Miss Hosting Review 2017: Best Hosting Service Provider

The advent of digitisation in today’s world has made it vital for anyone on the web to ensure that what is offer isn’t the sole concern, but how is it offered is equally important.

Be it setting up a website to take your offline business onto the web or setting up your own blogging portal, the quality of your website comprises of not just the product on offer or content in the blog, but the ease with which your website is accessible.

Thus, selecting a hosting provider is task that should be done with due diligence as it may lead to ramifications if your customers can’t reach you. Of all the web hosting reviews that have been put up on this blog, Miss Hosting has been a new entrant that has left me quite impressed. 

Miss Hosting Review

One of the important things while choosing a web hosting service is not just a fancy website but how easy it is to set things up and how least likely it is to fail. On both counts and many others, Miss Hosting doesn’t disappoint.

A part of four segments comprising the Miss group, the Miss hosting service also shares the same parent company, the Miss group, as Miss Hosting, Miss Domain, Miss Site and Miss Affiliate. Based out of Stockholm, the Miss group is spread across thirteen countries and has customers worldwide and counts VMWare, BK basekit, Dell, cPanel and namesip as its partners.

One of the things to keep in mind is to ensure that the domain and hosting companies should have the same parent. If in case of any technical breakdowns, the issue is most likely be due to the interaction between the two. Thus, saving a few extra bucks doesn’t make much sense if it leads to significant losses in future.

Miss Hosting group broadly provides six different services to choose from: Shared hosting, Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) solutions, dedicated server, reseller hosting, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates and Magento hosting.

In addition to these, the company also provides special SEO hosting for its customers. Now any blogger worth her salt knows how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays in getting the traffic on the website.

A hint: SEO is to website what gasoline is to your car. The SEO hosting plans offered by Miss hosting provide much more than the standard norm.  These add-on benefits include Manager server option, Proactive monitoring, dedicated support staff to cater any and every hurdle that may be in your way and unparalleled customer service to delight you like no other. 

SEO hosting, thus, in simple terms means that you get unique and dedicated IPs from the country of your choice with all of them directed to a single server.

Still torn between your loyalty towards old service provider and moving to Miss hosting service? Here’s a tip: Drop in a query to Miss hosting folks and you will know what to do. Apart from the impressive services, the pricing is one of the USP of Miss Hosting. The company offers three different plans: Basic, Professional and Ultimate.

The thing to be delighted with is the fact that you get domain name free of cost with every plan. Now, I was a bit skeptical and had to dig deep to find any catch. I mean there is nothing like a free lunch.

Surely, the plans would be normal than what I am getting in the market. To my pleasant surprise, the plans were competitive and by going for a package for higher number of years, you get a pretty good deal.

Broadly speaking, the three plans are as follows:

  • The Basic model is priced at $5.59 per month if you’re going for one year, $4.75 if double the number of years to two and $4.10 if stick around for three years.
  • The professional plan costs about 11.59 for one year, $10.62 if you opt for two years and comes down to just $9.99 if three-year package is your choice.
  • Coming to the Ultimate package, you get one-year service for $18.59 for one year, $16.62 if you go for a two-year deal and the pricing comes down to only $14.99 should you choose the three-year plan.

Miss Hosting Review

The most prominent distinction between the three is the number of websites you can host with each plan. With Basic, you can host one website, Professional offers services to 10 websites and the Ultimate plan lets you host unlimited website with equally dedicated customer service offered to all of them.

The Basic plan fetches you 100GB of disk space while the Professional plan gives you 250GB and the Ultimate plan offers unlimited disk space.

Monthly bandwidth is unlimited to all the plans while the File Transfer Protocol users are limited to one user with Basic plan, two with Professional and Ten with Ultimate plan.  With regards to SQL databases, you get one for Basic, two for Professional and twenty for Ultimate.

Four things that are standard offering for all the three plans are DNS management, access without “www”, unlimited domain names and alias domains.

The sub domains offered are 25 for Basic plan and unlimited for Professional and Ultimate plan. The number of email addresses you get for all the three plans is unlimited. However, the email storage offered is 100GB for Basic, 250GB for professional and unlimited storage for the Ultimate plan. The standard set of features offered for the mailing services are:

  • Auto-responder
  • Catch-All email addresses
  • POP3 Accounts
  • Webmail
  • SMTP
  • IMAP
  • Forwarding
  • Fraud, Virus and Spam protection
  • Email privacy and protection with 256-Bit encryption

The hosting provider supports cPanel 11.40.1 version for all the three hosting plans while the languages supported are PERL and PHP 5.3. The standard set of features for all the three hosting services are:

  • Password Protected dairies
  • Cron jobs
  • 24*7 email/phone support
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Easy Application Installer
  • FTP over SSL (FTPS)
  • Raw

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