How To Make Contributor Account At Tech.co? (Limited)

Contributing on a big sites like Techcrunch, Huffington, Forbes etc. is a dream of every blogger.

Tech.co welcoming new writers since the early days by their new contributing platform.

We all know that Huffingtonpost also started the contributing platform but now it’s closed for new contributors and this time Tech.co is giving free contributing accounts to awesome writers, but not like Huffingtonpost.

I know most of you don’t know about this platform but now I’m going to reveal it to others by telling them to make a Tech.co Contributor account for free.

Well, I’m going to tell you method to create Tech.co account step by step and easily.

Can You Become Contributor At Tech.co?

Anyone can become contributor at Tech.co, but you need to be copy writer to become contributor at Tech.co.

They’re giving contributor accounts for free but when you submit your article their editorial team will check that article and verify that whether it can be published or not.

So, if you have great content writing style and you can write something out of this world you can try.

Don’t forget the great quote, “Nothing is impossible in this world”.

Really nothing is impossible, even if you can’t write article I have something awesome trick for at the end, so don’t miss the whole content.

Steps To Make Contributor Account At Tech.co

I’m going to give a link of sign up for contributor account at Tech.co but first consider these below things:

  • While signing up kindly provide authentic information.
  • When you’re going to sign up only provide your personal social media profiles not company or blog profile links.
  • Feel free to use HTML Tags/Anchor Tags while writing your bio (You can add your blog link too).
  • Kindly keep your author bio short (something like 50 words).
  • Important Step: When you successfully created the account at Tech.co then kindly shoot the email to contributors@tech.co that you’ve created your account and introduce yourself to them.
  • At the last, Go and start writing your first article.
  • Must write 1000 words or more than 1000 words article for getting approval easily.
  • Don’t add the links of your affiliate sites or your blog links.
  • Click the submit for review button.
  • Once your article approved by their team members you’ll get a email or they’ll mention you on Twitter when they share that on Twitter.
  • One more thing, they can simply reject you without any reason, if they don’t like your article.
Sign Up at Tech.co

Trick To Get Approved Easily

I have found an awesome trick for getting approval easily.

It’s something awesome and you can say a trick that will work for sure.

Well, I’ll not going to take your too much time.

Going to reveal that trick below.

It’s simple, Hire a content writer in fact top-notch content writer.

His/her content must be something creative and can get approval easily.

Tell them that you’ll pay what they want but you want something awesome article.

Don’t worry, It will be one time payment but it worth more than 1000$.

If you still didn’t understand, here is the video to make contributor account at Tech.co.

Final Words

Well, you can say I have given you a piece of gold, as many people out there was selling their contributor accounts for 20$. 10$ etc.

Now they’ll email me to remove this post as I have shut their business down 😛 But this is only for my readers, I’ll never going to remove this post.

I know you wanna say a BIG THANKS, you can say by commenting below easily and it’s request to subscribe to become my blog’s loyal reader and enjoy these type of posts daily. 🙂


Proven Link Building Techniques – You’ll Curious To Know!

Link building techniques are very uncommon thing in online industry.

Nowadays, Bloggers are very curious to know the link building techniques as this is the way to get thousands of visitors through SERP.

I’m writing on SEO since I started this blog.

Many readers on this blog emailed me to write on link building topic.

I thought why not I’ll write on this topic to make this topic understood among bloggers.

I’ll share the techniques that I’m using and most of them are uncommon which I think you never heard (If you’re new to SEO).

There are many ways to build backlinks.

The thing here is White hat and black hat techniques to build backlinks.

White hat link building techniques last forever and black hat not more than two to four weeks.

Which method is good? White hat or black hat?

Obviously, White hat!

I’m not black hat SEO expert in fact I never told myself a SEO Expert but I proudly say myself an Experienced SEO Boy who know only white hat methods.

I know the days I struggled with SEO Stuffs when I started blogging.

But, I told myself never give up!

One day you’ll get juicy fruits.

And today I know many things about SEO and now I’m known as SEO Consultant in industry.

Well, it’s something different than the topic, the topic is on Link Building.

Did You Know? “Link Building is #1 Google Ranking Factor!”

Kindly Tweet it, I’ll appreciate:

N.B: If you need to learn SEO from beginning to advanced check out our guide on SEO now.

What Is Link Building?

There are many definitions of Link Building out there.

But, I need to explain it in a simple definition that is:

Getting a backlink from another website or blog is know as “Link Building”.

Quite simple? Yes you’ve understood that what actually is Link Building. (See, I can read your mind)

Why It Is Important To Build Backlinks?

Many experts in industry say that Link Building is one of the way to rank our websites/blogs in SERP.

Importance of Backlinks can’t be described in words as they’re many.

But, This phrase (below) can surely help you to understand the importance of Link Building:

Google give so much importance to backlinks, it help Google to measure your site quality.

In other words, Google see backlinks as votes.

Understood the importance of Link Building? I know, you’ve!

Types Of Link Building Techniques

There are 2 types of Link Building.

First is White Hat Link Building Techniques and second is Black Hat Link Building Techniques.

As I’ve already mentioned above that White Hat Link Building Techniques will last forever.

Don’t worry, here I’m going to share White Hat Link Building Techniques that will last forever for sure.

Can You Do Link Building?

I knew in start, building backlinks will be bit complex for you but after reading this article it will be as easy as never before.

Tell me only one thing that is,

SEO Experts or you can say Link builder have 4 legs, 4 hands or they’re not humans like us?

Your answer must be quite simple.

No, they are human beings like us.

Understood what I want to say? No? Okay let me tell you.

It’s simple, that they are not super natural powers, they are human beings like you and me.

You can also do Link building as they’re doing.

Link Building Techniques

I have already told you each and everything about link building.

As far as I know you’re curious to know how you build backlinks? (Yes, I told you before that I can read your mind).

So, here I’m going to share each and every step for link building that will really help you to build backlinks and rank your websites/blogs in Search engines.

Guest Blogging [Info-Graphics Too]

Gain Backlinks Through Guest Blogging

Gain Backlinks Through Guest Blogging. (Source)

If you’re not new to link building you’ve already heard about link building, I know.

But this is one of the effective method that works well and will work.

Doing guest post on authority blogs is not an easy task in order to get approved you need to write content that will stand out from crowd, that mostly gets hell lots of shares otherwise you won’t get approved.

If you’re good at writing contents then you’ll easily get approved.

Steps To Do Guest Post:

  1. Find blogs that accepts guest posts (Must be 20+ Domain authority).
  2. Do remember that your guest blog must be related to your niche.
  3. Start writing content that will stand out from crowd.
  4. Once you wrote, do submit (the blog which you’ve chose to do guest post on).
  5. If you get approved, you’re good at writing and you can try more blogs too.
  6. If not, don’t worry, go and submit to another blog and you’ll get approved for sure.
  7. Try, try and try you’ll get approved for sure.

Trick To Get Approved Easily:

If you’re not approved by your content then you simply do one thing, hire an awesome content writer.

Do tell him/her to write something different and top-notch content for you.

Pay him/her what they want but tell them to write quality article.

From this trick, you’ll surely going to approve even at high authority blogs.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Write atleast 2000+ words guest post in order to get approved.
  • Try to write catchy headlines for your guest post.
  • Write post that is free of grammatical mistakes.
  • Hire writer if you can’t fulfill this job (as I’ve already mentioned above).

Roundup Posts

Have you seen?

Nowadays, many blogs are doing roundup posts.

They most likely write titles like

  • Experts Reveled…..
  • Expert Advice on……
  • 20 Experts Said…….
  • and so on.

Well, if you didn’t then I’m here.

First let me explain that what roundup actually means.

Roundup posts is something like doing guest posts on other blogs but not like that one guest posts.

Many bloggers in industry doing roundup posts to get more attractiveness for their blog posts.

They’ll ask questions and you’ll have to answer that question.

You’ll get featured on their blogs along with your blog URL.

Why they’re doing this?

Let’s take an example, If I’ve wrote a post on Link Building and on some other blog there is a post that is full of expert advice and they shared their views on Link Building, which one get more potential?

Obviously, the expert one.

Quite simple, by doing roundups they get more potential and you get a backlink.

But your blog need to be good and you need to knowledgeable  in order to participate in a roundup otherwise your views/opinions will not get approved.

How To Find Roundup Posts?

There are many effective ways to find roundup posts, some of them (that worked for me) I’m sharing below:

Finding roundup posts through Twitter:

  • Go to twitter.
  • You’ll see a search bar at the right side.
  • Now search for the following term below (Choose any of these).

Note: I have written my niche which is “blogging” replace “blogging with your own niche.

  • “roundup” “blogging”
  • “post of the week” “blogging”
  • “article of the week” “blogging”
  • “recommended blogs” “blogging”
  • “recommended blog posts” “blogging”

Got me? nah?

What these searches will do?

They will bring all the tweets that were posted by those twitter user who is either looking to link to someone, or already have linked.

You can follow them, be their true follower.

And when the time comes, try to convince them, and say if they can link to you.

This is a bit complex, but it works quite well.

Finding roundup posts through Facebook:

If you’re on Facebook you must be having some blogger friends.

As roundups are now trend, they must give roundup post invitation on their profile whenever they held a roundup post on their blogs.

Don’t have friends? Don’t worry!

There is a group on Facebook where people share their roundup post questions and they get answered by many members on group, you can make use of it.

Join that, and you’ll get hell lots of roundup posts, more roundup posts means more backlinks! 🙂

Join Group

Do keep in mind that write the answer that looks professional and which is to the point. Simple!

Forums Link Building

Forums are yet effective ways to build backlinks.

They usually known as signature links too.

There are many forums out there where you can answer questions which are asked by their members and in return you’ll get a backlink.

Simply awesome, right?

But keep in mind, don’t become cheesy or spammer, be natural and write useful answers.

This is the way where you can get traffic along with a powerful backlink.

I use two to three forums to answer people questions.

Like, Quora, Stackoverflow etc.

Because I need to be active and natural.

Broken Link Building

Listening it first time?

If you’re new to SEO thing, I know you’ve listened about broken link building first time.

Let me tell you one thing, it’s most proven way to build backlinks.

And in my opinion this will be the only way which will work in upcoming years.

What Is Broken Link Building?

Every day thousands of website get published and get deleted.

So, we take advantage of deleted/expired websites.

Simple, we firstly find a blog post related to our niche, with the help of our keyword and a search term.

After that if we see any broken link there we contact that website owner and tell them that your link is broken and I’ve also written on same topic on my website.

You can check that and link to my blog’s post.

Looking complex, but it’s not that much complex and don’t forget the thing that you’re getting authority links to your blog post along with the relationship with influencer.

How To Do Broken Link Building?

Moz written a whole guide on Broken Link building which can be found here.

You don’t need any guidance on Broken Link Building after reading their guide.

They have mentioned each and every step which can make you expert in broken link building.

Profile Backlinks

Profile links are good for driving traffic and getting fame as well as trust by google.

Free and Easy backlinks though, most of them are no follow and some of them are do follow, both are good as they also help in branding of a new site.

Some sites may take 2-3 weeks or more to index and some may take less time to index.

Who Should Make Backlinks At Such Sites?

Those who don’t know much about link building process and have a new site (Avg 1-4 months old).

If you have blog then you can start creating profiles and adding your blog URL there from now.

How To Get Backlinks From Such Sites?

  • Create/register an account there.
  • After creating your profile there now you will be able to edit your account in settings.
  • In that account settings, you’ll see an option to add URL of your blog/website.
  • You just need to add URL there and you’ll get a profile link.

Useful Tip: After creating profile on profile creation sites, don’t forget to share it on your social media profiles to for extra boost.

Process Velocity

Don’t start creating profile and adding links on all profile creation sites at once.

Create only three to five profiles on profiles creation sites in a day or two.

Hope so you’ll get result from profile creation sites.

You can also add links on Facebook and twitter.

Extra note: This is not too much helpful for ranking all of your keywords, but it has some other benefits too like getting backlink, trust in Google eyes, traffic and ranking at some extent.

How To Find Profile Creation Sites?

Finding them is a headache, I know.

I’ve found an awesome solution for you guys.

It’s so simple and easy way to find such sites.

Go to Google.com and Search for: Profile links/creation sites/List.

You’ll get thousands of profile link creation sites using this method easily.

Spy On Your Competitor

This method is white hat link building method and many experts are using this to get awesome backlinks without doing so much efforts.

By this method you’re not only getting backlinks but with method you’ll also get traffic and rankings.

You first have to analyze your competitors date using online tools and then you’ll able to see that how they’re creating backlinks.

This is simple yet effective method.

Well, you’ll be now wondering how to spy on competitors and getting backlinks from them.

I found AHREFS article on getting backlinks by spying on competitors and that is completely created for this.

You can found that article by clicking here.

Private Blog Network

The term Private blog network also known as PBN is one of the most uniquest way to build backlinks for your blogs.

I know you have heard PBN before as this is something that bloggers are now concentrating on.

But you have to careful as Google is penalizing many PBN(s).

You have to manage PBN as you’re managing own website/blog.

But once you make an awesome PBN then believe me moon will be your only limit for getting organic traffic or you can say ranking your keywords.

How To Make Private Blog Network (PBN)?

It’s a very lengthy process to make a Private Blog Network.

As I already told you that once you create an awesome PBN then you don’t need to create other backlinks.

You first need to scrap a wonderful expired domain and then buying another hosting etc.

Well, In this post I can’t tell you the whole process on how to make PBN as this is very lengthy topic.

No worries.

I have found an awesome article on it, which can be found here.

Do try it if you’ll have a PBN then you can get what your competitors can not.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 backlinks mostly helps to rank low competitive keywords, but it works well with medium or high competitive keywords also.

It’s super easy and quick way to generate some backlinks.

You just need to sign up in web 2.0 sites after signing up then adding some contents there along with your backlinks.

Well, it’s also another quite big topic, as I did earlier and doing it now that I found an awesome Long Tail Pro’s article about creating them and getting backlinks from web 2.0(s).

You can find that post by clicking here.

Email Outreaching

Outreach is a method of getting backlinks from other high authority sites by contacting their owners.

It’s looking quite simple but it’s really hard.

You need to write hell quality content in order to get backlinks from other high authority sites.

Just think, if someone email you that he/she written an article and he/she want you to give backlink to his site from your site in like minded article, if you don’t like that article would you give them?

I know your answer will be no, why should I give a backlink from my awesome article to creepy article? (See I told you many times, I can read your mind 😛 ).

Same would happen if you outreach influencer but your article will not worth to be linked in their article.

This is quite big process first you need to find out influencers, then their contact information and at the last sending them awesome email that convince them to give backlink to your site.

I have found complete guide regarding email outreaching that will make you expert in outreaching.

Click here to read that guide on email outreaching.

Also Marius shared 9 Surprisingly Effective Hacks he used with Influencers to Blast his Audience in Blogger Outreach.

Blog Commenting

The power of blog commenting is something you have to agree.

It have so much benefits like making relationships with Professional Bloggers in industry, getting free backlink, getting traffic and much more.

You just need to post a comment and in return you’re getting so much benefits, Quite awesome? right!

Keep in mind, your comment should be natural and engaging, you first need to read the post to write impressive comment there.

One of my blogger friend Adeel Sami is very good at commenting on other blogs at daily basis and you know what?

I talked to him personally when we met and he told me that most of the traffic he is getting from blog commenting, this is not end.

He also told me that the every relationship with bloggers I’ve made is just because of comments.

I was like wow Adeel and he was right.

If he can why not you?

Start commenting on good blogs right now, you’ll see a big change for sure.

Making Content That Attracts Backlinks

I know everyone can’t make a content that attracts backlinks automatically.

But have you heard this? “Nothing is impassible in this world”.

Exactly, you’ve already heard this most of times and this is 100% truth.

You can get backlinks easily if you have content that is hell awesome.

Great example: Have you seen here I gave backlinks to many blogs.

That’s what you can say a quality content that auto generate backlinks.

Tips To Write Content That Generate Backlinks

  • Write awesome headline for your content.
  • Try to write case study that worth a backlink.
  • Be natural, people love natural contents.
  • Add some memes on your contents, sometimes it works.
  • Add Info-graphics to your content, you’ll possibly get a backlink if someone link that info-graphics to his/her site.
  • Write lengthy contents.

Implement these all tips on your next content, you’ll really see a big change.

Video Sharing Sites

Video sharing sites are great way to get instant backlinks.

One of them is YouTube which allow you to upload your own video.

Well, how you can get backlinks from YouTube?

Make a short video of your contents.

Most people don’t love contents and they want it to be listen.

It’s simple whenever you write description of that video, simply add your desired site/blog URL in that description, quite awesome, I know! 😉

Building Backlinks Through Twitter (Secret)

Here I’m going to reveal a secret or you can less know technique for building backlinks through twitter.

I think you must be hearing this first time or you know this technique already.

Well, I’m not going to do the debate that you know or not.

I simply reveal it with my readers here.

It’s simple and easy way to build backlinks through twitter.

But how? I know you’re curious to know this method.

Not taking your too much time, here I’m going to tell you that how you can do that.

Okay, revealing it now!

In this method, you simply embed other influencers tweets on your post.

After doing this, notify them that you did that and tell them to share it too.

If they like it so much you can easily get a share over 50K+ followers along with the backlink (It’s depend upon them).

If you think it can’t work, it’s proven and tested by my friend and soon I’m going to test it. 🙂

One more tip, you can also mention there twitter account in your articles, and whenever you’re going to share on twitter that post just tag them.

End Of The Article

Here is the end of Link building techniques that really works.

I have shared some of the proven link building techniques that is working with many bloggers out there (Along with me).

Try them and comment below if anyone of them worked!

Don’t forget to subscribe for getting latest case studies about SEO (I’m going to share in upcoming days, for sure).


Fiverr Case Study: How I Got My First Order Within Hour?

This Fiverr Case Study is about how I got my first order within hour of publishing my first ever GIG?

I know you’re very much excited to know about it but what was the whole thing behind it?

How I really got my first order just by publishing my first ever GIG and not in an day, just in a hour.

There is any trick behind it?

No, I didn’t realized on any tricks.

Did I read any article about Fiverr?

To be honest, back in 2015 I read my first ever Fiverr case study even not the whole Fiverr case study just two or three paragraphs hardly.


How I got it?

Yes, here I’ll share the whole Fiverr case study that how I did that, any man behind it, any philosophy behind it, any rocket science behind it or anything else?

Read below as I’ll reveal that what yesterday happened to me that really changed my life and thinking completely?

You’re now in hurry to know that what it was, how it happened?

Let me start.

Learned Never Forgotten Lesson!

The day before this day, I learned a never forgetting lesson which can change your life completely and changed mine:

These days I don’t have much money to fulfill my expenses.

I was having 30$ only.

Yesterday, I was going on Gaming Zone to play game.

I go there usually in a day or two.

After playing one hour I was coming back towards home along with my friend.

He told me to come at Isha Prayer along with him.

I told Hmmm… Ok, I’ll.

He is my neighbor too.

I was praying Namaz 5 times in a day one or two months back (Don’t even remember the date, how unlucky I’m 🙁 ).

He didn’t went to prayer, I don’t know the reason.

His father was going to pray Isha.

He told his Dad that “Go to Abdul Samad’s home as he told me to come along with him at Isha’s prayer.”

His father came to my home and told me to come along with him.

I was thinking for 5 minutes but after that I told “Okay I’m coming.”

He was waiting outside of my home for 5 minutes as I was shutting down my laptop to go with him.

Finally, I came and we went to Mosque for praying Isha.

I prayed 4 Sunnah and sited on bayan.

After praying 4 farz, 2 sunnah and 3 vitar.

The bayan was started again….

I went there and sited to listen to it.

I was still praying to ALLAH that “I need money, I don’t have much, and you’re the one who will give me etc.”

After bayan, I went to home back.

What Happened Next?

To be honest, I hate Fiverr very much as people sell their services for 5$ or so.


Yesterday, I thought why not give it a try?

Don’t know from where it came to my mind and I created my first ever GIG on Fiverr.

Here’s how I created my first ever GIG:

It’s ALLAH who gave this in my mind:

I checked my GIGS related to my topic.

There was only thirty or less than thirty GIGS there.

I checked one of the popular GIG in my topic and two other (which are less popular).

I measured that one of the popular GIG have video and all other GIGS don’t even have video.

So I thought, I’ll also make a video just like him and it will give me more orders.

I’m not a video editor, even I don’t know to record screen.

I contacted my two friends who know video creating and very good to it.

One of them told me that it’s easy you can create yourself, he told me the ways that download Camtasia etc.

Thanks to him that he told me, but I’m so much lazy in these things so I didn’t created not even downloaded Camtasia 😛 .

I contacted one of my friend to create a video for me (He is one of the best friend of mine).

I told Okay.


I didn’t waited for video, and created my first GIG.

I thought once it will create I’ll add that too.

So, my GIG is now created.

I thought to share it on Facebook, I did that, shared it on Facebook but didn’t got even single order from Facebook.

I contacted my friend who is awesome Fiverr seller.

I told him that I created my first ever GIG, now how to get orders?

He told me that there are two ways,

  1. It’ll come to search results whenever anyone search for the topic.
  2. Send proposals to requests related to your GIG.

I told how it can give me orders in an hour?

I’ve to wait a lot……

I’m a person who is always in hurry, I hate waiting.

I told that buy my GIG from Fiverr and rate me five stars there

I talked to one of my friend earlier days of 2015 he told me that buying your orders on your own will slightly boost your rankings.

He told okay, but you know what…..

His Paypal got limited and he can’t even order my GIG.

I told myself I’m so unlucky.

Really these was my actual words.

But I don’t Give Up…………..I tried, tried and tried.

I thought, let’s send proposals, may be it can give me orders.

I sent proposals to 3-4 persons related to my GIG.

But I got order from proposals or from search results?

I didn’t closed the Fiverr tab, it was still there and I was working on other things.

After sometime I thought that Fiverr will not give me advantage and went to close it.


When I was closing that I saw a pink dots on notifications.

I was like…..

Can’t even describe my feelings. Really!

I checked message and it was (See the screenshot below):

Message On Fiverr Case Study

Message I Got In My Inbox

A person was just asking me that if it will deleted then?

I replied: No, It will not.

He is not one who gave me order.

Now it’s time for checking order.

I opened that and saw that I got premium package’s order which was of 50$. See the screenshot below:

Order Screenshot For Fiverr Case Study

Order Screenshot For Fiverr Case Study

This is what we call the real feelings.

I’ve delivered his order just after 1 hour.

Excited to get it completed! 🙂

I don’t know that proposals gave me order or search results as it’s just newly made GIG and how it can be come to search results.

I realized that:

There’s is only ALLAH who give you RIZQ.

A person is nothing, there’s ALLAH who give all the things to people as he promised in Holy Quran.

It proved to myself, and the only thing is left is tears in my eyes.

The lesson is learned “Never leave Namaz even if you’re rich or poor, happy or unhappy.”

You’ll surely get change in your life if you pray 5 times in a day.

Final Words On Fiverr Case Study:

This was my Fiverr Case Study.

It’s really an awesome lesson I learned, yesterday.

Never leave NAMAZ, it’s really a way to connect to Allah (Who is the creature of all man-kind).

I promise myself that from now onward I’ll pray 5 times in a day and Insha’Allah I’ll.

This Article will remind me to pray Namaz for sure.

If you want to earn money on Fiverr you should visit Umer’s post, which is just awesome, Earning money on fiverr.

Liked it? Why not spread the word, share it with your friends on social media 🙂 Jazak’Allah!


Releasing Genesis Child Theme: “Born Blogger Pro”.

After waiting so many times. finally I’m releasing Genesis Child Theme entitled as “Born Blogger Pro”.

The theme is a child theme of one and only great framework known as “Genesis Framework”.

There are many themes for WordPress out there, but the missing thing in all of them is not clean coded, professionally optimized, SEO friendly, fast loading and lots of aspects that can make our blog look ugly and not that much good.

I thought why not use my skills for others and make a theme that come with all the features.

It took me 4 months to design it and look into all the things.

It really contains many features that many themes even Paid ones don’t contain.

I have made this theme with my pure dedication so whoever going to use this theme will be more than happy as it looks perfect even without any further customization.

Let me count some features below so it’ll be easy to know that how much hard work it contains.

A Tweet will give a pleasure to my little efforts: 🙂

N.B: Comment below if you’re using this theme in your site 🙂 


Responsive Design



Responsiveness is nowadays important aspect for google and for user too as most of the users now use smart phones for visiting a website and solving their problems easily with their pocket devices.

How awesome will be for the readers if they optimized design at mobile, so they’ll surely gonna love that blog/website.

Free of cost

I really know that most of the newly made blogs can’t spend money on things that make their blogs look professional, as this theme is professional and free they can easily use this theme for their blogs.

ADs Ready

This theme comes with many widget areas where you can add your ADsense codes or banners of affiliates (whatever you want).

Easy Customization

I coded this theme cleanly, if you see editor you can easily measure that each and every code comes with easily understandable headings and coded cleanly.

You can easily edit this theme according to your needs.

Customized Author Box

I have customized GENESIS own author box to make it more elegant for readers and it’ll show below every post automatically.

Supports Any WordPress Version

It supports every version of WordPress, new and old ones.

So you’re very good to go if you have old and newly WP version in it.

Amazing Fast Loading Time

Most of the bloggers need some fast loading themes as they don’t need to tweak into codes. I’ve tweak into it’s coding and made it very fast that is beneficial for user experience and in terms of SEO too. If you need some fast loading themes you can rely on this theme.

Related Posts

I have implemented related posts for giving it more awesome look along reducing the bounce rate.

Customized Comment Form

I have customized the comment form with CSS codes and it’s looking so awesome 😀

Users will engage to comment on your blog for sure!

User-Friendly Navigation (2 Menus)

I have added the 2 navigation menus first is below header and second is in the footer.

That looks too great and user friendly.

SEO Friendly

There are thousands of themes out there which are attractive and just awesome but the thing is all of them are not SEO Friendly.

I took my SEO Guide in my mind and make it SEO Friendly as much as I can! 🙂

So you don’t need to take tension of On-Page SEO things.

More Features

There are loads of many features which can’t be written.

Download Now

Note: This theme is a child theme of Genesis Framework, if you want to use it on your blog then you have to buy Genesis Framework first.

Click To Download

That’s it, buddies! Hope you liked the theme 🙂 Don’t forget to share it as much as you can with your friends as it’ll be a compliment to my efforts!

Update: I’ve added Download button because of many requests. Enjoy!


10 Proven Ways To Drive Massive Traffic Without SEO!

Do you want to get relevant traffic (Targeted Traffic) to your new blog without SEO?

Yes, we all know that SEO is a must to follow for everyone but to get traffic to a new blog only by SEO is not a good choice.

SEO does not work instantly; you’ve to wait for several days or weeks to get rank on the first page of search engines.

I’m not saying don’t do SEO but I only want to say that don’t stay only on it.

There are infinite ways to get traffic to a new blog without SEO.

Here I brought 10 proven ways to get massive traffic to a new blog without SEO. 🙂

Guest Blogging (Every Professional’s Choice)

Guest Blogging is the best weapon to generate traffic from other blogs, and it is a proven technique to grow your blog network with the readers in the same niche.

There are two main things to do before doing a guest post.

First one is finding the top trending blogs which accepts guest post in your niche.

You can find many best sites from the Google search engine.

The second thing is searching for the content idea which will never get rejected by the blog admin.

I’ll suggest you to use BuzzSumo to find popular topics that are being shared a lot on social media. 🙂

However, You have to work hard for that, because the standard of writing might be higher in the authority blogs. 🙂 So if you want to do guest blogging, then you need to work best compare of you’re doing on your own Blog.

Guest blogging does not only help you in getting massive traffic without SEO but also help you in making relationship with the professional bloggers as well.

Blog Commenting (Find & Pull Method)

Blog commenting is my favorite technique, and it helps me a lot.

Just like as guest blogging, Blog commenting is another good way to get traffic from other blogs without SEO.

But it depends on how you do commenting on other blogs.

There are some major things to do & know before leaving your feedback on other blogs.

First thing is finding blogs that are relevant to your niche because when I started this technique, that time I don’t know where to comment.

So I always left my comments on the blogs which are not related to my targeted niche, but after some time by seeing the traffic report of my blog, I realize that traffic comes 10 times more from related niche blogs compare of irrelevant.

The second thing is to consider your words.

When you comment on other blogs, then you’ve to write minimum 50 words in your comment but never try to spam.

If you write long comments, then it will be eye-catchy and help you in driving massive traffic to your blog without SEO.

In above paragraph, I’ve said write a long comment, but it does not mean that leave meaningless comments.

You’ve to share your thoughts and give a good feedback to the post so that comment will be approved instantly.

The third thing is, never forget to add a link whenever you make a comment on other blogs.

It’s just a reminder, I know you’ll never forget. lol 🙂

Social Media (Must Follow)

Social media is another best and most useful platform to get a good amount of traffic to yours new blog without SEO.

Every professional blogger advice us to use social media.

I know many blogs who are just popular in the Blogosphere because of Social Media.

But you’ll never get traffic if you don’t have unique and quality content on your blog.

You’ve to write meaningful content that visitors loves to read.

You can take an example of this post. 😉

Only quality content will not help you to get traffic.

You’ve to make good relations with your followers so that they will click on the links whenever you share.

I’ll recommend you to make good friends on the Facebook and daily grow your friend list. (But only make like-minded friends.)

The second option is Facebook Group sharing.

You can get a ton of traffic from the Facebook groups if the group is related to your blog niche.

You should join some good Facebook groups who have huge member list and related to your niche.

Don’t depend only on the Facebook.

There are also another options you have such as Twitter, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit, and Buffer from where you can drive massive traffic on a daily basis to your blog.

Pinterest and Stumbleupon are the sites which help you to get daily traffic by the single share because it is different from the Facebook and Twitter.

There you will not find a feed; You’ve to create boards (Folders) and Pin your post links there.

Round Up Posts (I love this type of Posts.)

This technique I’ve not follow, but I saw many of my friends are following it and getting massive traffic.

For example; Abdul Samad Essani. [BornBlogger.net] 🙂 A good mentor, brilliant Blogger, Superb friend, and a Humble person. 🙂

Nowadays he is publishing roundup posts on this blog and yeah I know it massively impacts the traffic for him.

Round Up posts attract the visitors, but it depends on who are in and what type of you’re creating.

Roundups are like as interviews, but the only difference is, you will ask one or two questions to many experts at a time who would be fit and perfectly to answer you.

What to create in a round up?

First, you’ve to make a list of some experts who are in your blog niche and would love to answer you.

Send them the question via email or using the social network and after that give him enough time to respond you. 🙂 (That’s quite simple 😛 )

If you get an answer from them within two days then it’s good otherwise send him/her a reminder message again.

If they do not respond you, then don’t be sad because they are not only the professional in this industry there are thousands out there. 😉

Ask the same question to other experts. 🙂

You’ll get enough answers from experts to publish in your blog post.

The First Round Up Post On This Blog: 10+ Bloggers Share Ideas On Becoming Pro Blogger

Do Interviews (Attraction)

Interviewing professionals is a proven technique to get massive traffic to a blog. 🙂

Interview Of Gem: Mohammad Mustafa Interview From MyBloggerTricks.Com

People always love to read the story of successful Bloggers because this type of posts gives him the opportunity to learn what he did in the past to achieve this and what mistakes he did so they will be aware of that errors.

You can ask inspirational bloggers who are in your niche or send an invitation to those whom you think people love to know about.

On these type of posts, you’ll get huge shares on the social networking sites and also a backlink from the blogger who will give you interview.

One post and three Benefits. (Traffic+Shares+Backlinks). Quite awesome nah! 😉

World’s Best Ethical Hacker’s Interview: Interview With Rafay Baloch

Be A Case-Study (Buildup Trust)

Exposing your case study with your audience is a way to build trust with your visitors and to tell them your content and guides are valuable.

It does not only help you to make faith but also help you to engage the new audience as well.

Here are some tips to write a post after case study; Tell the story from start to end (When you start, which type of benefits you get.)

Try to write easy to Readable post – Use bullet and number lists, Short paragraphs, images, Bold & Italic format as well.

With great and useful case studies you can attract a lot of traffic, and you’ll get success soon.

If readers find your case-study useful, then they will bookmark it and also share with their friends and followers.

Check Out This Case Study: Insane Affiliates: #1 Secret to Get Sales! [Case Study]

Questions & Answers Forums (Show Your Knowledge)

Participating in forums and solving problems of others by great and useful answers is a way to grab the attention of other members.

If you’re utilizing this technique, the other members might want to know about you, and they’ll check your information and also come to your blog by clicking on the link you’ve provided in the about badge.

Some of the forums are accepting links.

Also, You can attach links in your comment but don’t be like a spammer.

When I started my blogging career, I never thought about participating in the forums, but after few months I’ve realized that I’m making a terrible mistake.

I’ve seen many professional bloggers who have significant respect in the blogosphere and they still participating in the forums.

I’ll always recommend you never to make this mistake.

You have great and free opportunity to show your knowledge to others.

This technique will help you out of sure. 🙂

Cut Some Time For This: The Proven Guide On SEO Friendly Content Writing!

Giveaways & Quizzes (Encourage Readers To Stay Long On Your Site.)

Giveaways and quizzes are two great ways to generate traffic to any new blog.

If you’ll organize a good quiz, then it is best than all of your static content.

It helps you to engage visitors for a long time on your blog.

If the quiz is interesting, then people want to answer you and also share with their friends and invite them to participate in the quiz.

Just like as quizzes,

Giveaways is also interesting because it is a technique whose used by bloggers and companies to promote their services/products by providing some of the stuff free.

Just think about yourself, What you will do if you find an interesting and your favorite stuff for free. 😉

Just like as others,

You can also arrange a giveaway and share it on different places like; Facebook groups, Twitter and wherever you want.

By this way, people will love to visit your blog because nobody wants to lose a chance of free stuff. 😉

Giveaways not helps you in generating free traffic but also in building an email list as well.

To create the email list, you’ve to make a rule, first, subscribe and then get free stuff direct into their mailbox.

The Most Popular Post Of All Time: The Definitive SEO Guide – Never Seen Before!

Link To Other Blog Posts In Your Contents

One of hugest mistake you shouldn’t make is never linking to other blogs.

If you are linking out to external blogs, they will take notice of that and most of them will share it on social networking sites and also link you back to their next articles.

This is the easiest trick and free method to generate massive traffic.

Inputs are null, and Output is Huge. Is it not a good way? 🙂

But here are some conditions,

If you’re interested in getting traffic by this technique, then you’ve to link out to good authority blogs because they also have huge followers and readers.

In this post, I’ve not linked out to any other blog because this is a guest post and It depends on the blog admin (Abdul Samad Essani) what he wants to do.

But I’ve seen many of posts in this blog with having many out links.

This strategy will not only help you in generating massive traffic but also assist you in making good relations with the professional bloggers.

Is it not a good deal? Yeah, it is. 🙂

Let’s Select Perfect Niche For Our Blogs: 5 Killer Ways To Select A Perfect Niche For Blogging!

Email Signatures

Sending emails to clients and blog readers is a regular thing, and yeah this strategy will also help you in generating traffic.

Nowadays People are too lazy, Just like me 🙁 and they don’t like to take the time to find what your blog/Site’s URL and also they will not like typing URL in the browser address bar.

So you’ve to make it easy for all of those lazy ones. 😉

Make sure your site link is just after of your name in the email otherwise you’ll not get a good number of clicks from there.

If you’re a Gmail user, then I want to tell you, there are many excellent services in Gmail and you can convert it into the business machine. You’ve to consume your 10-15 minutes, and you’ll get massive traffic from the emails if you’ve added your Blog URL to the email signature. 🙂

In The Last: Beginners Guide To Blogging World

Conclusion On Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO:

So above I’ve shared some excellent and proven ways for generating massive traffic without SEO.

I know some of you’ll say these all are SEO strategies and yeah these are, but if you consider another side, then you can say anyone can generate massive traffic without search engines. 🙂

I hope you guys will like this article. Please share your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions using the comment box.

Thank You!

Stay Blessed & Stay Happy!

“This Post (10 Proven Ways To Drive Massive Traffic Without SEO) Is Written By Paramjot Singh who is the owner of My Blogger Guides. He is helping many by his useful contents day by day. He especially writes for Blogger Platform and he is gem in that platform.”

If you wanna write for this blog, then do contact me by using this link. 🙂