real-time data to offer insights into which aspects of a campaign are working and which aren’t, allowing users to optimize their strategies for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Additionally, Voluum’s cloud-based infrastructure ensures fast data processing and access from anywhere in the world, along with robust security measures to protect sensitive information.

🎗️ Why It Leads in Ad Tracking Technology?

Dynamic Traffic Distribution

Voluum goes beyond basic tracking by dynamically redirecting traffic to the most profitable offers in real time. This feature utilizes machine learning algorithms to assess which landing pages and offers are performing best and automatically adjusts traffic flow to maximize earnings.

Custom Reporting Dashboards

Unlike standard tracking platforms, Voloom allows users to create fully customizable dashboards. This means you can tailor your data visualization to focus on the metrics that matter most to you, enabling quicker analysis and more effective decision-making.

Custom Reporting Dashboard

Direct Tracking Pixel

Voluum offers a direct tracking pixel that bypasses the need for cookies, ensuring accurate tracking even in environments where cookies are blocked or deleted. This is particularly crucial in maintaining data reliability in a privacy-focused internet landscape.

Advanced Geo-Targeting and A/B Testing

With Voluum, users can conduct detailed A/B testing with advanced geo-targeting capabilities. This allows for sophisticated testing of campaigns based on location-specific data, enabling advertisers to fine-tune their campaigns to local preferences and behaviors, significantly improving conversion rates.

Integrated Anti-Fraud Kit

Voluum includes an anti-fraud kit designed to protect your campaigns from invalid traffic and fraudulent activities.

This tool automatically screens and filters suspicious actions, helping to safeguard your budget and improve the quality of your traffic, which is essential for obtaining genuine insights and achieving reliable campaign outcomes.

Antifraud Kit

⚡ How Does Voluum Ensure Lightning-Fast and Ultra-Reliable Ad Tracking?

Multiple Data Centers

Voluum operates seven data centers strategically located around the world. This global distribution helps minimize latency because traffic is redirected to the nearest data center, ensuring faster processing and response times.

This geographical spread not only accelerates data handling but also enhances the user experience by reducing load times and improving the efficiency of traffic redirection.

High Availability and Uptime

The infrastructure of Voluum is designed for high availability. The presence of multiple data centers also provides redundancy, which is crucial for maintaining service continuity.

If one data center encounters issues, others can take over without affecting the overall performance of the tracking operations. This setup guarantees an exceptionally high uptime, reducing the risk of disruptions to your tracking activities.

Traffic Distribution


Voluum’s cloud-based platform is built to scale, accommodating anything from small campaigns to massive ones that handle millions of clicks per day.

This scalability ensures that as your traffic volume grows, Voluum can handle the increased load without a hitch. It’s capable of processing vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently, making it a robust solution for large-scale advertisers and agencies.

Real-Time Data Processing

Voluum processes data in real time, which is vital for dynamic and timely decision-making in digital marketing. Immediate data availability allows marketers to quickly identify and act on trends, optimize campaigns on-the-fly, and adjust strategies to maximize performance and ROI.

Track everything in One Place

Reliability in Data Accuracy and Security

Volumm is committed to providing accurate tracking and data integrity. It employs advanced security measures to protect data from unauthorized access and ensure that the data collected is accurate and free from manipulation. These security protocols are crucial for maintaining the trustworthiness of data, which in turn influences strategic decisions and campaign adjustments.

🆚 Comparison Guide: Finding the Best Ad Tracker for Your Needs

Target AudienceLarge-scale agencies, professional marketersSolo marketers, small businessesMarketers on a budget, medium-sized businessesUsers with technical resources, privacy-focused
PricingHigher-priced for advanced featuresMore affordable, great for smaller budgetsAffordable with flexible plansCost-effective (self-hosted)
FunctionalityComprehensive tracking, AI optimization, real-timeLink tracking, user-friendly, attribution toolsAuto-optimization, A/B testing, landing page editorHigh-speed, self-hosted, handles large volumes
Ease of UseSteeper learning curveVery user-friendlyUser-friendly with added tool integrationRequires technical knowledge for setup and maintenance
PerformanceCloud-based, globally distributed data centersCloud-based, good performanceCloud-based with integrated toolsHigh performance, dependent on user’s server setup
IntegrationExtensive third-party integrationsLimited integrations but effectiveBroad integrations, including landing pagesLimited to essential integrations
Cost EfficiencyGeared towards maximizing ROI at scaleCost-effective for smaller scale operationsGood balance of cost and featuresLow operational cost after initial setup

🤝 How Voluum Seamlessly Integrates with Multiple Platforms?

Wide Range of Predefined Traffic Sources

Voluum offers a vast array of predefined traffic source templates, which simplifies the integration process significantly. These templates are tailored to work seamlessly with many popular ad networks and traffic sources like Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, and more.

By using these templates, users can easily set up and start tracking campaigns without the hassle of manual configuration.

Affiliate Networks and Tracking

Voluum is well-equipped to handle integrations with a variety of affiliate networks. It supports global postback URLs and can track multiple affiliate offers and networks simultaneously.

This is crucial for affiliates who work with diverse networks and need a central platform to manage all their campaigns.


API Access for Custom Integration

For advanced users and developers, Voluum provides API access, allowing for custom integrations and automation. This means that users can connect Voluum with virtually any platform or data source, extending its functionality beyond standard use cases.

APIs are particularly useful for creating custom workflows and for integrating with in-house systems or uncommon platforms not covered by predefined templates.

Real-Time Data Syncing

Voluum offers real-time data syncing, which is essential for timely and accurate decision-making. This feature ensures that all integrated platforms and the Voluum dashboard display up-to-date information, allowing users to react swiftly to changes in campaign performance.

Third-Party Tools and Services

Beyond typical ad networks and affiliate platforms, Voluum integrates with various third-party tools and services that enhance its functionality.


This includes but is not limited to, anti-fraud services, landing page builders, and optimization tools. These integrations help users streamline their workflow, enhance campaign effectiveness, and protect their marketing investments.

Full Data Import and Export Capabilities

Users can export data from Voluum to external systems for further analysis or reporting, and similarly, import data from other sources to enrich their tracking insights.

This flexibility is invaluable for users who need to combine campaign data with other business analytics tools for comprehensive analysis.

💸 How Much Does It Cost?

Voluum Pricing
PlanMonthly PriceEventsData RetentionCustom DomainsUsersMain Features
Profit$1491,000,0006 months3 + 1 dedicated1AI optimization, rule-based traffic distribution
Scale$2195,000,00012 months5 + 1 dedicatedMultipleAdvanced reporting, 10 workspaces, enhanced anti-fraud, 5 big data reports.
Startup$53910,000,00012 months9 + 1 dedicatedMultipleAdvanced reporting, 10 workspaces, enhanced anti-fraud, and 5 big data reports.
AgencyCustom PricingCustomCustomCustomMultipleFull features, tailored setup, advanced API access

🔥 Bottom Line

Voluum is a robust and comprehensive ad tracking tool, especially suited for affiliate marketers and media buyers managing high-volume or complex campaigns.

With features like real-time data processing, advanced AI optimization, and a range of integrative functionalities, Voluum supports nuanced campaign management across various platforms.

While the pricing might be on the higher side, especially for larger-scale operations, the value provided through detailed analytics, optimization capabilities, and reliability makes it a worthwhile investment for those looking to maximize their digital advertising effectiveness.

Whether Voluum is worth the cost will depend on your specific needs, scale, and budget, but for power users, it often proves to be an indispensable asset.


Ques.1 What is Voluum and who should use it?
Ans. Voluum is an advanced cloud-based ad tracking platform designed primarily for affiliate marketers and media buyers. It’s ideal for professionals who need to manage, optimize, and scale online advertising campaigns efficiently.

Ques.2 Can Voluum track all types of digital advertising?
Ans. Yes, Voluum can track a wide range of digital advertising campaigns including PPC, mobile, social media, and email marketing campaigns. It supports various ad formats and networks.

Ques.3 What are the key features of Voluum?
Ans. Voluum offers real-time tracking, AI-driven optimization, comprehensive reporting tools, direct tracking pixels, and robust infrastructure with multiple data centers for high-speed data processing and reliability.

Ques.4 Is Voluum suitable for beginners?
While Voluum comes with advanced features that may require a learning curve, it is also suitable for beginners thanks to its intuitive user interface, extensive knowledge base, and responsive customer support.

Ques.5 How does the pricing for Voluum work?
Voluum offers several pricing tiers starting from a basic plan to more advanced options, accommodating different levels of usage and features. The plans are priced based on events per month, data retention, and additional features such as AI optimization and dedicated support.

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