I On Web

I’ve guest posted, mentioned and interviewed in many websites, few of them are mentioned below:

  1. I have featured on Online Ustaad as “Professional Blogger Of Pakistan“.
  2. I’ve recently mentioned on MyBloggerTricks because of attending seminar and pin pointing the SEO mistakes in Eureka’s official website. I wrote article about it and Mustafa Sir too, So my blog and my article were mentioned there: “Eureka Pakistan: Our Longest Seminar Ever On Entrepreneurship!
  3. Guest posted an article on Pro Blogger Tricks: “4 Exclusive Places To Promote Your Blog Posts
  4. I’ve contributed a widget on All BloggingWays: “Bubbly Balloon Follow Me Buttons for Bloggers
  5. I’ve Interviewed on Imtiaz Blog, it was on custom domain but now it’s on sub domain. However this interview was taken in 2013 at that time my English was not that good enough but you can check it that how I was in 2013 “Interview With Abdul Samad Essani About SEO & Social Media General Strategies
  6. Recently Sharjeel Tahir taken my interview on his blog “Talk With Talented Blogger Abdul Samad Essani From Bornblogger.net
  7. I’ve recently featured in round up where I’ve shared my thoughts about Blogging Myths along with Professional Bloggers: “Biggest Blogging Myths
  8. I’ve contributed an article on Blogger Guider “8 Reasons Why Visitors Don’t Stay For A While In Your Website
  9. As I’ve mentioned above about Muhammad Umer that he mentioned me on his about me page with the title of “Cute boy” 😛 : “Umer Prince
  10. I’ve featured in Top 10 Youngest Bloggers: “Top 10 Youngest Bloggers of Pakistan [2016]
  11. I’ve mentioned in Ali Raza’s June income: “June 2016 Monthly Income Report
  12. Anmol Singhi interviewed me on his blog, the most lengthy interview and inspiration for newbies for sure! Do read it “Interview with Abdul Samad Essani: Inspiration for all newbie bloggers!
  13. Aamir Saleem of Techora interviewed me on his blog, do check it out: “BIS 01: Abdul Samad from BornBlogger to Share His Blogging Experience
  14. I got featured on Allblogthings among with 31 experts in round up, don’t forget to check this awesome Roundup on: “32 Experts Revealing Their Secret SEO Techniques

It’ll update with more soon.