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Black Hat SEO: Ranking #1 In SERP – Revealing Step-By-Step Process!

Whenever we hear a word “Black Hat SEO” we really get scare and soon we say that “we’ll never going to try it”.

Oh Crap! Black hat SEO, no no no, never, man are you mad? … so on!

That’s what we are going to say whenever we hear this word.

But enough happened with these nightmares, that what would will happen to my site.

Luckily, I’m the one who never had any penalty in the whole life.

And now, I’m going to try “Black Hat SEO”.

Along with this, I’m going to share the strategy which is booming in my mind.

YES, I’ve made a strategy to fool Google Algorithms and It’ll really work as everything will look like manual!

Don’t forget this saying:

Wow, I’ve made a quote that will inspire many to fool Google!

Note: Using this guide, anything which will happen to your site is your own responsibility, I’m not responsible of anything.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Even a Noob in blogging industry know that what is Black hat SEO but still if you don’t know so here it is:

“In SEO world, Black Hat SEO is one of the type of SEO. When we use strategies, techniques and tricks that are not allowed to use in SEO is known as Black Hat SEO.”

I hope that it’s cleared now.

Well, let’s dig into what this article is all about!

Mission: Ranking #1 With Black Hat SEO

I never thought that we can fool Google until I really found a strategy (which I’m going to share below) and it really works well to fool Google.

We’re going to make Google Algorithms fool by doing that will something fishy but will look like we’ve done everything manually!

What the heck? C’mon man give that strategy to us, Yes I’ve read your mind 😛 Wait…. Here I’m going to share.

Getting An EMD

First thing is first, Let me first tell you that what the heck EMD is.

What is an EMD?

“EMD is a crucial ranking factor in term of Google where on basis of having an EMD allows you to secure a good position with less efforts as compared to non-EMD.”

EMD (Exact Match Domain) plays an important role while ranking our Keywords, Google really love EMD.

Some people says that “EMD is not working, I got penalty for using EMD and all that shits that people say”.

I really ranked many keywords using EMDs.

But with White Hat SEO, as of now, I’m going to try out these Black hat strategies!

It’s all about playing smart, as always I say!

So, forget about the people, do something yourself, SEO is all about experimenting things 😉

Making Backlinks In Automated Way

As compare to White hat link building, we all build links manually by making links one by one and not using any automate tools to make it happen.

But let’s do something that will completely look like manual.

Let’s take an example:

“If I’m spending 30 mins to build 30 backlinks manually and same if I’m scheduling those 30 mins to make 30 backlinks automatically.

Whats the issue arising here?

Nothing, The only thing is you are just wasting your time building tons of backlinks manually while you can get the same thing done with help of any automate tools.

GSA is the best in this regard. (Search on the Google to buy this tool).

Private Blog Network

Private Blog Network (PBN) Backlinking is a method of altering the ranking by making Google fool about receiving quality backlink from high authority site while you are the webmaster of that particular site you’re receiving backlink from.

How to make Private Blog Network (PBN)?
  • Select an expired domain with bit good authority in term of Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Backlinks. (I use and recommend Expired Domains [Dot] Net)
  • Host the site with completely to other identity to make it look like a natural site.
  • Write/spin contents relevant to your niche and post which you want to rank.
  • Add either contextual link with exact anchor from your PBN post or Add a sidebar link to pass all link juice.
  • Since we have a ton of backlinks with that anchor phrase, it’ll initially rank.
  • For making an effective and Google safe PBN, I recommend Lion Zeal guide on making PBN.

As usual, Work smart and get the most of it!

Buying Links

As we know, Google always say that buying links led to penalty, I really don’t care, I’ll still buy backlinks and it’ll work for me.

I’ll try, but I’ll do everything in my senses with smart work.

Hint: Buying profile links are the best along with ratio of 50% of your main anchor text and 50% of related anchor text.

So, Google will never understand that if it’s automate links.

I’m smart enough, I know!

Using Spun Contents

We all know that spinning contents will led to penalty but wait, are you sure?

I can surely say a BIG NO!

All the crap would happen is you would waste hours writing those stuffs.

Just in sake of getting quality content to push your site to the top in terms of search engine.

I’ve personally used spun contents on my PBNS and other niche sites, what’s next, That works like charm man!

Pretty awesome, right?

Let me read your mind, you’re thinking that how I spun contents that never led to Google Penalty? See, I told you I can read your mind, though! 😛

Well, Let’s dig into really clever question, it’s like sharing some information that I’m using, you can say it’s case study too 🙂 .

I simply use Kontent Machine to rewrite my articles as they know how to rewrite contents that really rank on Google, without any penalty.

You need Kontent to make more-than-more top ranking contents.

Its Kontent Machine the ultimate solution to get great contents ready to upload over your PBN that are totally plagiarism safe.

You can buy Kontent Machine by using my affiliate link, it’ll not add any extra payment to your account, believe me, it will support me!


There is also tool like Kontent Machine that really works fine and great.

For generating really awesome high quality contents I use WordAi that’s smart enough bot to generate HQ content, I personally generate 100s of content and ranked them on Google, without any hesitation.

In The Last!

So that’s the strategy I’ve made to make Google fool.

I’m really going to experiment these things and then I’ll see that what works and what not!

These all techniques are working and they’re really looking like it’s manual but Google Algos will never understand that Humans are the creators of them.

What’s your Black Hat SEO strategy? I would love to hear that in comments.

Also, you can tell me that how’s the today’s article?

Don’t forget to spread the love, share it with your mates!


15 Unbelievable Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic Overnight!

A blog is definitely a place where you would like to express yourself.

However if no one visits your blog then what is the point of blogging.

Many newbies who have just started blogging come face to face with the issue of having a low traffic on their blog.

This thing usually demotivates them and they leave the blog that they once started with zeal and vigor.

In this article I am going to share some of the best tips to get organic traffic to your blog.

These best tips to get organic traffic are for both beginners and advanced bloggers.

Sometimes experienced bloggers are overlooking an important SEO aspect and lose a part of their traffic.

What Is Organic Traffic?

Let us first look into what organic traffic is?

Organic traffic is basically the traffic that is generated from the search engine results pages.

You do not need to pay to get this traffic.

Why traffic is important for your blog?

Traffic is the only thing that drives your blog.

The more traffic means more clicks you can get and ultimately it will translate to the money you will make.

The money that you can make from your blog is directly proportional to the traffic on the blog.

Also when you have put in so much effort and created a blog and then made awesome content for it, what is the use of it if it sits idly on the web?

Make it reach to as many people as you can to reap the result of your strenuous efforts.

So here are the best tips to get organic traffic on your blog.

Choose The Blogging Niche Wisely

First things first.

Before you start up with a blog you need to know what to write the blog on.

Choose the blog niche wisely.

Do a thorough keyword research to find out the highly paying niches?

Usually the most successful and highly earning blogs are in the following niches.

  • Making money online
  • Blogging tips, tricks and guides
  • Technology news and updates
  • Health and fitness
  • Do it Yourself projects
  • Food and nutrition

Do not be disappointed if the niche you had in mind is not in this list.

The blogging niches are not limited to this list only.

In fact if you are ready to put in some really hard work then you can create a blog on any topic if it is your passion and you know a great deal about, meaning much much more than an average person.

But if you are not passionate about the niche and just want to earn money from the blog then I would recommend to choose from any of the top niches to get a boost right from the beginning.

Make Your Blogs Visible To The Search Engines

You need to make your blog visible to the search engines to get the traffic.

Search engine results are the best and greatest source to get organic traffic on your blog.

In order to get indexed by the search engine set the privacy settings of your blog to public.

A public blog is one that can be viewed by anyone.

It can be indexed by search engines and come up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Write Absolutely Amazing Content

Okay among my best tips to get organic traffic this is the most important tip.

Consider it bold and highlighted.

The content is something that will make people your regular readers.

If the content is great the one time visitor will come back to your site.

Remember that getting one time visitors is easy but the trick is to make them regular visitors.

And that will only happen if your content is great.

Make The Posts Easy To Read

This is also very important.

Sometimes you have great content but user fails to get to it.

Organize your content into categories and make it easily available for everyone to read.

Inside the posts make headings and use bullets and numbering to highlight the main parts of the posts.

Make sure you write the content in such a way that it is easy for the readers to skim through it at the first sight.

If he finds it interesting only then he will continue to read it completely.

Do not use difficult or flowery language.

Remember people from all over the world visit your site.

Not everyone can read difficult English so make sure maximum people can understand your written posts.

Interlink to provide ease of navigation

Interlink all your content with each other.

Interlinking will decrease the site’s bounce back rate.

Through interlinking authority is also passed between the articles so the newer articles and posts can benefit from it.

It also makes users trust your site because they easily find the required information within your website.

Promote Your Posts On Social Media

Once you write a post make the world know of it.

In order to promote your blog you need to be active on the social media.

Make accounts on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and as many others as you can find and be active on them.

As soon as you write a post, share it on the social media.

Ask you friends and relatives to share it on their social media.

You need to personally message and request this favor from your friends in the beginning.

Once people will know that you write great content they will share it themselves without you having to make requests.

The more you share and promote your post the more people will read it.

Create Social Media Sharing Buttons

Remember to add social media sharing buttons on your blogs.

These buttons are the easiest way to promote your post.

When someone likes a post they can share it in a single step by pressing one of the media sharing buttons.

Remember to keep the buttons right after the ending of the post so if someone likes the posts the button are handy and they can easily share it on the social media through them.

Create An Emailing List Right From The Beginning

An emailing list is an extremely valuable asset for the blogger.

Start working on creating one right from day one.

So in order to get the email addresses from people you need to offer them something.

Like a free e-book or a guide.

Once you offer them something for free you will get the email address which is not a bad bargain at all.

Remember do not spam your email contacts with messages all the time.

Once or twice a week email it good enough and would not bug your readers enough to block you.

Write Consistently

Write for your blog consistently.

Remember do not leave the writing and go for long breaks.

You will lose readers much more quickly than you had made them regular to your blog.

If you think you are going to be very busy soon and would not have time to post regularly then write the posts for future also and then have them auto posted through software.

So that even if you are not active on the blog people stay connected to it.

Provide Solutions And Genuine Information

Write such posts that serve a certain purpose.

Provide solutions to issues that the people are facing.

Provide practical answers to queries.

Write such posts that have a good meaning and good sense.

When you write a post think that if the reader is going to spend five minutes of his time on it then he must get some value for investing those five minutes in your blog.

Before you publish a post, make it hundred percent sure that all the facts and figures as well as the information provided in the blog is accurate.

Once a reader reads something that is not true he will lose his trust from your blog forever.

Write Valuable Comments On Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to build a repute among fellow bloggers.

There are some blogs that will also provide you with an opportunity to give a backlink to a similar post on the blog.

However you must provide something valuable to the blog before writing your own link.

It is against courtesy that you just give your link without giving something else in return.

Make Your Profile Public

People like to know about the person whom they are reading.

Make a professional profile page of yourself with a good and professional looking display picture.

Write an accurate and to the point bio of yourself.

Let people know who you are, what is your educational qualification and your profession if there is anything other than blogging too.

There is no need to lie here as people are mainly going to be impressed by your blog rather than your bio.

It just helps to make your readers know a little about whom they are reading.

Link To Other Related Blogs

Another great way to make your blog noticeable is to link out to other blogs that are also in your niche.

Make sure the blogs that you link out to are an authority in your niche.

Linking out to the authority blogs will make the owner of the authority to notice you.

They must keep a track of backlinks and might visit the site that has mentioned them to check out the context of mention.

If you are lucky you might get a backlink in return too.

A backlink from an authority site is a genuine asset and one must try everything in their power to get it.

Encourage Comments On Your Blogs

Enable comments on all the posts of your blogs.

Encourage the people to comment on your posts.

The best way to do this is to ask a question from the reader at the end of the post.

You can also urge them to comment politely.

For example: “This were the best ways you can prevent termites from infecting your furniture. Do you also have a secret recipe to get rid of pests like termite? Do share your tips with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.”

Read More To Write More

In order to write great new posts all the time every blogger direly needs to develop a voracious reading habit.

The more you read the more knowledge you will gain.

Knowledge is the key to writing great content and great content is the key to having a great blog.

You must read more and more to get more ideas for your blog too.

Reading will improve your writing skills also and your posts will show maturity of style and better vocabulary apart from keeping you well informed about the happenings around the world.

Final Words

So this was our very comprehensive guide on Best tips to get organic traffic on your blog.

If you are a blogger, surely you must have some valuable tips to add in this list too.

Let us know by commenting below.

And if you are a newbie, about to start a blog, let us know if the tips were of much help.

Also your queries in the comments section are most welcome and we would love to reply to you as soon as we can.

About The Author: This post is written by Ali Rao who is currently Founder of “The Next Rex“. 

TF-IDF : An Ultimate Theory To Find Keyword Relevance Score In Document Queries!

For each and every query, Google retrieves the most relevant webpage from its database.

It’s a goal of every SEO copywriter that his page becomes the best of all the indexed webpages and get visible on the first page of Google.

You always try your best to understand that what Google Bots are taking into their account while judging your content.

You sometimes might get confused while understanding the ranking factors of the content.

Whether you are targeting the right keywords or not? How frequent should you add your keywords? Is it looking spammy?

But do you ACTUALLY know the Most Important technique Google Bots are using to judge content’s quality?

Most of you, don’t!

The Most Important and primary ranking algorithm is tf-idf.

It was introduced in the 1970s and uses the presence, number of occurrences, and their locations to generate a statistical data on the importance of a term in the document.

The terms that are appearing in a small group of documents will have higher tf-idf weight than common stop words like “the” and “this”.


tf-idf – Explanation!

Mathematically, it is a product of 2 important stats, i.e., term frequency (tf) and inverse document frequency (idf).

Let’s head over to these 2 very important factors and understand them in detail to absorb the concept of tf-idf.

And don’t feel intimidated by these nerdy terminologies.

These are quite simple!

Wikipedia explained the term tf-idf in an awesome way: In information retrieval, tf-idf, short for term frequency–inverse document frequency, is a numerical statistic that is intended to reflect how important a word is to a document in a collection or corpus. It is often used as a weighting factor in information retrieval and text mining.

Term Frequency

The term frequency tft,d of a term in the document is the number of times t occurs in d. tft,d is required while computing query document match score.

Consider you want to determine the most relevant document to the query “the black ring” from a set of text documents.

The best way to do is by eliminating the documents that do not contain all the 3 words.

But this will still leave many documents.

So to further distinguish, we have to count the number of times each word is coming in a document and then sum up them together.

This sum is what we call “term frequency”.

There is also a preferred Mathematical formula for the calculation of term frequency :

Mathematical formula for the calculation of term frequency

Here, tft,d = term frequency of term t in document d

Please note that here log is used to dampen the effect of tft,d.

I have also added 1 to log tft,d because when tf is equal to 1, the log(1) is zero.

Adding one will distinguish wt,d when tf=0 and tf=1.

Easy, right?

Inverse Document Frequency

Inverse Document Frequency is the measure of the uniqueness of a term.

It shows whether a term is common or rare in the document.

In the computation of tf, we have considered all the terms important.

Although you all know that few terms like “the”, “of”, and “a” appear a lot of times in the document but are having little importance.

Hence, we need to lower the weight of frequent coming terms and scaling up the rare ones.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Consider that total number of documents are 10,000,000.

Inverse Document Frequency


According to the above example, “The” appears in every document.

But it shows that it provides no value in the document as it is present in every document.

If we look at “Shopkeeper”, it is present in 10,000 documents.

Clearly, this information tells us that this phrase is having importance in the documents in which it is present.

Mathematically, it looks like this:

Inverse Document Frequency Mathematically

For each query term, we will divide the a total number of documents in the document sets by total number of documents containing the query term.

This calculation will result in big value!

So, to dampen this, we have used log base 10 here to make it look less complicated and sensible.

Let’s again look at the example:

Consider, a total number of documents are 10,000,000.

Inverse Document Frequency 2nd Example


So, we are giving importance to the term which is rare and most SIGNIFICANT too!

Combining the above 2 metrics will make a powerful technique, i.e., tf-idf.

Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (tf-idf)

Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency is a numeric statistical data which is used to express how important a term is in a document.

It increases with the frequency of query term within the document and is the best-known weighting scheme for information retrieval.

It is used by Search Engines to score and rank a document with regards to the user query.

It is also successfully used for filtration of stop-words from the documents.

The words with high tf-idf values shows that they are having a strong relationship with the document it is appearing in.

The tf-idf weight of a term is the product of its term frequency and inverse document frequency. Mathematically, it is represented as:

Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency formulaIts alternative names are tf*idf & tf.idf

Continuing the example of idf, let’s calculate their tf-idf:

Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency example


As you can see, the tf-idf is calculated for above-mentioned terms.

Thus, the rare term has the high idf and the frequent term is likely to have low idf.

This type of weighing scheme is the best one and increases with the number of occurrences in the document.

Advantages of tf-idf

  • Efficient and simple for matching words of query terms with the document’s content
  • Returns highly relevant documents for a particular query
  • Uses basic metric to evaluate descriptive terms in a document
  • Ideal for becoming foundation of more complicated algorithms
  • Similarity between 2 documents can be found easily.

tf-idf is still the standard algorithm although many new algorithms have come up for Query retrieval.

This algorithm will help you to produce unique content and keep you away from the penalty of keyword stuffing.

Search Engines use the same formulas for ranking your pages and domain, so make sure to search the best keywords for use and generate and analyze your things by tf-idf method.

The above detailed explanation of tf-idf will help you in creating distinct and potentially high quality content with the correct number of targeted keywords placed in the content.

What’s your thoughts on tf-idf? Did you find some other great technique of information retrieval that you want to share?

I’ll love to hear from you, drop a comment below!

Don’t forget to share it with your mates for helping them too.

About The Writer:

I’m a professional Digital Marketing Consultant. However, blog writing is my passion and have been writing for the last 6 years on various niche and industries. Apart from blog writing, I am Google Adwords Certified Member. In my free time, I love to meet new people at new places.


Increase Domain Authority – 8 Impressive Tips To Improve DA!

You want to increase Domain Authority?

Do you have a blog?

Okay so you must be trying your best to rank your blog on search engines like Google.

But I’m sure you are facing lots of hurdles in your blogging journey.

And the one and most common hurdle is to rank your blog on search engines.

The one and only solution of your problems is to increase Domain Authority or DA of your blog.

So that’s why in today’s post I’m going to tell you some most effective tips on how to increase domain authority of your website.

We can say Domain Authority is the reputation of any blog or website on internet and the more reputation will help your blog to rank on top.

Domain Authority has a wide range from 0-100.

Everybody wants to know what is a good domain authority score?

So I can say that if your blog is having DA of 35 or more than 35 then it will start ranking for keywords.

But if you are a newbie blogger then 20 is sufficient, no need to panic because DA increases too slowly.

So let’s just directly come to the point on how to increase domain authority fast?

Just follow below given steps carefully and keep calm 😀

Tweet if you like!

Quality Backlinks

You must be aware of backlinks and I’m sure your searching for them badly.

But trust me those 100 backlinks per day are useless if they are not high quality.

Don’t make backlinks for alexa ranks or something; keep in mind that tons of backlinks per day will drop down your DA.

So you just have to create high quality backlinks for you blog doesn’t matter if you are making only one per day.

This high quality 1 backlink form site of DA more the 80 will be quite equal to 50 backlinks form low quality blogs.

Try to make only high quality backlinks from high DA websites and the best and fastest way is to write guest posts for them.

Abdul written an awesome post on Backlinks which is just awesome to build quality links, you should check it now: Make High Quality Backlinks.

Deep Internal Linking

Don’t forget internal linking while making backlinks.

Most of the newbie or bloggers ignore internal linking or don’t take internal linking seriously and this is the starting of their mistakes.

While writing any new post just link to your previous posts in the content, this is called as internal linking.

But don’t overload it because as we all know anything in excess starts destroying things.

Link your previous posts with keywords but keyword must be related to the post.

Write Awesome Content

Content is king.

If you are writing content just to write a post then please forget about DA because you have to write to help a kid out there who is searching for his problems.

The day when your content will be able to help that kid then your DA will boost up automatically.

Because if you are not writing a quality content then no one will read it even if you are coming on the top of Google.

So try to write high quality content and think about that small kid that’s all.

Make sure to write deep content of approx more than 700 words.

If you are finishing your post in 300-400 words then it will not count in the race of DA.

N.B: You shouldn’t make any mistakes in Grammar, I suggest you to buy Grammarly for that.

You can check Grammarly review written by Paramjot, It’s awesome!

SEO Friendly Content

Writing a 1000 words post is nothing if you are not taking SEO seriously.

You have to write an SEO friendly blog post to rank high in search engines.

If you don’t know how to write SEO friendly blog post you have to learn it first before writing a single line.

Some of the key point I can tell you here to keep in mind is that:

  • Use Keywords in heading.
  • Make permalink shorter and use keywords in permalink and yes also don’t forget remove stop words from it like to , and, from, for etc.
  • Write Meta description keyword rich.
  • Use H2,H3… headlines in your content and try to use keywords in these subhead lines.
  • Rest of SEO you can learn from Yoast SEO plugin, if you are on self-hosted WordPress.

Publish posts constantly

This really helps you to increase domain authority fast.

If you are writing posts in non uniform manner then it will not give you much benefit but if you write posts in a uniform manner like every Tuesday and Friday in a week, then it will help you to increase DA of your website quickly.

So just try to publish posts in a systematic manner.

Have some Patience

If you don’t have patience then blogging is not made for you (I might be wrong but this is just my opinion 😛 ).

I’m saying this because it really takes time to take our blog to the top.

And when it comes to domain authority, you have to wait for time to pass because with time DA will increase if you keep your blog active.

We can say that DA also depends on the age of the blog.

Don’t underestimate the power of Social Media

Promote your each and every post on social media actively and do this each and every day.

Because if you take part in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc actively then it will help you to rank your blog on the top of Google and yes DA will also increase quickly.

It’s time to check your Domain Authority.

Check your Domain Authority

  • Just go to Moz open site explorer.
  • And type your domain name there.
  • That’s all it will instantly show your Domain Authority and some more stuff.

Final Words on “Increase Domain Authority”

Now you have successfully learned how to increase your domain authority but still if you are having any doubts then please feel free to comment below.

It will be my honor to help you out.

Author Bio- This post was written by Hemant Kumar, Founder of LetsTrick. If you are a Blogger and wants to earn money online then you should check out his blog. I’m sure he will not let you down. Write for us here.


Proven Link Building Techniques – You’ll Curious To Know!

Link building techniques are very uncommon thing in online industry.

Nowadays, Bloggers are very curious to know the link building techniques as this is the way to get thousands of visitors through SERP.

I’m writing on SEO since I started this blog.

Many readers on this blog emailed me to write on link building topic.

I thought why not I’ll write on this topic to make this topic understood among bloggers.

I’ll share the techniques that I’m using and most of them are uncommon which I think you never heard (If you’re new to SEO).

There are many ways to build backlinks.

The thing here is White hat and black hat techniques to build backlinks.

White hat link building techniques last forever and black hat not more than two to four weeks.

Which method is good? White hat or black hat?

Obviously, White hat!

I’m not black hat SEO expert in fact I never told myself a SEO Expert but I proudly say myself an Experienced SEO Boy who know only white hat methods.

I know the days I struggled with SEO Stuffs when I started blogging.

But, I told myself never give up!

One day you’ll get juicy fruits.

And today I know many things about SEO and now I’m known as SEO Consultant in industry.

Well, it’s something different than the topic, the topic is on Link Building.

Did You Know? “Link Building is #1 Google Ranking Factor!”

Kindly Tweet it, I’ll appreciate:

N.B: If you need to learn SEO from beginning to advanced check out our guide on SEO now.

What Is Link Building?

There are many definitions of Link Building out there.

But, I need to explain it in a simple definition that is:

Getting a backlink from another website or blog is know as “Link Building”.

Quite simple? Yes you’ve understood that what actually is Link Building. (See, I can read your mind)

Why It Is Important To Build Backlinks?

Many experts in industry say that Link Building is one of the way to rank our websites/blogs in SERP.

Importance of Backlinks can’t be described in words as they’re many.

But, This phrase (below) can surely help you to understand the importance of Link Building:

Google give so much importance to backlinks, it help Google to measure your site quality.

In other words, Google see backlinks as votes.

Understood the importance of Link Building? I know, you’ve!

Types Of Link Building Techniques

There are 2 types of Link Building.

First is White Hat Link Building Techniques and second is Black Hat Link Building Techniques.

As I’ve already mentioned above that White Hat Link Building Techniques will last forever.

Don’t worry, here I’m going to share White Hat Link Building Techniques that will last forever for sure.

Can You Do Link Building?

I knew in start, building backlinks will be bit complex for you but after reading this article it will be as easy as never before.

Tell me only one thing that is,

SEO Experts or you can say Link builder have 4 legs, 4 hands or they’re not humans like us?

Your answer must be quite simple.

No, they are human beings like us.

Understood what I want to say? No? Okay let me tell you.

It’s simple, that they are not super natural powers, they are human beings like you and me.

You can also do Link building as they’re doing.

Link Building Techniques

I have already told you each and everything about link building.

As far as I know you’re curious to know how you build backlinks? (Yes, I told you before that I can read your mind).

So, here I’m going to share each and every step for link building that will really help you to build backlinks and rank your websites/blogs in Search engines.

Guest Blogging [Info-Graphics Too]

Gain Backlinks Through Guest Blogging

Gain Backlinks Through Guest Blogging. (Source)

If you’re not new to link building you’ve already heard about link building, I know.

But this is one of the effective method that works well and will work.

Doing guest post on authority blogs is not an easy task in order to get approved you need to write content that will stand out from crowd, that mostly gets hell lots of shares otherwise you won’t get approved.

If you’re good at writing contents then you’ll easily get approved.

Steps To Do Guest Post:

  1. Find blogs that accepts guest posts (Must be 20+ Domain authority).
  2. Do remember that your guest blog must be related to your niche.
  3. Start writing content that will stand out from crowd.
  4. Once you wrote, do submit (the blog which you’ve chose to do guest post on).
  5. If you get approved, you’re good at writing and you can try more blogs too.
  6. If not, don’t worry, go and submit to another blog and you’ll get approved for sure.
  7. Try, try and try you’ll get approved for sure.

Trick To Get Approved Easily:

If you’re not approved by your content then you simply do one thing, hire an awesome content writer.

Do tell him/her to write something different and top-notch content for you.

Pay him/her what they want but tell them to write quality article.

From this trick, you’ll surely going to approve even at high authority blogs.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Write atleast 2000+ words guest post in order to get approved.
  • Try to write catchy headlines for your guest post.
  • Write post that is free of grammatical mistakes.
  • Hire writer if you can’t fulfill this job (as I’ve already mentioned above).

Roundup Posts

Have you seen?

Nowadays, many blogs are doing roundup posts.

They most likely write titles like

  • Experts Reveled…..
  • Expert Advice on……
  • 20 Experts Said…….
  • and so on.

Well, if you didn’t then I’m here.

First let me explain that what roundup actually means.

Roundup posts is something like doing guest posts on other blogs but not like that one guest posts.

Many bloggers in industry doing roundup posts to get more attractiveness for their blog posts.

They’ll ask questions and you’ll have to answer that question.

You’ll get featured on their blogs along with your blog URL.

Why they’re doing this?

Let’s take an example, If I’ve wrote a post on Link Building and on some other blog there is a post that is full of expert advice and they shared their views on Link Building, which one get more potential?

Obviously, the expert one.

Quite simple, by doing roundups they get more potential and you get a backlink.

But your blog need to be good and you need to knowledgeable  in order to participate in a roundup otherwise your views/opinions will not get approved.

How To Find Roundup Posts?

There are many effective ways to find roundup posts, some of them (that worked for me) I’m sharing below:

Finding roundup posts through Twitter:

  • Go to twitter.
  • You’ll see a search bar at the right side.
  • Now search for the following term below (Choose any of these).

Note: I have written my niche which is “blogging” replace “blogging with your own niche.

  • “roundup” “blogging”
  • “post of the week” “blogging”
  • “article of the week” “blogging”
  • “recommended blogs” “blogging”
  • “recommended blog posts” “blogging”

Got me? nah?

What these searches will do?

They will bring all the tweets that were posted by those twitter user who is either looking to link to someone, or already have linked.

You can follow them, be their true follower.

And when the time comes, try to convince them, and say if they can link to you.

This is a bit complex, but it works quite well.

Finding roundup posts through Facebook:

If you’re on Facebook you must be having some blogger friends.

As roundups are now trend, they must give roundup post invitation on their profile whenever they held a roundup post on their blogs.

Don’t have friends? Don’t worry!

There is a group on Facebook where people share their roundup post questions and they get answered by many members on group, you can make use of it.

Join that, and you’ll get hell lots of roundup posts, more roundup posts means more backlinks! 🙂

Join Group

Do keep in mind that write the answer that looks professional and which is to the point. Simple!

Forums Link Building

Forums are yet effective ways to build backlinks.

They usually known as signature links too.

There are many forums out there where you can answer questions which are asked by their members and in return you’ll get a backlink.

Simply awesome, right?

But keep in mind, don’t become cheesy or spammer, be natural and write useful answers.

This is the way where you can get traffic along with a powerful backlink.

I use two to three forums to answer people questions.

Like, Quora, Stackoverflow etc.

Because I need to be active and natural.

Broken Link Building

Listening it first time?

If you’re new to SEO thing, I know you’ve listened about broken link building first time.

Let me tell you one thing, it’s most proven way to build backlinks.

And in my opinion this will be the only way which will work in upcoming years.

What Is Broken Link Building?

Every day thousands of website get published and get deleted.

So, we take advantage of deleted/expired websites.

Simple, we firstly find a blog post related to our niche, with the help of our keyword and a search term.

After that if we see any broken link there we contact that website owner and tell them that your link is broken and I’ve also written on same topic on my website.

You can check that and link to my blog’s post.

Looking complex, but it’s not that much complex and don’t forget the thing that you’re getting authority links to your blog post along with the relationship with influencer.

How To Do Broken Link Building?

Moz written a whole guide on Broken Link building which can be found here.

You don’t need any guidance on Broken Link Building after reading their guide.

They have mentioned each and every step which can make you expert in broken link building.

Profile Backlinks

Profile links are good for driving traffic and getting fame as well as trust by google.

Free and Easy backlinks though, most of them are no follow and some of them are do follow, both are good as they also help in branding of a new site.

Some sites may take 2-3 weeks or more to index and some may take less time to index.

Who Should Make Backlinks At Such Sites?

Those who don’t know much about link building process and have a new site (Avg 1-4 months old).

If you have blog then you can start creating profiles and adding your blog URL there from now.

How To Get Backlinks From Such Sites?

  • Create/register an account there.
  • After creating your profile there now you will be able to edit your account in settings.
  • In that account settings, you’ll see an option to add URL of your blog/website.
  • You just need to add URL there and you’ll get a profile link.

Useful Tip: After creating profile on profile creation sites, don’t forget to share it on your social media profiles to for extra boost.

Process Velocity

Don’t start creating profile and adding links on all profile creation sites at once.

Create only three to five profiles on profiles creation sites in a day or two.

Hope so you’ll get result from profile creation sites.

You can also add links on Facebook and twitter.

Extra note: This is not too much helpful for ranking all of your keywords, but it has some other benefits too like getting backlink, trust in Google eyes, traffic and ranking at some extent.

How To Find Profile Creation Sites?

Finding them is a headache, I know.

I’ve found an awesome solution for you guys.

It’s so simple and easy way to find such sites.

Go to Google.com and Search for: Profile links/creation sites/List.

You’ll get thousands of profile link creation sites using this method easily.

Spy On Your Competitor

This method is white hat link building method and many experts are using this to get awesome backlinks without doing so much efforts.

By this method you’re not only getting backlinks but with method you’ll also get traffic and rankings.

You first have to analyze your competitors date using online tools and then you’ll able to see that how they’re creating backlinks.

This is simple yet effective method.

Well, you’ll be now wondering how to spy on competitors and getting backlinks from them.

I found AHREFS article on getting backlinks by spying on competitors and that is completely created for this.

You can found that article by clicking here.

Private Blog Network

The term Private blog network also known as PBN is one of the most uniquest way to build backlinks for your blogs.

I know you have heard PBN before as this is something that bloggers are now concentrating on.

But you have to careful as Google is penalizing many PBN(s).

You have to manage PBN as you’re managing own website/blog.

But once you make an awesome PBN then believe me moon will be your only limit for getting organic traffic or you can say ranking your keywords.

How To Make Private Blog Network (PBN)?

It’s a very lengthy process to make a Private Blog Network.

As I already told you that once you create an awesome PBN then you don’t need to create other backlinks.

You first need to scrap a wonderful expired domain and then buying another hosting etc.

Well, In this post I can’t tell you the whole process on how to make PBN as this is very lengthy topic.

No worries.

I have found an awesome article on it, which can be found here.

Do try it if you’ll have a PBN then you can get what your competitors can not.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 backlinks mostly helps to rank low competitive keywords, but it works well with medium or high competitive keywords also.

It’s super easy and quick way to generate some backlinks.

You just need to sign up in web 2.0 sites after signing up then adding some contents there along with your backlinks.

Well, it’s also another quite big topic, as I did earlier and doing it now that I found an awesome Long Tail Pro’s article about creating them and getting backlinks from web 2.0(s).

You can find that post by clicking here.

Email Outreaching

Outreach is a method of getting backlinks from other high authority sites by contacting their owners.

It’s looking quite simple but it’s really hard.

You need to write hell quality content in order to get backlinks from other high authority sites.

Just think, if someone email you that he/she written an article and he/she want you to give backlink to his site from your site in like minded article, if you don’t like that article would you give them?

I know your answer will be no, why should I give a backlink from my awesome article to creepy article? (See I told you many times, I can read your mind 😛 ).

Same would happen if you outreach influencer but your article will not worth to be linked in their article.

This is quite big process first you need to find out influencers, then their contact information and at the last sending them awesome email that convince them to give backlink to your site.

I have found complete guide regarding email outreaching that will make you expert in outreaching.

Click here to read that guide on email outreaching.

Also Marius shared 9 Surprisingly Effective Hacks he used with Influencers to Blast his Audience in Blogger Outreach.

Blog Commenting

The power of blog commenting is something you have to agree.

It have so much benefits like making relationships with Professional Bloggers in industry, getting free backlink, getting traffic and much more.

You just need to post a comment and in return you’re getting so much benefits, Quite awesome? right!

Keep in mind, your comment should be natural and engaging, you first need to read the post to write impressive comment there.

One of my blogger friend Adeel Sami is very good at commenting on other blogs at daily basis and you know what?

I talked to him personally when we met and he told me that most of the traffic he is getting from blog commenting, this is not end.

He also told me that the every relationship with bloggers I’ve made is just because of comments.

I was like wow Adeel and he was right.

If he can why not you?

Start commenting on good blogs right now, you’ll see a big change for sure.

Making Content That Attracts Backlinks

I know everyone can’t make a content that attracts backlinks automatically.

But have you heard this? “Nothing is impassible in this world”.

Exactly, you’ve already heard this most of times and this is 100% truth.

You can get backlinks easily if you have content that is hell awesome.

Great example: Have you seen here I gave backlinks to many blogs.

That’s what you can say a quality content that auto generate backlinks.

Tips To Write Content That Generate Backlinks

  • Write awesome headline for your content.
  • Try to write case study that worth a backlink.
  • Be natural, people love natural contents.
  • Add some memes on your contents, sometimes it works.
  • Add Info-graphics to your content, you’ll possibly get a backlink if someone link that info-graphics to his/her site.
  • Write lengthy contents.

Implement these all tips on your next content, you’ll really see a big change.

Video Sharing Sites

Video sharing sites are great way to get instant backlinks.

One of them is YouTube which allow you to upload your own video.

Well, how you can get backlinks from YouTube?

Make a short video of your contents.

Most people don’t love contents and they want it to be listen.

It’s simple whenever you write description of that video, simply add your desired site/blog URL in that description, quite awesome, I know! 😉

Building Backlinks Through Twitter (Secret)

Here I’m going to reveal a secret or you can less know technique for building backlinks through twitter.

I think you must be hearing this first time or you know this technique already.

Well, I’m not going to do the debate that you know or not.

I simply reveal it with my readers here.

It’s simple and easy way to build backlinks through twitter.

But how? I know you’re curious to know this method.

Not taking your too much time, here I’m going to tell you that how you can do that.

Okay, revealing it now!

In this method, you simply embed other influencers tweets on your post.

After doing this, notify them that you did that and tell them to share it too.

If they like it so much you can easily get a share over 50K+ followers along with the backlink (It’s depend upon them).

If you think it can’t work, it’s proven and tested by my friend and soon I’m going to test it. 🙂

One more tip, you can also mention there twitter account in your articles, and whenever you’re going to share on twitter that post just tag them.

End Of The Article

Here is the end of Link building techniques that really works.

I have shared some of the proven link building techniques that is working with many bloggers out there (Along with me).

Try them and comment below if anyone of them worked!

Don’t forget to subscribe for getting latest case studies about SEO (I’m going to share in upcoming days, for sure).