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How To Get Google AdSense Account Approved In 2017? (Step-By-Step)

Let’s Get Google Adsense Account Approved, Fast, easy and never seen before!

You are one of those bloggers who are still in the race of making money online and now you wish to get an AdSense account for your site/blog and want to earn good revenue from your site?


I know!

Getting Google AdSense account approved is the desire of every newbie blogger, in fact, of all bloggers.

But it’s not that easy to get Google AdSense account approved for your sites.

The reason is Google is very strict for approving new AdSense accounts because they don’t want to make their great community of publishers and advertisers spammy by approving all kind of sites.

So, it’s not easy to get an AdSense account, but you are lucky because you are here.

Before you start reading this guide, I would like to say, grab a cup of tea (of course, you can take coffee too) and close the Facebook tab so that you can focus here.

Tweet it, it won’t take more than 1 minute.

Why Google AdSense Is The Best?

No doubt that the Google AdSense is the best blog monetization network.

They are not only best for the publishers, but they are also ideal for their advertisers.

Either you talk about payments or the rates, they pay you in time and provides the highest rates according to your site and niche.

When it comes to the monetization techniques, they are also best in that because AdSense wants to display ads without affecting the user experience on your site.

Since the AdSense is best in all aspects so, all of us are running behind them, and they are making their account approval policies from strict to strict so that only high quality sites can pass.

Reasons For Being Rejected From Google AdSense

Although getting an AdSense account is hard, but it is not impossible.

I believe that if you follow the reasons of being getting rejected from AdSense, then you can easily get Google AdSense account approved fast.

Below I have listed the most common reasons for being rejection from Google AdSense.

Insufficient Content

The most common reason why Google AdSense does not approve sites is that your sites have not sufficient contents.

AdSense needs those sites which have good contents.

If your site has not sufficient contents, then it is impossible for you to get an AdSense account.

Well, AdSense does not state that what is the number of sufficient contents but according to experts saying you must have at least 20 high-quality contents.

Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies

The second most common reason for AdSense account disapproval is the site you submitted is not comply with Google AdSense Policies.

It is sure that if AdSense has stated the above statement for disapproving your site, then your site is not following either their webmaster guidelines or their program policies.

How to Get Google AdSense Account Approved

Now you have learned the most common reasons for AdSense account disapproval.

Below I will state some important things which you should do before you apply for Google AdSense.

Write Great Contents

The first requirement of Google AdSense is the quality contents.

You should keep in mind that your contents much be of high quality.

High-quality content is:

  • Unique and original
  • Informative and comprehensive
  • Have not any grammar mistakes

Check: How To Write SEO Friendly Content?

Number of Posts

Having a good number of high-quality posts is also critical.

If your site have few posts, then it is very hard for you to get into AdSense.

Na Na! Please don’t ask about what’s the actual number of posts for applying AdSense?

Well, there is no answer to this question because AdSense itself has not stated this on their policies or anywhere else.

I have seen many bloggers having 100+ blog posts, but they are still not getting AdSense approved.

On the other hand, I also know a few bloggers who have just published 10+ blog post and got Google AdSense account approved.

Why should I say about any other?

I have also got Google AdSense account approved with a site having only five blog posts. Yes, I wrote it right there was only five blog posts, and I got approved.

So, I would recommend you to have at least 20 high-quality blog posts.

Your Site’s Age

Site’s age is the most important AdSense account approval factor.

AdSense want sites which are at least six months old especially sites from third world countries.

If you are from any third world countries, then your site must be at least six months old, and they have clearly stated this on their Eligibility to participate in AdSense page that your site must be at least six months old.

Make Your Blog Responsive

With the increase of mobile devices, the demand for websites on mobiles has been increased.

For example: 97% of the people in the USA uses their cell phone to search the things while they are away from their Laptops.

This is not only in the USA, in fact, it is also in all the other countries.

So, now Google is also focusing on approving AdSene for those sites which are responsive.

It is highly recommended to make your site responsive.

Fortunately, we are at ease because it is not a rocket science to make a mobile site friendly you just need to download a new theme, and that’s it.

Read: Which design is Google Friendly Design?

Include A Contact Us Page

Undoubtedly, everyone in this world having their own thoughts on different things.

For example, if you have written an article on How to get Google AdSense account approved then some people may have objection on the material which I have to written here, and some may need help.

By adding a Contact us page, you let your customers and visitors ask you about the information they require.

If you add a professional Contact us page on your blog, then it makes Google rely that you care about your visitors and want to help them.

But it does not cut off by just adding a Contact us page.

You should also include your email address in the contact us page.

The email should be same which you are going to use for applying for AdSense.

If you can afford a professional email like admin@bornblogger.net then it is, even more, better because it creates a good impression.

Write A Privacy Policy For Your Blog

One of the most common mistakes for getting AdSense rejection is that the people don’t include a privacy policy page on their blogs, even if your blog is having everything in it which AdSense requires but not a privacy policy page then your application may be rejected because it is a requirement of Google to have a privacy policy page as privacy page makes sense that you are a real man, not a scam.

The privacy policy is not only important for Google but it’s also make your blog reader aware of your policy that what they should do on your site and what to do not.

Have A User Friendly Navigation

Did you read the email Google Sent to you when they reject your site?

They had clearly said that your site should have a clear navigation menu so that your readers can easily find the pages and information they are looking for.

Also, make sure to add a Search bar on the sidebar or at the menu bar because it is also useful for your readers.

Create Other Important Pages

There are also a few other pages which are also important although not recommended if you also add these pages it increases the chances of your account approval.

These relevant pages include a neat about us page.

You should write about the author or the blog, about the blog itself.

In the Disclaimer page write all the legal things which are involving in your blog this removes your responsibility from using the other products or services you have listed in your blog.

In the sitemap page link your all blog posts according to their category.

Speed Up Your Site

This may be looking odd.

But it is the truth that sites which have faster loading speed have higher chances of getting Google AdSense account approved than the sites which are slow and takes more than 15 seconds to load.

As fast loading sites maintains the better user experience.

According to a survey, you will earn 30% more revenue if your site loads within 5 seconds. (That’s a point to be noted).

If you want to make your site load under 1-2 second then checkout this guide: Improve Page Load Time Under 1 Second.

Check Your Contents Too

AdSense does not approve all kind of contents.

There are certain type of contents which are not accepted in AdSense, and if they found even a single content on your site which is prohibited, then they will never accept your application.

Here are common content types of contents which are prohibited in AdSense:

  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

Remove all other AD networks

Before you apply for AdSense remove all other advertisements from your sites which may lead your application for rejection.

Although AdSense allow you to use other Advertisement networks, it is always a better idea to remove other ads.

What If You Didn’t Get Your Site Approved By AdSense?

Don’t worry it is common.

Do you know at present AdSense is rejecting 96% application?

It means 4 out of 100 are getting approved, and you are not one from those 4.

Once again I will say don’t worry because:

There is not the only AdSense to earn money.

There are thousands of other advertising networks on the internet although they don’t pay as much as AdSense you can make something as it is a famous saying:

From The Writer

I hope by following above guidelines you will surely get Google AdSense account approved.

I am waiting for your responses.

Do comment and let me know what you feel after reading this guide?

Did you get your Google AdSense account approved?

Did this guide help you in getting your AdSense?

Of course, I will be euphoric to write back to your comments.

Don’t forget, Sharing is the best thing you can give in return! 🙂

About The Writer: This post is the courtesy of Fahad Mirza who is the author of Bloggers Papa. He is a talented and passionate blogger from Pakistan.

Note: If you want to review your site that it may approve by ADSense or not, then Fahad is giving free report for your blog/website to check whether it can be approved or not, he’ll also give suggestions to get approved, Go here to get review your site.


The Ultimate Guide On Speeding Up Page Load Time!

Page load time becoming more and more important ranking factor nowadays.

Sites that loads slowly typically don’t rank high as sites that loads fast.

It’s so beneficial to have fast loading website because it also improve user experience.

If you’re new to SEO then you don’t know about user experience but if you heard this word then you already know that On-Page SEO is all about on better user experience.

First impression is the last impression, we all know that but what is the first impression you should give to your visitors?

The answer is damn simple, “A better load time, a Professional design etc.” the first is a load time, remember that!

A research says that a website that take 1 extra second to load can lose their 7% of conversions – Kissmetrics.

If your site takes time to load then you’re losing lots of traffic.

If your competitor’s blog loads fast than yours then this is what making him a winner.

It’s also one of the Google Ranking Factor, it really affects your Search Engine Rankings.

If your site’s speed is slow then you’ll never get better SERP.

We all know that our generation need everything quickly like, if we go to any shop and if the shopkeeper is busy with other things or other customers then we just shout there to give us now.

Why not speeding up Page Load Time? That’s the reason I brought the whole guide on Speeding Up Page Load Time which contains every aspect of making your site load under 1 second and this guide is tested by me!

N.B: Recently, I was researching on making my site speed under 1 second and found these ways that I’m gonna mention below.

Not taking so much time in introduction. Let me start it because I know by reading introduction you now in hurry to make your website to load under 1 second.

Here I’ll be explaining ways to get your Page load time under 1 second for sure.

If you follow each and every step which I’m going to mention below then you’ll be getting more visitors and you’ll get better SERP.

Note: It’s a very tough job to make your website loads under 1 second, you have to make your hands dirty for this task. You have to bear your sleep-less nights for only making your page load time under 1 second. As I have experienced this, I’m now passionate about making any site load under 1 second. If you don’t want to make your hands dirty and want to enjoy a better load time of your website then contact me by using this link. Let me send you a resonable quote for your site. Don’t worry it won’t bite you!

Tools To Check Your Page Load Time

Tools To Check Page Load Time

Tools To Check Page Load Time

I know you or I can’t fix my website’s load time issues by just using Inspect Element or Source Code.

Tools are necessary for checking page loading time and issues.

That’s the reason I brought some tools that always recommended by Professionals and I’m personally using them for my sites and client sites too.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights: When it comes to anything, the first recommendation all professionals give is using Google. Google Pagespeed Insights is one of the awesome tool for checking Page load time and get that fixed. It have a feature that will tell you different load time for both devices (Mobile and PCs).
  2. GTMetrix: When it comes to me, I always use this tool. This tool is one of the best tool in my opinion, many experts are using this tool nowadays. One of it’s best feature is you can compare your site from any site (It can be your competitor’s site).
  3. Pingdom: This tool is getting popular day by day. So if you need to get results from all three then you should use it.

A Better Web Hosting

A Better Web Hosting

A Better Web Hosting

Web Hosting plays a vital role in making your page’s load time fast.

Believe me or not, a better web hosting can alone make your website loads under 1 second.

Web Hosting is also known as “Backbone of a website”.

The problem is now what are the best web hosting you should choose?

I recommended you to use hosting that are good in support, good in loading and have their own CDN.

I recently asked one of famous SEO expert of Pakistan known as “Waqas Ahmed” that, Which CDN do you use? He said, a better web hosting can do all the things. We don’t need to care about CDN if we have a good hosting because a better hosting itself contains CDN.

Then I asked which hosting is best in your opinion? He told me about these two:

  1. Cloud Ways: It’s one of the best managed hosting I got to know ever, I’m also thinking to use it on my blog means migrating from my Old host to a new one.
  2. Site Ground: I researched about it and got many good reviews but never used it myself.

However, if you don’t have good budget for your site, you can also use Hostgator for web hosting, their plans are incredibly awesome and worth buying.

If you need to get a web hosting only in 0.1$ then use my referral link below: 

Start your website today using Hostgator for just 10.95$ 0.1$/first month (Special discount for Born Blogger readers).

Use one of the best web hosting if you want to speed up your website/page load time. Believe me, you’ll see changes just after changing the web hosting.

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

For me, CDN is just awesome and the best way for improving Page Load Time. CDN do tasks simpler and faster.

CDN basically is the thing that loads your site according to the Visitor’s Location means if someone request to visit your site from any country the person who is requested to see your site will download the server files from the nearest location of his place.

I love to use CDN in my own sites and client sites too. You should use it to make your site load under 1 second at any country.

The best free CDN is CloudFlare using CloudFlare on so many sites till now, and getting best results. However, there is paid version too of this CDN, if you have great traffic you should go with paid version.

Keep WordPress Up-To-Date

Keep WordPress Updated

Keep WordPress Updated

You must be thinking what? Keeping the WordPress updated will help you in loading your site faster. I know!

But you know what? Content Management System A.K.A CMS play a vital role in making the page load time faster.

It’s not just updating the WordPress, it’s also about to install updates of your themes and plugins.

Keeping yourself up-to-date not only helps you to improve page load but it also helps you to get more secure.

Forget the old saying “old is gold“, the things are changing from time to time.

Choosing Fast Loading Theme

Fast Loading Theme

Fast Loading Theme

There are many themes with the support of customizing it from top to bottom, it’s really good for beginner who don’t know how to do that customization using style sheet file but this type of theme not called as Fast Loading Theme as these themes are full of codes.

In order to make your blog loads fast you have to use theme that is fast loading and smoothly designed.

I recommended you to use MyThemeShop themes.

They know how to make your blog load fast along with the awesome designs they have.

If you want to make your blog more and more fast, I recommended you to use MTS Schema Theme.

This is the theme I’m using on my many projects and using it on many of Client Sites too.

This theme will surely make your blog blazing fast.

Removing Unwanted Plugins and Themes

Removing Unwanted Plugins and Themes

Removing Unwanted Plugins and Themes

Removing old files means old unused plugins and themes are most important.

Let’s take an example, In your home, you have 2 Fridges and the 1 is unused. You’ll surely gonna remove it from your house, why you add the thing which is just taking a lot of space in your home and you’re not using it.

Same with the blogs whenever we change the theme, WordPress not delete the old one, you have to delete it manually. If you’re having even one unused theme then remove it now, the theme is just taking space nothing else.

Same with the plugins, we mostly deactivate the plugins but not delete it properly.

It’s still stored on WordPress. Don’t forget to delete them.

Also don’t forget to delete plugins that you’re not using like WPCurve did and got really impressive improve in page load time.

If you’re also having any unwanted plugins and themes then remove them now. You’ll surely get good results as this is proven way to improve page load time.

Compressing Images

Compressing Images

Compressing Images

Images are the problems for bloggers, as they have to add the proper and attractive image for getting well-crafted article.

But you never know that images can be dangerous if you don’t optimize/compress them properly.

I recommend you to use Pic Resize before uploading any image on your site compress them by editing them using it.

The recommended  size of an Image is 100Kb.

If you don’t want to do it manually let the best plugin do it for you which is known as “WP Smushit“.

Currently I’m using it’s paid version in this site and it’s just awesome.

This plugin will compress your images without loosing the quality.

This is one of the trusted plugins by many of experts.

Check The Awesome Post Which Is Liked By Many: The Proven Guide On SEO Friendly Content Writing!

Optimizing Homepage

Optimizing Homepage

Optimizing Homepage

Whenever you check your Google Analytics most traffic getting pages, you’ll get homepage on the top.

No doubt, our homepage is one of the most traffic getting page among all.

Why not optimize it properly, you can optimize it by following ways:

  • Using excerpts: The old technique but yet effective technique is using excerpts of posts instead of full posts on homepage.
  • Don’t use sliders on the homepage as it loads very slow and never gives better UX.
  • Don’t make your homepage a fish market by adding lots of popups and widgets in the sidebar.

These are the three effective tips that I want to give you for making your homepage load faster.

Don’t forget, homepage is the first impression you’re giving to your readers and first impression is the last!

Use Caching Plugins

There are so many plugins which can improve your load time to under second alone.

I have experienced this, I’m currently using WP Rocket for my blog and saw a huge difference before adding and after adding.

Below I’m attaching the screenshot of the both results (Before adding WP Rocket and After adding WP Rocket).

WPRocket - Best Caching Plugin For WordPress

WPRocket – Before and After

Basically, Caching plugins allows browser to save cache of the visitors so whenever a the same visitor come to your blog then the load time will mind-blowing for him!

But WP rocket have many features in it that can make your blog load under 1 second, as you can see the above screenshot’s result.

There are many Caching plugins for WordPress but these three are the best and used by many experts:

Here WPMU DEV wrote review of these three plugins. They explained it very deeply.

Optimizing Advertisements

Optimizing Advertisements

Optimizing Advertisements

I believe that you’re doing hard work by giving useful resources to your readers and you need to make a living online too by using your blog.

But to be honest, Newbies are misusing the Advertising systems and making their blog a fish market just for some extra bucks.

But they are not right here, they just don’t know that they’re loosing their visitors for just some bucks.

Nowadays, if the user will not get better UX they’ll leave the site, not talking about UX here actually but you can also take it as UX because the better UX means the better Page load time.

The more you’ll add ADS, the more you’ll loose your visitors. Try to avoid this cheap techniques for just pennies, think about the future!

Removing Old Post Revisions

Removing Old Post Revisions

Removing Old Post Revisions

Whenever you edit the post, WordPress save that post without telling you even.

This can be a problem for you as they taking unwanted space and useless for you.

Why not remove them, useless things are always useless.

This is a bigger task you can’t do it manually, I was searching for this on “Google” and found that there is a plugin to do this task called “Better Delete Revisions“.

As I’m so careful about security and clean coded plugins I search for review on it and got WP Beginner’s review on it and found it useful.

Using it on my all projects and it’s doing what it is made for! Thumbs up for developers. (Y)

Enabling Gzip Compression

Enabling GZIP Compression

Enabling GZIP Compression

Gzip compression makes your site’s size smaller before requesting your site to the visitor.

It’s really a great technique nowadays people are using and well-aware of this.

Actually, it’s so awesome to enabling Gzip compression because it’ll load site pretty smaller than the original one.

I’m using it from start of my blog and getting good results by using it.

You can use this Gift of Speed’s tool to check whether it’s enabled or not, if not then here I’m going to explain that how you can enable it:

Old gone days when you need to dirty your hands by going to .htacess files and doing optimizations there.

Now plugins are taking good roles in changing our life more easier and quicker.

I was searching for the Gzip Compression Plugin many times before and found this “Check and Enable GZIP compression“.

This plugin is just made for this purpose but now I’m using WP Rocket then WP Rocket have this built in feature! 🙂

I must say that WP Rocket is one of the best plugins as I’m using that it makes my life so much easier alone!

Nevertheless, if you still want to do this task using .htacess then you should consider this post by Gift of Speed.

Removing Unnecessary Coding

Removing Unnecessary Coding

Removing Unnecessary Coding

If you know how to tweak with theme source codes then you also know that many things in the code which have some errors or bugs are still there which is unnecessary though, why not make your theme looks clean.

Believe me this is also good for making your site’s speed load time faster.

Remove every unnecessary codes, the codes which only getting so much space in your theme.

Making your theme clean can do wonders. 🙂

Try this!

Learn How To Get Sales In Affiliate Marketing: Insane Affiliates: #1 Secret to Get Sales! [Case Study]

Last But Not Least! {Bonus}

Do experiments of your own, I did one experience which I’m going to share with you.

I was having JetPack WordPress Plugin in this blog, I was having 2.0+ Load time.

I was searching on the internet for the ways to speed up my blog.

Unfortunately, I can’t found any new. I just got to know the things I already having in my blog.

What I did, I checked my plugins and tweak into their codes.

I found that the bigger size plugin is JetPack and JetPack is just taking my most of the load time.

I removed it, finally!

When I checked my site load time, I was amazed to see that it was under 1 second!

Really, do experiments on your own guys.

You’ll get to know so many things!

Besides, This guide can make your blog load time under 1 second for sure.

I’ve tried these all things and these all the things which I mentioned above working well for me.

You can check my load time, it’s just under 1 second!

I’ll also tweak into my coding and check what’s extra there that is taking my load time.

I’ll surely gonna remove them all and I’ll do experiments from time to time!

Happy Fast Loading Website/Blog! Stay tuned 🙂 

If you liked it, kindly share it and do comment below. It’ll motivate me to write more and more for you guys!


Interview With Rafay Baloch – World’s Best Ethical Hacker!

Today, I have bought an awesome interview with the World’s best Ethical Hacker “Rafay Baloch”. 

I know you don’t need his introduction as he’s now featuring in News Channels like BBC etc.

I told him to give Interview by calling him through Mohammad Mustafa’s help and he just told me that just send me your questions and I’m ready to give you interview, no issue.

I really feel appreciated that a person who is World’s best ethical hacker is agreed giving me interview.

When I called him no doubt, he was so polite and humble!

I’m really lucky that I got Interview of him.

For your kind information, He has worked with Google“,”Paypal” and many big companies like these. 

He is a Blogger too, writing his ethical hacking stuff here at his blog “Rafay Hacking Articles“.

Not taking your time, let’s start :

Don’t forget to tweet 😉 :

Interview With Rafay Baloch

Abdul Samad: Please explain what is ethical hacking?

Rafay Baloch: Back in 90’s hackers were used to be referred as individuals with great programming skills; however with time media made up this perception that hackers are individuals in various Cyber Crimes such as hacking bank accounts, conducting financial frauds etc, therefore in order to differentiate individuals doing hacking with prior permission, our community came up with names such as Ethical Hackers, White-Hats and Penetration Testers. The difference between Hacking and Ethical Hacking is the integrity, a bullet can be used to kill a person and it can be used to protect someone, what it comes down is the integrity part.

Abdul Samad: Why you chose to become an ethical hacker rather than a black hat one?

Rafay Baloch: Because, my personal integrity is to bring positive change in this world.

Abdul Samad: Do you know black hat hacking too?

Rafay Baloch: To be a good Ethical hacker and Pen tester, you should have knowledge about both sides of the coin.

Abdul Samad: How and why you took interest in hacking?

Rafay Baloch: It all started 8 years ago, when I received a message in my scrapbook which described of a software that would increase my scrapbook number, I installed that software however nothing initially happened. However, later I noticed weird activities on my computer as in my screensaver; Desktop background got changed, unusual mouse movement and several other weird indicators which eventually led me to conclude that my system has been compromised. Later on, after searching on the internet for days and applying different techniques I figured out that my computer is connected and being controlled by an IP address based in Russia, this made me curious on how someone based in another part of this world capable of controlling my computer remotely, but later on I realized that it is how internet works, this basic purpose behind the internet was that everyone should connect with each other.

Abdul Samad: Why you chose Information Security as a profession?

Rafay Baloch: I am passionate about it and passion and profession when combined leads to incredible results.

Abdul Samad: Will new comers in this field can be successful like you?

Rafay Baloch: IT Security is expanding dynamically and currently there is a huge shortage of skilled Ethical hackers in the market, and this is
set to grow further as IOT (Internet of things) start to get more popular. We as humans are not perfect, therefore we will always make mistakes, which means that bugs and vulnerabilities would always exist in the code. Which leaves us with plenty of opportunities for newbies who have skill.

Abdul Samad: Can you share your per month earnings with us?

Rafay Baloch: I am sorry, i cannot share exact figures, it’s enough to cover my expenses.

Abdul Samad: How many big companies you’ve worked with?

Rafay Baloch: Many, During past years I have tested many banks, Telecom companies, eCommerce stores etc. It’s part of my day to day work.

Abdul Samad: Have you ever thought to just quit hacking and do something else?

Rafay Baloch: No, It took me almost a decade to get where I am, it makes no sense in quitting it. My only wish is to use my skills for betterment of this country by establishing a Cyber Security Unit. Which would help Pakistan defend Cyber Attacks coming from foreign countries.

Abdul Samad: What punishment should be given to a black hat hacker?

Rafay Baloch: Depends upon the offense he/she has committed.

Abdul Samad: In the beginning, what was your family’s remarks about your field?

Rafay Baloch: They were not supportive, however after I was given international coverage their perception changed.

Abdul Samad: What you’ll do if your own computer will be hacked?

Rafay Baloch: I myself is not immune to hacking, Everything can be hacked, all we can do is to minimize the risk.

Abdul Samad: Which tools you’re using in ethical hacking?

Rafay Baloch: For hacking, Tools don’t really matter, methodology does. Proper reconnaissance and foot-printing would defeat all security controls sooner or later.

Abdul Samad: If anyone want to become ethical hacker then what should be his/her first step?

Rafay Baloch: I would suggest them to learn the technology which they wish to hack.

Abdul Samad: If still it’s possible to hack Facebook accounts then what is the method which is still being used? (Just for educational purpose).

Rafay Baloch: Almost all Facebook accounts are hacked due to mistake of the user instead of Facebook itself. I would say phishing, malware are still the most common methods in 2016.

Abdul Samad: Which OS is safe; Windows or Macintosh? Which one do you use mostly of them?

Rafay Baloch: I would personally prefer Macintosh, as most of the malware is made for windows.

Abdul Samad: The most effective tip to secure our websites and computers?

Rafay Baloch: Validate all the inputs.

Abdul Samad: Why you left Karachi?

Rafay Baloch: Security Reasons.

Abdul Samad: Can a blogger become a hacker?

Rafay Baloch: Everyone can become everything, what matters is the will, dedication and determination.

From The Interview Taker

I personally loved the way he gave his interview with honesty.

He is just passionate about hacking and he is doing many things to made Pakistan Proud.

We all liked this interview? I mean yes we liked then why not give it a share on our Social Media Platforms to support this awesome Personality.

Do comment your views.

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