Contentmart – Boost Your Business With High Quality Contents!

One of the key secrets about quality content is, it can transform your business to a great level.

However, confiscating content which is best in every aspect is not a simple thing.

Although, there are many content writing companies you can find over the World Wide Web but not everyone can offer what exactly you need.

This article spotlights some of the key facts on content writing services which will probably assist you in hiring an individual writer or content writing agency with the best credentials.

It is quite true that the content that lacks quality can represent a very bad image of your business to your customers.

Therefore, it is a wise choice to take the content writing services of a prestigious writer for effective marketing and other business strategies.

It wasn’t a good experience for me when I began hiring a professional writer for my own web business and translation works until I found Contentmart.

Simply, the best website for content writing services!

So, here is my detailed review on Contentmart, read below!

Contentmart Homepage

Contentmart Homepage

Today, I would like to share something very important about this online platform.

It is one of the websites that can be trusted when it comes to avail error-free content without investing money beyond your limit.

You can hire content writers from all over the world with different specialization.

Contentmart is a website meant for both writers and clients.

As a client, you can search from over 62,000 profiles of content writers to make your pick.

The website also has more than 82,000 clients who often need services of those who believe in creative writing.




If you need to hire freelance writer who can create eye-catching content, this article introduces you with some vital guidelines and tips on using Contentmart.

It’s very lucid for one and all to register on this platform and post the needs anytime.

Before doing so, you need to register yourself as a client on Contentmart.

The registration is simple and needs only basic information.

You can even sign up through social media giant i.e. Facebook provided you have an active profile.

Once you sign up, simply click on the tab “New Order”.

Right after this, you need to assign a name to your job and ensure all the necessary details have been filled.

Before seeing your post published, you need to fill all the mandatory guidelines for a writer to stick to.

How Contentmart Works

How Contentmart Works For Clients?

You can publish your post, once you set the price that can be based on per order or per word.

Plus, you need to feed your Contentmart wallet too.

Simply click publish bar after setting the price and you can check your post available over the website once Contentmart team approves the same.

Soon you can see writers bidding on your post.

You can select anyone who you think is best for the job.

Once assigned, obviously its writer’s duty to accomplish it without violating the deadline.

You can ask for changes, editing, referrals or rewrite in case it doesn’t meet your expectation.


On the other side, as a writer, you need to register yourself on the Contentmart in a very similar manner as for clients.

However, the information you need to provide as a writer is a bit different.

You will be filling details related to your past projects, overall experience, a short biography, address, billing details and most importantly your contact details.

You will also have to go through some language and writing skills test which brings credibility to your profile.

How Contentmart Works - Writers

How Contentmart Works For Writers?

Why Choose Contentmart?

When it comes to getting economical yet quality content, Contentmart is a platform that is always faithful.

You need not worry about paying anything extra in the form of commission while posting your order.

As a client, one can ask writers to make changes or reject the work if it doesn’t meet once expectation.

What Contentmart Can Offer You

What Contentmart Can Offer You?

Contentmart Affiliate Program

Contentmart offers a popular affiliate program in which one can earn flat 10% commission per each completed order made by the referred client.

Remember, you are eligible for this program only if you refer client, not a copywriter.

The bottom line is, you have been provided very useful information about Contentmart.

This is the best site to hire professional writer.

Check out more by visiting the website.

Final Words

So, here is the review of Contentmart.

These are really great services which you should try right away.


Have you tried this?

Comment below your honest reviews so that we can add something more useful in this review.

If you’ve any further question, the comment box is always here to ask 🙂


How To Write A Successful Blog Post Quickly?

I sleep.

I promise.

I also write and publish 14 to 30 guest posts weekly.

Or more.


I learned how to write successful, helpful guest posts quickly.

If you desire to become prolific and want to churn out helpful posts fast remember this: quality beats quantity, but when you read voraciously and practice writing religiously you can have both quality and quantity.

Which brings us to tip A1…..

Tip A1: Read Voraciously and Practice Writing Religiously

This is the tip of tips; unless you follow it, all the other tips are worthless.

Read voraciously about your niche. Acquire knowledge to share via blog posts.

Write 1000 words daily for practice in a Word document.

Trash the document after you hit the 1K mark.

Reading and writing voraciously turns you into a blogging cyborg, a guest posting machine that spits out helpful, valuable, successful posts at a breakneck pace.

1: Time it

Give yourself a set time frame to write your blog posts.

Since work typically expands to fill the time allotted for work you will tend to hit the time bullseye and complete the blog post quickly.

I devote 20 to 30 minutes to writing most blog posts, save longer form deals.

I almost always finish, proofread and format posts within this 20 to 30 minute window.

2: Outline it

Create an outline to allow your blog post to flow smoothly so you can write said post quickly.

Creating post outlines establishes order in your mind.

Orderly minds proceed in calm, clear, efficient fashion.

Meaning you will churn out posts like hot cakes when you work from an outline.

I list my tips, steps or reasons via a blog post outline.

I tackle each point one at a time.

Doing so makes me prolific because I write 3 to 5 guest posts daily following this simple habit of establishing a blog post outline before diving it to beef it up with some content meat.

3: Write What You Know

Write what you know to write posts quickly, easily and relatively effortlessly too.

During my dingbat days I tried covering all topics under the sun, blogging-wise.

This led to struggles, straining, striving and some long nights trying to write even a single post.

Let go what you don’t know.

Stop being a Jack of all trades.

Master one trade.

Focusing on one blogging topic – whether on your blog or on other blogs – gives you confidence and clarity in covering that topic inside out.

Which helps you write the post quickly and easily.

Save heavy technical insight themed blogging post, I can write a 700 to 1000 word long blogging tips themed post in 20 minutes or less.

I know blogging.

I know how to write helpful posts related to blogging quickly, easily and efficiently.

4: List Practical Tips

List practical tips to write more quickly.

I love writing and publishing practical tips themed posts.

Readers want practical tips to use quickly for their benefit.

Writing practical tips style posts creates order in your mind as it is easy to think of a list and share a few key points about each list item.

Orderly minds are immune from chaotic thinking.

Minds free from chaotic thinking proceed in the flow, meaning your writing will follow this peaceful, calm flow, resulting in you writing the blog post stupid fast.

5: Edit After

Edit posts only after you finish writing the post.

Save your time.

Let words flow.

Most bloggers struggling to write valuable posts in a set time frame ruthlessly edit, re-edit, and double re-edit their work before completing the post.

This blocks your flow of creative ideas which slows down the writing process.

Finish your first draft.

Even if it looks like a blogging version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre you can hack it down after allowing the words to flow quickly and easily through your mind to fingers to keyboard to Word document.

6: No Need for a Play Shakespeare

Some bloggers wrongly believe “long form” equals “successful.”

Not true.

Some readers enjoying my post only need 1 of these tips to write posts more quickly.

Other readers just need 600 to 800 words to solve their pressing problem of slogging through blog posts they began writing during the Ice Age.

Keep posts short and sweet to churn out a high volume of successful, helpful blog posts at a quick clip.

Being brief helps you to make an impact in many places at once through an aggressive guest posting campaign.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

Comment below now, I really wish to know that.

About The Author: Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.


Black Hat SEO: Ranking #1 In SERP – Revealing Step-By-Step Process!

Whenever we hear a word “Black Hat SEO” we really get scare and soon we say that “we’ll never going to try it”.

Oh Crap! Black hat SEO, no no no, never, man are you mad? … so on!

That’s what we are going to say whenever we hear this word.

But enough happened with these nightmares, that what would will happen to my site.

Luckily, I’m the one who never had any penalty in the whole life.

And now, I’m going to try “Black Hat SEO”.

Along with this, I’m going to share the strategy which is booming in my mind.

YES, I’ve made a strategy to fool Google Algorithms and It’ll really work as everything will look like manual!

Don’t forget this saying:

Wow, I’ve made a quote that will inspire many to fool Google!

Note: Using this guide, anything which will happen to your site is your own responsibility, I’m not responsible of anything.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Even a Noob in blogging industry know that what is Black hat SEO but still if you don’t know so here it is:

“In SEO world, Black Hat SEO is one of the type of SEO. When we use strategies, techniques and tricks that are not allowed to use in SEO is known as Black Hat SEO.”

I hope that it’s cleared now.

Well, let’s dig into what this article is all about!

Mission: Ranking #1 With Black Hat SEO

I never thought that we can fool Google until I really found a strategy (which I’m going to share below) and it really works well to fool Google.

We’re going to make Google Algorithms fool by doing that will something fishy but will look like we’ve done everything manually!

What the heck? C’mon man give that strategy to us, Yes I’ve read your mind 😛 Wait…. Here I’m going to share.

Getting An EMD

First thing is first, Let me first tell you that what the heck EMD is.

What is an EMD?

“EMD is a crucial ranking factor in term of Google where on basis of having an EMD allows you to secure a good position with less efforts as compared to non-EMD.”

EMD (Exact Match Domain) plays an important role while ranking our Keywords, Google really love EMD.

Some people says that “EMD is not working, I got penalty for using EMD and all that shits that people say”.

I really ranked many keywords using EMDs.

But with White Hat SEO, as of now, I’m going to try out these Black hat strategies!

It’s all about playing smart, as always I say!

So, forget about the people, do something yourself, SEO is all about experimenting things 😉

Making Backlinks In Automated Way

As compare to White hat link building, we all build links manually by making links one by one and not using any automate tools to make it happen.

But let’s do something that will completely look like manual.

Let’s take an example:

“If I’m spending 30 mins to build 30 backlinks manually and same if I’m scheduling those 30 mins to make 30 backlinks automatically.

Whats the issue arising here?

Nothing, The only thing is you are just wasting your time building tons of backlinks manually while you can get the same thing done with help of any automate tools.

GSA is the best in this regard. (Search on the Google to buy this tool).

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Private Blog Network

Private Blog Network (PBN) Backlinking is a method of altering the ranking by making Google fool about receiving quality backlink from high authority site while you are the webmaster of that particular site you’re receiving backlink from.

How to make Private Blog Network (PBN)?
  • Select an expired domain with bit good authority in term of Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Backlinks. (I use and recommend Expired Domains [Dot] Net)
  • Host the site with completely to other identity to make it look like a natural site.
  • Write/spin contents relevant to your niche and post which you want to rank.
  • Add either contextual link with exact anchor from your PBN post or Add a sidebar link to pass all link juice.
  • Since we have a ton of backlinks with that anchor phrase, it’ll initially rank.
  • For making an effective and Google safe PBN, I recommend Lion Zeal guide on making PBN.

As usual, Work smart and get the most of it!

Buying Links

As we know, Google always say that buying links led to penalty, I really don’t care, I’ll still buy backlinks and it’ll work for me.

I’ll try, but I’ll do everything in my senses with smart work.

Hint: Buying profile links are the best along with ratio of 50% of your main anchor text and 50% of related anchor text.

So, Google will never understand that if it’s automate links.

I’m smart enough, I know!

Using Spun Contents

We all know that spinning contents will led to penalty but wait, are you sure?

I can surely say a BIG NO!

All the crap would happen is you would waste hours writing those stuffs.

Just in sake of getting quality content to push your site to the top in terms of search engine.

I’ve personally used spun contents on my PBNS and other niche sites, what’s next, That works like charm man!

Pretty awesome, right?

Let me read your mind, you’re thinking that how I spun contents that never led to Google Penalty? See, I told you I can read your mind, though! 😛

Well, Let’s dig into really clever question, it’s like sharing some information that I’m using, you can say it’s case study too 🙂 .

I simply use Kontent Machine to rewrite my articles as they know how to rewrite contents that really rank on Google, without any penalty.

You need Kontent to make more-than-more top ranking contents.

Its Kontent Machine the ultimate solution to get great contents ready to upload over your PBN that are totally plagiarism safe.

You can buy Kontent Machine by using my affiliate link, it’ll not add any extra payment to your account, believe me, it will support me!


There is also tool like Kontent Machine that really works fine and great.

For generating really awesome high quality contents I use WordAi that’s smart enough bot to generate HQ content, I personally generate 100s of content and ranked them on Google, without any hesitation.

In The Last!

So that’s the strategy I’ve made to make Google fool.

I’m really going to experiment these things and then I’ll see that what works and what not!

These all techniques are working and they’re really looking like it’s manual but Google Algos will never understand that Humans are the creators of them.

What’s your Black Hat SEO strategy? I would love to hear that in comments.

Also, you can tell me that how’s the today’s article?

Don’t forget to spread the love, share it with your mates!

How To Search The Deep Web Safely? – The 96% Hidden WWW!

A number of internet researchers have claimed that more than 96% of the modern day web is inaccessible to the common man.

The people can usually access only 4% of the web.

The internet is much vaster than the people usually think of.

The deep web exploration must be done safely as it is full of internet spies and hackers.

Though a large amount of useful information can also be found on the deep web that can benefit the scholars and researchers, but it is the home to a number of illegal activities.

If you are looking how to search this web safely then our guide below will help to do the same.

You might know that browsing this web can be critical for a normal user over a regular web browser.

The user’s information might be monitored and robbed away while accessing this web.

So follow our guide on how to browse the deep web and stay secure while accessing the web.

How to Search the Deep Web Safely?

Most of you might be searching for how to search the deep web without getting involved in any type of scam or falling a prey to a hackers who might steal your personal information.

Our guide below lets you learn how to browse this web securely and tells you the safest ways for accessing the dark web or deep web.

Follow this safest guide to browse this web.

Using Tor Browser

If you were looking for how to search the deep web securely, then using the Browsers can be the safest means.

Tor Browser is one of them.

If you are not connected to the deep web through the Tor browser, you are vulnerable to the risks associated with the deep web.

A Tor browser is a handy browser that has Pre-configured settings for providing the protection against intruders and hackers.

It can easily be downloaded from it’s main website without paying any penny.

Using the Tor Browser, you will be able to access the most exclusive content on the deep web.

  • Download the Tor Browser from the official website only on your system.
  • Follow any web guide that can make you learn how to use the Tor browser efficiently for the deep web exploration.
  • After installing the Tor browser and before connecting to the internet, you must close all the running apps and browsers on your system.
  • You must configure all the settings on the Tor browser efficiently.
  • The Tor browser is simple in look, but can be a bit handy in the deep web exploration.

This was a mini guide on how to browse the deep web using Tor browser effectively.

There are many more ways to be safe while browsing this web.

Read through the post and learn more ways for deep web exploration.

Don’t Change the Window Size of the Browser

It might seem to be a pointless advise, but don’t take the things for granted.

There are many people who have claimed that their identity was revealed to the person sitting on the other end while changing the window size while browsing this web.

It might appear to be pointless, but these small things must be cared off while browsing this web.

Must Read: How To A Start Blog?

Using a VPN

While accessing the deep web, VPN can help you out in keeping your identity anonymous.

It is important for you to maintain the security, anonymity, and the privacy while browsing through the deep web.

A VPN can come handy is such situations.

There are a number of VPN providers that can be opted for using the deep web.

VPN usually hides you IP and provides you proxy servers to access the web anonymously.

If you were looking for how to search the deep web safely then it is probably the best way out there.

Turning off the JavaScript Might Help

If you are using the Tor browser, you should turn off the JavaScript (JS).

A number of people used to believe that these browsers were totally anonymous, but such claims have been falsified many a times.

If you turn off the JS on the Tor browser, you can enhance your safety and security while accessing doing the deep web exploration.

It will make you stay away from the risk of running malicious scripts.

Your browser will never allow any malicious unknown script to run with the background processes.

This will protect you from the internet spies who are trying to enter into your computer system.

Disconnect the Webcam & Microphones

If is highly recommended to disconnect the webcam while browsing through the deep web.

This is one of the most important points to remember in our guide on how to search the deep web safely.

Though you can remove the webcam or turn it off while accessing this  web through PC, but you need to cover your webcam while browsing it through the laptop.

The intruders can use your webcam device to capture your images.

If you have turned off the webcam, it is advisable to turn off the microphones as well or disconnect them so that the intruders are not able to record your voice or any other important data that might be flowing through the sound waves.

Even the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg turns off the microphone and put a black tape on his webcam to ensure his security while browsing the deep web.

You need to be safe by every means while searching through this web.

The Bottom Line

So, above-mentioned was the safest guide on how to search the deep web safely.

Following this guide will ensure that you are totally protected while doing the deep web exploration and none of your private data is leaked to the intruders while browsing across this web.

Though the deep web contains some useful data, but it is the home to a number of illegal activities and criminals too.

Stay safe while doing any activity on this web.


15 Unbelievable Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic Overnight!

A blog is definitely a place where you would like to express yourself.

However if no one visits your blog then what is the point of blogging.

Many newbies who have just started blogging come face to face with the issue of having a low traffic on their blog.

This thing usually demotivates them and they leave the blog that they once started with zeal and vigor.

In this article I am going to share some of the best tips to get organic traffic to your blog.

These best tips to get organic traffic are for both beginners and advanced bloggers.

Sometimes experienced bloggers are overlooking an important SEO aspect and lose a part of their traffic.

What Is Organic Traffic?

Let us first look into what organic traffic is?

Organic traffic is basically the traffic that is generated from the search engine results pages.

You do not need to pay to get this traffic.

Why traffic is important for your blog?

Traffic is the only thing that drives your blog.

The more traffic means more clicks you can get and ultimately it will translate to the money you will make.

The money that you can make from your blog is directly proportional to the traffic on the blog.

Also when you have put in so much effort and created a blog and then made awesome content for it, what is the use of it if it sits idly on the web?

Make it reach to as many people as you can to reap the result of your strenuous efforts.

So here are the best tips to get organic traffic on your blog.

Choose The Blogging Niche Wisely

First things first.

Before you start up with a blog you need to know what to write the blog on.

Choose the blog niche wisely.

Do a thorough keyword research to find out the highly paying niches?

Usually the most successful and highly earning blogs are in the following niches.

  • Making money online
  • Blogging tips, tricks and guides
  • Technology news and updates
  • Health and fitness
  • Do it Yourself projects
  • Food and nutrition

Do not be disappointed if the niche you had in mind is not in this list.

The blogging niches are not limited to this list only.

In fact if you are ready to put in some really hard work then you can create a blog on any topic if it is your passion and you know a great deal about, meaning much much more than an average person.

But if you are not passionate about the niche and just want to earn money from the blog then I would recommend to choose from any of the top niches to get a boost right from the beginning.

Make Your Blogs Visible To The Search Engines

You need to make your blog visible to the search engines to get the traffic.

Search engine results are the best and greatest source to get organic traffic on your blog.

In order to get indexed by the search engine set the privacy settings of your blog to public.

A public blog is one that can be viewed by anyone.

It can be indexed by search engines and come up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Write Absolutely Amazing Content

Okay among my best tips to get organic traffic this is the most important tip.

Consider it bold and highlighted.

The content is something that will make people your regular readers.

If the content is great the one time visitor will come back to your site.

Remember that getting one time visitors is easy but the trick is to make them regular visitors.

And that will only happen if your content is great.

Make The Posts Easy To Read

This is also very important.

Sometimes you have great content but user fails to get to it.

Organize your content into categories and make it easily available for everyone to read.

Inside the posts make headings and use bullets and numbering to highlight the main parts of the posts.

Make sure you write the content in such a way that it is easy for the readers to skim through it at the first sight.

If he finds it interesting only then he will continue to read it completely.

Do not use difficult or flowery language.

Remember people from all over the world visit your site.

Not everyone can read difficult English so make sure maximum people can understand your written posts.

Interlink to provide ease of navigation

Interlink all your content with each other.

Interlinking will decrease the site’s bounce back rate.

Through interlinking authority is also passed between the articles so the newer articles and posts can benefit from it.

It also makes users trust your site because they easily find the required information within your website.

Promote Your Posts On Social Media

Once you write a post make the world know of it.

In order to promote your blog you need to be active on the social media.

Make accounts on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and as many others as you can find and be active on them.

As soon as you write a post, share it on the social media.

Ask you friends and relatives to share it on their social media.

You need to personally message and request this favor from your friends in the beginning.

Once people will know that you write great content they will share it themselves without you having to make requests.

The more you share and promote your post the more people will read it.

Create Social Media Sharing Buttons

Remember to add social media sharing buttons on your blogs.

These buttons are the easiest way to promote your post.

When someone likes a post they can share it in a single step by pressing one of the media sharing buttons.

Remember to keep the buttons right after the ending of the post so if someone likes the posts the button are handy and they can easily share it on the social media through them.

Create An Emailing List Right From The Beginning

An emailing list is an extremely valuable asset for the blogger.

Start working on creating one right from day one.

So in order to get the email addresses from people you need to offer them something.

Like a free e-book or a guide.

Once you offer them something for free you will get the email address which is not a bad bargain at all.

Remember do not spam your email contacts with messages all the time.

Once or twice a week email it good enough and would not bug your readers enough to block you.

Write Consistently

Write for your blog consistently.

Remember do not leave the writing and go for long breaks.

You will lose readers much more quickly than you had made them regular to your blog.

If you think you are going to be very busy soon and would not have time to post regularly then write the posts for future also and then have them auto posted through software.

So that even if you are not active on the blog people stay connected to it.

Provide Solutions And Genuine Information

Write such posts that serve a certain purpose.

Provide solutions to issues that the people are facing.

Provide practical answers to queries.

Write such posts that have a good meaning and good sense.

When you write a post think that if the reader is going to spend five minutes of his time on it then he must get some value for investing those five minutes in your blog.

Before you publish a post, make it hundred percent sure that all the facts and figures as well as the information provided in the blog is accurate.

Once a reader reads something that is not true he will lose his trust from your blog forever.

Write Valuable Comments On Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to build a repute among fellow bloggers.

There are some blogs that will also provide you with an opportunity to give a backlink to a similar post on the blog.

However you must provide something valuable to the blog before writing your own link.

It is against courtesy that you just give your link without giving something else in return.

Make Your Profile Public

People like to know about the person whom they are reading.

Make a professional profile page of yourself with a good and professional looking display picture.

Write an accurate and to the point bio of yourself.

Let people know who you are, what is your educational qualification and your profession if there is anything other than blogging too.

There is no need to lie here as people are mainly going to be impressed by your blog rather than your bio.

It just helps to make your readers know a little about whom they are reading.

Link To Other Related Blogs

Another great way to make your blog noticeable is to link out to other blogs that are also in your niche.

Make sure the blogs that you link out to are an authority in your niche.

Linking out to the authority blogs will make the owner of the authority to notice you.

They must keep a track of backlinks and might visit the site that has mentioned them to check out the context of mention.

If you are lucky you might get a backlink in return too.

A backlink from an authority site is a genuine asset and one must try everything in their power to get it.

Encourage Comments On Your Blogs

Enable comments on all the posts of your blogs.

Encourage the people to comment on your posts.

The best way to do this is to ask a question from the reader at the end of the post.

You can also urge them to comment politely.

For example: “This were the best ways you can prevent termites from infecting your furniture. Do you also have a secret recipe to get rid of pests like termite? Do share your tips with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.”

Read More To Write More

In order to write great new posts all the time every blogger direly needs to develop a voracious reading habit.

The more you read the more knowledge you will gain.

Knowledge is the key to writing great content and great content is the key to having a great blog.

You must read more and more to get more ideas for your blog too.

Reading will improve your writing skills also and your posts will show maturity of style and better vocabulary apart from keeping you well informed about the happenings around the world.

Final Words

So this was our very comprehensive guide on Best tips to get organic traffic on your blog.

If you are a blogger, surely you must have some valuable tips to add in this list too.

Let us know by commenting below.

And if you are a newbie, about to start a blog, let us know if the tips were of much help.

Also your queries in the comments section are most welcome and we would love to reply to you as soon as we can.

About The Author: This post is written by Ali Rao who is currently Founder of “The Next Rex“.