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Increase Domain Authority – 8 Impressive Tips To Improve DA!

You want to increase Domain Authority?

Do you have a blog?

Okay so you must be trying your best to rank your blog on search engines like Google.

But I’m sure you are facing lots of hurdles in your blogging journey.

And the one and most common hurdle is to rank your blog on search engines.

The one and only solution of your problems is to increase Domain Authority or DA of your blog.

So that’s why in today’s post I’m going to tell you some most effective tips on how to increase domain authority of your website.

We can say Domain Authority is the reputation of any blog or website on internet and the more reputation will help your blog to rank on top.

Domain Authority has a wide range from 0-100.

Everybody wants to know what is a good domain authority score?

So I can say that if your blog is having DA of 35 or more than 35 then it will start ranking for keywords.

But if you are a newbie blogger then 20 is sufficient, no need to panic because DA increases too slowly.

So let’s just directly come to the point on how to increase domain authority fast?

Just follow below given steps carefully and keep calm 😀

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Quality Backlinks

You must be aware of backlinks and I’m sure your searching for them badly.

But trust me those 100 backlinks per day are useless if they are not high quality.

Don’t make backlinks for alexa ranks or something; keep in mind that tons of backlinks per day will drop down your DA.

So you just have to create high quality backlinks for you blog doesn’t matter if you are making only one per day.

This high quality 1 backlink form site of DA more the 80 will be quite equal to 50 backlinks form low quality blogs.

Try to make only high quality backlinks from high DA websites and the best and fastest way is to write guest posts for them.

Abdul written an awesome post on Backlinks which is just awesome to build quality links, you should check it now: Make High Quality Backlinks.

Deep Internal Linking

Don’t forget internal linking while making backlinks.

Most of the newbie or bloggers ignore internal linking or don’t take internal linking seriously and this is the starting of their mistakes.

While writing any new post just link to your previous posts in the content, this is called as internal linking.

But don’t overload it because as we all know anything in excess starts destroying things.

Link your previous posts with keywords but keyword must be related to the post.

Write Awesome Content

Content is king.

If you are writing content just to write a post then please forget about DA because you have to write to help a kid out there who is searching for his problems.

The day when your content will be able to help that kid then your DA will boost up automatically.

Because if you are not writing a quality content then no one will read it even if you are coming on the top of Google.

So try to write high quality content and think about that small kid that’s all.

Make sure to write deep content of approx more than 700 words.

If you are finishing your post in 300-400 words then it will not count in the race of DA.

N.B: You shouldn’t make any mistakes in Grammar, I suggest you to buy Grammarly for that.

You can check Grammarly review written by Paramjot, It’s awesome!

SEO Friendly Content

Writing a 1000 words post is nothing if you are not taking SEO seriously.

You have to write an SEO friendly blog post to rank high in search engines.

If you don’t know how to write SEO friendly blog post you have to learn it first before writing a single line.

Some of the key point I can tell you here to keep in mind is that:

  • Use Keywords in heading.
  • Make permalink shorter and use keywords in permalink and yes also don’t forget remove stop words from it like to , and, from, for etc.
  • Write Meta description keyword rich.
  • Use H2,H3… headlines in your content and try to use keywords in these subhead lines.
  • Rest of SEO you can learn from Yoast SEO plugin, if you are on self-hosted WordPress.

Publish posts constantly

This really helps you to increase domain authority fast.

If you are writing posts in non uniform manner then it will not give you much benefit but if you write posts in a uniform manner like every Tuesday and Friday in a week, then it will help you to increase DA of your website quickly.

So just try to publish posts in a systematic manner.

Have some Patience

If you don’t have patience then blogging is not made for you (I might be wrong but this is just my opinion 😛 ).

I’m saying this because it really takes time to take our blog to the top.

And when it comes to domain authority, you have to wait for time to pass because with time DA will increase if you keep your blog active.

We can say that DA also depends on the age of the blog.

Don’t underestimate the power of Social Media

Promote your each and every post on social media actively and do this each and every day.

Because if you take part in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc actively then it will help you to rank your blog on the top of Google and yes DA will also increase quickly.

It’s time to check your Domain Authority.

Check your Domain Authority

  • Just go to Moz open site explorer.
  • And type your domain name there.
  • That’s all it will instantly show your Domain Authority and some more stuff.

Final Words on “Increase Domain Authority”

Now you have successfully learned how to increase your domain authority but still if you are having any doubts then please feel free to comment below.

It will be my honor to help you out.

Author Bio- This post was written by Hemant Kumar, Founder of LetsTrick. If you are a Blogger and wants to earn money online then you should check out his blog. I’m sure he will not let you down. Write for us here.