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A Simple Guide To Start A Blog In 2017 – Easy To Understand!

The above quote sums up what matters in blogging.

Most of the bloggers don’t make money from their blogs or make just too little.

But on the contrary, few bloggers make money in millions too :).

So it’s up to you to which side you want to be.

With the new year approaching, let’s make a career in blogging.

It doesn’t matter even if you don’t know a single thing about blogging.

This guide is going to be a Kick starter for you blogging career.

Blogging is a very broad term.

Once you started blogging you will come to know about many new things like On page SEO, Off Page SEO, Domain authority, Backlinks and much more.

After some time you will get familiar with these new terms as of now just focus on How to start.

So, If you wanted to start a new blog but confused how to start then, you must read this guide.

1) Get your Blog

There are a number of ways to get your blog, but I  am going to tell the best alternative.

Here is what you need to do:

A) Select your Niche

The most important part Before starting a blog and buying a domain name for that blog you have to decide your Niche.

Niche can be anything like if you are passionate about something you can make your blog on that particular niche or something else.

Always choose something you know about and love to write without caring about time and money.

Read: 5 Killer Ways To Select A Perfect Niche For Blogging!

B) Get a domain name

Now you know what niche you are working on.

So select a domain name that will describe your niche or related to it.

Choosing a domain name is not easy.

Get a custom domain for your blog (

Here name XYZ is your choice.

I suggest you go with TLD’s (Top level Domains) like .com or .net. EMD (exact match domain) domain is recommended if you are starting a micro niche site.

A domain name is the first impression of the type of content in your blog.

C) Get a Platform

Get a platform to host your website on the web.

For beginners, there are great options to choose from blogging platforms.

Some of the top rated Blogging Platforms are:

  • WordPress
  • Blogspot
  • Tumbler
  • Medium
  • Squarespace and much more

2) Set up your Blog

There are three steps to set up your blog namely Installing WordPress, Choosing your theme and customizing.

Don’t worry the first two phases will be a cakewalk for you but the third one is the fun part where time spent on customization will depend on you.

A) Installing WordPress

Every hosting provider has a different platform and interface so setting up WordPress may vary.

To explain this, I will tell you how will you set up your WordPress in iPage Hosting

It is very easy, What you have to do is to log into your iPage CPanel and then go to:

  • Install Central
  • Scripting and Add-Ons
  • Blogs
  • WordPress
  • Begin Installation
  • That’s it, it will install WordPress.

B) Choosing Theme

Designing you blog is a creative and a fun task which begins with choosing a theme that suits your blog.

There are a lot of themes available on the Internet some of them are free, and some cost you some bucks (but they are worth every penny).

Important Note: There are a lot of websites on the internet that give you premium paid themes for free, but these themes are nulled.

I would suggest you never use a nulled theme for your blog.

It may help you now but may cost you too much loss in the long run.

I recommend you to buy themes from MyThemeShop or you can use my free theme which I’ve shared before “Born Blogger Pro“.

Once you are done with choosing a theme, now it’s the time to upload that theme to your blog.

If you decide from the premium themes, you’re going to buy directly from the developer’s website.

Then you have to download a zip file, and just upload it in your WordPress dashboard under:

  • Appearance
  • Themes
  • Add New
  • Upload Theme
  • Your theme has been installed.

In case you choose from the free WordPress pre-installed themes, just Click “activate “ on the theme, and it will go live 🙂

C) Customizing your Blog

Now comes the part of customizing your WordPress theme.

Need some help?

These are some customization I would suggest to get started with your blog.

  1. Site Title – Enter the name of your website and a catchphrase which would sum up what content you are going to provide, and this will decide your targeted audience.
  2. Widgets – Widgets include the content in the sidebar, footer and sometimes in the header. Commonly they are used for ads, popular posts, or tag clouds.
  3. Menus – Menus helps in setting the navigation of your website. You can set the menus based on the categories of content you are going to give to readers which would assist them to choose from content quickly.
  4. Header and background – Change colors or upload images to your header or background.

3) Start Blogging

Finally, it is the time to start penning down your mind boggling ideas on your blog and share them with the world.

Here are some tips I would like to give you while writing blog posts:

A) Use catchy headlines

Headlines decide your click rate and are worth paying attention to. Catchy headlines can get your more click rates and better traffic thus a good income :).

B) Be Conversational

Don’t just keep on writing.

Write only for the purpose of having communication with your readers.

C) Write on topics you know

There are too rare chances of success if you write on subjects which you are just learning about.

With passion, you should also have proper knowledge of your niche which would make you stand out of the crowd.

D) Easy to read Format

Write short paragraphs, use bullet/numbered lists, sub-headings, bold and italics to point out the important.

E) Blog more often

I would suggest you blog more often which would help your readers to come and search engines to crawl your website more often.

Final Words

I hope you will like the article.

If you have any query and suggestion, do not forget to write it in the comments section below.

Do share this article on your favorite social medium along with your friends!

This article is written by: Gagan Kamboj


8 Uncommon Blogging Mistakes Every Beginner Does.

Every person in this earth never born perfect or with knowledge.

Same like this bloggers are not even born perfect.

We all do mistakes from time to time, but are you the person doing these 8 uncommon blogging mistakes?

I was also doing these same mistakes, but I wanted to make it sure that you won’t.

Let’s check that what are these uncommon blogging mistakes that actually every beginner do or doing.

Are you a beginner, Check my guide on blogging for beginners.

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Inflexible Writing

There are various factors that contribute towards the scope of a manuscript.

Topic is not a solitary factor that decides the scale of a text.

There are various other elements that too play their roles in the development of an image of any document.

Nature and tone of writing is considered as one of the important factor in this list.

Actually the tone of the writing should be in accordance with the topic as well as the position of the document.

The suitable writing pitch for a letter will be obviously different from that of an article.

Similarly Blog is a very different thing.

The writing tone for a blog should be unique and up to the mark so that it may be suitable for a blog.

A Blog demands very flexible, attractive and interesting writing texture.

Usually the bloggers tend to use a tone for a blog that is not too much varied from that of a letter.

This usually results in the lack of interest of readers in the blog.

Inflexible, contracted and jargon’s containing scripts have always been a cause of irritation of audience.

A blog should be written in a flexible, attractive and effortless to read pattern, so that the reader may have fun to go through it.

For making of blog’s text more attractive, a blogger can use rewriting tools, through which the writing tone can also be transformed to a more easily understandable one.

Inappropriate Topic Selection

Selection of topic for blogging should be done with great care, keeping in view the factors that would help gaining a quality collection of audience instead of a heavy bunch of people, whom you will not able to handle.

Usually the bloggers select such topics which are not too much specified.

Selection of broad topic will result in production of difficulties in handling of its audience.

For example, “Earning online” like topics will contain a massive amount of details and related topics that will surely be the ancestors of bulk of versatile questions.

Answering such a high number of questions covering a wide range of sub topics will create hurdles in answering these questions and will result in downfall of the quality of performance.

In contrast, a more specific topic will generate a small bunch of quality audience that can be easily transformed into customers in future.

Lack Of Promotion

Untold sacrifices are never counted.

Similarly hidden capabilities are also not appreciated.

Many bloggers rend to focus on doing bulk of work without caring about their promotion.

It is very unwise attitude because without promotion it is almost impossible to attract customers.

No matter how much good blogger you may be, but absence of proper advertisement on social media and various kinds of newsletters will never uplift your career.

So it is important for every blogger to avoid this mistake in order to achieve proper fruits of his hard work.

Absence Of Communication With Readers

Proper communication is the key towards a successful career.

A Blogger should have to build a strong relationship with his or readers.

Usually bloggers don’t care about communicating with their readers.

It is due to the shortage of time or lack of interest.

But a bloggers should avoid such actions.

A blogger will be able to boost up his status only if he or she is active on social media, interacting with his or her readers consistently.

This will offer him with a bunch of loyal audience that can be proved very fruitful for his future.

Lacking Visual Contents

A huge percentage of populations love to see the videos and images.

In order to have a massive traffic, a blogger should have to maintain visual contents regularly in his or her blogs.

Almost all the bloggers avoid such tactics.

Due to which they have to wait long to get a respectable trafficking.

Presence of videos and images will attract high number of people and will help in gaining huge amount of trafficking.

It is due to the fact that people like images and videos more than the simple text.

Avoiding To Put Ads

The bloggers main aim from blogging is to earn from it.

Earning is a great source of motivation the workers.

Usually the bloggers try to restrict themselves from putting ads in their blogs due to fear of reader’s irritation.

But it will lead to low income, and so the motivation for further work will be decreased.

Which is not a fair signal for the successful future of the blogger.

So it is highly suggested to add Ads in the blog to earn more and more.

Lack Of Experimenting

Luck favors the brave ones and only brave people can move forward.

A person who is always afraid of doing something new will not be able to achieve a unique identity.

Usually bloggers are afraid of experimenting and often try to use Article Rewriter Tools.

It is due to the fear of failure of experiments.

But in order to disclose new horizons, a blogger must have to touch all those corners of the field which are still remained untouched, without thinking about the results of this action.

So getting upset of being failed with doing experiments is a useless character.

A blogger must have to avoid this habit, as it may be resulted in long lasting weak and dull position of a blogger.

Sole Economical Dependence On Blogging

Usually the bloggers tends to rely merely on the income of blogging.

In this case, if he or she does not earn too much, disappointment is resulted.

So all the bloggers are suggested to do not rely on the income of blogging especially when you are newer to this field.

This attribute will protect you to get dis-hearted and leave blogging at all.

It is recommended to all the bloggers not to rely wholly on the income of blogging and to arrange some side earning source as well.

With this strategy, he can have a long walk in the field of blogging.

End “Uncommon Blogging Mistakes”

What to say in the last I really don’t know but one thing I must say that if you’re doing these uncommon blogging mistakes avoid it now.

No matter if you’re doing one of these, do avoid it also.

Well, I want to know which mistakes I have missed to feature here, kindly mention in the comments below or which one you did, also comment below.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends too.


SEO Guide: Exclusive Search Engine Optimization Guide!

Today I brought The definitive and exclusive SEO Guide or Search Engine Optimization Guide which is never seen before on any blogs. So take advantage of it!

SEO, I know it’s a word that every blogger want to know from S to O and finding it all over the internet.

The reason I’m bringing this Search Engine Optimization Guide is to help beginners and seasoned bloggers as well to understand each and everything in SEO.

I’m sure that this Search Engine Optimization Guide contains the information which is never seen before anywhere on the internet.

You can say this Search Engine Optimization Guide contains secrets that SEO Experts never gonna tell you because these are the things they’re doing for ranking their articles.

It’s not that easy as we all think it is, many Professionals and SEO experts even don’t know the S of SEO and doing very well.

Just think that if they know the whole SEO then “sky is the only limit” they have.

I think only Google is the king and Google knows better and full SEO.

You can see my rankings are going very well, many asked me on my social media profiles that how you’re doing that great even you’re not working properly on your blog and all that. I told them that I’ll surely gonna post my whole techniques that I’m using to rank well and these will be the one which SEO experts are using.

Remember nothing is rocket science, ranking is not that easy I know but not that hard as beginners think.

If you properly give attention towards your work then I swear sky is your only limit!

Everyone know that SEO has two types one is On-Page and second is Off-Page, if you do Off-Page well and don’t concentrate on On-Page then I’m sorry that you’re wasting your time and if you’re doing On-Page well and only doing link building in Off-Page then you can succeed means On-Page is backbone of SEO, if you want to stand out then On-Page SEO is important than Off-Page.

N.B: I’m not promoting On-Page or not telling that don’t do Off-Page, Off-Page is also very important. I’m just sharing my personal experience.

If you do both of them then you can get what others are not getting.

I think this introduction is enough, so let’s get into the article.

I’ll love, if you tweet! 😉

What Is SEO?

First thing is first, in this video which is made by Ammar for me you’ll learn what is Search Engine Optimization or SEO exactly?

Watch the video below:

Understanding The On-Page & Off-Page SEO

In this video you’ll understand that what actually On-Page and Off-Page SEO is, Do watch it out!

On-Page SEO – The Backbone Of SEO!

On-Page SEO Infographics

On-Page SEO Infographics (Source)

First thing is first, what is On-Page SEO, it’s essential part of SEO or you can say the backbone of SEO (as I already mentioned above), it’s from where SEO starts.

Not getting? huh, let me give you the simple definition:

“Any thing you do inside your blog/website to get better SERP is known as On-Page SEO”.

Below I brought some proven and effective methods to properly optimize your site for better On-Page SEO which means better SERP (Search Engine Results Page).


Content always matters. Without proper SEO friendly content writing, your blog is nothing.

You’ll never get Search Engine Traffic for your content if you don’t know the SEO Friendly Content Writing.

I’ve written an Exclusive Guide On SEO Friendly Content Writing, which contains each and every techniques in order to make your content SEO Friendly.

It’s most updated guide on Internet! So take advantage from it.

This is what every blogger or content writer need!

Head over to my SEO Friendly Content Writing Guide:

“The Proven Guide On SEO Friendly Content Writing!”

Website Speed

A good website speed always attract visitors/buyers.

Why speed matters? Speed matters a lot as it can gain or lose respect in visitor’s eye.

Let me give you a good example:

Let’s suppose you have came across to my blog, the blog taking too much to load.

Would you like to stay for couple of seconds? I can surely say that you’ll not!

You’ll click the close button and head over to another website/blog.

Because of my Load Time I’ve loss a visitor, who can be my customer later!

It’s not about only one, it’s about thousands!

It’s also a ranking factor in Google, you know we all want to happy Google and we all want to make our website/blog SEO Friendly.

The good page load time is under 1 second.

You can check your blog/website’s loading time on GTMetrix easily.

Now the question is how you can improve your Website Speed? Have a look below:

I’ve wrote a complete guide on how you can make your website/blog’s Page Load Time under 1 second.

Head over to this amazing guide on:

How You Can Make Your Website/Blog’s Page Load Time Under 1 Second

I hope that this guide will give you a boost in your Page Load Time as many getting good results daily with the help of my Guide. 🙂

Importance Of Design

The Definitive SEO Guide - Never Seen Before! (Quote Of Design)

Design have it’s own importance in terms of SEO.

If you’ve the Google friendly and User Friendly design then it can help you to achieve the success in SERP early.

I’ve arranged a round up on topic “What is Google Friendly Design?” where many experts reveled the things they’re using to make Google Friendly Design.

Below I highlighted two things which are really important factors for Google Friendly Design:

Responsive Design

Responsive design really important in terms of SEO.

The Google is also showing a tag of “Mobile Friendly” for the sites/blogs which have responsive design on their search results.

Google also announced that they’ll gonna divide indexation for Mobile and Desktops. (Source)

Tell me that how much a responsive design is important in terms of SEO.

You should have responsive design as it’s too important nowadays.

There are many sites who provide responsive themes, i.e. MyThemeShop, etc.

You can check my site is pretty responsive which is designed by me.

N.B: You can check whether your site is responsive or not on Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

Clean, Eye Catching And Easy To Navigate Design

Clean coded design and eye catching/design design matters a lot as it makes the reader to easily navigate into your site and solve their problems.

If you really want to engage thousands of visitors over night then you should use the theme which is attractive.

Don’t forget! A simple, eye catching and attractive lady always attract man rather than a lady with lots of make-up on her face!

If you’re not good designer then you should use my recent designed theme, which can be found here.

Off-Page SEO – Build Authority!

Off-Page SEO is the most important part for converting our blog to an authority and getting converting traffic.

It’s used to rank a website in SERPs in a very short period of time, If you do it correctly.

Like you want to rank a keyword “SEO Guide” then you have to dirty your hands with hardcore Off-Page SEO (I’m targeting it 😛 ).

You can’t be expert in Off-Page SEO easily, it takes years of years to become an expert in Off-Page SEO.

Link Building

Whenever we think about Off-Page SEO we just start thinking of backlinks, am I right? Yes I’m!

It’s one of the popular method of nowadays, from which you rank any of your keywords in Google.

I know, making an authority backlink is not as easy as we all think, but it can depend upon you.

It needs time, years and experience to be expert in Link building.

Believe me, if you start proper link building then you can rank any of your keywords on Google for sure. 🙂

Well, it’s quite complicated, I know, but I have mentioned some awesome and proven techniques below to make link building easy to you.

I know you’re curious to know about them, without taking your time, let’s start!

Some Mostly Used Link Building Techniques:

  • Becoming Contributor:- Writing on another high authority site is not an easy task but once your article approved, it will be skyrocket change in your rankings for sure.
  • Broken Link Building:- If you’re new to this word “SEO” or trying to learn it then you might be listening it first time, yes broken link building thing exists.
  • Profile Backlinks:- Getting a profile link is getting more trust in Google’s eye for sure.
  • Competitors Analysis:- Sometimes, your competitors make your work easy, hack their system (not that hack 😛 ) spy on their backlink ideas you’ll surely get free of cost backlinks at no time.

These were some of the techniques I’ve shared with you for making backlinks for your blog.

Nevertheless, I have written a whole 3000+ words guide on Backlinks, go and read it out (yes it contains above steps with more details, though).

Proven Link Building Techniques – You’ll Curious To Know!

Social Signals

Social Signals are great ranking factor nowadays.

If you want to rank any particular article/content then you may try this.

Many of my friends ranked their keywords just by social sharing.

And yeah, it’s proven!

You might be thinking a nofollow backlink from social media can really help?

Yeah they can.

You know what? Most of the traffic is from Social media.

Just create a hype in social media, like if you’re going to write on any unique topic in your blog.

Post that title and write that how many of you want to know these techniques or anything that is related to your article.

So whenever you publish the post tag them all as they’ll be happy for tagging.

You’ll see the magic in no time.

Don’t forget to share your new article on Groups in Facebook and Google+ communities as well (Related to your niche).

You’ll really see the change in your traffic along with Google rankings.

The most famous social media sites are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin etc. You should try all to get some great traffic.

Remember! If you’re sharing your articles only one time and not again and again then you’re doing a great mistake here.

You have to share your articles as much as you can (Don’t spam).

It’s like spending time on content creation 20% and 80% time on it’s promotion.

The great Entrepreneur called Neil Patel explained this fact very deeply (I’m attaching the image below).
The Definitive SEO Guide - Never Seen Before! (Sharing Multiple Times)

I hope you have understand that what Social Media sharing can do.

Do try it and share the results in the comments below. 🙂

Some Last Words On “SEO Guide”

Here, I’m wrapping up this article by telling you the most awesome techniques that I’m using and you should use too.

If you implement these all techniques which are mentioned above then believe me you’ll see awesome change in your traffic.

I have shared all the techniques that are working in 2017 and beyond.

I have followed these all techniques and you know what, my rankings are “Wow”.

Now my next target keyword is Search Engine Optimization Guide and I’m achieving this soon.

In this guide, I have also revealed some secrets which experts are doing well.

One more thing I want to say here that,

On-Page SEO optimized content give more value to your blog if you follow the On-Page SEO tips only then you can really get lot’s of results.


Brian Dean of Backlinko write only 30 contents in the year.

Well, you might be thinking that how he is getting so much traffic just by writing 30 articles in a year.

Actually, the secret technique behind it, he invest his time on Promotion because he know his content is top-notch and he will get auto promotions as well.

So the thing here is write content that get promotion easily, i.e. Case studies, secret tips etc.

If you’re not getting traffic, I just want to say that “Never Give Up”.

Giving up is not in my dicationary that’s why I’m here.

You never know when your door will open.

Do remember one thing only that is hustling and smart working (as I mentioned above).

Nothing is impossible in this world, we all know, so keep this in mind and remember that:

“Every Expert Was Once A Beginner”.

Do experiments, learn new things, implement the good ones and keep motivated.

These are the things to become expert easily.

Do share this worthy SEO guide with your friends, if you found it useful!

Don’t forget it took me many long days to write this article just for my readers, I know you’ll appreciate my efforts by sharing this guide.

Happy Blogging and SEO.


How To Make Contributor Account At (Limited)

Contributing on a big sites like Techcrunch, Huffington, Forbes etc. is a dream of every blogger. welcoming new writers since the early days by their new contributing platform.

We all know that Huffingtonpost also started the contributing platform but now it’s closed for new contributors and this time is giving free contributing accounts to awesome writers, but not like Huffingtonpost.

I know most of you don’t know about this platform but now I’m going to reveal it to others by telling them to make a Contributor account for free.

Well, I’m going to tell you method to create account step by step and easily.

Can You Become Contributor At

Anyone can become contributor at, but you need to be copy writer to become contributor at

They’re giving contributor accounts for free but when you submit your article their editorial team will check that article and verify that whether it can be published or not.

So, if you have great content writing style and you can write something out of this world you can try.

Don’t forget the great quote, “Nothing is impossible in this world”.

Really nothing is impossible, even if you can’t write article I have something awesome trick for at the end, so don’t miss the whole content.

Steps To Make Contributor Account At

I’m going to give a link of sign up for contributor account at but first consider these below things:

  • While signing up kindly provide authentic information.
  • When you’re going to sign up only provide your personal social media profiles not company or blog profile links.
  • Feel free to use HTML Tags/Anchor Tags while writing your bio (You can add your blog link too).
  • Kindly keep your author bio short (something like 50 words).
  • Important Step: When you successfully created the account at then kindly shoot the email to [email protected] that you’ve created your account and introduce yourself to them.
  • At the last, Go and start writing your first article.
  • Must write 1000 words or more than 1000 words article for getting approval easily.
  • Don’t add the links of your affiliate sites or your blog links.
  • Click the submit for review button.
  • Once your article approved by their team members you’ll get a email or they’ll mention you on Twitter when they share that on Twitter.
  • One more thing, they can simply reject you without any reason, if they don’t like your article.
Sign Up at

Trick To Get Approved Easily

I have found an awesome trick for getting approval easily.

It’s something awesome and you can say a trick that will work for sure.

Well, I’ll not going to take your too much time.

Going to reveal that trick below.

It’s simple, Hire a content writer in fact top-notch content writer.

His/her content must be something creative and can get approval easily.

Tell them that you’ll pay what they want but you want something awesome article.

Don’t worry, It will be one time payment but it worth more than 1000$.

If you still didn’t understand, here is the video to make contributor account at

Final Words

Well, you can say I have given you a piece of gold, as many people out there was selling their contributor accounts for 20$. 10$ etc.

Now they’ll email me to remove this post as I have shut their business down 😛 But this is only for my readers, I’ll never going to remove this post.

I know you wanna say a BIG THANKS, you can say by commenting below easily and it’s request to subscribe to become my blog’s loyal reader and enjoy these type of posts daily. 🙂


10 Proven Ways To Drive Massive Traffic Without SEO!

Do you want to get relevant traffic (Targeted Traffic) to your new blog without SEO?

Yes, we all know that SEO is a must to follow for everyone but to get traffic to a new blog only by SEO is not a good choice.

SEO does not work instantly; you’ve to wait for several days or weeks to get rank on the first page of search engines.

I’m not saying don’t do SEO but I only want to say that don’t stay only on it.

There are infinite ways to get traffic to a new blog without SEO.

Here I brought 10 proven ways to get massive traffic to a new blog without SEO. 🙂

Guest Blogging (Every Professional’s Choice)

Guest Blogging is the best weapon to generate traffic from other blogs, and it is a proven technique to grow your blog network with the readers in the same niche.

There are two main things to do before doing a guest post.

First one is finding the top trending blogs which accepts guest post in your niche.

You can find many best sites from the Google search engine.

The second thing is searching for the content idea which will never get rejected by the blog admin.

I’ll suggest you to use BuzzSumo to find popular topics that are being shared a lot on social media. 🙂

However, You have to work hard for that, because the standard of writing might be higher in the authority blogs. 🙂 So if you want to do guest blogging, then you need to work best compare of you’re doing on your own Blog.

Guest blogging does not only help you in getting massive traffic without SEO but also help you in making relationship with the professional bloggers as well.

Blog Commenting (Find & Pull Method)

Blog commenting is my favorite technique, and it helps me a lot.

Just like as guest blogging, Blog commenting is another good way to get traffic from other blogs without SEO.

But it depends on how you do commenting on other blogs.

There are some major things to do & know before leaving your feedback on other blogs.

First thing is finding blogs that are relevant to your niche because when I started this technique, that time I don’t know where to comment.

So I always left my comments on the blogs which are not related to my targeted niche, but after some time by seeing the traffic report of my blog, I realize that traffic comes 10 times more from related niche blogs compare of irrelevant.

The second thing is to consider your words.

When you comment on other blogs, then you’ve to write minimum 50 words in your comment but never try to spam.

If you write long comments, then it will be eye-catchy and help you in driving massive traffic to your blog without SEO.

In above paragraph, I’ve said write a long comment, but it does not mean that leave meaningless comments.

You’ve to share your thoughts and give a good feedback to the post so that comment will be approved instantly.

The third thing is, never forget to add a link whenever you make a comment on other blogs.

It’s just a reminder, I know you’ll never forget. lol 🙂

Social Media (Must Follow)

Social media is another best and most useful platform to get a good amount of traffic to yours new blog without SEO.

Every professional blogger advice us to use social media.

I know many blogs who are just popular in the Blogosphere because of Social Media.

But you’ll never get traffic if you don’t have unique and quality content on your blog.

You’ve to write meaningful content that visitors loves to read.

You can take an example of this post. 😉

Only quality content will not help you to get traffic.

You’ve to make good relations with your followers so that they will click on the links whenever you share.

I’ll recommend you to make good friends on the Facebook and daily grow your friend list. (But only make like-minded friends.)

The second option is Facebook Group sharing.

You can get a ton of traffic from the Facebook groups if the group is related to your blog niche.

You should join some good Facebook groups who have huge member list and related to your niche.

Don’t depend only on the Facebook.

There are also another options you have such as Twitter, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit, and Buffer from where you can drive massive traffic on a daily basis to your blog.

Pinterest and Stumbleupon are the sites which help you to get daily traffic by the single share because it is different from the Facebook and Twitter.

There you will not find a feed; You’ve to create boards (Folders) and Pin your post links there.

Round Up Posts (I love this type of Posts.)

This technique I’ve not follow, but I saw many of my friends are following it and getting massive traffic.

For example; Abdul Samad Essani. [] 🙂 A good mentor, brilliant Blogger, Superb friend, and a Humble person. 🙂

Nowadays he is publishing roundup posts on this blog and yeah I know it massively impacts the traffic for him.

Round Up posts attract the visitors, but it depends on who are in and what type of you’re creating.

Roundups are like as interviews, but the only difference is, you will ask one or two questions to many experts at a time who would be fit and perfectly to answer you.

What to create in a round up?

First, you’ve to make a list of some experts who are in your blog niche and would love to answer you.

Send them the question via email or using the social network and after that give him enough time to respond you. 🙂 (That’s quite simple 😛 )

If you get an answer from them within two days then it’s good otherwise send him/her a reminder message again.

If they do not respond you, then don’t be sad because they are not only the professional in this industry there are thousands out there. 😉

Ask the same question to other experts. 🙂

You’ll get enough answers from experts to publish in your blog post.

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Do Interviews (Attraction)

Interviewing professionals is a proven technique to get massive traffic to a blog. 🙂

Interview Of Gem: Mohammad Mustafa Interview From MyBloggerTricks.Com

People always love to read the story of successful Bloggers because this type of posts gives him the opportunity to learn what he did in the past to achieve this and what mistakes he did so they will be aware of that errors.

You can ask inspirational bloggers who are in your niche or send an invitation to those whom you think people love to know about.

On these type of posts, you’ll get huge shares on the social networking sites and also a backlink from the blogger who will give you interview.

One post and three Benefits. (Traffic+Shares+Backlinks). Quite awesome nah! 😉

World’s Best Ethical Hacker’s Interview: Interview With Rafay Baloch

Be A Case-Study (Buildup Trust)

Exposing your case study with your audience is a way to build trust with your visitors and to tell them your content and guides are valuable.

It does not only help you to make faith but also help you to engage the new audience as well.

Here are some tips to write a post after case study; Tell the story from start to end (When you start, which type of benefits you get.)

Try to write easy to Readable post – Use bullet and number lists, Short paragraphs, images, Bold & Italic format as well.

With great and useful case studies you can attract a lot of traffic, and you’ll get success soon.

If readers find your case-study useful, then they will bookmark it and also share with their friends and followers.

Check Out This Case Study: Insane Affiliates: #1 Secret to Get Sales! [Case Study]

Questions & Answers Forums (Show Your Knowledge)

Participating in forums and solving problems of others by great and useful answers is a way to grab the attention of other members.

If you’re utilizing this technique, the other members might want to know about you, and they’ll check your information and also come to your blog by clicking on the link you’ve provided in the about badge.

Some of the forums are accepting links.

Also, You can attach links in your comment but don’t be like a spammer.

When I started my blogging career, I never thought about participating in the forums, but after few months I’ve realized that I’m making a terrible mistake.

I’ve seen many professional bloggers who have significant respect in the blogosphere and they still participating in the forums.

I’ll always recommend you never to make this mistake.

You have great and free opportunity to show your knowledge to others.

This technique will help you out of sure. 🙂

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Giveaways & Quizzes (Encourage Readers To Stay Long On Your Site.)

Giveaways and quizzes are two great ways to generate traffic to any new blog.

If you’ll organize a good quiz, then it is best than all of your static content.

It helps you to engage visitors for a long time on your blog.

If the quiz is interesting, then people want to answer you and also share with their friends and invite them to participate in the quiz.

Just like as quizzes,

Giveaways is also interesting because it is a technique whose used by bloggers and companies to promote their services/products by providing some of the stuff free.

Just think about yourself, What you will do if you find an interesting and your favorite stuff for free. 😉

Just like as others,

You can also arrange a giveaway and share it on different places like; Facebook groups, Twitter and wherever you want.

By this way, people will love to visit your blog because nobody wants to lose a chance of free stuff. 😉

Giveaways not helps you in generating free traffic but also in building an email list as well.

To create the email list, you’ve to make a rule, first, subscribe and then get free stuff direct into their mailbox.

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Link To Other Blog Posts In Your Contents

One of hugest mistake you shouldn’t make is never linking to other blogs.

If you are linking out to external blogs, they will take notice of that and most of them will share it on social networking sites and also link you back to their next articles.

This is the easiest trick and free method to generate massive traffic.

Inputs are null, and Output is Huge. Is it not a good way? 🙂

But here are some conditions,

If you’re interested in getting traffic by this technique, then you’ve to link out to good authority blogs because they also have huge followers and readers.

In this post, I’ve not linked out to any other blog because this is a guest post and It depends on the blog admin (Abdul Samad Essani) what he wants to do.

But I’ve seen many of posts in this blog with having many out links.

This strategy will not only help you in generating massive traffic but also assist you in making good relations with the professional bloggers.

Is it not a good deal? Yeah, it is. 🙂

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Email Signatures

Sending emails to clients and blog readers is a regular thing, and yeah this strategy will also help you in generating traffic.

Nowadays People are too lazy, Just like me 🙁 and they don’t like to take the time to find what your blog/Site’s URL and also they will not like typing URL in the browser address bar.

So you’ve to make it easy for all of those lazy ones. 😉

Make sure your site link is just after of your name in the email otherwise you’ll not get a good number of clicks from there.

If you’re a Gmail user, then I want to tell you, there are many excellent services in Gmail and you can convert it into the business machine. You’ve to consume your 10-15 minutes, and you’ll get massive traffic from the emails if you’ve added your Blog URL to the email signature. 🙂

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Conclusion On Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO:

So above I’ve shared some excellent and proven ways for generating massive traffic without SEO.

I know some of you’ll say these all are SEO strategies and yeah these are, but if you consider another side, then you can say anyone can generate massive traffic without search engines. 🙂

I hope you guys will like this article. Please share your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions using the comment box.

Thank You!

Stay Blessed & Stay Happy!

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